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She talks about how Baby, Bong, and YB are the best at english and how crazy our Tabi is with his fruit, and we always say that the only thing he eat is yangeng and donut, nope. our Tabi is just crazy about eating right.


Image and video hosting by TinyPicAnybody still remember Aimee? C’MON. I KNOW Y’all do. Shaun and her worked with Big Bang and they just got back from Korea. She posted a myspace blog and answer some of our curious questions about Big Bang, it’s so freaking cute you have to read it. The boys’ broken english haha, Bong turn out to be the best, and how Baby is always talking to Shaun and try to learn english. Then she even told us about how the boys react to the card Monica gave to them as a gift, the card was really cute, using song titles from ‘STAND UP’, and i’m sure most of iVIPs know this, about how each member of Big Bang have a star name after them? YUP.

Read all of it here.

This was taken from Monica’s (iMonTOP) on BBVIPZ.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

> to answer some of your questions about BB


you guys are sooo fast!

thanks for stopping by and replying, leaving me comments, and questions. much appreciated.

so where do i start?


all of them can hold a conversation pretty well even if i have to speak slow, throw some sign language in there, and they respond in broken english. :p but i think GD has the one of the best english skills since he has the least korean accent. yes sometimes his words come out funny “hurt (heart)” but it happens for all them. sometimes i don’t understand them right away. YB! is taking english classes which the stylist told me they take together i think three times a week? and i liked that. it’s encouraging me to earn a=some korean. i enjoy talking to him the most because it’s really cute when he gets stumped. he starts running to his cellphone for the translation. VI has good english too since he is always talking to shaun and i. i remember one of the last conversations we had was about chris brown and rihanna. LOL! DS and TOP are the quietest but i know they understand. we always have Danny around to translate when Shaun’s teaching and when i see the corrections on TOP i know he understood. I guess he is still working on the English thing.

what trips me out is that shaun and i went over a lot of lyrics in their japanese album because most of them didn’t know what they were saying or what the lyrics meant. shaun even sat with YB to help him clearly pronounciate. ^_^


oh, and i spent all my money on christmas gifts since i knew i wasn’t returning till 2009. But i think the biggest buy we happiest about was our little instax polaroid camera that shoots out tiny film. GD got us ‘cars’ and ‘mickey mouse’ film. excited to use it!


i wish i had more to say and respond to this question! i had to wait until after the holiday weekend till our first practice together which not everyone showed up to. yea, our practices this time were harder since people showed up late and DS missed most of them due to the musical. but the one’s who were there like YB, TOP, GD, VI loved it. they thought i it was from me at first but shaun and i went on and explained the girls i met up with in LA and how big of fans they were to them. their faces lighted up and said “oh really?!” some of them didn’t read the message in the front but kept opening it to listen to the song. plus, some of the words were kinda big. LOL! but i don’t know if they caught the word ‘HELLA!’ LOL…i do remember shaun explaining what it meant on this trip since we kept saying it over and over again. but if you are wondering where it’s at, it’s in their studio. as far as the stars i mentioned it to YB and he said he’s heard of them before but somehow he’s skeptic. i was hoping somehow you guys get the certificates to them one day.

off the subject, but YB, teddy, and kush got big pictures of me from a fan who took a picture of me from the concert and blew it up and mailed it to them. i don’t know how they got it (mail i think) bu each of them have it in their room. YB has my head, teddy my torso, and kush my butt! LOL! long story, but mind you they are very big and round like tae yang’s album cover.


hell yea! LOL! i’m all for it. i’m a fan of you guys just as much as i am a fan of BB. i think i’ve mentioned it before, i am impressed by how loyal and dedicated you are to them. believe me, one of the things shaun and i always brag about are the fans that stay outside while we rehearse. They are there from when school gets out to the wee hours of the morning when we are finished. and they are never empty handed. they started recognizing us on this trip around and asked for autographs, pictures, and gave us drinks or snacks here and there. you can just imagine how i felt. when we ride with BB going home we always tell them to roll their windows down and say hi! we laugh at the reactions and nod cause they did a good thing.

so…i think i answered the questions to my best knowledge and i hope i got to everyones. at least i don’t think i’m missing any.

much <3,



ABOUT THE ‘CARD’. [written by Monica]

Me and a few of my i-VIP friends got to meet Aimee in Los Angeles 3 weeks ago. She told us stories about BIGBANG, and since we knew she was going back to Korea, we gave a greeting card for her to give to BIGBANG. And I AM SOOO HAPPY that she got to give it to them and they LOVED IT!!! aahhh!!!!!^^ The card is gold, like a ‘golden ticket’ xD

The front of the card says:

“You’re solid gold, No platinum. Extraordinary and then some. You’re unsurpassed and I’m impressed.”

and when it opens, it sings ‘YOU’RE SIMPLY THE BEST, BETTER THAN ALL THE REST~~’ – (Tina Turner song)^^

inside the card we signed it and wrote a message using titles of their songs from STAND UP mini album.

‘Congratulations on your success, our GOOD MAN MEN! Your music is HEAVEN to us. Because of you, we are united and we STAND UP and applaud you. You have the “golden tickets” to our hearts. We HELLA love you, HARU HARU.



this is the musical card we got for BIGBANG ^^ (they loved it!!!)


the word ‘HELLA’ is a term that is popular to use in Bay Area, California. It means ‘a lot, excessive amount, super, etc..’. Aimee & Shaun are also from Bay Area, so jokingly we asked Aimee to teach the boys how to use the word ‘HELLA’. that is why Shaun was explaining it to them! hopefully one day G-Dragon uses it in his lyrics, and we’ll hear it in a BIGBANG song lol!!!

ABOUT THE ‘STARS’. Have you heard about the stars named after BIGBANG? They’re REAL!!!HERE

Read more

NEW!! From Aimee:

‘another BB post…haha sorry’

just to clarify their english.
GD, YB, and VI speak the best english. they definitely understand and i think it’s cute when they look dumbfounded at the more complicated words. You have to imagine with all the time we spend with the guys that we have surpassed the ‘how was your day? what are you eating? where is home?’. their accent is not strong but it’s definitely present. and since korean is there first language they’ll explain themselves in korean to danny to get it out of there system quickly. but when shaun and i respond they understand. we can converse and talk about almost everything. i just naturally talk with my hands. LOL! ^_^ i LOVE it when they make sense but it doesn’t exactly come out grammatically correct. YB “no. i don’t hungry”

no, i don’t THINK they know too much about myspace or check it out. although, i wish they did. i remember they ALL are always on this korean website that’s white and lists performances and pictures of them and other artists. but YB asked me about myspace during the last few days of our stay. i tried to explain it to him and he was curious. said i’d show him my page but we never go the chance to since we forgot and ran out of time.

healthy eating?
HELL YESSsssss. YG hired a personal trainer for all the artists! that means not just only BB but the girls, danny, master woo, etc. shaun and i were trying to get a session with him. but i was a little scared to be honest. They are strict to their diet and i have picked up tons of pointers from them. since our last trip, shaun and i have changed our whole lifestyle of living and eating habits. you should see us it’s crazy. haha. i know top is losing a lot of weight but you should see how many fruits he eats! that’s all i see him carry around everyday. last time i remember YB saying “fries are the worse. and burgers are bad too.” to shaun as he’s scarfing down a kraze burger meal. :p


~ by Vicky on September 28, 2008.

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  1. JEALOUS!!!!!!
    lol! i wish i could converse with them!

  2. how cool!!
    i wish i was that close to big bang!

  3. aww thats sweet! love everything!!!

  4. i freaked out when i read this! amy is so cool to share info with us. i really want to know seungri’s youtube account! i love youtube and its cool that he likes it too! i wanna see yb’s dog too and its so adorable that he runs to his cellphone when he wants enlish translation. poor dae,he’s working so hard. and i guess that the new album is in english! i was hoping for that so i can understand what they sing about and it also gets them ready if they want to come to america. omg,so much info that i was in shock! am a little sad but also happy that they’re are having a concert,cause they’ll be too tired. but hopefully,they’ll have one here next year. and i love how you guys named a star after them,that was soo sweet. and its cool that amy is in their new video and helping them with their english. wow,that was the longest post i’ve ever made in here.

  5. whoa! this is sooo cool!
    so aimees a dancer who was raised in america?
    whos shaun?
    awww BB’s broken englishh! so adorable!
    what is aimmes myspace?

  6. woah! tht’s so cool (abt the star :D)
    and wahhhhhh~ aimee is seriosuly so lucky!

  7. awww, that is soo awesome.

    using titles of their songs-BRILLIANT!


    🙂 🙂 🙂

    she’s one of the few personal sources we have with big bang .
    Please tell us more, Aimee.
    Good Luck. We are behind you, Shaun and Amiee no matter what.


    i envy thos lucky fans that got their card delivered to big bang .
    I want to give them a card D:

  9. wow, im in TEARS 🙂
    this is so amazing! and its almost like the CLOSEST connection to BIG BANG from us! lol cool! i am so excited! I hope we hear them use HELLA lol then we’ll know where he got it from:D

  10. ahhhhh!!! i started chuckling when she talked about yb and his english hahaha — running to his phone!! eeeek!!!!! yeapyeap, my leedah is the best at english^^ omg the stars!!! that ygdude lied to ygbb members then T^T he told ygbb that he gave it to bb already.. but obviously, they haven’t seen the certificates =.= no! i was so hyped about that project (last year) and we donated so much hahahhaa. that was a fun end to the year 😀

  11. =O i soo wanna talk to them >< haha only ways i can sooo far english and japanese but dae is the one i “HELLA” wanna talk to

    bay area is BOMB!!

  12. i wanna ask her a question!!

    what can i look her up as on myspace?

  13. I wish that some day they will be on a show in America and they’ll start talking engkish! It’ll be SO EXCITIING!!!

    The musical card looks AMAZING!!!


  14. Aimee is so cool, it’s really nice of her to tell us all of that
    It would be really cool to hear them use the word HELLA
    and I could just imagine YB getting stumped, too cute
    I’m glad BB gets to work with Shaun again
    I’m HELLA excited about their new album.

  15. awwwwwwwwwww bb are such cute dorks 😛
    ㅋㅋㅋ i can imagine YB getting overwhelmed with his english, awww X]
    hehehehe GD sounds the best speakin in englishh(:
    ahhhh aimee is soo nice sharing with us some of her stories with bb(:
    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ “hella” hahahahah shaun explaining what it means 😛
    im soooooooo excited for their new album and to see more of shaun&aimee’s work(:

  16. wow.
    Your like AWESOME!
    its so amazing how you help us know more about your love, Big Bang more and make us feel so special.
    Thank you SO SO much!!
    Im glad they know how much we love them.
    Thank you Aimee. thank you REALLY REALLY much!
    I wish Big Bang the best of luck!

  17. THAT’S amazing~! I wish I could talk to them one day! Oh I really wish I could meet SeungRi especially. I’d love to hear his adorable broken english :3

  18. i would love to see YB’s face when he gets stumped on English…omg i can just see him going “hold on…hold on” and then running to his cell phone….haha
    ~aw the stars and cards are freakin adorable!!! seriously im so happy they saw ur stuff….they really need to know how much ivips love em!

  19. Hehehe—-cool interview (sort of)!

    So GD´s english seems to be the best , huh?

    And TOP was quiet? Well, I still believe that his english skills are the best though!!!

    But I´m really glad to hear that all of them are taking english classes.

  20. aimee,you’re a wonderful person.
    thank you for the updates on the boys.

  21. wow, she’s so awesome.
    glad she answered so many questions.

  22. Awww OMG. Hehe G-Dragon.
    Thank You sooo much! Big Bang is LOVE!
    i wish i can talk to BB & Aimee in
    real life too.

  23. nimco

    kkeeek youtube… Baby and his eagerness to learn everything and anything
    love him for that
    I really wanna know what’s ‘cute font’ on his iPod haha

    Dae must be dead tire, poorr them~

    nimco, you’ll get use to it, haha really
    as time goes by, you’ll have tons of things to say haha

  24. BBFTW.
    shaun is Big Bang’s choreographer for ‘WITH U’ and he’s also the one that choreograph YB’s awsome ‘Only Look at me’ dance that everyone is trying to do haha

  25. her myspace is

  26. Maknae_kawaii

    i know, when i found out about it a while ago i was like mouth haning open “whoa~”

  27. tam

    hihihihihi … i just LOL’d at that
    i can totally imagine him making that sound while running

  28. lala
    you can add her at

  29. and seem like the boys are already done with their ‘NUMBER 1’ MV
    cuz Aimee said on her myspace that she already saw it, kewl~

    guessing NUMBER 1 will be the single off this new album
    CAN’T WAIT!!

  30. Aimee seems so nice =] LOL YB Teddy and Kush with the BIG pics haha what is that about? Do they all have a crush on her hahaha, they seem like 3 lil kids. Ahhhhh cant wait till their new album comes out big bang fighitng, aimee fighting!

  31. gah im such a dummy
    but who’s aimee again? a choreographer or a dancer?
    is she one of the female dancers for taeyang’s sinner/look at me?

  32. ah!!
    so their japanese album will be in englsih!?
    ahhh awesomeee. i love thier american accents! so cuteeee.

  33. Aimee is seriously the best! I can’t believe GD has the best English skils…making me wanting to have a conversation w/ him now…LOL…SR probably checks out BIg Bang stuff on youtube too…that’lll be awesome! and reading IVIPs comments! WHOOT!
    I wish I have a myspace so that I can asked Aimee quetions too…wondering if Shawn and Aimee choreography their Heaven dance…it was adorable..Can’t wait for Big Bang’s Number 1!

  34. Aww, that’s really cool.

  35. she’s so lucky she gets to meet BB. whats her myspace? i wanna talk to her too 🙂


  37. Aimee and Shaun are awesome! 😀 and BB were so happy to know about I-Vips >___< BB hwaiting <<33

  38. whoarhhhhh this’s crazyyyyyy with someone like aimee we kinda get to know our boys personally ;D

    and yb. omo. he stumped and checks his phone for translation???????? so HELLA cute! am i using hella the rite way?ehehehe.

    my english is far from perfect but if ever yb wants me to help him with english i’d spend my lifetime doing tht ahahaha. oh yes i would.

  39. hoichu
    hahah i was laughing so hard when i read that
    they PSed parts of her picture to themselves..
    wow haha
    they sure know how to have fun

  40. Jennifer
    yes she is the dancer in YB’s sinner concert performance [also ‘Ma Girl’]
    she’s the dancer and Shaun is the choreographer.

  41. BBFTW.
    I’m really really curious what Baby’s english accent sound like ekeke
    i’m giggling just imagine it
    and also YB running to his phone for translation kekek

  42. vicky
    haha i know!
    seeing YB looking at his fone and suddenly saying ‘ahhhh…’
    i bet babys accent is just the cutest! have you read aimees 3rd blog? its even cuter than the first!

  43. Joanne

  44. athirah
    we’re willing to tutor for free
    all they gotta do is let us share the same air they breath hahahaha


  45. BBFTW.

    I just went and check it out
    kekeke Tabi and his fruit
    all these time we’ve been blaming him for always eating junk food
    our Tabi.. awwwwww~~ eating healthy

  46. omg hahahaha “YB “no. i don’t hungry”” ahhh!!! i wish i was herjask;foieajkjfdk!!!! ajf;ewoiajkdj. i can live off fruit the rest of my life. heyyy me&tabi could live together! lmao jkjk. HHAHA. yb even teaching shaun! awwww<33 i love the myspace question. yb is curious about everything!

  47. LOOOL! No wonder Tabi was eating the fruits in Come To Play xD!

  48. tam

    hahaha “i don’t hungry” is just GOLD
    now everytime I want fastfood, YB’s face will pop up in the head and I will feel ‘i don’t hungry’ haha

    Tabi still have his low self-esteem I see,
    this boys till doesn’t realize how sexy he is and try to loose weight
    we love him because he’s himself
    being healthy of course is good
    but hope he doesn’t go too harsh on himself

    all this time we thought Tabi is a junkie
    oh we are so wrong~

    YB’s will to learn really surprise me
    I never thought of him as that kind of person
    Baby is more likely to be like that but YB, aw… that’s really cute

  49. Mariale

    SO DID I!!!

    everyone was just sitting and concentrate on the conversation
    but Tabi on the other hand just keep attacking the fruits on the table haha

  50. Vicky

    Yes i saw it! :O!!! he was eating some juicy apples xD!

  51. aimee’s so cool…
    sharing us her moments with big bang!!!!
    …TOP eating only fruit..i don’t think i can do that….

  52. Mariale

    just crunching away like there’s no tomorrow
    now we have an idea of what to buy for Tabi for his upcoming bday in november
    a cart full of apples hahahaha
    or better, variety of fruits

  53. haha
    i was posting comments on her blog yesterday…
    and then “accidently” added her ass friend on myspace..
    hope she won’t reject lol. and shaun too.

    it’s so fun reading her blogs and comments about big bang~~
    GD has the best english!! yay
    LOL at TY: “I don’t hungry” haha…adorable~~

  54. NO. I DON’T HUNGRY – omo i couldn’t stop laughing cause i can just imagine YB being all smooth and thinking he’s grammatically correct and smiling after saying it except he said it wrong….oh my gawd he’s soo adorable and VERY curious and informed…i really hope aimee shows him (and all the others) this blog…how awesome would that be!

    OH and everyone REMEMBER!! ~ “fries are the worse. burgers are bad too” – YB (oh my cuteness)

  55. omg; i’m mad jealous aimee!
    im cutting back on junkfood now. haha. gonna stay healthy too!

  56. @sweetsorrow
    OMGG i laughed too!
    hes just too cute for words<3

  57. Ohhhh!!!.Luv U so much AiMEE:X:X:X.
    I’m so jealous with U.You’re so so lucky.
    You’re the closet connection with us to BigBang.
    Fighting AiMEE.Fighting BigBang:-*.
    I can’t imagine how they speak broken English.hahaha

  58. ncly

    oh no she’s really nice
    I added her and she accept it
    I’m sure she don’t mind
    me love iVIPs just as much as we love her haha

  59. lol wow she sounds really cool. Thnx for the ingfo
    side note: just wondering who’s Danny? Is Danny = Taebin of 1tym ?

  60. Vi
    OMG! While i thought my man is a junk food prson. I’m really glad he eat healthy food. Haha..
    Now i remember his face eating apple. Hehe.. Lovely!
    YB go for translation in his cellphone, so cute, i do that a lot too.
    Their broken english? Haha.. No comment here, coz my english is the same as them.
    My structure lectuler will cry when she look at my grammar. Haha
    Look like our first step to be their wife is learning korean so they could understand us. Keke..

  61. was aimee the one that YB lost his first kiss to in the music video ‘ma girl’?
    or am i mistaking?

  62. ?_?

    that’s him

  63. nya

    I’ve lived here for most of my life
    and my grammar is like … T__T
    I’m not the one to talk either haha
    but at least I’m not “I don’t hungry” kekek
    YB is too cute!!!

    When I first read that I was like
    “aww damn, all this time me and nya… aww~~~~”

    we need to change tactic hahah
    we can’t lure him with donuts and ice cream
    we need a cart of fruit hahahaha

  64. Lenaaaa
    no the person that was in YB’s Ma Girl MV is a korean actress
    Aimee is a dancer that’s currently working with Big Bang

  65. woah! you guys are so lucky! its nice to know more about BB behind the stage. thanks for sharing!

    hey vicky, i see that you are from san francisco? i’m going to california at the end of the year for a holiday. was wondering if you could tell me more about where i can get BB stuff over there! if you dont mind, drop me an email or add me on msn. my email add is appreciate it.. thanks!

  66. vi
    hahaha… our tactic change!
    we should lure him with apples! kekeke…
    we’ve look at the way he attack that apple but we still believe that he love ice cream. hahaha…
    or maybe we better lure him with both ice cream & apples.

    so cute… i can’t say it like that,
    i don’t talk english much, so my english is also broken english.
    & my accent, hahaha weird. so…
    i should think that my english & BB just like the same. hahaha

  67. aww!! TY is SOO CUTE!!
    i wanna hear their english now. =)

  68. It’s so great to know their eagerness to learn. I giggled when aimee said they have to run through the english lyrics so that they would understand what they are saying…awwww..and Ybae runs to his cellphone for translation…hihi…I can teach him some english if he wants to…but I gotta learn a bit of korean first. =)
    trainers huh? tabi was into fruits? hehe. i guess he’s still too shy about his body…didn’t he remember that he showed his tummy in the La la la MV? nyahahaha.
    YB: “No, I don’t hungry” – I laughed at this one. it’s so cute. It makes me wanna teach him and then some. ^^
    I hope dae rests a lot, he seems too busy these past few weeks. I wanna see what’s the “cute font” in Baby’s ipod. and Bong will always be the charismatic leader. hehehe. I think his english was a lot better after they released the “For the World” album. ^^
    I’m glad aimee shared this to us IVIPs. ^^ thanks vicky.

  69. Kenley
    hi gurl! hehehe..
    u’re going to teach YB english?
    hahaha… hope u don’t teach him umm… another thing that… well, yeah..

  70. nya
    hahaha! Yeah I hope I got the chance to teach him…hihi…
    another thing???hmmm….maybe? Or I don’t think I gotta teach him. Tabi and Bong can do it, those boys are “wild” enough. hehe.

  71. so big bang dsnt hav a myspace?

  72. she got to meet big bang? ahh

  73. Kenley
    OMG! so, u intend to let ur hubby to my hubby??
    hahaha… i think u give YB a private class will be a good idea tough, but since u refused…
    i don’t know what will my hubby do to ur YB. hahaha…

  74. Nya
    it was tempting, but i think YB isn’t that ready yet. hehe. Maybe when he’s more experienced?^^
    Your hubby might give him a lot more than what is needed though. that pervy guy.tsk3.

  75. ahhh…
    no i don’t hungry
    sooo cute!!!!
    i luv yb

  76. Kenley
    kekeke.. my hubby will absolutely teach him ‘stuff’ that u like.
    hohoho, so, when YB have more experience u’ll be the one who eat him up huh? hahaha..
    not only my hubby, i bet Bong will be one who teach him too. kekeke..
    since Bong is ‘good’ at stuff like that

  77. wah..sugOi ne!!! wonder i’ve been seekin’ 2 lOOk 4 stars..nOw i have more confidence 2 wish upon a BIG BANG!!!hehe..domo arigato gusaimashita!!!

  78. LOL! xD now that i see YB dislike junk food xD somebody should tell him about the “Burger King crown xDDD”

  79. tabi..fruits is healthy and good but please don’t starve yourself just to lose weight..u’re fit than anough for me >’3

    hahaha I DON’T HUNGRY HAHAHAHA..i LMAO when i saw that..yb is too cute..and i like it too when aimee said he would ask about her day etc etc..

    wow i like the card monica wrote! all the words rhymes xD
    ehehehe i think i’m starting to like aimee more and more
    and after what she said about the boys, i love them even more 🙂

  80. omg the star thingy is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!
    VIPs are always dedicated to the boys

  81. that’s great of aimmee and shaun to share their experiences with VIP, knowing that the boys work hard and take care of themselves. Thanks Aimee and Shaun:0) and of course Vicky for keeping in touch with them:o)

  82. the stars project is so cool!!! proud to ourselves, the vips! *applaud* and the card is so amazing with the songs title in the message!, plus bigbang broken english….hahahhaha, theyre so dorky and cuteeeee~!

  83. so lucky~~
    i wish i can work with them ㅠㅠ

  84. oh thank u for posting this ^^
    im loving everything!!!
    aimee, thank u!!!

  85. loll
    “i dont hungry” hiihihihi imma try that to my friends
    n OMYGOSH TY say french fry are nasty??:O… wowww i cnt agree with that.. sry cutie
    n awww u didnt get to show them about myspace hic hic hic

  86. wow this is soooo nice of her…
    it’s like our own ‘vip’ behind the scenes access pass or something…it’s so refreshing to learn something new about the boys
    i’m definitely a fan of her and shaun!

  87. whoa~ that was so cool!!
    they have their own stars.. dang!!
    while reading this blog,, i was like OMG!!!
    wish i can talk to them too~

    good thing that they’re getting better and better in english now!
    that’s so cool~ soon,, they can already express themselves in english.. yeah!!!

    *im really jealous*
    ..working with them?? gosh!!!

  88. Thank you God for YG choosing Aimee & Shaun!
    thank you so much, Aimee!! you can’t imagine
    how much i am thankful!! gaahh!!! Im loving the info
    on my BB!! so cute 🙂
    they are how I pictured and dreamed
    Wow, actually working with them..
    talking to them..
    touching them?? lol jk
    breathing the same air..
    lol okok yea, I so admire Aimee!
    YG is awesome!!!
    I love you BigBang!!

  89. awww i can imagine it now in my head them talking in broken english so freaking cute….and how the sing the song for their jap album and not knowing that its meaning was super cute too…and YB running to get his phone for translation when he doesn’t understand is just super adorable….TOP and Daesung was quiet WOW! somehow i’m shocked by that lol….the card is super cute love it…i wanna meet Big Bang and have conversation with them too lol…

  90. U iVIPs so lucky to meet amie..ENVIOUS !!
    and thankx a bunch for sharing this ^^
    amie,shaun totally love u guys !!
    and OF COURSE BB and VIPs ;dd

  91. awww. aimee sounds so sweet!
    and that’s so cute about their broken english, i wish i could talk to them =P
    good luck to aimee and shaun! can’t wait to see the new music video =D

  92. YB “no. i don’t hungry”

    LOL. how cute. xDDDDD *dies*

  93. OMGGGGG.
    luckyyy girl.
    if i ever got to see BB [especially YB]
    in person…
    i think i`d stutter to talk to them xD

  94. sxtan

    i dont live in CA
    i live in Florida
    i wasn’t the persont hat pass the card on
    monica is

    and u can get those stuff online
    cuz that’s where i got all mine
    at yesasia

  95. nya

    haha he love ice cream in his heart but he have strong will power and he refuse to eat them hahaha

    well it’s really good for u to just learn it without even live here
    that’s something really awsome
    i would never be able to do that

  96. Kenley

    uh~ huh~~
    ur teaching session… whahahhaa

  97. jenny
    just like aimee said
    the boys barely know what myspace is
    and she’s been working with them on the choreography and stuff

  98. Mariale
    that’s a good one heehe

  99. Gosh thank Aimee for me please!!!! I feel so much closer to BB ^____________^

  100. wow…luckyy!!! Even Danny!!
    XD!!! thatz so awesomee. =D lol!! i wish i could have a conversation with them, espicially Danny, there’s so much i wanna hear and ask >..<

    anyhow, thxz for posting what she saidd!!! XD!!!

  101. lol thats so cute im glad these questions got answerd (^.^)

  102. vi
    well, coz my major is business english & management, i can’t get out from english in 45 hours in a week.
    maybe coz of that. but my grammar…
    hah… thats the nost stressfull subject ~.~

  103. nya

    haha u study too hard
    not that it’s not a good thing
    but take some time to relax too

    my aunt was too crazy with her college stuff that she LITERALLY went crazy, her mind… there was soemthing wrong with it
    so all work and no play is dangerous

  104. vi
    uumm.. i don’t wanna be like ur aunt ~.~
    but… do u think that i study hard?
    with all this BB stuff in my hand, do u think i could study?
    hahaha… BB is like drugs, when i absent just for a day,
    i surely will go crazy.
    so study is line in second. kekeke

  105. nya

    no you don’t at all
    if i’ve never been scared out of my mind before
    now i can say i have after visiting her… not fun. T.T

    can u blame Tabi?

  106. That’s so AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for posting this–totally appreciate the inside scoop on BB-the broken english is so cute! “I don’t hungry.” lol ADORABLE! I almost felt a lil twinge of jealousy, but it was completely drowned out by all the ‘AAWWWWWWWW!’ Love this!

  107. vi
    can’t blame my man.
    he’s too tempting that i can’t say ‘no’ for him.

  108. nya

    yup yup
    he’s ALL to blame hahah

  109. I am seriously soooo F*cken proud of iVIPS, like mad proud…Now I have a reason to look at the Big Dipper. OMG. It’s absolutely amazing

  110. vi
    hahaha.. eventough i want to blame him, i can’t
    just look at his eyes, ahh~~ seeing it directly could melt me.
    a sexy man but still dorky & behaving like child. hahaha…
    who can blame him?
    its just like when u’re with kids eventough he hit u or anything, just when u look into his eyes, u could do nothing. kekeke…

    The English part…”I dont hungry”…preety funny….

    I knew that Big Bnag are ALL eating healthy food!
    That’s why they look SO DAMN HOT AND SEXY!!!

  112. “no. i don’t hungry”
    I had a friend that sort of spoke like that. It was too cute. xD
    I seriously, seriously, seriously need to borrow their one of their trainers. I eat vegetables all the time but I have to work on the fruits.

  113. are we i-VIPS awesome or what~? =D *high-five everyone*

  114. She sounds so chill. That’s awesome. Im pretty jealous of her right now lol.
    I love her entries, can’t wait until the next time she goes back to update us some more~!

  115. har har har lol YB: “no. i dont hungry” PUWHAHAHAH! so cute! TOP eating fruit all day hmm i cant imagine poor him 😛

  116. lol Aimee you’re so cool XD

  117. omg ! soo jealous !
    loving the blog !
    aimee is soo awesome !

  118. awww “no. i dont hungry.” that’s adorable. well that’s really sweet of aimee to give us info on bb like that. she’s the kewlness ^^

    as for a side note.. thought everyone in america says “hella.” i know we say it in the south a lot too.

  119. I wish i can converse with them.
    Aimee is awesome (;

    Whats Aimee’s myspace?

  120. Omo-omo!!! i wish i had the chance to meet them! let alone talk to them! “no. i dont hungry.” that’s HELLA adorable lol. Aimee is soo extra cool for tellin us

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  122. LOL they are so cutee.

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