092708 Music Core: Haru Haru and Heaven Performance



Big Bang’s ‘HEAVEN’ is on the finalist list
**********but they’re not performing Heaven on Inkigayo tonight
guess Music Core is their last stage…

so sorry for getting everyone’s hopes up
now i’m in sad modd…
last night really was the last……

09.27.08 MBC Music Core
SeungRi & DaeSung MC Cuts
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Thanks to 마시멜로님
Cut by me.

09.27.08 MBC Music Core
Haru Haru and Heaven Performance
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OH GOD!! Just when I thought Sam’s cousin won’t be on tonight…. I WAS WRONG… Bong went out and find himself Sam’s lil brother…..T.T…Tabi’s hair look kinda different again.. hmm.. doesn’t it? I love the clothing theme, white with a touch of red.. niceee~

They ended Haru Haru early and perform the Heaven.. I listened to this song about 1005 times, but getting to hear it live is just.. LOVE~ All 5 of them look like a bunch of lil kids having fun skipping around in the beginning that’s so cute but then… OH MY GOD!! How long has it been since we last saw Sam???? there he is, with the tail and eveyrthing on Bong’s head, ‘SAM!! LONG TIME NO SEE!!!’. oooh~ even a new dance rountine, I’m not surprise, I love the dance for chorus, it somewhat resemble the choreograph for “Fool” the little shoulder ‘ang~’ thing was just….. I-WANNA-EAT-YOU-UP-CUTE! ah man!! Dae was looking so freaking happy and hyper, it’s so cute to see. I love the part where Tabi and Bong did that talking thing… that’s too hot… haha our Tabi, when he rapped the “mini hompy” part he wiped his nose, that is just too adorable~ I love this freaking dance, The little shoulder dance, you know who’s the best at doing it among them??? OUR PENGUIN TABI OF COURSE!! Look at him go shaking that thang!! Baby was just so freaking friendly to the camera, he knows it loves him when he’s this cute… Baby ah~ this is how you get nuna fans to hurt you! HE EVEN DID A FREAKING HEART THINGY WITH HIS HAND!! One day all nuna fans will attack him and I won’t be able to help him. hahah

The ’24/7 my heaven’ at the end was….. deadly to fangirls



~ by Vicky on September 27, 2008.

186 Responses to “092708 Music Core: Haru Haru and Heaven Performance”

  1. vi
    i’m dying. really, seriously.
    oppa!! u’re too cute!
    first drunken tabi, then lil duck Tabi, & wiping his nose Tabi.
    ahh~~~ i’m in cuteness heavennnn…

    & Bong’s Sam. hahaha.. i think i prefer Sam’s cousin. hehehe…

  2. heaven performance was adorable~~
    their dance was so cute~~
    all of them were so hyper too~~

    it’s sad that it’s their last performance in music core
    but oh well
    they’ll have a bigger comeback on November hahaha

    and i’m so anxious now…….
    GD’s been hiding his hair for almost a whole week already….
    i guess cuz since it’s already cold in korea…
    GD doesn’t wanna get sick..so he just wanna protect his head and his hair hehe~

  3. gyaaaaaaah~
    im in heaveeenn<3
    i loveloveloveee the song heaven; its my ringtone. haha talk about obsession.
    baby, why he gotta go make the heart? it melted my heart!

  4. nya

    OH MY GOD!! I know!!!!!
    I was like DANGGGGG~~~ HE WAIT UNTIL THE GOODBYE STAGE TO SHOW US ALL THIS…. C’MON.. you could’ve do this every performance,
    but something like this is worth the wait huh?? HAHAHAHA
    When he wiped his nose, the first thing pop in my head was “nya is in trouble, hahaha”

    me too, at least Sam’s cousin doesn’t have the sushi roll hang onto the side HAHAHAH

  5. ncly

    That dude is hiding something
    and i’m thinking it has a huge possiblity that it’s a new haircut
    since they’re gonna start promoting in Japan and YOU KNOW HE AIN’T GONNA USE THE SAME HAIRSTYLE HE USE FOR HARU HARU… that’s just NOT BONG AT ALL.

    We’ll be waiting for an answer
    keep a close eye on him

  6. taeyang_love

    please stay wit YB and leave our illegal maknae be hahah~
    this boy is asking for it, nuna fans will one day do the unspeakable….
    and he keeps complaining about nuna fans touching his butt, he can only blame himself

  7. haha this performance is amazing! or maybe because it is never been performed before so it looks very fresh. Even the boys are enthusiastic. Of course if you have performed the same song for 1 full month non-stop, you’d be very excited to perform another song hahaha.
    The stage really looks like heaven with all the white and blue lights. I was having a hard time thinking what am I doing in life, having to clear my work on a Saturday afternoon , but after I saw their performance, haha this is one of the reason why! Thank God there is Big Bang!

  8. Ning

    i have those moments too
    but Big Bang is enough right?

    I wish the lights wasn’t so bright though, I can’t see them that clearly at the end
    but i guess that’s just too grasp the whole ‘HEAVEN’ concept

  9. yey! HQ! thank you x 1286732542 times vicky.<3

    I LOVE THIS PERF. this really brought me to heaven! LOL. and it got me soooo emotional.
    heaven almost got me to cry. ❤
    gaaahh, i guess i’m just sad cause they’re ending the promotions for stand up. but oh well, NUMBER 1 is next. ❤ wweeho!

    the dance is soo adorable! you’re right, they look like kids!
    oh so giddy kids! XD

    SAM IS BAAACCKK! mr. racoon is still looks great on jiyong. love how he played with the tail! gah, i’m dead. :p
    wonder what’s underneath all the fur. another “exlosive” hairstyle i suppose. ohhh bong just love giving his fans a surprise. XD

    omg. maknae’s killing me with that heart sign. his randomness kills. XDD

    gd’s “VIP NUMBER 1!!!” was the perfect ending. i think that got me emotional. gawd, i love our boys.

  10. vicky
    u know whats in my head that time?
    “i’ve been fired by a love cannon. & that that love cannonball hit me straight on the heart.”
    i’m really in trouble now.
    that lil shoulder dance, just make him completely looks like a little duck! adorable lil duck! AHHHH~!!
    this really worth to wait.
    we can only see him doing thin once, hahaha, a lil sad tough.

  11. gelatin

    aww…. you cried?? that’s so cute!!
    though it’s ending, glad we were here cheering them on the whole way, ever since the day that teaser of STAND UP release until the last day of promotion.
    makes us feel all happy inside

    I’m telling you, BABY IS FREAKING ASKING FOR IT!!
    he needs to be more conservative dang it!!

    now that you mentioned.
    Bong said and spelled my name again haha V.I

  12. ning

    yeaah, i’ve had those times too. but when you look at them, you’ll start to think, “thank God I’m alive..”

    sometimes i wonder what if there’s no Bigbang.. oh how BORING life would be.

  13. nya

    hhahaha you are sooo deeply fried chicken in trouble hahahaha
    peguin and now duck, what’s tonight??? …… goose?

    no gurl, they’re gonna perform ‘HEAVEN’ once again tonight on INKIGAYO.

  14. gelatin

    life would be pointless

  15. gelatin
    u cry?
    i almost can’t speak anything & have my mind blank
    my mousepad is being squeezed by me until it have no shape.

  16. vicky
    seungri needs to be legal fast!
    good thing he’s 8641285 miles away from me or i’ll have him tied up right now. lol.

    i’ve always wanted to change my name to “J” or “V”!! hahaha
    hope he writes a song with “angel” in it.
    gawd, i’m waiting for him to say my name. lol.

  17. vicky
    oh yeah! i forgot it!
    inkigayo! ahhh~~~ should watch!
    what time? i must wait for it, if i can’t see it tonight i think i can’t sleep.

    i speak the turth gurl, don’t u think he looks like a lil duck, that shaking his butt? so cute~~~
    can’t handle myself now.
    i squeezed my mousepad until it has no shape when i watch it.
    i swear.

  18. wahh ,i love this performance! .
    and i was so happy they were all smiling
    when singing heave xD ,!
    did anyone notice at 4:44 when they were closing up
    maknae did like a heart? it was so cute xD

  19. nya2
    yeah kinda..
    this perf just got me soo emotional and sent me straight up to heaven. ❤

    when i watch perfs like this, i make sure i hold nothing.
    things get either squashed or smashed because i get sooo giggly and excited. lol.

    is inki for sure?
    OMG. i’m getting my coffin ready as of now. i’m gonna be dead again tomorrow.

  20. The heaven dance was too CUTE!!
    TOP…take me away now…=D
    Haha…finally something new from BB,
    Their performances never fail to amaze me.
    ahhh, now i’m really in heaven..hehe

  21. gelatin

    or else… Baby… tied up…OH LORD~

    he’ll probably say it in the futre ‘angel~’
    he’s that cheesy sorta thing

    ur name just remind me of a stupid thing i did back in freshman year, i was in a fun spelling competition, and it was down to me and this kid, and my word was ‘angel’ hahaha but i say A-N-G-L…. after that… it was a blur, i was on the floor laughing because i was just too dang stupid haahhaa

    sorry random thoughts in my head just keep popping up

  22. gelatin
    hahaha… it have no shape at all now.
    i need to buy a new one.
    i think it looks more like trash than mousepad. my poor mousepad. i’m sorry…

    that perf only give me more naughty toughts on my man. kekeke

  23. vicky
    if he’s just near, i’ll probably be in jail right now for harassment or molestation. X_x

    yeah, he’s into mushy stuff. how i wish ‘angel’ would randomly pop into his head and he’ll write a song about it.

    that’s really cute! where did “E” go? lol.
    did you faint or something or was it just plain laughter that made everything blur?

  24. gelatin
    no wonder the performance sent you straight to heaven
    see their background stage, there’s blocks spelled BIGBANG HEAVEN all leading to the sky hahaha

  25. nya

    no but if you watch him from behind
    he does look like a duck with its butt move from side to side when it’s walking hahaha
    totally appropriate

    inkigayo is on at 3:30 PM too
    i hope i can stay awake tonight

  26. blizzardsy

    never ever ever

  27. gelatin

    hhahahah AGAINST THE LAW!!!
    nuna fans is in danger actually
    can’t blame them when they can’t control themselves

    well for the spellling them
    once you say a letter, you can’t take it back
    and i after I say ‘L’ right after ‘G’ I already got it wrong, so after i said L i was on the floor laughing like an ididot

  28. Ning

    kekeke good eye
    i didn’t notice nothing but them
    didn’t even notice the stage

  29. nya2
    YG should sell a pillow or a stuff toy that you can squeeze everytime BB performs.
    i dropped my phone countless times because of constant screaming and giggling. XD

    every performance is a VVC club agenda. hahaha
    i wonder what animal will tabi be tomorrow. penguin? duck? goose? swan? LOL. so cute!

  30. gelatin

    OH MY GOD!!
    but this have to be called “FANGIRL POWER RELEASE DOLL”
    that would be a HUGE HIT
    healthy for us too hhahahahah

  31. vicky
    when I watch it more than 3 times, can’t help but starting to notice some of the details.
    I like how they keep inserting V.I.P anywhere inside their performance, and the crowd just love it.
    Also, somewhere in 0:29 – 0:30, did TOP and GD just play scissors-paper-stone there?

  32. vi
    3.30 PM? sunday or saturday? i’m confused.
    what time is it in Korea? since my time here only 2 hours later that korea time.

    that duck… i think icould just squeeze him till he can’t breath.

  33. gelatin
    VVC members love to spam. kekeke…
    oh! thats a really good idea!
    i’ll have it everytime i watch our boys performance.
    so i won’t squeeze anything again.

    pinguin & duck already out from the list. Tabi heve let us see it.
    u & vi give me a same question.
    i dunno either. what will it be huh?

  34. Ning

    hahaha they just have to fit in VIP there
    it’s a must
    and so glad that my real name is Vi and it pronounce like the word ‘V’
    I think ever since the day i was born and my parents named me, I was meant to become a VIP for these boys hahahaha

    i watched it over again
    i didn’t see it, what they do?

  35. ning
    you have an eye for details. my eyes just gets focused on the boys that i tend to disregard everything on stage. XD

    yeah, VIP and BIGBANG are always present. even in songs, there has to be bigbang in it somewhere. XD

    WOW! it really looks like they’re playing paper-rock-scissors!

  36. nya

    it’s 3:30 PM on Sunday KOREAN TIME
    so it’s 1:30 PM on Sunday for you
    it’s like 2:30 AM Sunday morning for me

  37. nya + gelatin

    see see!!! VCC members have mind telepathy
    we’re thinking the freaking same thing here!!

  38. vicky
    gets everything you own safe. lol. they should manufacture something like that.

    it’s sunday. my head’s going to explode from excitement for tomorrow. inki’s gonna be great for sure.

    they were making signs for 24/7 but they faced each other. it looks like they’re playing.

  39. gelatin

    hehheeh now i get what u mean by rock paper scissor hhahaha

    there’s a amazing market idea for MR. YG
    sure to be a hit
    fangirls gotta be healthy so they can scream their lungs out hahah

  40. what a way to start off the day lol…i wake up and first thing i watch is the heaven performance…absolutely awesome
    YB – i loved the red checked hat on him..he looked so sexy but i was a bit annoyed the fangirls werent as loud for him as everyone else…sigh whtever he’s amazingggggg as usual <33333
    GD – please take off the furry animals, he was awesome in heaven tho
    TOP – aww i loved his little swag dance during rap sequences
    DS – so happy! i loved how he was smiling through the whole performance
    SR – aww he was all smiles and happy too

  41. vi
    atill have to wait..
    2.30 am? poor u.
    tomorrow… ahh~~~ i’ve a plan on my list at that time. urghh…
    our boys… ahh~~~ what should i do?

  42. vicky

    but i like this current one so much
    when i first saw it i hated it so much
    but now i love his hair…
    oh well
    wonder how’s he gonna change is hair style…
    from that to a different one….
    oh well
    can’t wait for GD’s creative answer to my question hehe.

  43. gelatin + vi
    telepathy.. cool.
    kekeke… have any idea what i’m thinking now?

  44. vicky
    i doubt that sickness will stop fangirls from getting all crazy for the boys. just imagined myself in a hospital with all those tubes inserted but still dancing and giggling to a BB performace. XD

    sweet sorrow
    i always notice that too whenever it’s YB’s turn. there’s less noise. but oh well we love him right?

    you don’t like sam? i think he’s doing a great job sitting on gd’s head. they look so cute together.. 🙂

  45. did anyone see the “stairway to Heaven” in the back? that’s so creative
    I’m telling you Baby is draining the life of me Day by Day…and he keeps on flirting with the camera….oh how I wish that camera had zoomed in when he did the heart..
    The lil shoulder dance is so adorable, it makes Bong’s SAM bouncy…hahaha
    I’m so happy to see DS all excited, he’s been too tired lately
    And I love VIPs for always singing with the boys and cheering them on
    My fav line in the song is DS’s “Because of you”

  46. ncly
    me too. at first i thought it looked horrible but it grew on me eventually. looks good to me now.
    there’s only a few things he can do to change his style now cause the other side it still super short. he wouldn’t shave his head right?
    OMG. i wish he wouldn’t. XD

    i bet you’re thinking about tabi and the duck dance.

  47. gelatin
    u’re 50% right. since now i’m thinking about Tabi’s duck dance with a ‘little pervy’ addition to it.
    hahahaha.. i can’t help it.
    i’m just a fangirl. which fangirl that don’t?

  48. Haha, GD’s raccoon hat is back!
    But, I like his black one more. =)

    Awesome performances as usual.
    GD’s rapping was insane.
    And I loved how he was thanking the VIPs at the end.

    Yay, BB came back with a bang & ended it with a bang.
    Can’t wait to see them take over Japan!

  49. VICKY!!!
    I totally agree with you, and I nearly died the ending part that says “24/7, my heaven”!!! It’s damn awesome ❤ Thanks for providing the youtube links! XD GD and dae looked so happy during Heaven’s perf. I love them so happy like that!!! X) BIGBANG~~~ And also, the stage is so cool!

  50. sweetsorrow

    i doubt that the fangirl didn’t have enough love for him
    because his part is already hard to sing
    and if the fangirls yell loud then he have to sing it higher then YB would be exhausted, they probably quiet down so they can hear his amazing voice.

  51. nya

    hahah why are you asking that question?
    what should you do??
    keep it to urself hahahah

  52. ncly

    yea me too
    i was a bit shock but after a while it just sink in
    a lot of artist are trying to have the “risque” hair these days
    and only Bong can do something like this and pull it off
    some of the new haircut i’ve seen on artist these days…. make me feel bad for them hahah

  53. everything was sooooooo GOOD AHH
    i love that heaven song!!!
    but too bad they have to end the activity
    hic hic hci
    WHYYYY???? WHY MR. YG!!!

  54. gelatin

    fangirl power is AMAZING man

  55. Misa
    “stairway to heaven”
    hahahah clever!!!
    i like that

    The freaking camera man never zoom in on Baby
    he probably wanna be killed by us Ri lovers.

  56. vicky
    i like how you name bong’s hats. sam’s lil brother. thats cute!!
    heaven performance was so great!! gave me a heart attack!! lol

  57. ktin7

    just so you know
    the black fuzzy thing with the tail Bong wore at the end is Sam hahah

  58. LOL i think that sam was teddy’s sam before during the ygfam perf lastyear xD did you see gd stroking him??? hahaha. ahh yesyes their outfits were the shiz. yb’s red plaid hat was soo gee lmaoo. eeeek they did the cute dance for heaven!! ahh!

  59. That was such an awesome performance last night… Man… I’m so glad I was able to watch it, but I apologize if I bugged you vicky, or gelatin with my constant questions lol.

  60. vicky
    yeah. all the others who had their haircuts these year were disappointing. gd had the weirdest but his’ looked the greatest.

    that sam was this sam? omona, i’m getting dizzy with all the racoon they have. imma check that one later. ❤

    no prob. i’m happy you got to watch it. 🙂
    it’s fun watching it live right? lol. XD

  61. tam

    i did remember actually
    kekeke Bong either borrowed or Sam fell in love with Teddy’s Sam and they got married hahah

    I love YB’s hat, so freaking classic hot

  62. azndragon714

    oh my god don’t ever feel that way
    VIPs gotta stick together
    if you have any questions feel free to ask
    we’re MORE THAN HAPPY to help you 😀

  63. gelatin

    yup yup
    kekke.. i don’t wanna mention names
    but those are PRETTY BAD


  64. vicky
    i guess were thinking of the same guys. HAHAHA
    those cuts were bad. realllyyy BAD.
    (but i’m starting to check them out now. maybe it’s because of the chests. kinda hot. LOL. ooops!)

    maybe they do have a racoon farm at the back of the YG office!
    one of yg’s best kept secrets eh? ROFLMAO.

    good thing PETA or some animal groups have not yet protested against GD from all the fur he’s been wearing lately. lol. XDD

  65. vicky LOL they got married and produced a mixed breed — with no tail hahahaha

  66. omg i practically died when i saw them do the running thing. gosh tabi and baby looked ridiculously adorable!



  69. gelatin

    oh ma god. are we really thinking about the same person??

    animal control!!!!!

  70. tam

    kekeke produce more for other YG men?
    it’s possible.
    mixed kids are beautiful so maybe it work the same way for Sam? hhaha

  71. omo,omo. i totally <333 HEAVEN perf. i love thier dance. that was so cute. i keep replay and still replay. ohh,good job boys!

  72. vicky
    i’m sure were thinking of the same person/group. lol. XD

    sam and his family of racoon hats.
    how cute. someone should compile pics of these furry friends and we’ll name each one of them.
    a family tree perhaps.


  73. For some reason, I can’t seem to watch the video after I download it. Like its an AVI file. So I can’t view it w/ Real Player, Quicktime, and etc. Please help me out here? :/

    ❤ BIGBANG (:

  74. Omg.
    I wish they performed Heaven more live. I feel bad it was their goodbye stage and they did so good with the heaven choreo. it was so refreshing and too cute too. =)
    the penguin dance. Yeah I gotta give credit to tabi. he’s so cool, cute and hot all at the same time while doin the choreo..weeee…they look so happy and sad too. I thought Ybae is gonna tear up in the end. huhu.
    what’s bong’s new hairstyle?im getting a lot more curious now. huhu.
    I want a Sam’s relative too. =)

  75. omgg
    heaven is like one of my favourite like songs off
    stand up :DDD…
    i mean yea.. all the songs are like awesome..
    but i think heaven is like my liek numba one 😀 heheee
    i wish they did more live performances of heaven
    they were SO good..
    hehehee.. seungri u are too cute with ur heartt…
    is that for me 😉 loll

    big bang <33

  76. gelatin

    just to make sure
    does that group happen have 4 letters??
    and that person happen have a name rhyme with a mouse? haha

    HAHAH family picture for new year!!!!

  77. Tommy

    try google and download the GOM Player to play it

  78. Kenley

    they will perform it one more time tonight on Inkigayo
    I hope they have their annual end of the year concert, so we can get to see everything… that is if mr. YG love us enough to release the DVD
    he haven’t release and say anything about YB’s Concert DVD yet and I’m dying to see!!!

  79. Vicky
    I want that dvd too so badly. especially Ybae showing his very toned body. yummy. =)
    Yeah they should have their annual concert. I wanna see them perform A Good man on stage too. ^^

  80. yes! i wasnt sure if they’ll perform on inkigayo tonight! hey,vicky do you think they’ll win? since heaven has so many votes and that song beat everyone’s on music bank? i soo hope so and want them to win one more on their goodbye stage.

  81. I love Heaven performance on MusicCore…they boys are from Heaven..I love the choreography (wondering who come up w/ it…) Anyhow, are they performing on Inkigayo? B/c it isn’t on their schedule and I check the SBS schedule too, but Big BaNG isn’t on there…Confused?!

  82. Kenley

    last year they release hot issue around november and they still have time to plan a concert
    last year they release 2 mini album, this year
    so hopefully there will be a end of the concert for 2008

    YB is just a tease.. lord

  83. nimco

    well i doubt if ‘Heaven’ can be counted as a Multizen Song finalist
    since it’s not an official single

  84. miss unknown

    I saw it on Inkigayo’s offcial schedule for the show on 092808


  85. awwwww.. the shoulder dance soo cute

  86. miss unknown

    I just got it confirm
    Big Bang’s ‘HEAVEN’ is on the finalist list
    but they’re not performing Heaven on Inkigayo tonight
    guess Music Core is their last stage…

    so sorry for getting everyone’s hopes up
    now i’m in sad modd…
    last night really was the last……

  87. Vicky
    I’d probably jump him if I know who the camera man is that zoomed out of baby….LOL…
    I mean, the poor boy was trying hard to send his love to the nuna fans..
    I wrote “stairwell” down before realizing it was wrong…LOL

  88. Misa

    nuh~uh~ haha
    im sure it was for the dongseng fan kekekeke
    stairwell.. staircase…. what’s the differnt
    as long as ‘stair’ is there hahah

  89. nooo,i was getting my hopes up too. but when i rewatched heaven like a million times and i noticed why they said vip,thank you-meaning all their support for the stand up album.and then they said Number 1,which i think is for JVIPS and all VIPS in general to get ready for their japan album.

  90. oh vicky,you said they’re on the finalist list.can you please tell me what that means?

  91. I died on the spot!!!!
    i love it i love it!!
    i’m so happy that i watched it live!!
    it was too awesome!! >’33333333

  92. Ahhhh!!!

    ya know, I made up this small dance move for Heaven
    and TOP did it at the beginning!!!
    Ahhh!! the “24/7” part with his fingers..

    perofrmance was awesome!!
    I totally love it! and them!! ^^
    these guys are killing me!!!

  93. Im so happy to see everyone happy in the performance!!
    makes me smile like this ^______________________________^
    Vicky, you’re right TOP was so into the shoulder move!
    hes good at it!
    I love it!!!

  94. AHHHH OMG i swear i was in heaven when i saw that
    aww so sad, it’s their last performence
    ‘24/7 my heaven’
    I loved it. tskkkk HOT
    aww solbi have to do the MC thingy alone cuz
    Seungri & DaeSung was perfoming.
    I LOVE BIG BANG.“Always & Forever”
    Big Bang FIGHTING!

  95. nimco

    like every week there’s a multizen song award for the finalist week which base on the rank of the song, Heave is rank high on the list so it make in the finalist list, but because it’s not Big Bang’s official single, it can’t be counted for the multizen song [which is like a #1 spot thing on inkigayo]

  96. roranges
    when i rewatch it over and over again
    I noticed how far he stick his butt out hahaha

  97. ninalee
    I wonder if Baby and Dae will stop MCing Music Core or they will do the same thing Tabi did, travel back and forth from Japan and Korea, as much as I want Baby and Dae to host it, I don’t want them overwork themselves

  98. NOOOO they leave for JAPANNNN!!!!!!!
    *tear tear*

    how ngu. im getting all sad that they aren’t in korea and i don’t live in either country. friggin a. poo

  99. vi
    aahh~~~ that was the last heaven??
    uumm… so sad…

  100. dont they also get the cyworld award? its on the 29 or something. yes,they’re not done winning yet.

  101. nya

    i almost cried when i realizz that…
    it’s…. done…
    i’m gonna start crying now

  102. nimco

    yea but they’re stopping all the broadcast activities and will be leaving for japan in october

    thought seungri and daesung will still continue hosting Music Core

  103. vi
    well. i’m also feel sad, but, at least they perform it.
    we can’t hope for more since heaven not the title song.
    cheer up gurl. ^^v

  104. i know- when you told me it was their last perf.,i watched it again and cried. even though they were tired,they got all hypered up for the fans and made it a happy memory for them. i really dont want dae and panda to host. dae already has to travel back and forth cause of family outing but they’ll be super tired when they make their full album in korea. if i had to choose to between their music and them,am willing to wait years while they get full rest and be totally healthy again.

  105. oh no…the last one?
    aww….its their majimak insa…
    october will be so boring!
    mann but they come back in nov. when babys movie comes out right? :]]

  106. i was in fangirl heaven watching these ♥_♥ i loved when GD said “VIP One Love” awwwwwww >..<

  107. nya

    i really hope that they will have a end of the year concert
    I really really wanna see them all… welll…. if mr. YG will include every performance
    not cut out all the good ones like he did with the last one

  108. BBFTW.

    i’m not too sure about that
    I havne’t heard anything about his movie AT ALL.
    but I hope it come out soon so it can satisfy our needs of Babiness

  109. vicky
    aww. i wanna see my baby act! but no love scenes with a girl tho…thatll just break my baby-filled heart..

  110. vi
    for now i think u should think it like this to make u feel better.

    since heaven is not the title song, but they perform it for us coz there r so much VIP want then to perform it, they went through the trouble of making a new choreo, practicing, remembering it, & all the stuff…
    but still, they perform it with a really sweet & happy face for us, tough i bet they’re so tired from all their schedule.

    Baby even did that heart shape thing for u gurl! with his cutest smile facing at the camera. so u better feel satisfied. hehehe…

    my man just too serious & didn’t give me his cutest smile coz his performing a new whole choreography, maybe he’s worried if he’s making any mistake.

    sdo, isn’t it a really sweet last ggift from BB for us till their new album again?
    & the freaking new album is on Nov! it’s our bday month!
    we really should feel happy enough. hahaha

  111. BBFTW.

    i dont think so
    the title is “why did you come to my house?”
    *OR SOMETHING SIMILAR TO THAT, i can’t remember
    so i dont think so

  112. nya

    i’m not sad that it ended, i mean i am sad but not entirely because they’re saying goodbye, it was the best goodbye stage ever, a VIP can’t ask for anything better

    I’m sad becaues the thought of them suffer and go through all the traveling back and forth without time to rest
    I really don’t want to see what happen last year repeat itself.

    but the thoughts of Baby doing that heart thing TO ME does make me feel better.

    i luv u gurll!
    if u were a dude that look exactly like Baby i would so marry you hahahah

  113. vicky
    i knoww when i read the title, i thought it was some horror movie. lol i didnt know what to thinkk.
    i just hope it comes out :]]

  114. vi
    uumm… i’m all too sensitive with this end of year thing since i saw what happen to them at great concert.
    all the travelling will low their stamina & the ‘like a hell schedule’ they have.
    so, i don’t really hope for them giving us a year end concert, i just want them to take a rest.

    uumm, i’m a gurl so no way i’ll marry u. hahaha
    & u know how loyal i am to Tabi. so, kekeke… even tough i look the same like baby, i still won’t marry u. hahaha…

  115. when i downloaded this
    the second part wouldn’t work :[
    can u fix it ?? please i really like this perf

  116. The boys did a wonderful job tonight. iVIPs and VIPs have not been let down. All the best to their advancement to Japan with Number b! Don’t worry Vicky, they’ll be back soon, most definitely with a big BANG! ^^

  117. i just gotta leave comment again
    i died again!!
    dae is really cute..i must say that my favourite for the day is him hahahaa~
    and yeah i love the talking thing too..i love the choreography for the chorus too…sigh……why is this the last time T.T T.T
    i’m curious..why is that furry thing called ‘SAM’???hahahaha~~
    sigh media files is being stupid again..can’t download

  118. OMG VICKY!

    I died when SeungRi did his littl heart thing. That was effing hot.

    And LOL. Big Seunghyun was all stiff in the background while little Seunghyun’s just cheesing for the camera. OMG that was effing funny. I had to rewind it and see it again. and again and again!

    Man Vicky, thanks to you, I get more and more addicted to these boys everyday. thanks.

  119. no inkigayo.:'(
    can’t wait for the next ‘heaven’. hope they perform it once more.
    watched the perf 92379162 times now.
    just love the chorus dance. i was even dancing to it in the supermarket. lol.

    yeah. that MOUSE! it’s much weirder than gd’s.

  120. I LOVE THIS PERFORMANCE!!!!They ended with a BANG!hahah….goodluck to them in Japan!;-“]

  121. OMG so speechless…
    that performance was AMAZING! <333

  122. weren’t Tabi supposed to perform a special stage with Hyun Joong?

  123. BBFTW.
    I HOPE it’s not a horror movie
    I can never watch those things
    so if Baby’s in there and it rated R…. I don’t know what to do
    cuz i know I’ll force myself to watch it for Baby and scared the crap out of myself

  124. nya

    kekekeke like i would marry you ppfft.. hahaha
    i’m saying IF ur a dude and IF u like exactly like Baby
    I’m loyal too you know

    I really wanna know what will happen at the awards this year
    Big Bang or DBSK
    they’ll be going against each other

    I mean the only reason why LSM bring DBSK back from Japan is to beat Big Bang since he see how YG been winning against his artist in every side.

  125. liudeer100
    you suppose to join them using HJSPlit

  126. newvip
    haha here i goes explaining about Sam

    you remember how the end of last year Bong always wear that thing?
    and I saw it for at least like 3 weeks
    so finally i was getting frustrated calling it “the fuzzy thing”
    so i just give it a name, I mean it deserve one since it’s been hanging around Bong too much
    SAM was the first thing pop up in my head
    and since we don’t know if that thing is a dude or a girl, Sam seem like a fair unisex name hahahaha

  127. lala
    haha as long as your addicted, i’m good haha 🙂

  128. MRS. Choi Seung Hyun
    that’s on October 4 during this festival

  129. vicky

    hahahaha that’s so random wtf
    but yeah everyone knows u’re the most random fangirl of big bang in the world hahaha

  130. newvip

    hahaha I’m hoping this is random in a good way haha
    nonetheless, I’ll take that as a compliment ahahah

  131. Vicky

    yeah, I got the feeling it was the last…Ybae was about to cry at the end of heaven and everyone was like giving their last goodbyes to the VIPs because they have to leave soon. huhu.

    I know he is a tease. hehe. But so is Bong, in his own way. ^^

  132. Vicky

    You would rather have me addicted to them than have me study?!

    Oh well. At least I’ll be occupying myself with something that I actually LIKE.

  133. lala

    hahahah no i’m not saying that, school is important, but when you have free time,
    it’s better to be addicted to big bang than alcohol right? haha

  134. VICKY
    i did use hjsplit and it combined everything but left out the last 30 secs of the song :[

  135. liudeer100

    the last file probably corrupted
    make sure the size is the exact MB sizze that I stated

  136. Vi
    DBSK fan is too much &crazy. Hard for BB to win over them.
    U know exactly how their strengh when they come with promoting themselves, n our boys marketing is like common. Also DBSK debut first, tough we know BB’s strengh, it still a tough job.
    But i wanna see them win over too. Haha.. Its fangirl dream.
    When that day come, i’ll have a small party myself. Keke..

  137. thanks for helpingggg out but it still doesn’t work :[
    like when i try to redownload part 2 of theeeee 2 part perf
    it just doesnt load and turns white

  138. nya

    the entertainment world isn’t fair
    it’s not all base on REAL TALENT
    or else Big Bang will beat anyone HANDS DOWN and LEGS CROSSED hhaha

    but it’s still possible
    we’ll see
    anticipating for the end of this year

  139. Heaven, 24/7 in my mind. Seung Ri did really well on his part. =]
    Go Daesung. =D

  140. vi
    hahaha… of course it’s not fair.
    who thought that entertainment world is fair?

    hohoho… it’s like waiting to watch a good movie / game trailer. kekeke… curious with the result

  141. oh my =]
    how do i dl the hq version? ><

  142. nya

    more like waiting for the result to see if ur pregrant or not hahaha
    cuz that’s soemthign huge

  143. vi
    aw~~~ hahaha…
    if i’m pregnant thats absolutely my man’s child.
    kekeke.. waiting to know the result, is it boy or gurl. kekeke…
    that tought sure makes me HAPPY vi. fufufu

  144. nya

    kekekek i’m pretty sure that thoght make u VERY VERY happy hahahah

  145. vi
    u’ll know how i feel if u try imagining urself with Baby’s child.
    hahaha… that’s freaking good! kekeke

  146. nya

    we’ll adopt..
    it’s too painful giving birth kekeke

  147. this performance was too beautiful!
    I almost started crying!

  148. vi
    although its hurt i still wanna have my man’s child. hehehe…
    just by imagining it giving me aw~~~

    & i’m really surprised when i know 3 of my friends alredy give birth. & their child id so cute…
    looking at them, i start to feel i have to plan for my future too. hahaha…

  149. nya

    ur friend having kids is so cute
    but MY friends pregrant… is just sad
    she’s a senior in high school


  150. vi
    my friend is married coz of accident & many say that whoever marry coz of accident is no happy at all.
    but i don’t think so, when i look at her, she definitely looks so happy with her child.

    ur senior? sad? what happen?

  151. nya

    as long as ur happy then that’s all it matters
    the only ppl that think of ‘marriage by accident’ that way is old ppl who needs to learn how to adapt to a new life

    i’m only a sophomore
    but my friend is a senior
    and….. she didn’t listen to me
    only to her other stupid friend
    now she’s pregrant with a kid and still have to attend the 12th grade
    sometimes i wanna hit her in the head so bad
    but what can i do
    it’s already been done and i’m still her friend, so i gotta still support her

  152. vi
    what can u do?
    u’ve done what u could. well, she won’t end up like that if she consider what u’ve said, but since she can’t all thing u could do is support her, just like what u’ve said.

    i wonder whats ur friend feel? & her man?
    well, u can’t it her, since i tought she will need so much support now. it’s not a easy thing, pregnant, while its not really accepted by the parents…

    my friend who i told u, she said it to us, when her parents know that she’s pregnant. her father slap her in front of his husband.
    i was like.. OMG! worse…
    but luckyly, her hubby already established in his life, so.. there’s no problem if they want to married.

  153. nya

    what man?? that ass turn his back on her the minute he knows about it
    and what makes me more mad is this is her 3rd time being pregrant
    the first 2 times her mom let her get an abortion
    but this time her mom make her carry the baby so she can learn a lesson from all this
    i’m on her mom’s side completely for that but i also feel bad that she have to go through this on her senior year
    and she’s also a dancer major
    how do u dance with that huge thing bulging out?
    she’s always happy all the time like nothing happened, so i just didnt’ say anything either
    we’re definately not as close as we use to be.

    ur friend is like freaking lucky
    to still have her bf stand behind her and support her
    even willing to marry her and support their family
    that’s really cute

    [tell them this stranger say that hahahah]

  154. vi
    3rd times??? OMG!! that gurl should learn her losson already!
    there’s no way her mom let her do abortion again after the first time! that gurl… idk what to say again…
    she can’t dance again & what her baby will be? without daddy?
    poor gurl, what will her future be? she only senior in high school? what about her study? lord…

    when i heard ur story, i really tought that my friend is freaking lucky… well.. she met her hubby at her part time job, and love story began… hahaha..
    her hubby is 9 years older that her so, u should worry about ur age gap with Bong. (keke.. wtf, i’m so random)

  155. nya

    u know after a while i just stop trying to help her see
    it’s not working out, so what i can do?
    she’s on her own now.
    i guess she really needs to learn her lesson in life





  156. vi
    hahaha.. but u know how Baby is with nuna fans.
    he clearly stated to them to rape him, kekeke..

    my friend is like hahaha… i just know that she pregnant her 2nd child now. omg… still, congrats her.
    she’s my junior high friends & its been so long after i’ve met her.
    maybe about 1 year i think.
    & her child is like.. hyperactive.
    she likes to pull someone’s hair.
    & my friends “Hey, don’t pull Aunti Monic hair!”
    that AUNTIE WORD give me a shock…

  157. NYA

    I KNOW!!!!!!
    i can’t even protect him anymore T.T
    no sign of him stopping anytime soon

    sound so old
    i’m already an auntie to a couple of kids already
    so it’s no big deal haha

  158. vi
    Baby is like a ‘eat all’ man. kekeke…
    dongseng / nuna can’t out from his hand. he love all.
    hahaha… i make baby sound like a ‘wolf’

    i don’t like that Auntie word. i just 18! how come?!
    hahaha.. but still, she can teach her child to call me big sis or anything, that’ll sound more.. hahaha…
    i’ll make sure she won’t teach her 2nd child to call me auntie *wink

  159. keke
    all u can eat buffet kekek

    HE’S MINE.
    I’ll make sure of it hahahah!!

    it’s sooner or later you’ll be an aunt haha
    so it’s not bad that it come early

    i have an aunt, and she’s only 3 years older than me
    but i still have to call her aunt because her mom is my grandma’s sister
    [she’s the youngest of my great aunt’s 11 kids..O.O so.. haha]

    when we’re in public she’ll be like ‘call me sis’
    and whenever a dude walk by i’ll just call her MOM
    just to mess with her

    ppl almost believe that she’s really married
    it was HILARIOUS

  160. hahaha… ‘mom’
    omg… what will ur aunt feel like? kekeke…

    Baby is urs, u know it.
    & if he can’t be urs, i sure u’ll still confirm he as urs. hahaha…
    that’s what all fangirls do.

    idk what’ll be if our hubby read our comment. kakaka…
    it’ll be freaking hilarious.

  161. she wanna kill me
    but haha she can’t kekeke


    they first would go ‘whoa~ there~’
    then they’ll enjoy it hahaha
    I’M SURE

    … if they can understand it all haha, I don’t trust ‘I don’t hungry’ boi to translate kekekek

  162. hahahaha… OMG!
    u look down on ur own hubby english?
    Aimee said Bong english is the best. kakaka…
    i still don’t know much about my own hubby english.
    wanna know more.
    but, maybe i’ll end up studying Korean before i know how my hubby english.

    KAKAKA… that ‘i don’t hungry’ line is the most hilarious one when i read that post. kekeke…

    i think they’ll get to scare to even read our comment again
    they’ll think ‘what with this gurls? is it what foreign gurls do?’

  163. nya

    kekek he may be the best out of them
    but i still doubt it hahahaha
    i can’t let my hubby be better at me in english when i’m no where near good with my korean keekkek

    haha they need to know this stuff
    this isn’t the 17th centery anymore
    and maybe this is the diffrent between overseas fans, we are more … hmm… what’s the perfect word? ‘OPENLY PERVERTED’ hahaha 😀

  164. KAKAKA… we sure are more openly perverted!
    btw, ur hubby study mandarin, but i doubt his mandarin now.
    i never heard him say something in mandarin.
    while his english is like urr… hahaha..
    i began to doubt his mandarin now.

    if Bong is better in english than u, how come YB’s english is “i don’t hungry”? hahaha…

  165. all he knows how to say is “hello thankyou … veryy good” hhahha
    i can actually understood it all when he first say it hahaha [USE TO BE A HUGE TAIWANESE DRAMA FREAK!!! also half chinese so the language is kinda similar]

    I think he got lazy while learning that’s why he forgot about it now
    T_T lazy bum just like me hahah

    they probably have a long way to go to surpasss my english hahaha
    wow i sound so self-conceited kekekeek

  166. ur half chinese?! lord… hahaha…
    i’m chinese too, only my nationality is Indonesian.
    well, my granpa is a Chinese but he moved here when about World War 2, so, i end up being Indonesian but Chinese descent.
    & 1 more surprise, maybe u’ve know that i teach kids, hehehe.. i teach them mandarin gurl, so Mandarin just like… haha

    taiwan use mandarin too, but the words is old mandarin words not like the simplyfied one like they use in China & Singapore.

    hahaha… i can’t imagine Kwon Leadah being lazy keke..

    of course they still have a long way to surpass ur english,
    i’ve heard that Japanese & Korean don’t really like to study other languages other than their own languages, so their english just like.. hah.. ‘i don’t hungry’ kekeke

  167. that’s similar to me
    my grandpa, from my mom’s side, move to Vietnam from China during the war and my mom was born in Vietnam, so that’s why I have the Chinese bits in me

    i swear, we must be LONG LONG LOST relative.
    OH~ so u speak madarin??
    that’s freaking awsome
    Madarin and Korean are the 2 language I really wanna learn

    kekek ‘I don’t hungry’
    I think the boys can do it if they waqnt
    just that they’re too busy with other stuff and barely have time to learn English often

  168. so ur half chinese & half vietnamese
    i’m all chinese since from my grandpa till my dad they don’t marry with Indonedian, & so many chinese moved here when WW2.

    haha.. i should say, i speak Mandarin more confident that i speak english.
    i learn mandarin since i was a child coz my grandma don’t understand indonesian so when we watch TV, its all from chinese cable. si its just come naturally. haha

    i heard from my japanese friend, they (Jpnese &Krean) don’t really learn english, they learn only the basic.
    but they really appreciate foreign to learn their language.
    in Jpn, if u can speak just ‘thank u’ with a really good accent, a ‘really’ big tips.
    well, that’s what i heard. dunno if it turth or not. haha

    u don’t surprise when i said i’m a teacher?
    my friends always get shock when i said i teach kindergarten now. they went “HOW COME?! SOMEONE LIKE U?!” hahaa..

  169. nya

    oh~ that’s kewl
    yea i’m half viet half chinese
    when my grandparents use to live with me, all they speak is chinese so I get use to it and speak it well, but since they move to California 4 years ago i haven’t talk in chinese in so long i forgot
    I remember when i was little, my aunt babysit me all the time and she teach me how to write numbers in chinese
    and i remember until this day
    it’s better when little kids start learning another language, it’s easier for them to get it.

    i’m a bit surprise since ur only 18
    but please gurl
    whatever subject we talk in here
    the kids DON’T NEED TO KNOW hahaha

  170. vi
    hahaha learning another language is better when u’re still kids.
    its kinda hard to remove any memories from u, coz it already carved in ur mind when ur child.

    that’s what my friends mean!
    they get shocked & told me not to teach kids anything that not related. haha, as if i will.i’m not that insane, kaka

    haha, teching kids only take a lil time, i only have to teach them from 10am til 12 am, so it won’t really disturb my college stuff so it okay.
    while my friends works in company & spend like 8/9 hours a day & its affect their study.
    but, hah.. the salary is.. haha small, so i think i’ll give it up this month

  171. nya

    haha i never really like my kingergarten teachers
    i hate all of them
    haha seriously
    no joke
    i just think they’re so effin annoying

    i remember this one year, this kid, he pushed me off the slide and i land FACE DOWN on the ground and I almost went blind becuase the scratch stop dangerously near my eyes
    and they freaking teacher punish ME AND HIM. because he’s the freaking vice principle’s son,
    my mom got so pissed off and went in and sue the teacher and the school, cuz the teacher wasn’t there to watch us while we were in reccess
    it was hilarious, we have the teachers and vice principle at our house begging my mom not to sue kekkeeke
    it was hilarious.

  172. hahaha
    begging ur mom not to sue, i think ur teacher will go ‘this kid… laugh while i’m in such a dangerous position’ kakaka

    but still, scratch near eyes is hard to heal,
    the blood won’t stop.
    i see my nephew when she got scratch near her eyes, the blood won’t stop so we must take her to hospital. that’s one scary moment.

    but gurl, u won’t ever found a kintergarden teacher like me huh? hahaha… dangerous teacher..

  173. that day was amazing
    i just sitting there smiling like an idiot
    the teachers and kissing my feet for the rest of year

    i didn’t remember anything
    it was a blur
    my mom won’t let me look at myself in the mirror unti lI was heal
    something about not wanting me to scar my mental image for life hahaha

    idk why
    but i’m glad she did that
    i don’t wanna know how horrible i look with that thing on my face

    i’ll be thankful enough that you won’t expose lil kids to…. ehm~


  174. wew, its not that scary but the blood pour so swift & won’t stop so we really worry about her eyes.

    u should thank ur mom for that. maybe its kinda uh… so bad scar?
    but since it healed anyway, hahaha… just let it be, it don’t leave a mark right?
    my nephew scracth don’t leave a mark, we really glad for that since she have a really beauty face, so if it leave a scar, poor her.
    but ur teachers will really scared with ur mom. hahaha…

  175. no it didn’t
    my mom took me to the freaking demortologist like every day and check to see if it’s fine
    and i wan’t allowed to come in contact with the sun for like a month
    it was weird

    but my mom is pretty good at scaring ppl haha
    it’s awsome

  176. eh? i think ur mom is exaggerating.
    no contact with sun?

    hahaha… why ur mom want to scare u? it doesn’t make sense right? she just want ur scar to heal

  177. yea i think she say that sunlight will harm the wound and it’ll leave a mark on my face
    so i have to wear like a huge ass hat whenever i’m outside
    it’s annoying
    but i guess it works since there’s no mark whatsoever

    she doesn’t really scare me..at all
    maybe i’m too use to it already , i know how she works
    so.. ppl get like REALLY scare of her, i think i’m the only one on earth who doesn’t start crying after she raise her voice hahaha

  178. hahaha… ur mom sound so… scary.. haha…
    raise her voice, my mom always like that too,
    when she’s mad or want to scold any one, she’ll raise her voice n scold ppl with high voice.
    & uniquely her voice will go higher & higher. hahaha..

  179. nya

    kekeke really?
    how do u keep yourself from laughing at that? haha
    the key thing with my mom is just make a face like ‘shut up alredy’
    then she’ll just say what she have to say and leave 😀
    life is good after she shut up hhaha

  180. hehehe… as long as i keep quiet
    let her say anything she want to & don’t fight back, it’ll okay later.
    i get use to her high voice, actually, when i can’t calm down myself & scold anyone my voice will go higher
    i have to keep calm so i won’t let out voice like that. hahaha

  181. nya

    we are like… experts in handling crazy moms

    i gotta say this


  182. vi
    hahaha… my mom won’t go crazy if she’s not in angry mode.
    not only me, but everyone in my family know how to handle that. hahaha..

  183. that’s true
    cuz other ppl’s mom scare the living life out of me
    i have that experience too many time

  184. huh? other’s ppl mom?
    what do u mean by that?

  185. like when i see like my friend’s mom or something get mad at US
    i’ll just be like frozen
    just like i lost every drop of blood in my body

  186. umm.. thats one scary moment.
    i remember when my friend mom mad at me & my other friends.
    she didn’t scold us, but her way of looking at us,
    freaking cold.
    i think i’ve been sent to a arctic in instant.

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