Big Bang nears Seo Tae-ji in Album Sales

Today’s hottest band Big Bang is threatening to overtake Korea’s “Cultural President” Seo Tae-ji in album sales.

According to Hanteo Chart, an online album sales site, Big Bang’s third mini album “Stand Up” has sold 122 thousand copies between September 22, 2007 and September 20, 2008. This figure is right behind the title song “Atomos Part Moai” in Seo Tae-ji’s eighth album, which posted 130 thousand in sales.

Just one week ago Big Bang was in third place in album sales, immediately following Brown Eyes’ third album “Two Things Needed for the Same Purpose and 5 Objets.” But this week Big Bang outsold Brown Eyes by 4,000 copies to take second place away from the ballad duo. Big Bang’s latest mini album has been in the market for six weeks already, but is still going strong in all music charts.

Big Bang has outranked Seo Tae-ji in music programs as well. The five-member band competed with Seo for the top spot in Music Bank, a music ranking program on KBS2, on September 5th. Big Bang also held onto No.1 spot against Seo in the cable channel MNet’s M Countdown on September 4th.

credit to: KBS World
Post taken from: xodreamgurlazn209@ygbb

News posted on: Sept 23



~ by Momo on September 25, 2008.

16 Responses to “Big Bang nears Seo Tae-ji in Album Sales”

  1. woot, 1st ^^
    gratz BB!!!
    im soooo PROUD of u guys XD

  2. YAHOOOO!!!!! congratulations!! they really deserve it! i mean they really have worked hard for this album. and i’m pretty sure that sooner or later they will beat their songbaenim..hahahah!
    just kidding!!! but way to GO BIG BANG!

  3. “threatening to overtake” sounds abit wrong lol
    i know that the news is just talking about big bang’s sale reaching up to seo tae ji’s sale ..
    but the words translated there kinda like..i don’t know…haha
    just that the “threatening to overtake” sounds too aggressive lol

  4. interesting they didnt mention DBSK (sry to be a party pooper)….i believe they’ve reached over 400,000 album sales no? i guess they’re just comparing the august-september releases…..yay to big bang, im sure they’re very happy =)

  5. I think DBSK (TVXQ) already tookover SeoTaeJi’s record. Just the pre-orders counted up to more than 400,000 copies. Oh well…Big Bang tries hard too..fighting!

  6. Way to go Big Bang
    Yeah ‘threatening to overtake’ doesn’t sound right,imagine BB saying ‘watch out Seo Tae-Ji, we’re gonna crush you’ lol
    i think BB are more than happy with their album sales

  7. thats right!!! big bang is so freaking WANTED!!!
    woot your roni is so proud of ya boys!!!!


    they deserve it. ah! im so happy!
    im now one of those 122,00 people who bought their album bahaha

  10. congrats boys!! you work hard and deserve it! i will always support you guys! ^_^

  11. OMG YEAH BIG BANG!!!!!
    i love you boys! you guys are soooo great!!!!
    you TOTALLY Deserve it!!!!!!
    Big Bang FIGHTING! =]

  12. go big bang!

  13. so proud of them ❤

  14. always proud of them :DD CONGRATZZZ BIGBANG! <<33

  15. wow wee.
    ths is wondaful.
    they’re such a big thing over there in korea i’m so proud.

    but it’s funny that most music albums’ distributor in malaysia doesn’t know our boys.

    everytime i ask if there’ll be big bang’s album on sale, the answers are “big..who?’

    but still i’ll never stop asking haha

  16. and this is just the start!
    SOON they will be #1 and not just in korea, hopefully, in all of ASIA & AMERICA!!!!

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