080927 YG Family Shop Opening Message | 080927 MNET You Can Fly

Credit: 마시멜로 님 @ bbvipz ^^

Another cute message xP GD keeps turning one way and then the other. The end though was the best. GD “Cyworld”.. SR “minime“. lolll listen to maknae say minime sajkf;eij xDDDD

(Full Show) – Thanks Vicky for the upload!

This is from Mnet You Can Fly (that’s a cb link, maybe Vicky will up it to mf later?? xP). Anyways, this show is a special where stars go to schools and perform and do activities. Big Bang performed last farewell, how gee, haru haru, tears fool, & lies o.o Must have been exhausted. In between their performances, there were these talent show things and this one girl started dancing and then made her way to bb. YB&GD WERE SO SCARED xDDDD GD like CRANED his neck back hahahaha. She dragged dae out instead and strutted her stuff with him… lol I’ll stop there. All in all, if she was a vip, she must have thought she was in heaven playing with bb like that!

And then they had top pick the winner… xP Oh man she is sosafjk;eoij luckyy!!! lmao look at top’s eyes dart back and forth. Ehhhk I feel the awk-ness! Yes there were 2 other cases of dancers too xP Little maknae was PETRIFIED. He kept backing his way up into the curtains to get away from them stripers xPPP



 Dance Battle Cut

Credit: IVIPmon5482 @ youtube ^^


~ by tam on September 27, 2008.

82 Responses to “080927 YG Family Shop Opening Message | 080927 MNET You Can Fly”

    hic hic hci
    n yep i bet she was SURELY in HEAVEN
    VICKY!! im waiting for u to post it upppp

  2. Smooth TOP, really smooth…..

    Hehehe, it´s always funny how much he changes his personality.

  3. Big Bang + Opening YG Shop = Marketing.

  4. ooh lord… that lady will get grilled …

    does anyone wanna be a piece of paper right now?
    cuz i sure do 🙂

  5. spinx, lol sounds like tops bipolar!! -0-

    vicky, ahh vips are so chill, i don’t think anything would happen to her. she would DEF burn and die if it was the cassies after her xP huh? paper??

  6. Haha, that girl’s expressions are so cute! I love the one where TOP picks her XD

  7. you can fly was so funny. when the two girls in red was dancing in front of the boys, ri was like “i dont wanna”

    and when the girl pick dae he looked so uncombable awww he started to do the look at me,gwisoon dance

    youtube link of the part

  8. no touchy2!!!
    *jealous much?!

  9. daisy LOL yeah. there was a part where maknae stood behind these bunch of girls. and when they stripped off their sweaters he looked PETRIFIED hahahahaha. yayy! thanks for the yt link! i’ll embed it? is that ok?

  10. tam

    really? cuz if that was Baby not Dae
    I’ll get my barbeque kit ready
    and i’m not kidding
    hahahahah XD yea i am. don’t take me seriously and call 911
    i’m not gonna grill nobody… yet…… and you don’t have the proof that I did it hahahah

    Bong was holding a pieceo of paper… keep hitting it..
    i wanna be the paper!! XD!!

  11. haha x]
    GD: cyworld
    SR: minime ———

    haha, your so right. that was hilarious.

    oooh no. she be toooo touchy-touchy with big bang.

  12. vicky lollll nooo control yourself womann!!! hahaha jkjk. OH you mean the shop message — gd was holding the paper. lol you want him to keep hitting youu?? xD haha everyone else remembered their lines and what to say except for leader.. he needed the paper!

  13. you can fly is farking hilarious.
    seungri’s “noona WTH are you doing here.. i’m scared with that red sweater” look was an ultimate killer.

    dae dae! it looked like he felt very awkward. how cute!
    i’d love to be those girls. touching and dancing crazily. gah! ❤

    if that was dbsk, those girls are probably in the cementery right now. lol.

    did someone say grilling!? i’m getting coal and firewood now. let’s get her toasted. hahaha

  14. SHE NEEDS TO STEP AWAY FROM DAE@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@2

  15. Wow, wow!
    That girl needs to calm down with Daesung!
    LOl..aww, TY. So cute.

  16. Haha, I just rewatched it.
    TY didn’t even look THAT scared…GD LOOKED MORE SCARED!

  17. hahaha..dae did the “nalba nalba” dance!!! how cute! >.<

  18. LOL!!!! so true april!!!
    ahahaha! that was a weird performance…
    well because they (bb) all looked and felt awkward.

  19. gelatin

    i think he thought that chick was gonna krump him to death with her “in-yo-face” style. and the fact there were TWO girls just made it more obvious lol


  21. hahaha!!! gd was like avoiding from picked by that girl! if she was dancing with gd or top, she’s soo…%^&*()!! n her dancing was not even nice!

  22. Baby: minime. – sounded like a robot. how cute. heheh. =)

    that girl better be in heaven, if no one sends her there. tsk3.
    …But who can blame her??? Big Bang is so damn irresistable. Might as well be the last thing you do before you die. hihihi.

  23. the dance battle was actually hallarious to me LOL
    when the first team came to big bang
    SR was like
    exaggerated his expression lol
    it was like as if
    he was saying “please don’t do this to me…i’m sitll a kid” haha
    the others were just cracking up at his expression and reaction lol
    and then the 2nd team was doing hyori’s dance
    and then the 3rd team..the funniest one
    when they came to big bang
    GD was like
    giving the “oh em gee” face LOL . he was backing away with Tae yang
    and then when the girl pulled DS, DS was just like “wat wat why me? NOO…oh no…” LOL
    and then at 4:41: when he thought he could go back, another girl just jumped right infront of him, scared him to death hahaha
    freakin funny~~

    about Big bang’s message:
    the ending was adorble~~


  25. that was wayyy to cute when baby said “minime”!!!!!!
    omg the dance thing, when those two girls in red came up to big bang, baby was all like get away from me, haha!!
    omg and when that girl came up to bong, yb, and dae, bong was all like no not me, lol! and then dae started to do look at me gwisoon, haha soo cute!!!

  26. omg -____- xD.
    that girl >:0.
    i feel like hurting someone!

    but im happy dae didnt start dancing
    with her xDDDDDD
    hahah when that other girl was
    crumping dae was like flinching xD.
    and the first act when maknae was scared
    when they were going towards tehm;so cute!

  27. tina sungmin
    it was more like she’s gonna eat him alive. if i was dae i would probably run away. but who knows he might have liked it? (okay, sorry dae fans. let’s bury the girl alive! LOL.)

    i wonder if a die hard daesung fan already did something bad to the girl. hope she still have her limbs attached. X_X

  28. tam

    kekek Bong is just too cool to remember stuff
    why try to memorized when he can read it right there, big and clear hahaha

  29. LOL quite hilarious!
    i believe i would be scared too 😮
    suengri was liek WTF 😡 dont get too close to me! AHHH
    and daesung was PUSHED!!!! ;O if i was there!! i would totally protect them from these girls
    i ENVY them all but i am a true VIP and i will let this go LOL!

  30. poor baby, he was shocked at first…hehehe…but maknae wouldn’t just stand on the side lines…he would dance at the back…o.O such a cutie. hihi.
    omg Ybae was being “seduced”*if you call that seducing* hehehe. but Daedae was so cute he did the trot dance and he was smiling so shyly..awwww…
    Hehehehe. GDYB was kinda enjoying the first group. =p

  31. LOL what Taeyang was shy haha figures lol haha but idk bout
    GD dat shock me a little haha [:

  32. OMG OMG! i’m soo jealous. my boys are getting raped! haha. j/k.

    hey vicky! its me from soompi! =)

    i want to see the full show. where can i watch it?

  33. hahhaa..
    that girl is soo lucky.. i wish i was her =X
    hehee.. GD and YB just liek backing away from
    the girl so she had to grab DS instead hehe
    i think if i was i her i would pick SR.. 😀

    big bang <33

  34. OMGGG HAHAHA I WATCHED THE DANCE BATTLE THING LIKE FIVE TIMES! LOLLLLLL GD and seungri’s reactions were TOO CUTE i almost peed in my pants. Seungri was always like.. caught in the back clueless, like ‘wtf is happening’ HAHAH WHY IS HE SEPERATED FROM EVERYBODY ELSE? I really REALLY REALLY x465464654 want to watch the whole thing, like the whole time big bang was there! Can someone please upload it? _<)

  35. Oh GOD.that girl was all over Daesung!
    shes using EVERY SINGLE INCH of him!
    Ugh.if i was there i would jump over them and take Daesung away~

    but nvm, i know Daesung is innocent 😀


  37. fill of some bb luv :p

  38. eh… i don’t think any of the dances were that good.
    how dare that girl touch our daedae >:D

  39. ahahaha, the boys were scared of her XD
    i cracked up HARD when daedae (obviously very traumatized but trying hard to smile and bear it all) didnt know how to handle the situation and decided to do his ‘look at me, GwiSoon’ dance.
    he’s so freaking hilarious..and ADORABLE!!! *glomps daedae*

  40. TOPie looked soo funny hugging that girl..XD i love how hiw eyes darted back and forth ;P..seriously, i think the girl dance group that wore all black was better than the girl who won x__x..she looked so awkward, and her moves weren’t in sync to the song..and the part where it said: shawty got low low low…she was moving up >_>

  41. i think he was enjoying it and not trying to enjoy it xxD

  42. lol it looked he kept bowing his head and was fanning himself, haha.

  43. this is my favortie part


  44. omggosh my Babbyyy
    wahh hes so cute.
    haha dae’s so dorky<3

  45. awwww little maknae was sooo scared!!

  46. HAHAHAH Seung Ri was lyk getting scared and started backing away in the curtains xd ROFLMAO

    and the DaeSung!!!! OMG i was laughing sooooooooooooo HARD xDDDDDD he looked lyk he didnt wanted be up there getting groped, but he smiled of course, he dont wanna be sad =). xD and then he did his ‘Gwisoon’ dance xDDDDD

    I feel jealouse doe! =(
    MY TOPIEE HUGGED HER!!!!!! x( the girl tht groped daesung coz they won =( SOOOO JEALOUS!! >:-( LOL

  47. Ahhh omg
    hehe big bang was so cute
    AHHH the dancing was pretty good
    damn wish i can dance too now
    Lols.. Aww hehe
    Argh i envy thems too

  48. Tam

    I uploaded it on mediafire
    link to my page here


    I finally saw the whole thing and wrote a freaking essay

  49. lol anyone else think the girl really wanted tae??? she was totally going to seduce him and he was standing there grinning like a little kid…omo i laughed so hard, and then she got all nervous and grabbed dae instead….i think it would have been so funny to see YB dancing with her…shy boy is no more…btw he was totally checked her out right before the picture taking..he even went and stood behind her to take the pic….oh my YB…


  51. mmm…that girl…uh uh. not touchy my daedae.
    hes my daedae! hands off. so not kidding..

  52. idk what will Dae fans do to her…
    don’t wanna know..

  53. >.> i wanna shoot her for touching Dae lik that
    SHE IS ONE MY TOP 10 HIT LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. haha..the first two girl that came up to them GD was like ok..and poor the maknae i think if he can go and just hide behind the curtain he would lol…the second group was cool i like the shooting thingy..haha YB and GD look so scared when that girl came up to them…Dae is the only brave one…and they also did the ‘look at me gwisoon’ dance

  55. OMGGGGGG! poor Babyyy he was so scared xD! poor maknae T.T

    and GwiSoon DAE lol! >.<

    that girl is lucky ¬¬ TOPPie hug her U.U

  56. first GIF pissed me off >.D

    eww eww eww . that hooooo .
    shes on my snipe list .
    OMG . shes gonna DIE >D

    that girlie be lucky TOP even touched her >.>

  57. lols TOP looks like hes all
    “eww i have to touch her?
    did you see what she do to my DAE?” xDD

  58. oh boys. so girl-phobic. they really need to have more interactions w/ females. they look so awkward XDDD

  59. thank God nobody pick my young bae.

  60. i’m all up for committing murder to the hoe that got DaeDae look uncomfortable lol -crazyfangirl moment- anybody cares to be my partner in crime?

  61. @Tina SungMin-gurl,am so with you on that. they were all up on him and throwing him around like he’s a peice of meat. poor dae,not knowing what to do in that situation. i also think the second group should of won,lol. am so envious,i wonder how were gonna handle them getting girlfriends?

  62. omg.

    To whoever is jealous of them…

    why would you?

    i sure as hell am not. why would I be jealos of a girl that was SCARING my poor SeungRi away to the curtains? LOL. and she was hella groping on Daesung and EVERYTHING! gross. if I were him, I would have run off the stage. that’s gross. Whether i would be a fan or not.

    that’s rape. LOL.

    wt the helll!!
    anyway, i was soo surprise.. i didnt know korean GIRLS can dance
    bside big bang dancer. i thought korean girls cnt dance bcuz weni say “School rock” all the girls that go up there.. CNT DANCE
    but this woww i was sooo surprise

  64. Look at TOP going on ninja!TOP in that gif. If only that were me…

  65. Seung Ri you’re too cute!!
    I love his “scared”/”violated” expression
    hahaha lol!!

    man I wish TOP would hug me from behind, lucky person!

  66. ahhhhhhhhhh!!!She was hugged my TOP!!!I’m so freaking JELLY[jealous!]hahha…..I’ll just imagine it’s me….hahah….All the dancers were good by the way…THUMBS UP!

  67. well that was pretty entertaining. dae is funny as always… and seungri gave me a good chuckle too

  68. lols gd and seungri and taeyang backed away
    seungris like 왜 그러새요.. ㅋㅋ
    that girl got dirty with daesung >.> LOOL
    and hes jst dancing 날 봐 귀순 xDD
    gds so adorable xDD

  69. kudos to that onni.
    that was boldddddddd baby! ahahah
    but i wudn’t do tht if it scares my baby yb huhuhuhuh

  70. The girl was all over Daesunngie for real…I’m surprised that she had the guts to do that though…LOL..Top expression from behind her was priceless…he was all confused, “I have to hug her?”..>LOL! Anyone caught GRI action right when they were introducing themselves? when YB was talking…it makes my day…Big Bang does seemed soooo akward in front of girls for REAL! but that’s what makes them adorable…

  71. haha
    everyone wants to kill or shoot that girl!!
    bahahahaha she derserves it though.. touching our daesung opa like that… tsk tsk tsk.

  72. ahhhhhhh
    thankgod it wasn`t YB.
    i think i would have DIED.

  73. ^ lol mrs.dong youngbae….u read my mind … thankgod she didnt touch YB..

  74. Omg, I was like LOL at those girls. They think they can dance, but apparetly they looked like they just moving not dancing…Should’ve been better. Loved the WAY BB reacted to those girls. That shows that it’s not easy to get BB into you!! x]
    Dae was so freaked out when that girl pulled him out, he was like O.O..Love how the boys pulled away from the girls. LOL! x]


  76. i’d envy my oppas i hate girrlss :@ oppaaa i love youu sosososo muchh

    kıskandım oppalarımı yaa o kızlardan nefret ediyoruumm oppaaa sizi çok seviyorumm

  77. can someone help me?
    i wanna put a picture of baby on the little icon next to my comments like vicky and ninalee but i dont know how to.
    help? :]

  78. ^ you need to be a member of wordpress. make an acct.

  79. omg..poor baby and GD..they were scared!! and dang that girl!! what the hell is she doing with dae dae?!..waah..she better watch out for BB fans..haha ^_^

  80. lord have mercy! that girl is all up on daesung! he’s too much of a gentleman to be like, stop grinding up on me…

  81. Lmao, i heard it.
    he sounded Cute And Fast,
    Missed them/

    They were talking soo fast (:

  82. poor dae dae

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