Big Bang ends 3rd minialbum activities but will be back in November

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Big Bang will be ending their 3rd minialbum activities. And after their Japanese promotional activities, Big Bang will be back in Korea in November for their official album release.

Big Bang will officially end their 3rd minialbum ‘Stand Up’ activities on MBC Music Core on 27th September, they will be performing ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Heaven’. ‘Stand Up’ has been well received by music fans especially for their title song ‘Haru Haru’.

YG Entertainment said, “All this while, there has been endless requests by fans for them to perform ‘Heaven’, hence they will be performing the song for the first time on their goodbye stage.”

What is next for Big Bang will be their preparation for their Japan concert tour and their official album.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will be releasing their first official Japanese album ‘Number 1′ on 22nd October which will include 6 songs. Big Bang will be back in Korea only in November after their Japanese album release and their Japanese concert tour.

Credit: SooKyeong’s K-Bites

I was sad when I read that Music Core performance this weekend will be their last for ‘STAND UP’, but when I read the next sentence, I rubbed my eyes 3 times and read it again, OH MY GOD!! It send me straight to fangirl heaven, THEY’LL BE BACK NOVEMBER!!!! YAY!!! A FULL SECOND KOREAN ALBUM!! My Birthday Month just become like freaking x1000000000000000000 times more special, screw my sweet 16, this is even more exciting news!!! I CAN’T EVEN WAIT!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


~ by Vicky on September 25, 2008.

57 Responses to “Big Bang ends 3rd minialbum activities but will be back in November”

  1. So basically they’re only going to be gone for about a month? Thats not so bad… considering other groups disappear for months on end lol. But yay for concert in Japan ^_^

    I wonder if we can get clips from their tour on youtube or out for download lol.

    Either way, good luck to them in Japan and hope for the best! ^_^

  2. whoa… a japanese album in october and straight to korea in november with their official album..
    they’ll probably gna b super tired…

  3. Ah.. true… lets hope no more trips to the hospital =x

    and they’re our boys, so i have faith in them that they’ll be ok

    “24/7, MY HEAVEN<3”
    big bang hwaiting!

  5. the booys are working to the extreeeeme !
    stay strong big bang !

  6. wait….they will be coming wiht a OFFICIAL ALUBM??? *confused* oh well >.<’s sad their leaving for a while T_T. Big Bang fighting!!

  7. vicky
    looks like your sweet 16 just got
    a whole lot sweeter.

    and i agree – Big Bang FIGHTING! ^__^

  8. OMG OMG
    FUll album on November!!!
    SO HAPPY~~
    but sad that they are ending their stand up promotion too hehe

  9. what is mbc music core and why do they perform almost everyweek on it?

    official korean album? for reallss??yay!!!
    althoug i was a little brokenhearted that they will stop “stand up” activities. boo

    thanks vicky! keep us posted!

  10. vicky
    AHHH~~~~ goodbye stage??? oww…
    i’ll miss them, Japan concert tour, huh?

    ‘OH MY GOD!! It send me straight to fangirl heaven, THEY’LL BE BACK NOVEMBER!!!!’
    not only u gurl! that surprise me too! since its also my birthday month, so, kekeke…
    so happy~~~~

  11. A FULL KOREAN ALBUM?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    omg~~~~sigh why so fast say goodye T.T T.T i will miss them
    ARGHHH what time is mbc music core? is it the same as last time?

  12. OMGAWD, is this gonna be the album with Until Whenever on it? *teary eyed*
    i can’t wait >< 2008 = ❤

  13. BIG BANG will be back most definitely …B.I.(G) BANG BANG!!
    can’t wait!!! i wonder how it’s gonna be!!!! yehey! i know they will hit the number one spot!

  14. Pheew—–I´m glad actually.

    This album sure as hell had nothing much that held my interest. That and, I really want to hear their ACTUAL album!

  15. i love heaven x]
    but ..haha is the until whenever song gonna be the album in november?…or..
    cuz i thought it was gonna be in the stand up album..

  16. awesome :DDD i’m so excited FULL ALBUM in November!!! yayy~ can’t wait >< !!!

    i’m gonna stay watching Music Core i wanna see the last performance =(

  17. HEAVEN!!

  18. just hits me so bad cos i can’t buy those albums yet cos i dun hv a credit card to buy it online nor am i living anyway near korea to go and buy the albums (T.T)

  19. azndragon714
    it’s most likely we’re not gonna get to see it
    fancams maybe but official clip
    i don’t think so

  20. ohthethrill
    hahaha wayyy too sweet

  21. tinaxxe
    it’s a show where artist come to promote their song every week

  22. nya

    GURL??? foorrreall??
    what date??
    if it’s the 6th then it’ll be a lil creepy since that’s mine too

  23. newvip
    it’s the same every week

  24. Lita

    it looks like it

  25. TOP&YB’sGiRL
    kekeke the ‘G’ is silent

  26. HyunJee

    I think it’ll be included in their full album this time

  27. Until Whenever most probably will be included in the next full album. guesssing everyone is waiting with much anticipation for the clear version..huh///

  28. ~cool
    full new album huh??

    can’t wait for this!!

    go BB!!!

  29. vicky
    if its 6 then that’s be REALLY creepy. hahaha
    24 Nov, end of month. hahaha…
    i’ve never told u that?
    weird, coz i know ur birthday but u don’t know mine??

  30. when i read that there will be a full album in november, i cried and still am i dont know why! yayeeeeee!

  31. its better for them to go to japan then comeback again
    cuz other korean singers are coming out now such as wondergirls, dbsk, and rain so in november they will comeback
    and then the mfmk will be soon 🙂

  32. OMGGG.

  33. BBFTW
    “Lady” is soo cute. such a sweet song! i want to hear them sing that too! actually i wanna see the video for it. soo cutee

  34. nya

    nope i didn’t know that actualy
    i’m hurt
    guess i’m not important enough to know ur birthday hahaha

  35. heartbigbang
    i know!
    i want them to be here for all the end of the year events
    more importantly, snatch all the awards there is

  36. tinaxxe
    i want an MV for every song on there, cuz it’s too good
    but so sad it won’t come true


  38. 엄마야…
    sooo much for our boys!
    yesssss i am sooo excited but im more worried.. :L
    they’re going to be soo stressed and overworked,, again ㅜㅜ
    and yes i was overjoyed when i heard that they were coming back to korea in NOVEMEBER :]
    mine and top’s birthday month(:

  39. Aww it ends..but yay Heaven!
    BUT i can’t wait for the Japanese album [it’s soo close to my b-day (: ]
    and a FULLLL Korean album.

  40. ibabyx3

    Tabi’s bday is 2 days before mine
    mine is 11.06


  41. vicky
    hahahaha… whats with u’re not important enough to know my birthday? it’s not a secret anyway.
    really? i never toold u? i think i’ve told u before.
    or maybe i forgot. hehehe…

  42. nya

    no you haven’t
    it’s not registered in my memory
    it’s so hearbroken
    i don’t know you enough

  43. vicky
    aw, u make me feel guilty. hehehe…
    sorry, maybe i forgot to tell u when i ask ur birthday
    don’t feel like that, u’re important enough^^v

  44. kkakak

    i’m just messing wit u

    and you know it too

    it’s funny how the night i posted this i was talking about november, then today in spanish class we were learning how to say dates and stuff in spanish, so the teacher went around and ask everyone for their birthday, and half of the class was like born on November, and the rest are born in December.

    we rules man

  45. swt… & u make me feel guilty for that.
    hahahaha… i can’t let if there’s anyone who feel heartbroken coz of me.
    aw~~~ thats cool!
    in my class everyone birthday is just too random & that quite hard to remember.
    i often took it as mistaken as somebody’s. hahaa

  46. nya

    i never remember ppl’s bday unless they’re really close to me
    but my parents are so like ‘whatever’ with bdays

    like on my 15th bday
    i ask my dad ‘daddy! what r u gonna do for my 15th bday?’

    he was like
    ‘what’s the point? it’s just 1 year older than 14’

    i was like… SPEECHLESS….
    lord. thanks daddy…i love you too… jeez

  47. kakaka.. omg! UR DAD IS SO COOL!
    guess mine is better then,
    my dad just say “here, take it. go buy anything u want” & give me money. but its not that much anyway, so, i still end up can’t buy anything i want. haha…

    & i got a lil revenge by my friends at my birthday last year.
    they give me a present wrapped with a really cute wrapping paper, which makes me all hyper up. wondering whats inside.
    then they told me to open it in my class, with all my classmates watching.
    when i found out whats inside, i feel so embarred.
    they give me a set of undies with christmass style.
    yup, red & green all over the bra & have a lil pic of christmass tree.
    i was like… ahhh… don’t know how to put it with words.
    they just say “since its just a month away from christmass,we bought u this, it have so christmass feel right? u could use it on ur christmass night.”

  48. kekeke
    though he say it on the day of my bday he still get me stuff and present, throw a lil dinner part for HIS FRIENDs… i still don’t get that, it’s MY birthday party.. yet it’s HIS FRIENDS who are there
    I’m thinking he only use my bday as a reason for my mom to get drunk
    did i tell u about my drinking family??
    i think i did hahah

    ooohhhhhhhhhh SNAP!!
    that is a BIG BURN!!!!!!
    ur friend got u gooood gurl~

  49. vicky
    yeah. they give me that revenge coz last year on my friends bday.
    i was too uumm… how should i say it?
    i want to tease her so bad.
    i think of buying her a kinda weird present. hehehe…
    so i end up giving her a set of green tea flavored toothpaste & toothbrush.
    then on my bday she lead the revenge project. hahaha…

    yup, ur drinking family is great. hahaha…
    even me who are 19 this year rarely drink. kekeke…

  50. I hate waiting…I’m the most impatience person in the world…but..

    I 100% sure that their japanese album will be a HUGE success in japan.
    Wish them all the lock and love in the world!!!

  51. luck*

  52. nya

    ur friend is harsh
    she can always use other toothpaste hahah

    my family does
    not me.
    i barely drinks nowadays, decide to give it up for good hahah

  53. vicky
    hahaha… she want to take a full revenge of me. kekeke..
    u don’t know how my feeling is the first week after i got that revenge.
    a whole class like “hey! r u wearing ur christmass undies? / like, now i know ur size”
    so embarssed.
    now i learn not to tease her too much for my own good. hahaha…

    but after a while, i found out that this not a really bad present tough. its quite cute.

  54. kkekekekek

    it’ll be funny if you answered “if you really wanna know, go ask Tabi”
    but that only works if they know who the penguin is hahaha

  55. hehehe… they don’t know.
    except for the 3 gurl who give me revenge.
    coz i use tabi’s pic as my comp & cellphone wallpaper.

    hohoho… Tabi surely know. kekeke…
    if he don’t know, i’ll gladly tell him

  56. I wonder when they’ll tour the States T-T
    we have a LOT of love for them too D:

    they need to come to the Bay.. *sigh*
    but I guess I’m glad they’re coming out with a full album– finally;;
    just watched the Heaven performance– TOPbaby shredded it; just tore it apart. xD

  57. ive met them all and had sex with them all, yea imma dirty sluuut. ;DDD

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