sorry it’s been a while. but we can’t forget sr’s last question to his VIPZ!
i will be on hiatus due to school mode, but i will continue to come by & check up on the logistics of the site & will still be able to answer questions/concerns you have. don’t be afraid to drop me an email!


until the end of time.

마지막 끝까지

majimak geut gah ji.



Haha, Melly.  U know that “majimak geut gah ji” is my favorite saying!

JT (BBfan13)


~ by gdluvzmc on September 26, 2008.

74 Responses to “SEUNGRI ASKS #3”

  1. until death do us part
    forever and ever i’ll always be a VIP!
    mark my word

  2. as long as:
    i breath, i live, i’m sane , etc.

    to conclude : for eternity. nvr ending love (^.^)

    i’ll tell my kids’ kids to love big bang as much as i do ehehehe

  3. mmm
    depends but I’ll remain as a VIP fan always (H)
    ^athira: lol I’ll tell my grand kids to love bigbang XDD

  4. Till the day i die

  5. as long as i live and as long as bigbang have faith in all of us

  6. i will be loving seung-ri forever until i meet him and know him well then i can let him go

  7. until the end of the world!!!

  8. FOREVER!!!
    till i married, being old, n die ❤ BB

  9. loving big bang is forever
    im going to be a loyal VIP!!!
    i like that seungri asked us this question;)

  10. well maknae. here’s my answer.

    its from a line in the movie BAD BOYS II

    We RIDE together
    We DIE together.


  11. I bigbang all my live togehter,
    i love you all so much,

  12. SR baby, my answer is:


    till i have my last breath!!!

    VIP forever and ever and ever and ever and ever……

  13. Until whenever……

  14. Always&forever yo my love~! Oooh Baby, baby!!! ^_^


  16. eun mi
    please do!!

  17. eun mi
    please do!!

  18. that’s a silly question Seing ri~~
    you do know the question that we all gonna give heh~~
    even if i die and becomes another form of life, i will sitll love big bang hehe~

  19. FOREVER!!

  20. i dont really know.
    FOREVER and FORENTERNITY doesnt seem enough.
    ur VIPs love u more that u can ever imagine.

  21. hahaha is this boy running out of question
    all the answers are gonna be the same!!
    haha..forever isn’t enough =)

  22. Until Whenever

    [awww i wanted this to be really special but JUKECOOKIE beat me to it, lol]


  24. if they will never quit big bang then i will always be fan of them forever ♥♥♥

  25. the same as ~gdluvzmc.

  26. baby seungri you dont have to ask that..till the world falls apart..haha

    FOREVER!! ^_^

  27. i will always love bigbang. i wont never giveup love you all. i wanna you know that♥♥♥

    bigbang’i her zaman seveceğim. sizi sevmekten asla vazgeçmeyeceğim. bunu bilmenizi istiyorum♥♥♥

  28. VIP 4EVER!!!!!!!!!

  29. until the end of time!!


  31. i put, “i’m forever with you” ^^

  32. until whenever<3
    i promise.

  33. forever!!! for the rest of my dayssss!
    baby is so cutee

  34. shoot,i thought i was the only one to say until whenever.

  35. I will stay with you forever and always

  36. Aww, Seungri.
    I will love Big Bang FOREVER.
    They’re the best band ever. =)

  37. Until the day I die, even then, I will still be a fan XD

  38. Forever :]
    I said I love them always & forever!
    SO of course always & forever :]
    Aww Seung Ri what a cutiee

  39. awww bless him… i love him so much
    of course i would be a big bang fan until i die, well actually even if i die i would still be a big bang fan, so basically my love for big bang is immortal ^^ 😀

  40. i will always and F O R E V E R be a VIP<3
    빅뱅와 함께 .. 영원히<3

  41. AHHH OMG i can’t believe he even asked that
    isn’t it obvious Seungri?
    UNTIL WHENEVER [AHEMS] “Always & Forever”
    Big Bang LOVEE♥ =]

  42. Being a VIP is my life, so
    definitely up until my last breath,
    I’ll be a VIP. Woooooooo!

    even when we’re all old and they
    don’t make music anymore. haha.

  43. omggg..
    seungri.. ur soo silly.
    of couse i’ll be a fan forEVER.
    i would die for BB =)
    espcielly my baby SR 😀 hehe

    big bang <33

  44. Seung Ri Oppa <<3
    빅뱅 사랑해 영원히 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ❤ 😀

  45. FOREVER MAN!!! i will never stop supporting you guys :]

  46. like, for eternity . DUH.

  47. i agree with mrs.CHOI (:
    BB till death do us part baby(: forever and ever and ever and ever and ever i’ll always Be a BIG BANG VIP<3

  48. I will ALWAYS be a ViP!!! >.<



  51. forever and ever, as long as u stay in the group baby!

  52. forever and ever; an eternity ❤

  53. aww.. ur so sweet~
    forever. loger than the day i die. longer than the end of the world. as i sed, forever. ^_~
    Love love love seung ri~!

  54. forever of course!

  55. f-o-r-e-v-e-r-<3

  56. awwww Big Bang will stay in my heart FOREVERRR!!! >< ♥

  57. Forever and ever. I love being a VIP!

  58. Awww, Seungri, you know my answer .

    forever .
    i will always be a VIP .
    no doubt . :]

    Kang Daesung<3

  59. awwww…

    till the day…someone replaces you in my heart. OMG…JKKKKK!

    I don’t know how long eternity lasts….but yeah. till eternity.

    [especially for you seungri! LOL. im such a creep.]

  60. As long as eyes can see, and men can breath!!!
    FOREVER!!!!even in my deat, my last thought will be the faces of Big Bang members and “Big Bang is V.I.P”!!!

    I’ll be a big bang fan even in my next lifetime!!!


    LOL @ 7samira7

  63. you are the first and last boy group that i like.
    i promise nobody will ever replace you in my heart.

  64. 4ever!!!


  65. Forever <33 Even if you guys do something so stupid everyone turns against you I will love you all so much. Even when I die I want my Big Bang Photobook buried with me ❤

  66. forever and ever

  67. This should be a rhetorical question…

    I will not answer because the answer’s too obvious! =P

  68. hmmmmmmmm, i really want to say FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER.. but i part of me is saying noo -_-;; i mean ive been a HUUUGE fan of a couple of other groups and that eventuall died out… BUUUUT i also feel that bigbang’s different(: they defenitely have MORE MORE MORE talent than the other groups that i used to be obssessed with… and ive been liking bigbang more than i liked the other groups… and i still LOVE them(: SOOOOOOOO my answer for your question maknae is…………… as long as possible(: hwaaaaiiitiiiiiiiinnnnngggg !

  69. i’ll be honest. until it’s time for me to move on. i don’t think it’ll be anytime soon though. in my whole entire k-pop-listening life, i’ve only been a huge fan of three groups/singer and that was shinhwa, boa and then, big bang. i’m very selective about the groups i fall for.

  70. not until the day i die.
    not until death do us part.
    It will be until ever.

  71. i dont know @@ .. i only sure : now n now i’m luving u so much
    >> thakz .. cause i have had u in mah life
    luv everything about u:X

  72. Forever with u guys and never leave… until my death came..

  73. forever
    bigbang_my heaven

  74. BigBang ah, always smile;) we will beside u forever……. Bigbang fighting!!!!!! i love you and V.I.Ps love u:x:x:x [Vietnam’s V.I.P]

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