092608 Music Bank: Big Bang end it with a BANG!!!!


09.26.08 KBS Music Bank
GDragon and TOP MC Cuts
83 MB

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Thanks to 마시멜로님

09.26.08 KBS Music Bank
Haru Haru Performance | Winning #1 and #2
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Cut by me.

YOU GUESSED IT!!! They once again snatch #1 spot on Music Bank, but another awsome thing is, “Heaven” also come in 2nd, beating SHINee’s “Love Like Oxygen” and as you watch the MC Cuts, you’ll see other Big Bang songs that has high rank on the chart. Congrats boys.

thanks to 마시멜로님
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Yellow suit and Green pants…….. I’m speechless… words… won’t… come… out…. oh wow~ hahaha. Bong still have Sam’s cousin on…. SeoInYoung must be dying when Bong say “Nuna~ I’m nervous” cuz I sure would then he wipe his nose… LORD BONG!! You just love killing fangirls huh?? OF COURSE!! For Album K-Chart rank, Big Bang ‘STAND UP’ is #1…. duh~ For the Song K-Chart Big Bang ‘Heaven’ rank #3 and ‘Haru Haru’ ranked #1….. again.. la dah~

Even “Look at me, Gwisoon” make it to the TOP 10 list, dang~ then after that is YB’s “Only Look at me” and ‘Heaven’ at #3 and to top it off, #1 belong to ‘Haru Haru’, 4 out of 10 songs belong to Big Bang members.

Big Bang’s 3rd mini activities had come to an end, it’s so sad since there’s so many awsome song on this album that I want them to promote, but Big Bang live up to their name, they make a huge comeback and end it with a BANG! proud of them. :DDDDDDDDD

thanks to 230님

I like how Bong and Tabi are standing on those thing on the side then start going down, that’s hot~ Bong is suddenly bringing Sam’s cousin back… yea… he have a new haircut underneath… pretty sure… oh lord~ we’ll be waiting for the answer. Dae look more energetic.. less tire.. that’s good to see. Since this is the last stage for Haru Haru on Music Bank, they’re all performed at their bestest best [cuz normally they’re always the best haha] no vocal mistake, you can hear YB’s awsome backup vocal throughout the whole song. Love it!!

thanks to 230님

Big Bang’s “Haru Haru” and “Heaven” beat SHINee’s “Love like Oxygen” Big Bang got both #1 and #2 on KChart… what a way to say goodbye, not just 1 song but 2 on top, it’s really no surprise AT ALL, I love them so much more because they just make us so freaking proud of them, and proud to be a VIP. kkekek at 1:07 someone was suppose to say something but no one did, they just stand there and bow haha Bong have to take the lead and say something kekek YB’s peace sign behind SIY was too adorable haha it’s about time we get to see some dork time with YB, their little MC pose at the end was so gangstah! hehe


092608 Mnet Wide News: Big Bang #1 on M Coutndown!

thanks to S님

kekeke Bong being a dork haha being a jumping corspe, that is too cute, his little “neh?” face when the MC ask him about the #1, keke and his little “hwaiting~” was just ah~ And when the MC [aka Big Bang fanboy] introduce them, Bong was beng such a dork… lord~ GRi moment RIGHT THERE!!! Baby reach out and give him a mini massage on the shoulder.. awww..~ Bong singing “Wolly Wolly”.. is just… can this dude with fuzzy creature on his head be any cuter?? I didn’t think so, and just in case you don’t know, Wolly is our Big Bang fanboy’s name, aka the MC, [the dude who we all love because he was so touched that he cried when YB win his first M Countdown! #1 as a solo artist]

The MC ask how they feel about winning #1 on M Coutndown! once again, Baby was the first to talk and look at the way Bong look at Baby, haha DREAMY~ Baby is getting his cute act on now, starting to ‘cry’ you would think since Bong stand near Baby he would comfort him or something, instead he just say ‘then leave’ hahaha and pushed Baby away. awww..~ this old couple.

They of course HAVE TO TALK ABOUT SAM’S COUSIN!!! THE FUZZY CREATURE, I was giggling SO FREAKING HARD when YB pat it kekekek it just seem so funny hands coming from every direction patting Sam’s cousin. When Bong walk out and did that shaking head thing.. I DIED that is just OH MY BONG!! Baby is in loving mood today, he can’tkeep his hands off of Bong. awww…… touchy here and touchy there.

After the performance, the MC come up and ask him about how he feel, haha he look like he can’t see clear who it is, look at his eyes XDDD!!! Looking straight into the camera with those dreamy stare and “Ah~” Baby just have to jump in and turn his fanboy mode on and act like such a fan hahah taking pictures and everything, LOVE IT!!

Big Bang Music Bank Dry Rehearsal: SeungRi Fancam

UNDER HERE. IT’S TOO CUTE TO NOT WATCH. But Nuna fans…. don’t hurt Baby please~ he’s still illegal hahaha

thanks to hana님

Is it already cold in Korea? All of them are already in their winter get-up, they’re so freaking cute though, Baby in a beanie and huge hoodie = x1000000000000000 LOVE and fangirls dies. He was just dancing and looking straight ahead, haha so expressionless then he did the pout… this fangirl die for sure. When they were singing the chorus and Baby moved and Tabi come into the picture, hahahah I love his beanie too!! with the little round fuzzy thing in the back, keke Baby was suppose to be in the back for the “hitting the chest” move but he forgot and went forward, that’s Tabi’s spot so he just run to the back haha, even saw him giving Tabi the “I’m sorry” hand gesture, aww…. polite Baby, but I think this also prove that the awkwardness between these 2 is still there haha.

When you finally see Dae, he look so dead tire…aww….. poor Dae. 😦

At 02:26 When Baby was standing behind Dae, what do you think was so funny that Baby can’t help but smile?? He was looking down at Dae’s feet or something. Bong doesn’t even show other ppl his hair when he practiced, he gotta cover it up too.. now I’m starting to get really curious what’s underneath there.

~ by Vicky on September 26, 2008.

76 Responses to “092608 Music Bank: Big Bang end it with a BANG!!!!”

  1. man,am so proud of them! they leave winners! how many awards since last month,lol- almost 20? i cant wait for the hq.thanks vicky,were so lucky that you do this for us!

  2. awww3<

  3. DAM!! they evenb look hot in just hoodies and a hat!! gottah love them!! how can i go on unitl november without them??? GRR

  4. aww this month has gone by quick >__< .
    hahah ,well anyways so hot! ,,,,so proud of them <33

  5. i really missed TOP and gd hosting together. i liked how TOP pronounced colorful sensibility. love it!!
    i love their performance!!!

  6. AHHHHHHHHH OMFG AHHH G-DRAGON, Just marry me please
    OMG AHhhhhh they are soo cute
    Hehehehe Lmao GD’s being a dork again (:
    Ahaha aww Seungri hehe he’s soo cute. i love him
    Lmao ahahaha when YB & GD was talkin in front on the
    Camera [2nd to the last one] the very ending
    i can imagine Seungri thinking “Huh? why is GD with YB.
    shouldn’t GD be with me.” Ahahaha or semething like that
    OMG i was literally screaming and my neices were just
    looking at me all weird. Ahaha Ahhhhhhhhhh omg though
    CONGRADULATIONS BOYS! Big Bang is #1 That Performence was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! LOVED IT!
    i sence Number song of the year Again boys, just like LIES
    I love Big Bang =]
    Awwww Seungri is soo fricken cute. Especially in a beanie
    Damns G-Dragon was hot too. i miss seeing him wearing that
    ROCSTAR Hat. i think it was that hat but yeah. Aww Seungril =]

  7. GD&TOP were Amazing!

  8. music bank i havent watched

    mnet wide news

    i spot some gdyb<3<3 hahaha at the end with ri was like shock to see tae and gd and trys to take a pic of them :p u silly goose


    hahah top’s beanie looks so huge

    omg dae honey rest. u look so tired

  9. GD!!AHHHHH!<33 *dies* hes soo ccutee!<33

  10. nimco

    pretty much after the first week of debut
    every show they’re on they snatch #1

  11. vicky
    i really have no words to say about that yellow suits & green pants.
    the only thing i know is my man infected with ur hubby style. hahaha..
    but its good enough to kill all fangirls.
    Bong is begging to be raped by all his fangirls when he say “Nuna~ I’m nervous” & wipe his nose.
    even i got “Urgh!” when i saw that. hahaha…

    i so LOVE Tabi’s jacket this time! he looks sooo cute…
    idk why, i just love this one. this big pinguin. ahh~~~

    Bong definitely have new haircut under Sam’s cousin!
    that make me so curious! he never fail to surprise me.
    (don’t tell me he shave all his hair bold ~.~”…)

    so proud of BB, our boys really give a big ‘BANG’!
    although i know this will happen but still, i’m so happy that i squeeze my hand & hold my scream while the whole vid.
    & yup, that ending pose, love it! hehehe..

    BOng is such a DORK!! hahaha
    that Sam’s cousin, GDurchin style, fuzzy creature on his head, hahaha… i laugh so hard. Bong really cute when he shake that ‘thing’.
    i wanna join to pat it too.
    u can see Tabi’s hand when he pat that fuzzy urchin, he looks like feeling it! my man is really weak when it comes to cute stuff. hehe

    vicky! our hubby have the same hat!
    well, i think its same, just with different color
    ahh~~~ Kyun Seung Hyun~~~ so cute with that hat~~~
    make me “Awwww~~~”
    Baby & Tabi looks like siblings with that. haha
    yup, Baby & Tabi’s relationship still so awkward.
    so polite with that “i’m sorry” hand gesture. hehehe..

  12. i just realize how long my comment is.. ~.~”

  13. ninalee

    kkekek of course Baby would be getting jealous
    Bong needs to know his place and come back to Baby Ri or else Baby will ignore him haha

  14. stardaisy212

    Baby is such a dork it is AMAZING~

  15. nya

    kekeke you know how Bong is with his stuff, IT’S CONTAGIOUS,
    and since ur husband always hang out with him, it’s gonna catch on sooner or later, let’s just hope Tabi doesn’t go out and get Sam’s lil brother to join his head… THEN we’ll have some serious problem.

    I know BOng enough to never know what he be thinking in that genious head of his…. I just enver do.
    and I stop trying LONG ago since…… the result just always leave me speechless

    kkekek all of them just like to pat fuzzy thing *wink*wink*
    it’s so enjoyable

    they’re kinda the same, except ur husban’s fuzzy ball bounced up and down [that sound SO WRONG!!! OH MY GOD!!!]

    These two SeungHyuns will never see the lights hahaha

  16. nya

    being around me bring out the writer in you
    so no wonder kekeke

  17. Congrats to BB for winning #1 AND #2 songs!!
    Their comeback was hella amazing & it ended great.
    I can’t wait to see what they bring when they’re in Japan.
    They’re gonna dominate there for sure. =)

    Aww…I love the last video where everyone was petting GD’s hat/hair, hahaha.

  18. now im positive that gd is hiding something under that fuzzy blob on his head! i wanna know whats under it!!

  19. lmao that mnet wide news was hilarious. when they started feeling gd’s hair up.. i was like uhhhh xPPP it looked SO awk haha. i bet gd’s hair is just growing out and he doesn’t want to shave it again^^ congrats to bb~

  20. tam

    oh lord it just seem so wrong
    everyone want to touch Bong’s fuzzy hair

    i’m dying of laughing
    oh god… kekekek

  21. ghina

    he will torture us with Sam’s cousin for a while before he let us know

  22. vicky
    don’t u think that fuzzy hat feel so comfortable?
    so thats why Bong like to use it & its good enought to cacth everyone’s eyes. hahaha..
    Sa’m lil brother. hahaha… but i wanna see that creature on my man head. kekeke… bet he’ll be like a big fuzzy penguin if he wears that to perform ‘oh my friend’

    & that fuzzy ball, kekeke.. its kinda looks like rabbit’s tail to me. so that’s make my man looks so cute with that thing on his head. hahaha.. i can’t stop gigleing when i first saw it.

    its so right.. u & ur hubby have the same virus that could infect everyone near u guys. hahaha…
    look! me & my hubby already infected!

  23. vicky
    lol don’t you just want to touch it and style it?? like add some braids, some cornrolls, and maybe some pink clips?? xPPP but what i REALLY want to see is someone like tabi or yb try on that furball xD

  24. nya

    hahaha you know what i just imagine when you say that???
    a peguin wearing a 70s afro dancing to disco tune
    that is SOOO TABI!!
    rapping to D.I.S.C.O

    you didn’t get the dirty joke huh?
    fuzzy ball? touching?
    … T.T…. disappointed… T..T

    he’s my hubby so he have the same power as me kekek

  25. tam

    I’m surprise Bong didn’t deform the thing yet.
    … well he cut off its tail..
    cuz back in december last year, Sam has a tail
    R.I.P Sam

    the Bong mind that nobody understand should’ve done something to it by now ekek
    maybe give that fuzzy thing the mohikan hairstyle too


  26. vicky
    LMAO sam????? aww yeah sam did have a tail before hahahaha.. are you sure it’s the same one? i remember sam being alot more boxier. yeah gd cuts up anything and everything.. especially his shirts teehee

  27. tam

    kekeke maybe Bong gave hima trim over summer
    you know how hair are during summer
    a trim every 3 weeks is MUST hahah

    so maybe one summer afternoon, Bong was bored in his room and there Sam is… sitting on the counter, and there’s the scissor laying there, an idea pop into his head [the lightbulb goes DING!] then there Sam goes…..

    …. poor Sam… he never see it coming
    i mean C’MON. he just sit there on the counter, he didn’t mess with nobody…




    haha its blah balh big bang! blah blah BIG BANG!
    waaah! 1st and 2nd, best way to go!

  30. I Love what they’re WEARING for the dry rehearsal!!!

  31. vicky, -0- oh no! poor sam! where did ‘sam’ come from by the way?? xP

    DAIISYYY! puahaha ahh tabi~ what canya do about that dork?? xD

  32. lols :p we can fly shaun back to korea and make him teach top over and over again :p

    jping we can’t

  33. vicky
    aw~~ i don’t get it first, but after i read again,
    well, yeah, hahaha… u & ur dirty joke, pat fuzzy ball.
    my head is now all over tabi with Sam’s lil brother. imagining him with that creature. hahaha…

    uumm… i’m not really into afro thing, so its better if my man don’t have that hairstyle. coz whenever u say pinguin i have my man face pop out from my head. hehehe..
    but Sam’s lil brother will do, coz its cute & make me want to pat it. just like YB, Baby & Tabi done with Bong’s Sam. hahaha

  34. Daisy

    i saw it, he forgot to the crouch down part

  35. BBFTW.

    i love it~

  36. roranges

    I KNOW!!
    they make me wanna wear those kind of clothes too
    but i can’t since i live in florida
    and yea the weather over here… no~

  37. tam

    you remember how the end of last year Bong always wear that thing?
    and I saw it for at least like 3 weeks
    so finally i was getting frustrated calling it “the fuzzy thing”
    so i just give it a name, I mean it deserve one since it’s been hanging around Bong too much
    SAM was the first thing pop up in my head
    and since we don’t know if that thing is a dude or a girl, Sam seem like a fair unisex name hahahaha


  38. nya

    you are so slow sometimes
    and i thought you would catch it right away since you’re like… uhmm… .the expert hahah

    I really hope Sam have no more famiily left in this world
    cuz if this Bong trend spread… we will have some FUZZY PROBLEM.

    … i said FUZZY.. fuzzy… kekeke

  39. daisy, shaun is going back!! reunion!!! hahaha he’s such a fanboy xPP

    vicky, LOL sam.. i love itt. thanks for the downloads^^ ~

  40. vicky
    well, i admit i’m so slow sometimes. haha…
    can’t help it, i always imagining Tabi with that creature now jumping up & donw. kekeke…

    kekeke… i don’t wanna that fuzzy problem. hahaha…
    Bong should keep ‘that fuzzy thing’ for himself / maybe he could SHARE it with u.
    ‘the fuzzy thing’ kekeke…

  41. anybody knows if this is going to air in malaysia today or much later?

  42. oh btw why is it called sam’s cousin lol? looks like a really bad russian hat

  43. Tina SungMin

    haha I’ll just copy and paste what i wrote to tam for you

    you remember how the end of last year Bong always wear that thing?
    and I saw it for at least like 3 weeks
    so finally i was getting frustrated calling it “the fuzzy thing”
    so i just give it a name, I mean it deserve one since it’s been hanging around Bong too much
    SAM was the first thing pop up in my head
    and since we don’t know if that thing is a dude or a girl, Sam seem like a fair unisex name hahahaha

  44. i heard about shaun coming back but he said maybe

    anyone want to join


  45. nya

    my hair will never get use to that humid temperature under those things
    my hair needs air too y’know
    so Bong can ‘KEEP IT TO HIMSELF’ haha

    Tabi can go ahead with his fuzzy-free head
    it’s sexi enough ahhaha

    I thik i died like 10 times already, i’m so proud of the boys!!!
    why do they have to be soooo adorable and hot and cute and everythinggg !!??? *spazzes*
    I wonder how TOP and Bong felt when they announcing those charts, Big Bang is everywhere 😀 They did PERFECT with thier last perf.

    love what they wear in the rehersal~~~ quite simple but they look so fly<3 SR seems to dance and sing out of impulse, his mind must be in his own little world hahaha XD

  47. widchii

    can’t agree more kekeke
    u just make my day

    Baby look like he’s so into the rountine of the song
    but little do ppl know, in his little head, he’s running through a field of roses in his little maknae world hahahaha

    too adorable

  48. omo warhhh the 2nd last vid rlly shows how close and comfy they r with one another~
    i love it when they show some ‘P.D.As’ with each other ahahaha
    like when YB puts his hand on bong’s shoulder, seungri massaging bong’s shoulder. all of them messing with sam’s cousin was incredibly irresistibly superbly cute. and bong top it off with the headshake. no wonder we’re crazy bout them.

    yb’s currently digging the studded belt,the vest and the fedora look eh? he’s so yummy

  49. lol
    everybody thinks that GD is doing something else to his hair haha LOL
    i like what they all wore there~~
    TY was wearing his bag on his back while rehearsing haha~~
    already september but it’s already so cold therE?…
    i guess that’s why GD brought “sam’s cousin” with him?

  50. ncly

    it’s only september
    it shouldnt’ be that cold that he needs sam’s cousin for his brain’s warmth

  51. hahaha i laughed so hard at almost every video
    the haru haru performance is awesome. this is probably the best i’ve seen baby doing his part..bravo bravo!
    i can’t believe that this is coming to an end =(((
    i’m so freaking proud of them while all the flashback of them winning was shown =) seriously proud to be a vip =)
    hahaa and bong is such a dork! i couldn’t stop laughing while all of them were touching the sam’s cousin hahahahaha
    but then baby is every more dorky..when he jumped in and act like a fanboy..haha that’s hilarious!!!
    welll, baby is too adorable in the rehearsal video..i want him!!
    he really has the ability to steal nuna’s heart

  52. i think maybe bong shaved his hair cos isnt there suppose to be like longish hair on one side of his cap cos half of it is shaved well both sides look shaved now :O could it be?

  53. OMG! this is too much xDD! LOOL!

  54. Vicky
    Umm.. U don’t want bong to share his fuzzy ball?
    But i want it if tabi want to share his fuzzy ball with me. Fufu..
    All this fuzzy conversation mke me wanna squeeze fuzzy stuff now.
    U know the feeling when u squeeze it?
    Its so great. Hehe..

  55. nya

    the word ‘balls’ was TOO OVERUSED… to a dangerous
    don’t you think????

  56. vicky
    don’t u think i used the ‘balls’ word on purpose???

  57. man..it was really sad when i saw their last performance with heaven and everything ㅠㅠ

  58. You seriously need to put up some caps here!!

    ———TOP looks mighty fine with his hair down like this——put them pu, put them up, put them up.

  59. OH MY GOD!!!!!

    the cheorography could not have been more cuter.
    all of them smiling like angels!
    loved ittttttt~~~i am in heaven!

  60. waaah GD look so cute!!!

  61. i’m so excited.OMG,OMG!!heaven’s choreo was amazing*do some jiggy dance*.
    heaven’s doing great on charts,why oh why would they stop the promotion?
    i’m missing bigbang already.*sniff*

  62. man they could not get any PERFECT-er.
    my opinion on gd’s hair.
    i guess he’s trying to grow it back now.
    imagine his hair style getting longer.
    it wouldnt look so good while its still on the process.
    so i guess he is trying to cover up the “process”
    im xure he didnt go BALD.
    watch the rehersal. look near his ear.


  63. nya


    Knowning you…. OH YES YOU WOULD

  64. vicky
    hohoho… i sure will gurl.
    i’m in heaven now. ahh~~~~
    i want him so bad. really. Tabi drive me crazy

  65. omg perfect ending

    come 2 japan fast i cant wait x_X


    no i wanna see more of baby T_T

    somebody popped in front of the camera xD

    awww~~ why??

    panda lee <333

    thanx 4 the vids vicky =D

  66. omg gd so fckin adorable xDDD

  67. GDYB moments. nyahahaha. =)
    The way they touch Sam, specially tabi and baby ri is so..hmmm..sensual???
    thanks for the vids vi ^^

  68. love baby in a beanie hat btw! so cute!! it looks gud on him. vicky you know you can’t stop the nuna fans now when they see the baby fancam, but then all of them are so cute…and looks like all are also cold at that time…
    …Ybae needs some warming???=D hihi.

  69. Kenley

    you don’t need to tell me
    he’s done for

  70. Vicky
    Baby REALLY looks GOOD in his beanie. I think it’s his best look off stage. hihi. =)
    I can feel the nuna fans running to him now….XD

  71. Kenley

    oh i know~
    i love seeing them not as BIG BANG members
    but as themselves
    normal teenage boys
    love it~

  72. Vicky
    yeah you’re right… I love seeing them off stage. especially in their apartment. Letting lose of their stage selves for a while…and some clothing in the process too. hihi.
    I only saw them like that in a happy manwon episode..wonder if another member will do it soon? hehe.

  73. Kenley

    oh i was so hoping someone could do it
    I thought YB was gonna do it during his solo career… but didn’t happen
    i doubt if any of them will be on manwon haengbok for the rest of this year
    they have japan, then another album, then maybe concerts coming up and you know how they are when they get ready for a concert, it’s just practicing nonstop

  74. somehow i feel like GD is avoiding a G-RI moment..haha..but cant help it, can it?..haha..juz cant resist maknae..^_^

    im sOOO happy that Dae2x smiled..he’s been obviously look tired l8ly, im sOOO relief 2 c him smile again!..i cant wait 2 C his Cats musical..Daesungi Hwaiting..Saranghae oppa!!!

    CONGRATZ BB!!!..

    comment again later..^_^..gtg…

  75. ah..i posted my comment in the wrong post..haha..this should b 4 their message above..haha..my bad!!!

  76. never mind again..it was right!!!..haha..i must b dilusion-ating!!!…^_^..gome2x…

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