Big Bang takes SHINee off #1 spot on M!Countdown

Big Bang’s ‘Haru Haru’ has once again proved itself occupying the #1 and also taking SHINee off their #1 spot from last week on the M!Countdown chart on Mnet M!Countdown on 25th September.

The song was also ranked the most popular song on M!Countdown in the month of September.

Congratulations! Get ready for ‘Nobody’ wave next!

Credit: sookyeong.wp



~ by Momo on September 26, 2008.

32 Responses to “Big Bang takes SHINee off #1 spot on M!Countdown”

  1. how flipping fantastic!

    *toot tooot*

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. im happy for big bang!!!

  3. Yay! Congratz to Big Bang! 😀

  4. GO! GO! BIG BANG =]

  5. yey! go bigbang *uhuh uhuh victory dance*

  6. yay to our boys!

  7. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BB rocks………………

  8. =]

  9. hope nobody complain and bring the”marriege between yg and mnet” again.the boys won fair and square.

  10. yay!!!!

  11. wait i dont get it…i thought Shinee won cause BB has one 3 times already? no way did Shinee beat out BB….oh wells…BB is on top where they belong

  12. I think Big Bang won the most popular song of the month award. I know they won the same award for August. But don’t quote me on this cause I’m not 100% sure.

  13. oh yeah. we knew it didn’t we, vips??
    i mean, no offence shinee is great
    but big bang is one hard competition

  14. athirah

    we so new it, Congratz Big Bang!

  15. SHINEE i love them so much too. but my love for BIG BANG is greater…FIGHTING!!!
    SHINEE FIGHTING because nuna nomu yepo is here..
    BIG BANG FIGHTING because haru haru we are looking forward to hearing your music.

  16. zoby


  17. Big Bang Fighting! ^_^

  18. yaye. at least they get their last award b4 endin all their promotional activities in Korea.

  19. no surprise!!!!
    anyway 😦 for shinee fan

  20. aw i like both groups >< Unless Wonder Girls beat them with “Nobody”

  21. HA!!! HWAITING!
    OMG nobody is an awesome song! love itt.

  22. oh hecks yeah!!!! proud of them boys!!! but again i like shinee too but BB deserves it lol

  23. I feel bad for shinee
    I love both of them but shinee is liek <333
    Ahh <#

  24. i feel sorry for shinee. i actually like their choreography. yes, the legs! i absolutely love how they twist and bend their legs ❤

    but does that mean mirotics not going to win at all? =( cuz i like mirotic too. i recently found myself really into the “under my skin” thing xD its hard to believe it myself because i hardly ever listen to dbsk. now i sound more like a cassie rather than a vip lol


  26. fortune_cuukie
    lol – the legs!! i think thats the main reason i can’t get into Shinee…shallow i know, but everytime i see those cute little boys i think of power rangers! (sorry all pretty nunas out there but really?) but i think they’ve got some good vocal chords there…hopefully they’re get a new stylist nuna! lol

  27. OMG- not to be mean but did you see how much they won by on kbs music bank? heaven got almost 8,000 votes, which they didnt even promote,haru haru of course got almost 11,000 and shinee got 4,000. its pretty sad for shinee but YES!! for so watching them live tonight! cant wait for heaven!

    Those are my boys!
    #1 Forever baby! =]

  29. Yey! One more win before they go off to Japan!

    But I think it’s going to be a MIROTIC wave next instead of Nobody. I meaan, Cassiopeia’s been waiting a long time! XD

  30. hells yeah!!
    omg nobody craze is so starting.. my whole school is going ‘nobody nobody nobody’~

  31. yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!! #1 again 😀

  32. Of cours they’re #1!!!!They’re Big Bang!!!

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