080926 ‘Number 1’ Japan Album Message

Credit: 니킥 님 @ bbvipz ^^

Lmao the thumbs up is their new concept xP Pretty cute hehehe. GD starts the whole thumbs up thing.. then maknae copies (as expected xD) and then dae comes in with an actual ‘number 1’ but then transforms it into a thumbs up — hilariousness ~~ Towards the end, dae starts showing off his chest-pumping-skills on GD’s cue. I chuckled seeing GD start and stop dae like he was a robot xD I wish them the best in Japan, but come back soon bb!!! >.< Number 1 ^^d

OMG hahahaha I came across this babygee clip.. on those dancing shows as always, but I don’t remember seeing this one before. Babygee defines adorablee.


Gahh, look at him fix the hat!!!… his LEOPARD print hat hahaha. The mc guy thought he was so cute that he began spanking him xP I wish I could up the clip but the video encoding is messed up >.<

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~ by tam on September 26, 2008.

41 Responses to “080926 ‘Number 1’ Japan Album Message”

  1. LOL, it’s SO CUTE when Daesung holds up his index finger for “one” and then GD shoves his thumb to show Daesung the correct way & he corrects it.

  2. the chest pumping was funny xD
    looks like dae was used to it and did it RIGHT on cue
    haha GD owns him x]

  3. This video goes to show much Baby love to copy Bong haha, as soon as Bong give a thumb up, Baby quickly followed hahah no wonder Bong complain too much, Baby can’t blame him now, haha he can’t go on ‘COME TO PLAY’ and complain keke

  4. jess & kiim lmao you guys can totally see GD’s control-ness right?? it cracks me up xP dae’s like his doggie jkjk

    vicky lol yeah i’m still surprised maknae still copies him after gd complained about it to all of korea xD

  5. hahah GDs trying to kiss DAEDAE ❤ hahah hes secretly cheating behind SEUNGRI noooo. :]

  6. tam

    i think we should all know Baby better than this now
    he jut doesn’t stop
    GRi love forever

  7. hahaha… all that thumb thing.
    kekeke… GDae moment! aw Bong, u can’t go cheating on Baby
    Baby will go to YB again & its already late when u realized it

  8. GD is too cute!

  9. lmao i cracked up the way dae moved it into a thumbs up xDD
    gd sooo cute when he was little .

  10. Ahahaha G-Dragon & DaeSung
    Lmao, them 2 are funny

  11. kekke
    chibi bong have girl hair..

  12. lol at the babygee gif…i think GD had a fetish for funky hats right from the beginning lolz…the leopard print hat is way better than sam’s uncle (btw, who’s sam? lol)

  13. LOL I love the way Dae change his index finger to a thumb~
    Those gifs are beyond cute!!! little GD fixing his hat awww >w<~~

  14. btw this was posted a popseoul…i laughed so hard ~kekeke

  15. that was his mother spanking him ‘coz he said something he wasnt supposed to say…the other people/children and parents were just shocked and laughed…i saw the video from youtube long time ago…

  16. they were standing side by side making it so hard for me to see all of them at once so i had to play this again n again hehe

    cute cute cute. yb and top were doing their thing not realising the dorky behaviour of bong and dae hahahahaha lol

  17. omg dae doing the chest poppin thing is so smexy babe!!

  18. OMG X]
    hahah GD trying to kiss my love xD
    funnyyy .
    awww Baby still copying GD

    haha my dae is funny .
    changing the 1 into a thumbs up X]

    haha the chest popping thing.. hot ;]

    awww when Baby say ‘number one’ i melted.
    he sounded soo cute !

  19. Vicky, i saw that babygee clip before, it’s at Come To Play, they played GD’s clips when he was younger:)

  20. UKYAAA~~
    GDAE is jst soooooo hillarious!
    They didn’t even listen to the others talking. They decide to make their own show on the side..hahhahahh


  21. adhGD lol

  22. LOOOL! G-Daeeeee :O!!! baby is gonna be jealous 😛 😛

  23. aww gdae is adorable!!!!!!!!

  24. OMGSH, those babygee GIFs are waaaaaaay too cute!!!! ❤
    And ahaha, GRi is love, man. XD
    The chest pumping thing was so ROFL.

  25. I cannot get enough of the babygee gifs. So cute, I want to stick him in my pocket!

  26. GD and Dae are so cute! they are like in their own world. ha! the GIFs are too cute!


    i’m so happy! hahaha i love that furry thing to death. i wonder what under that. gd’s full of suprises. ❤

    baby GD!
    who would have guessed that cute kid would grow up to be a HOT music genius.

    music core just started! HEAVEN!!!

  28. Music Core started here 😀 i’m waiting for Heaven!!! >.<

  29. they’re performing!
    i’m about to cry with heaven!!!!

  30. Yay.. But I prefer G-ri love LOTS LOTS more though. Much cuter!! G-ro forever!! Does anyone know their schedule for their Japan?? Cause I’m going to Jaoan too and I’m really hoping that I can see my boys!<333
    Much appreciated, thank you!

  31. HEAVEN IS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE: they used babo’s choreo.!

  32. AHHH
    i spot a GD&DS moment
    soo funnnyyy
    not only TY can do the chessbump thing but also DS can do it
    n AWWWW my baby bongy look soooooo adorable. anouther reason why i want to make baby with him (dont think to deep) hiihihhii

  33. ahaahhaah i love when those two are together!! makes me smile when i just think about it!! but i love the gd&sr moment better!! haah

  34. G-Dae moments…adorable ^^
    BaBy just L.O.V.E our Bong too much eh?? that irresistable copycat XD
    poor Kwon Leadah has a very stubborn maknae, hehe~
    babygee gifs…priceless!!!

  35. OMG GD is soooo CUTE!! just wanna pinch him!

  36. omg.
    he has the sunglasses!
    He IS WORKING those shades and
    that LEOPARD print hat!

  37. hey…here are 2 links 4 little Gd

  38. g-dragon still has that same smile from when he was little…soo adorablle =D
    ahh…gd and dae..
    but GRi love FOREVERRR ❤

  39. GD was a making fashion statements even as a baby…is there no end to the cuteness of this guy???

  40. untamedvixen

    LOL. making his fashion since being a baby.
    he was born to dress fashionably!

  41. Lmao,. the chest popping (:
    I likes.

    And the message was awesome.
    Ohh, They make my day/

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