Aimee First Blog about Korea

Picture of Aimee! the first time we met her.

To all the BB fans…you know who you are!

Shaun and I just returned home from our ten day trip to Korea and I bet you’re all wondering and dying to know what happened. And since I have some time on my hands, I thought I’d write a quick blog to all the loyal followers. :p

Our main focus this time was BB japan tour and their new music video to ‘Number 1’. You’ll love the song, we did! Ps. hit me up if you spot me. That’s right, your very own has a lil cameo!!! can’t wait to see it since we got the sneak preview before we left. It should be released anyday now but they said early october as their title song and the cd/album to follow. Let me tell you how happy shaun and i are to hear their songs in english! NOW we can sing along confidently and bump it in our cars. Let alone, make choreography that makes sense. LOL! Some of My top favs: number 1, all about the G’s, remember, make love…

We weren’t able to work with the guys as much as we wanted since their schedules were unbelievably hectic. In fact, one of two korean holidays happened to be the first weekend we arrived so we went to LOTTE WORLD since practically everything was closed for the weekend. and it was amazing! don’t get me wrong, our theme parks are waaaayy better quality and have a higher thrill factor when it comes to roller coasters but it amazed me how unsafe they were. LOL! you should see how many people they pack onto the gyro drop (our fav ride!! what a view) Plus, their theme park is in the middle of the city. craaazy! anyway, we had fun and acted like little brats running around and cutting lines.

back to the boys though before i run off on another tangent.

i’m pretty sure you want to know more about each of them, right?! RIGHT!
GD: leader. stylish, motivator, confidence, fearless. I like g-dragon! i always find an item of clothing that i like each time i see him. one day it’s his hat and another it’s his top but most of the time it’s the way he wears it. Plus, he can dance. i think i like his tats most though since i am a supporter of ink myself.

T.O.P.: handsome. tall, awkward, FUNNY yet quiet. sticks to his diet & eats a lot of fruits. Although he’s not the best dancer or is this ability natural to him, I admire his hard work and determination. He knows when he’s behind and he reviews the steps over and over again for muscle memory…i admire that. so when he gets it right-i praise him.

YB: sweetheart. he always makes sure i’ve eaten and that i’m ok or he asks about my day. i like that and he’s always been like that from the get go. a performer, freestyler, confident, loves his fitted caps and i love his boston terrier. yes girls…his puppy ‘boss’ is the cutest! you know who has his brother? KUSH! named ‘macho’

VI: dancer. eager, willing, student, LOVES dance! he researches on youtube whenever he gets the chance. He knows his material, studies it, and applies it. He makes it a point to call us when shaun’s in town and learn choreography even if it’s one on one. He’s focused on doing meaningful songs with quality choreography. i admire that! plus, he has a ipod with a great selection of music in really cute font. LOL!

DS: RUM TUM! LOL…his stage name/character in the musical cats. i wish i had more time with him but he barely had time to come. maybe two or three rehearsals total he attended. how hard is that? i wish shaun and i had some time to go watch his musical in fact but we were leaving a few days later and never had the chance. I’m a big fan of his voice and it works well for korean folk songs. He is soooo funny, makes the craziest facials (him and TOP) yet is also the quietest. But i admired that he does all the country songs and variety shows.

so…future news!
Shaun and i are expected to return in january to work on a big korean concert for BB. But from their japan tour till then they are scheduled to release more and more from videos, to title songs, to a korean album. and you won’t believe what they have in store for next year. but i’ll let the big boss tell you when everything is finalized. believe me, it will be worth the wait. i’m just as anxious as you are!

Sending my love (..and shaun does the same)
Don’t be a stranger, keep me updated, and hopefully pictures will follow!


Credits to Aimme @ her myspace.


OMG! i miss aimee! i was going to post the picture of the card too but i guess monica was faster then i was. LOL and someone post before i did. so whatever! i have to say! MEET AIMEE was the ONE OF THE BEST part of my time in LA. and we (the ivips) spent over. like 3 hours talking to aimee. it was awesome. i everything she said i stll remember. its like WOW. i feel SO CLOSE to big bang after talking to her. and YES i feel like i under stand the boys WAY more then i expect<3


~ by Winnie Chu on September 28, 2008.

75 Responses to “Aimee First Blog about Korea”

  1. OMG!
    she is awesome.
    i feel like i know them!

  2. again…

  3. this made me smile so so so so much!!
    i want to thank aimee so much for her consideration for the vipz and of course for loving bb :]
    she sounds so nicee^^
    ㅋㅋㅋ i love how she told us what she thought of each member. i didnt kno YB had a dog! awwww!! so cute!! and kush has Boss’s brother 😛 awww! ㅋㅋㅋ awkward top 😛
    omomo im so happy that aimee is really open and nice to uss. and am REALLYY happy that she loves to work with bb!! (:

  4. Thanks awesome! I feel so much closer to the boys now. ^__^ Wish the Boys and you and Shaun the best of luck!

  5. thanks alot..wanna thank Aimee for sharing her awesome experiences with us unfortunate fans who live out of korea…sigh she’s living every ivip’s dream lolz… YB has a doggy – thats uber adorable, i really hope one day he posts pics of Boss..i wanna see him! and SR is a Youtube freak ~woot i wonder if he has an account!

  6. It’s official. Aimee rocks lol I love how cool and open she is.
    TOP awkward…yeah I can see that LOL
    Good luck in Japan BB! I’ll miss you =(

  7. haha, she’s so cool!
    and yay, gd has the best english, lol.

  8. @sweetsorrow,i also want to know his youtube account!

  9. awes, cool! thanks fo rthe updates and all! music video!?? IM GEEKED!

  10. I´m starting to like her posts more and more.

  11. Aww OMG, that is soo AWESOME
    i miss i can meet Big Bang too
    Wells Shaun & Aimee FIGHTING!
    aww i wanna be there too..

  12. thanks soo muchh!! aww aimee is totallyy sweet!!!! i wish i could have her life for the times she spends with the boys :)!!!! i admire her!! 😀

  13. LICKYY
    man i realy should pick Dancing as my occupation so i cn meet BIG BANG like she did
    US VIP are soo envious of u
    keep us updated about big bang
    n dont 4get to tell him about this page
    btw i wish i cn see TY dog!!! i didnt know he have one

  14. ahhh!!! i lovee aimeee~~ hahaha. LOL what she said about each of them SOO match. yb is the sweeetyyy.. ds and top are the hilarious ones.. gd is our kwonleeduhh.. and maknae is maknae with cute ipod font! LOL. omg i’m REALLY hyped about the number 1 album. jafk;bjksalfjeijakls;djfoiejk!!


  16. wow gd have a better english than yb? !!! omfg lol xD

  17. goshhh you girls are so lucky
    get to talk to people who works closely with bigbang
    get to know them better
    thanx for sharing it with us. love them more
    cant wait for what the have in store for us.
    its gonna b a BANG!!!

  18. Now, I want to meet all of them, haha! Can’t wait for the new material.


  20. gosh i really need to go down to LA and meet shaun and dem haha
    my cousin say she saw them before and talk to them too lucky

  21. seungri uses youtube!?!
    omg i wanna know his account 😀

  22. thank thanks thanks aimee.

    aww how much luckier can she be?? ;p

    seeing the boys and talking to them personally.
    even having yb asking if she has eaten. omo.
    i’d be in heaven if yb asks if i’m okay ahahahahahaha
    i want to meet them and hug them.tight.

  23. omgggg! this totally make my day 😀 i’m so happy for them and can’t wait for the new album!!!! i wanna see Number 1 MV 😀
    Aimee rockzzzz! i feel more close to BB now >__<
    YB has a boston terrier? awwwwww :3
    and TOPpie yes is how i imagine U///U <333333

  24. OMG!! I can not wait to hear their NEW JAPAN AlBUM!!!
    It sounds AWESOME from how Aimee says it. Hehehe.
    Another Concert? OMG. Dude… How can they do all those things?! Hahah.
    & YB!!! He has a DOG!! AHHHHH!!! <33333
    I’ve always wanted a Boston Terrier too!! GOD, we’re so meant for each other!!! =DDDDD

  25. AWWW! LOL! That is just too cute. & I totally know what you mean, it really makes us feel more connected to Big Bang. Like the real them, behind the scenes. It makes me want to fangirl even more actually LOLL <3. I’m jealous of you Aimee, I sincerely am :D! But I”m glad its you than someone that doesn’t have as much talent. And also you LAers who got to meet her, and listen to her stories etc.! Geez. New York has never seemed so isolated LOL. Tell me when any of you coming :]

  26. omg
    you guys are SO LUCKY
    Amiee is awesome~~
    she’s amazing too~~ and shaun is great!
    i can’t wait to listen to number one, watch the MV and see Aimee appearing in it too~~
    dang! so excited!!

  27. shes so lucky!
    xD im like only
    VERY jealous..

  28. Aww.. Aimee is so cute with her explanation bout our boys.
    & thanks so much she want to answer our question bout BB.
    Now we feel closer to BB, hehe…

  29. Aww SeungRiii!!!
    OMGGG TOPPP awww.
    Rum Tummm what a CUTIEEE!
    Haha what a sweet heart Tae Yangggiee iss!
    Haha GD, Im gonna love his stylee!

  30. i am soo jealous
    no only of aimee but of the people who got to meet her
    she sounds amazing
    and i this just makes me luv big bang anymore
    ahh yb… 🙂

  31. WOW!
    Aimee is the best.
    she’s tottaly awesome..
    Lucky you guys who’re able to meet her and feel closer to BB.

    Can’t wait to hear the new singles and album from Big Bang~

  32. Aww…I’m jealous. I knew Shaun when I was 8. Vicky, you talk to Aimee, right? Ask her if Shaun remembers me. I was around 8 and was in his hip hop class back in Schumacers school of dance. Tell him I was the little girl who lost her teeth and got a bloody nose in his class. I’m curious if he remembers me.. >.< Everytime I see an Aimee and Shaun message about Big Bang I go “I wish I still talked to him!!” Shaun is from my hometown.

  33. Gah..well next time I see Vicky on I’ll ask her that up there… ^ >.< *ish embarrassedish*

  34. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you get the chance to work with big bang????? Omg i want to be like you too!!!!!!!!! T_T i wanna work with them, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😥

  35. @ meikim82

    I AM NOT VICKY. my name is WINNIE.

  36. ohh aimee is a great woman 🙂
    hahahaa~~and i like the way she talked about the boys~~
    oh my tabi is so hardworking,he knows he’s not good in dancing and thats why he is so determined..i love u boy~
    wow i can’t wait for the coming japan album

  37. aimee is sOOO pretty!!!

    i wanna meet her!!..

  38. 😀 just reading this lightens up my day! feel like i know them already. LOL. thanks aimee for blogging about them! cant wait for their future plans comin up!!

  39. WHOO, thanks ❤
    I feeeel better that SR is a youtube freak LOL [:

  40. She’s SO LUCKY to know the boys this much!
    I feel now that I know thing about BB. real things.
    Like friends know about each other.
    Thamk you so much Aimme for sharing this AMAZING info!


  41. awww, that’s so cool ^^
    thank u!!!
    its nice knowing how the boys are like in real life~

  42. ~OMG!!! that was so cool~
    ~how i wish i can experience this too~
    i so envy you!!

  43. SR is youtube freak?!
    did he watch the parody of bigbang made by their fans? or maybe other videos related?
    i wonder if he did :DD
    i want to know his youtube account too >)

    yay! GD the best in english!

  44. now i know what i want.i wanna be BOSS*imagines YB petting me*.

  45. wow ~ thank you for sharing !!
    aime, shaun you guys totally ROCKS !!

  46. wow. your really lucky. i love you thanks for the article ;}

  47. Oh wow, that’s co cool. You’re really lucky for being able to meet her. (:
    Ha, I’m pretty sure everyone wants to know Seungri’s YouTube account… XD
    Pff, I sho’ do.

  48. JEALOUS!!!!
    u all ROCKS!!!
    so happy aimee shares this with us!
    and winnie, damn lucky u are!
    OWW, please BB, just a blink for French VIPZ
    !!!! lol.
    And seriously, i think i should dance just to meet ’em
    since im not bad at it, i will!

  49. OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGGGG That made me soooo happy just reading it!! Can’t wait for Number 1 now!!

  50. Aimee is so awesome (: She really helps connect the iVIPs with Big Bang, and now I really feel as if Big Bang is actually approachable! Much love and thanks ❤

  51. i dont get it how did she get the meet BB!!! ahhhhh tell me i must know!!!!

  52. omg seungri researches n visits youtube??
    haha how cute

  53. Who is Aimee? why she can be with BB, talk to them and things like that? im lost..anyway thank you very much.

  54. Hey guys who is Aimee? plz explain me? i don’t know anything!!! thanks…

  55. hi!! i’m kinda like a new fan im quite unsure abt stuff. who’s aimee? and u know tabi, bong, baby all those nicks? who’s who? >_<

  56. tabi is TOP, bong is jiyong (GD), and baby is seung ri, but i don’t know who is Aimee..

  57. Seriously now, who is Aimee?
    She is hot though, but who is she??

  58. She’s awesome, so nice to take the time to update/inform us. I feel like she is the ‘VIP insider.’ LOL.
    Taeyang is truly a sweetheart! Look at him! Perrrfecttt. I love the name ‘Boss,’ and I think it’s so cool that Kush has the brother! Cute! Taeyang probably spoils the heck out of his dog, let’s just say that’s one lucky dog!

    To Aimee (if you’re reading this): thanks a million, I truly appreciate it. You don’t have to do this but you wanted to and I bet VIPs are loving you! You’re probably super busy but you still blog! Thanks!

  59. Aimee is a dancer/choreographer for BB. (Shaun is her partner, boyfriend?) She was the dancer in Taeyang’s concert (she was in the box). So she basically helps and dances with BB. So she knows ‘juicy’ details about them and reports them to us!

  60. hey….aimee put up another blog if anyone’s interested…
    YB is seriously “a sweetheart” ❤

  61. awesomeee! this made me happy 😀

  62. she’s really cool. and a great dancer.

    i’m excited that she and shaun are working with BB again.

    and i’m excited with all the BIG plans YG told her. waahhh~~~

    (YEY! i think she’s a Filipina too like me.. or she’s part-Filipina. well anyways, i like her. she’s reaallly COOL.)

  63. gelatin

    ur filipina?so am i?
    is aimee fil-am?hehe. ^^

  64. omg…im soo jealous of her lols..but its okies at least she tells us about themm..and the bonus pic og GDYB is soo cute GD with the bunny x]

  65. gosh..this girl is indeed cool!! haha..if i were in her place, i’m gonna be al dizzy, surrounded by a group of hot males..hehe..though in reality of my life, i despise guys…hahaha…talk about high taste..hehe.

  66. aimee is so cool!! she worked with them!! omg!! so lucky!!^_^

  67. omg, aimee is so lucky.
    shes talented and gets to work with bb.
    but, does anybody know what her nationality is?

  68. i bet she’s a filipino just like Shaun coz “Miss Teen Filipina” is listed as part of her Group List in her Myspace

  69. Go Team Philippines spread your talents around the world… I just hope Aimme and Shaun would convince BB to at least visit the Philippines now that there are lots of koreans here, they are envading the Philippines, just joking…

  70. Go Team Philippines spread your talents around the world… I just hope Aimme and Shaun would convince BB to at least visit the Philippines now that there are lots of koreans here, they are invading the Philippines, just joking…

  71. OH MY GOD. Aimee is so cool.
    Wow, she knows soo much about them (8
    Thats superrr AWESOMEEEEEE!

    Dancing is awesome cool.
    LMAO, and yesss BB can dance.
    including Aimee (:

    Ive learned more bout them.
    But keep going! Woot,
    -Chie Xiong

  72. aww, she’s so nice to let us know ’bout big bang~~

    haha, shes so lucky to be able to be so close to big bang~~~~

  73. OMG!! she is the dancer of tae yang in his HOT Concert????

  74. OMG, Seungri actually uses youtube??? That must mean the others use it too. Omgoodness! This is so awesome!

  75. I don’t know how to “hit her up” but I saw her in “Number 1” and she’s as pretty AS ALWAYS! ❤

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