09.25.08 M Countdown!: Big Bang Winning #1

09.25.08 Mnet M Countdown!:

                               CONGRATS TO BIG BANG!!

for winning #1 on M Countdown!
also crowded

09.25.08 M Countdown!
Haru Haru Performance | Winning #1 | Encore
141 MB

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Thanks to 마시멜로님

Thanks to S님

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Bong is brining Sam’s cousin back, that fuzzy little thing on his head, hope that he doesn’t have another surprise haircut for us underneath there, cuz Bong can so do that, when Tabi jump he was so hyper, jumping high~. Tabi was so hot and serious here, then it remind me of seeing him on KJE’s Chocolate, haha Peguin Tabi was more than adorable. At the end, is it just me or Bong just look so freaking tire?? All of them actually, Dae was obviously tire because of his schedule, poor Dae.

Thanks to S님

They once again win #1 on the M Chart, also crowded best of September, YAY!!!!

Thanks to S님

I like how Tabi put his hand over his heart when he rapped his part, then Bong just stand there and rap along, Dae holding the trophy all proud, aww.. Dae~ you so deserve it. Look in the audience, there section for VIPs and other sections for different artist’s fanclub, and other fanclub are cheering for Big Bang too, Haru Haru is just too strong to resist.

Pictures from the performance, I love this pictures so much, look at Bong’s face. i love him.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

credit: Newsen | Osen
Taken from: 완타비님.BigRoom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on September 25, 2008.

84 Responses to “09.25.08 M Countdown!: Big Bang Winning #1”

  1. big bang IS number one, no doubt.

  2. YEAH Big Bang!
    NUMBERR 1 =]
    they totally deserve it


  4. DoRi

    but the reason why i surprise this time because last time ShiNEE win, and i thought their winning streak has stop. but appreantly… nope


  5. OMG, I like Bong’s PINK ring. =P
    LOVE! Tehehe.
    GO BIG BANG!!!
    They’re still winning my heart!!
    OMG, it’s been so long since I’ve been on here &
    Know up-to-date stuff about Big Bang.
    Gosh, School’s making me into a WRECK.
    So much HW. Grr.
    Anyway, YAY!! I’m so proud of the boys! =D

  6. Vi

    i thot it was SHINee o_O”

  7. I love IT!!!

  8. DoRi

    yea it is
    i just never remember how to captalized the right way
    what’s the difference anyway, it’s shinee hahah

  9. ahh!! congrats~!!! so proudd!! that furry thing on bongg is growingg on me XDDD

  10. Vi

    i guess…
    as long as its not, ‘shiny’ im fine hahah

  11. DoRi

    you should’ve seen me when i first saw the group’s name
    i just sit there for a good 10 minutes try to figure out how to pronounce their name haha

  12. does anyone see that gd’s pink ring kinda spells LOVE ? or is that just me ?

  13. LOL you call gdragohn’s cap SAM’S cousin???
    LOL!!!!! that’s really funny!

  14. taeyang_love
    omg! your totally right. i never noticed thatt. >.<
    it looks like candyy.

  15. taeyang_love

    yea it spelled LOVE
    he got it while he was in Japan I think
    cuz I saw that ring on a Japan online store

  16. tinaxxe

    haha it was wayy back in december last year
    he keep wearing this fuzzy thing, that was similar to that one, so i gave it a name “SAM”
    and since I hope this one won’t be here to stay, I won’t give it a name, instead just call it “Sam’s Cousin”

  17. ah. thanks haha.
    you guys can call me sophia.
    its my real name .

  18. aww congrats again boys!!!!! aww baby is cute in the begining of the encore dancing 😀 aww daee! & OMG that fro is back,, no no no!

  19. Vi

    omg really? thats funny…
    i just assumed it was ponounced, ‘shine-ee’ since there were caps…

  20. DoRi

    yea it’s kinda obvious
    but my brain just wasn’t working right
    i was just like “DAZED~”

    since u love SHINee so much
    what’s the leader’s name?
    i thought his name was ‘Key’
    but apparently it’s not,
    i really like him, his voice is really good and he’s the best looking one to me

  21. Number 1! Yay and best of September too. NO doubt, best of September and the whole year!

    They look oh so cute.

  22. Oh! And I love GD’s ring! He always have all the cool stuff.

  23. wwhhooaaa!!! GDurchin is back!! hahaha…
    congrats to our boys for winning…
    yup, Bong’s face look so cute at that pic. hehehe… BOng lover will really love that pic.

    aw, my man so serious this time, but still, love him.
    dorky / serious part, still love him. hahahaha
    they all look so tired.

    why whenever Bong use this urchin style of hat he always look so tire? like the M 20s one.

  24. nya

    Sam’s cousin just bring the whole mood on Bong’s face down…
    or maybe when he’s feeling down or tire he put on Sam’s cousin for comfort.

    I was rewatching ‘KJE Chocolate’ and i still CANNOT stop laughing at ur man being peguin
    maybe from now on I have to Penguin rather than Tabi… hmmm….. Taguin??

    how’s that sounds??

  25. nya

    keek there isn’t any apple so I ate a nectarine instead kekek
    i love nectarine, they’re freaking awsome
    i bet Tabi likes it too
    if there’s any in korea haha

  26. aww congrats to the boys!!! yay for them im really happy they’re doing so well….anyone else getting tired of their clothing?? okay i love them and their fashionista sides, but of late i feel like they’ve been wearing the SAME thing every performance….its dreary and dark and skinny (i meant the jeans lol)…i have to admit i was more fond of their clothes during the lies days they were so different all the time…okay im going to stop…TYC’s been down for a while, i needed a place to rant LOL

  27. yay for the boys! I love the color theme:o)

  28. vicky
    Tanguin? i think Tabi better. kekeke…
    i think it sounds weird. hahaha..
    my man is a freaking big penguin. pinguin that height 181 cm. hahaha… such a rare type of penguin.

    nectarine? what’s that?

  29. Yay. Congrats to our boys being #1.
    I’m a little surprised because of
    Shinee beating them out that one time.
    But oh well, they reclaimed the top spot.

    Not a fan of “Sam’s cousin,” but GD sure
    can rock it. =]

  30. nya

    yea Tabi is better
    if there really is a 181 cm tall penguin… the north pole will be trouble, no ice for them to live on no mroe hahah

    try google it
    i have no idea how to explain it

  31. is it just me or did the song move a bit faster than before? lol i noticed that like a few days ago. seems as though the song was speeding up a bit

  32. kaykaynwhybee

    they’ve been performing using the remix version for a while now
    it’s not much of a difference but there is some changes to the original one

  33. The first pic; is YB growing some chin hairs? xD

  34. vicky
    aahh…. its quite similiar to peach..
    i think its available in Korea.
    Tabi would love it. i know he will. kekeke…
    this fruits remind me of monkey king favourite fruit.
    u know monkey king? the one from ‘journey from the west’ chinese traditional story. hehehehe…

    hahaha… 181cm pinguin. yup, mornt pole will be in trouble.
    sometise i feel worried about my heiht & Tabi’s.
    i’m 155 & he’s 181. if i stand next to him, i bet he’ll looks like giant. kekekke…

  35. nya

    it’ll turn to peach when it’s like ripe
    but now it’s like all crunchy and sweet
    really healthy and i love it

    OH MY GOD!! tell me 1 asian that doesn’t know that story hahaha
    I have a crush on that monkey when i was little
    still does now
    but so sad he’s like…89…. ew…

    tall guys can like short girls
    then he’ll treat you even more like a princess and dote on you more hahah
    Baby is like what… 176 cm?..that’s like 5’9
    I’m only 5’4 I think thats 160 cm?? idk over here in the state we use feet instead of cm so i never get that

  36. vicky
    hahaha… u have crush on that monkey king?! how come?!
    but i think Bong is quite looks like monkey king too,
    ummm.. so… i think u’re type don’t go too far. hahaha…
    now Baby is more important that monkey king right?

    aww~~~ thats a good new! oohhh~~~
    i’m freaking love my height now after u say that! hahaha…
    i have troubles when i go shopping for jeans everytime coz of my short height. BUT NOW I LOVE IT. REALLY.

    u’re 160?! aw~~ u’re taller than me.
    uumm, guess 155 is really short huh?

  37. omg of course hey won..no suprise!!! hahaha is there a limit to how many times these fine ass dorks can win….hahah look at thier clothes compared to the other group…they HELLAH stood out!!!!no wonder they won!! hhahahhaha

  38. Vi

    actually, i dont really like SHINee that much…
    i just like that one song… hmm.. ‘Nuna is Pretty’ or something like that?
    yeah. they suck at dancing, yes.

    besides, who in the right mind would go close to SHINee when there’s Big♥Bang?! ^_^

  39. nya

    idk… he’s just like so amazing and awsome
    everyone’s scare of him, he can do anything he want to
    72 magic powers…… i admire him so much

    But yes,. Baby is now more important

    well i do too, well use to, but since i start wearing mostly skinny jeans now, i can cuff it at the bottom and look totally normal.
    i love skinny jeans, they’re like my savior in life.

    asian have short genes… it’s harsh to say it but it’s true.
    I’m still short over here, trust me, in the US… dannnnggg….. 160 cm is NOTHING

  40. DoRi

    kekekek their song are catchy for sure [cuz they hire ppl to compose and write it]
    while our Bongie did it himself
    of course right????

  41. Vi

    I’m always right. (sry, inside joke between me and my friend…)

    Bong is so sweet ^_^
    he can write a song himself, and it would still sound decent enough to be one of Korea’s best songs ^_^

  42. hehe, tomorrow’s Free Hug Friday again! sry, had to tell SOMEONE)

  43. vicky
    aww~~~ thing u do is the same like i do.
    i cuff my bottom jeans too coz to find one that perfectly fir my height is so hard.

    Baby & Bong is more important now. i think ur monkey king lose coz of his age.

    u’re considered as short there?
    OMG… than what would happen to me? drawft? hahahaha…

  44. i really like the purple colour theme!
    especially dae and my hubby top..my man’s purple jacket is enough to kill me >’3 he is so so hot and dreamy >’333333333
    congrats the boys!
    is it just me to feel that dae sang alot in the chorus part? i could hardly any baby and ty’s voice.

  45. awwwww i’m so so proud of them >< BigBang hwaiting!!!!

  46. my baby yb looks so fine in tht outfit! (not that he doesn’t always look fine ehehe). i love the studded belt! i found a rlly nice studded chain and i think it looks so like what yb wud wear. i bought em and will ship em to korea just for my baby yb xp

    i’ve been noticing bong’s LOVE ring too! nice bong. he’s a real trendsetter

  47. vicky
    i’m a year older and yet i’m only 3 cm taller than u hahaha

    but i’m kinda okay with tht cos yb’s not so big either. he’s a hot thingy with a height of 173. oh so cute

  48. DoRi

    I believe that he can write such beatiful lyrics because he’s uhmm… experienced haha

  49. DoRi

    kekekek friday is freaking awsome

  50. nya

    kids over here are tall man
    like kids my age are like 5’6 5’8…
    i’m like really short standing next to them
    it’s amazing

    that’s why i love going back to my country
    cuz i can finaly feel all for once

  51. newvip
    I think he took over most part
    Baby’s mic wasn’t working right or something
    cuz when he try to sing his bridge you can’t hear him at the beginning

  52. athirah
    we got time to grow gurl haha
    i’m still going through puberty hahahah

  53. thanks vicky for the updates!!! and congrats to bigbang!!! ❤ they’re really awesome! XD

  54. i just got home from school
    and im pissed. coz the seniors cheated on our volleyball match.
    but when i saw this…
    i was like: *sigh* so beautiful. the VIPs are back on T.O.P *fangirl grin*

    i love ’em xoo much. but.. most of the pictures does not apear on my comp. why? T_______T

  55. vicky
    i’m sure don’t really live in US then, coz to find clocth for my size will be freaking hard.
    i’m living in Asia & it’s already this hard, what’ll be if i live in US then? hahaha…

    but still, now, I LOVE THIS HEIGHT OF MINE! kekeke…
    if there’s possibility for Tabi to love short gurl, fufufu…
    things will go easier.
    u know what i mean gurl… kekeke…

  56. vicky


  57. monkey king yaah!

  58. nya

    then you stay there hahah

    all you need is me to make you realize how awsome ur height is kekek


  60. vicky
    hahaha… but still, there’s someone in my class that height less than me.
    i think she probably about 150. maybe…
    she’s so tiny!
    & that just make me realize i still have friend who share the same height. kekekeke…

  61. nya

    there will be others who are shorter than you hahaha
    so be happy with what ur mama gave u hahaha

  62. vicky
    yeah, & i feel really happy when i stand next to her.
    the feel just like “aw~~~” hehehe…
    but it turn over when i stand next to my other friend. the one i told u that she say tani looks like horse (acctually she have the same name as u)
    damn! she’s around 172/ 173 i think.
    then u can imagine how weird if we stand to each other. hahaha..

  63. kekek i do that too
    like when there’s a short friend, i don’t mind standing next to her, but when i have tall friend, i would stand far away from her, so i wouldn’t look so tiny hahaha

    but like all my guy friends, since they’re all like 5’10 6’2… and stuff, whenever i try to give them a hug, I have to signal them to get low so I can reach up to the neck and hug them hahah it’s funny.

    then they would all say the same thing everytime “you’re so asian” hahahah

  64. but i think they tought of u like that is so cute.
    hahaha.. eventough we have short genes, it doesn’t matter.

  65. we’re adorable like DAT!
    *self praise*

  66. hehehe… thats one cute thing we have to do since we’re short.
    & the most important thing is we won’t feel awkward if stand next to a really short guys. since we’re shorter than them.
    & we won’t have boyfriend which shorter than us.

  67. Vi

    happy Free Hug Friday again! *hugs Vicky*

  68. guys who are shorter than me ARE SO NOT COOL
    never ever will i like one like that

  69. DoRi

    back at ya gurl~

  70. Vi

    hehe, cant wait til monster hug monday comes again, can u?

  71. DoRi

    monday means school… and it’s till friday night so please don’t remind me of that haha

  72. vicky
    but never ever there is guys shorter than us.
    believe me.
    no way there’s guys height about 160 or less.

  73. nya

    hahah you never know though
    it’s so possible
    i’ve seen a couple already

  74. vicky
    a guys height less than 160??

  75. nya

    yup yup
    it seem like every year there’s new kids in school and they’ll be a foot shorter
    i swear to god, the freshman at my school right now look like 5 years old


  76. vi
    hahaha… how could it be?
    kekeke… 5 years old?
    kinda same with my students kekeke…

  77. Vi

    sure, why not~
    kekeke… anyway… its not technically friday night anymore. wake up! wake up!

  78. nya

    well now it’s 3 PM saturday afternoon…
    school again on monday… OH LORD!

  79. Vi

    aare u sure that was directed to nya? it kinda seemes like it would be for me, not to be self centered or anything…

  80. DoRi

    nah hahaha
    i was reading the whole bunch ‘nya’ comment on top and i just type it without knownign hahaha
    it was for you

  81. Vi

    ok. just needed to straighten things up ^_^

    man, i just really thot about what u sed earlier, and *slams head on keyboard* i just reminded myself of monday toooooooooo! *keeps slamming head*

    i hate my life.

  82. DoRi

    i don’t have school on tuesday though
    but i do on monday
    which is stupid
    florida school system is messed up

  83. Vi

    at least u dont have school on tuesdays tho! so lucky~

  84. yoooz i have that ring GD wears

    it says love, theres a blue one, yellow, etc etc, i have the pink and blue ones

    to match a flannel, something DS would wear =)

    !! i love this song!!

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