Big Bang bags Cyworld ‘Song of the month’

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Big Bang was in Seoul JamSil LotteWorld for ‘CyWorld Digital Award Ceremony’ on 29th September where they won the “Song of the Month” for the month of September.
Big Bang started with winning the ‘Rookie of the month’ with the song ‘La-la-la’ in 2006, followed by ‘Song of the month’ awards with ‘Lie’ and ‘Last Greeting’ in 2007, winning ‘Song of the month’ with the song ‘Haru Haru’ will be their 5th award at Cyworld Digital Awards.

credit: SooKyeong’s minihompy

I serioulsy think Bong is hidng something underneath there, he got a new less fuzzy friend, I think that’s Sam’s lil brother’s girlfriend… or Bong shaved Sam’s lil bro… but if you look at the stalker cam the GD&H님 took, you can totally see his hair in the back is really long. OH! And Bong is also wearing the ‘MAKE LOVE NOT WAR’ bangle, I was wearing the same one when I saw the pictures so I was like..awwww..~~.


09.28.08 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung on Family Outing
842 MB

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Thanks to 마시멜로님


To see more pictures in original size go here

Thanks to GD&H님

~ by Vicky on September 29, 2008.

135 Responses to “Big Bang bags Cyworld ‘Song of the month’”

  1. I think, he’s growing back his hair for their Japanese album so he has to hide it for all the press & video interviews he’s doing now. The shave to long process is never pretty.

    Oh, this has never happened . . . 1st.

  2. aww bong is adorable, he would look more adorable without sam’s lil bro’s girlfriend or whoever, haha! i want his mohokian hair back 😦

  3. We need more pictures of YB. He looks so cute there. ~dreamy sigh~ oh well. I can’t wait for that Jap album..yay english =P

  4. awww. bongs stalker pictures are soo cutee!
    yay! congrats on winning!!! lol

  5. Oh my, Kwon Jiyong is adorable.
    Love the pics where he’s puffing his cheeks out.
    Wow, another fuzzy hat?
    I don’t like this one, I like his original black raccoon hat the best.

  6. They’re so cute!!!
    congrats boys!!!

  7. BBFTW.

    Bong really knows how to entertain us and himself when he’s bored
    just with his lips…damn

  8. oh my gosh, this boy is beautiful. i love him. i am happy for them too!

  9. omg all of the pictures were amazing hot
    i love all of gd’s faces in da pics super cute
    but i do wonder wats under that fuzzy little hat of his

  10. AW! GD’s so adorable! ❤
    Gosh, I could just melt right about now.

  11. vicky
    when bong flipping pouted his lips like he was bored… i almost had a heart attack..not kidding you. i almost fell outta my chair! hes so cute.

  12. GD is way too adorable.
    All his little faces can make a girl squeal.
    Too cute, too cute. ^__^

    I wonder if he really is hiding a new ‘do
    under all that fuzzy head gear he’s been
    wearing. Either that or the fuzzy head
    gear IS his new look. Haha. I guess we’ll
    just have to wait and see right?

  13. wen i see Bong lips
    i didnt mine exactly like that wishin my lips would meet his
    we are half way around the world
    hic hic hic

  14. aw cute i love the puffy face pics of him =) aww and YB looks so dorky like a little kid…now everytime i see him i always think of all the things aimee said about him lolz…he’s seems so childish and cute

    In these pictures…plus I think in others too…his mole~around his cheek/cheekbones is on the left, his right, but in THESE photos:

    It’s on the right, his left.

    o_O What’s going on!?!

  16. @Reina:

    LOL, odd indeed.

  17. awww..jiyong sooo cute!and why does baby Top look


  19. ^ those are the cutest picturessssssasdfasd.
    jiyong needs to stop wearing leopard print.
    i like top’s pin on his vest. it’s so creepy fufufufu.

  20. GD is killing me! I want to bite those lips off! =D
    He’s so f-ing hot and I’m loving his weird style more and more. I’m loving him more and more (if that’s possible). Especially now!

  21. Yeah~ I noticed that it’s only in those self-taken photos I’ve posted that it’s on the opposite side, ’cause then I started checking other pictures, and they’re all on our left/his right. O_______O

  22. oh my gawd. TY and DS, you cant even see their eyes.

  23. BBFTW.

    I think have have like facial expression excericise at home
    to see which one of his faces look cute and which doesn’t
    and then he use it to kill us T.T

  24. ohthethrill
    I’m extra anticipating for their new Japan activities mostly because of his hair

  25. Reina
    his mole is on the left
    but because of those pictures are taken long ago and often post on mini hompage and shared everywhere
    it could’ve been flipped horizontally

  26. roro

    i like leopard prints on him
    it’s SEXXAY

  27. vicky
    all that practice is worth it then! lol cuz all i wanna do is bite bongs bottom lip. is that so wrong? haha dont answer that. haha

  28. BBFTW.

    i’m gonna answer it anyway
    i would think ur weird if you don’t have those kind of thoughts

  29. vicky
    ha ok, cuz its so not my fault, bong just does that to me.
    its like the GDeffect. lol.
    biting his lip would be fun tho, i bet he would like it too. XD

  30. omg!. gd’s facial expressions are SO cute..i think i’m in heaven
    does he realize what he’s doing to fangirls out there?!?

  31. BBFTW.

    kkkkeke don’t tempt me hhahah

  32. clarice

    haha i’m pretty sure he knows
    why do u think he keeps doing it? haha

  33. those faces of GD is so LOVABLE! can’t help it but stare!:D


  35. vicky
    give into it! or itll consume you!! hahaa

  36. vicky
    noooooo leopard print is only for sexy women and feminine men. D: it’s quite a turnoff i wish he would stopppp

  37. @vicky—kekeke, okay. =D
    I was thinking he just took a picture with a mirror or something. xD So the mirror flipped it.

  38. BBFTW.

    i just wanna glomp Bong already
    he just look so delicious

  39. AHHH Big Bang is HOT
    AWWWWWWW G-Dragon is soo cute (:
    Lmao, kekeke aww i LOVE JIYONG!
    Wells goodluck in Japan Big Bang!
    Big Bang FIGHTING! =]

  40. Reina
    omggg bong anf that puppy are so adorable!!

  41. roro

    it sure didn’t turn me off
    i think Bong can work anything
    so i barely pay attention to if the clothing make him look any less attractive.. cuz… nothing can

  42. @vicky—wait, you mean our left and his right, right? xD

  43. im sooooo curious what G-D has under his hat LMAO it probably a new hairstyle for their new album LOL hmmmmmmm i wonder how long G-D can keep up wearing hats to hide his hair HMMMM LOL

  44. Reina

    haha i got that dazed moment before
    i was like ‘hold up! the heck? his mole just jumped to the other side?’ haha
    but when i say like official cartoon of the boys that YG made, I know that the mole is on his right side

  45. vicky
    glomp? lol is that a dirty term or sth? tsk tsk vicky.
    you ‘glomp’ him, ill keep him prisoner in my room.. kehehe

  46. Reina

    yes Reina, his right

  47. BBFTW.

    Bong and that dog is camera whores hahaha
    he’s a dog lover so

  48. BBFTW.

    kekeke think of the term anyway you wan
    but just know i’ll do it and leave nothing hahaha

  49. @vicky–kekeke, okay, I’m sorry I’m so sloooow. TT_TT

    @BBFTW–yeah~I think it’s his dog. ^0^

  50. vicky
    im scared of what you might do to bong now!!
    that puppy could be a pig and bong could still make it incredibly cute!

  51. vi
    aw~~ congrats for our boys! hehehe

    & vi, u know what i think about when i see Bong protuding his lips?
    “vi is skak mat!” hahaha…
    Bong wearing “Sam’s lil brother’s girlfriend” cuter than when he wear any Sam’s relatives. kekeke


  53. I love to see Jiyoung wears hats!Cause I seriously think he’s really suitable 4 hats!Hats r made for our baby leadah!And with those cute facial expresion…r U try to kill me in the beginning of this morning..????Too cute 4 words!!!ya~~~~~

  54. ilene

    morning? what time is from where you are?
    lol in maryland its 9:50 at night XD

  55. BBFTW.

    i just scared now??
    you should’ve been scared LONG ago gurl hahah

  56. nya

    ‘slak mat’??
    wht’s that haha
    but whatever it is
    i’m sure i was thinking about it hahahaha

  57. vicky
    pshh with all the dirty things in my mind, your thoughts arent THAT bad..rotfl.
    lol like what was your dirtiest thought up til now? bahahaaa

  58. BBFTW.

    i rather keep that to myself hahaah
    last thing i want is to scare ppl off forreal hahaha

  59. vi
    u know the moves when they play chess?
    sksk mat? when u win & the other player lose.
    hahaha… u must be thinking about the lips so much fufufu…
    Bong sure have another relavites than Sam’s cousin.
    when u said that u hope there’s no Sam’s family again in this world. hahaha

  60. bong is so so cute..haha i wanna pinch his face man
    and i wonder why stalkers only like to take bong’s pics
    how bout my hubby T___T

  61. vicky
    haha i know what you mean.. fangirls reading this and their jaws dropping. lmao

  62. oh. mah. gah.
    Top wears the KEWLEST glasses, luv that pair right there, so cool, so cool. i envy top. ^_^

  63. nya

    haha when you’re talking to me about chess
    the only reaction you’ll get is.. O_____O

    I’m telling you
    YG is like raising these fuzzy things all over the place
    one for every YG family members
    Teddy and Bong isn’t enough

  64. newvip

    there’s stalker of other member too
    Baby and Bong in particular have A LOT
    like I’m not kidding when i say A LOT
    I have 4 GB of Big Bang pictures thanks to those HQ stalker cams of Bong and Baby, IDK what would happen if i start saving every member’s stalker pics, it would be too much to handle.

  65. BBFTW.

    couldn’t blame me
    Bong was asking for it
    …. and so were you guys hahaha

  66. oh my gawd! gd so cute.. wanna bite his lips. ;D and can’t wait for the surprise!

  67. GD ^3^
    his lips are soo tempting!

  68. vi
    well, i’m not a chess fan either but since in my senior high, my classmates is a big fan of chess, they played it almost everyday at luch break.
    so, hahaha… at least i know the basis to play. hahaha

    i think YG want to start a ‘fuzzy creature style’ in korea.
    they know how Bong could work everything on him.
    they just make a ‘mass production’ of this fuzzy creature.
    & they know how fangirl will love it. kekeke

  69. yeah, i think bong is growing his half-shaved hair for his new look…therefore we got a treat of Sam’s family! hehe. =)
    YB is so cute just smiling like that *swoons*. awwwwww….
    Vicky you should tell your Bong to behave, I can’t take it when he pouts. I’m a sucker for pouters. hihi.

  70. nya
    I’m dying to have one of Sam’s relatives already. hehe. YG may be behind this, or it’s just Bong’s style.

  71. i dont think he really is hiding a new do under his fuzzy best friend but logically cud b d side of his head dat he shaved ssomehow grew hair n maybe it made him look weird for some reason so he wears d hat 2 cover it…anyways i cud b wrong but it wont 2 long till we spot him wif a new do rite,I mean Number 1 is abt 2 b release soon…

  72. i cant wait for big bangs new album the japan/english one more big bang love gotta love’em and their music big bang good luck in japan i wish i can meet you guys lol anyways big bang fighting oh yeah can someone please tell me how to register for this site because i tried and i dont think it worked i signed up for livejorunal but i dont think its the same heres my email someone please help me thanks big bang saranghaeyo

  73. nya

    no we don’t
    covering all up them beautiful heads
    that’s just AGAINST NATURE!!
    it should be showed to all.

  74. Kenley
    the only way i can get him not to do it is if i lock him inside a cage
    he can’t resist being irresistable

  75. fatinDAbomb
    he probably already did a new hair style
    since they already shoot the NUmber 1 MV
    it’s finish and ready to be release in October

  76. Sam

    you don’t have to register or anything
    you can just fill in your name and email then you can start posting comments,
    it’s not hard

    keke i giggle when i saw your name
    cuz we’ve been talking about this name for a while now

  77. man
    he really is doing something to his hair…..:(
    i’m gonna miss his old one so much~~ 😦
    oh well~~ everything looks good on Ji Yong~~ I don’t think i have to be worried or anything 🙂

  78. As feminine as it looked, I liked his Haru Haru hair so I’ll be glad if he’s growing it out.

  79. vi
    its kinda cute too when Bong wears Sam lil brother’s girlfriend. its absolutely cuter when he wears Sam. hahaha..
    so i don’t mind if he have that lil brother girlfriend on his head.

    covering it against nature? than how come with YB?

  80. Family Outing New Episode PLS!!!!!!

  81. Kenley
    actually i have Sam when i was a child. maybe about 7/8 years old
    but Sam is black, mine is gray.
    my parents bought it for me coz they thought its cute.
    kinda like a mongolian style hat. hahaha…
    but i don’t know where i put it again now.

  82. Bong looks HOT, i just don’t understand how he can looks so hot in everything he wearsw<

    Can’t wait to see what he’s hiding under that fluffy hat XD

  83. oops~ i must did something wrong w/ my comment, it missing a whole part+3+

    just wanna say that when bong feels shy, he always touches his cheeks as if checking that they are still there LOL how cute~~

  84. Wait so they did perform something there right? So the Haru Haru/Heaven performance on Music Core -wasn’t- their last? O.o;

  85. Big Bang look so happy!
    I love theur clothes: Brown colors and white!
    T.O.P’s glasses are SO COOL!!
    You can see his PERFECT eyes!!!!
    and Bong’s pictures are just THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!

  86. awww my TOPpie U.U hehehe is so cute >.< ❤

    LOL! GD have always a new facial expression xP! x)

  87. Realy cute!
    LOVE TOP ❤


  88. Ohh my gosh the pics are the best!!! thanks ^___^. Luv GD

  89. nya

    well YB’s headshape is just too perfect for hats that’s it’s a shame to not weat it
    but he gotta show off his mohawk once in a while too

    CONCLUSION: Bong look good in ANYTHING
    remember him on Famil Outing?
    with all the country bum clothes?
    and yet….. still hot as heck

  90. BBkdw
    i didn’t post it here but you can watch it here


    kekekk oh god Sam also migrated hahaha

  91. azndragon714
    it was their last for broadcasting shows

    this wasn’t broadcasted

  92. vi
    hahaha such a perfect conclution u’ve made.
    kekeke.. yup, sure. Bong can make everything work for him.

  93. vi
    u can say its migrated. hahaha…
    & its not Sam. maybe Sam’s father. kakaka…
    since i have it when i was 7/8, now i’m already 18. kekeke…
    so in conclution, its Sam father & Bong’s Sam is its son coz its appear so long after. HAHAHA..

  94. nya

    i should become like some kind of problem solver for fangirls as a career or something hahaha

  95. nya

    wow that thing is old
    then it must be Sam’s daddy
    that is too funny

  96. this is why i love gd him and his random faces how freaking cute is that!!! lol i wanna kidnap him along with top and taeyang lol and leave ds n sr and see wats gonna happen to them lol but thats a different story though….

  97. Oh ok that makes sense, thanks vicky.

  98. i’m so tempted to kiss little bong!!!!
    omg he’s way too adorable
    i’m dead
    yeah i wouldn’t mind if my lips touched his HAHAHAHA
    well,don’t blame us..HE ASKED FOR IT hahaha

  99. woot, gratz BB!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Bong’s pics are the BEST!!!

  100. Ooh! I am so waiting for GD’s new hair if he does have one!!! And I wish SR would change his hair… I kinda miss some spikes to his hair…

  101. wawww top lks cute! And tae yang looks dorky with his teeth like that hahha XD is it just me or is GD really pretty looking? with that eyeliner and lipgloss? o.O loving his hat though! XD

  102. where is the T.O.P pictures my baby need more than he is so SEXY

  103. vi
    yup, that job is perfect for u. believe me. hahaha…

    it really old. that’s why i say it’s Sam’s father. kekeke…
    idk where i’ve put it again.
    i’ve try to search it but i can’t find it.
    wth… eventoughi found it, it won’t fit on my head again..

  104. OMGD *heart attack !!
    Bleeeeeeh, me no likey his hat

  105. gaah! bong so cute! aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! look at him with the pucker and evrything, ^_^

    damn, tabi has the coolest frickin glasses ever. *envy*

  106. haha cathiee, i used OMGD now too XD
    but omo, his hat is suspicious
    what did he do to his hair now?
    haha jiyong always amuses me =3

  107. top is my dream lab partner ♥
    and we can dissect bong’s hat together XD

  108. vicky those gdstalkerpics killed my computer!! i LOLed so hard when i saw the scrunched face one asjf;eioj hahahaha. and look at him cheesin’ in the 3/4th pic! aww congrats to them! and tyy for the fo upload 😀

  109. nya

    hehehe probably not
    that thing look like it’ll fit really tightly on your head
    i jsut giggled like an idiot
    u should keep looking for it though ahah

  110. Lita

    haha i use ‘OMGB!!’
    that’s what i use

  111. tam

    i love stalker cams
    i have like every freaking stalker pics there is of Bong and Baby
    4 GB of pictures… just them
    it’s a wonderful world

  112. vi
    hahaha.. i don’t think i could find it again.
    that ‘fuzzy creature’ kekeke..
    mine is totally looks like Sam, tough i love Sam’s cousin more.
    Sam’s cousin looks cuter with all that fuzzy hair. hahaha…
    if there’s one that looks like Sam’s cousin, i’ll buy it. hahaha

  113. well Sam’s cousin is the fuzziest of them all haha without the tail
    Sam is normal fuzziness with a tail
    but Sam’s lil bro is more ‘modern’
    he have highlights kekekek

  114. i love Sam cousin. hehehe..
    the fuzziest from all, i wanna know how it feel. kekeke…
    when they all pat Sam’s cousin, i really want to join.
    i think my hand feel a lil itchy, hahaha…

  115. I really wonder what the inside of Sam feel like [no pun nor dirty thought intended T__T]

    does it itch from the inside??

  116. of course not.
    it feel fluffy & nice inside. unless u wear it in hot temperature, u’ll feel itchy. hahaha…
    Sam & his family is the perfect thing u can find for heating ur head. kakaka…

    btw, the Sam relative that Bong use in gooodbye stage, in haru haru perf, what u call it?
    its looks like the fuzziest of all, the tail..

  117. nya

    I called it ‘Sam’s lil bro’
    but…. I suspect that that is Teddy’s Sam
    cuz Teddy wore the exact one during one of YG Family’s performance last year
    so … maybe Bong borrowed it from Teddy oppa.

    hmmm.. i dont like Sam’s lil bro
    it’s too fuzzy and highlighted..

  118. sam lil bro looks like a fat cat fur to me.
    hah? Bong wear Teddy’s Sam? hahaha…
    i don’t know about them until last April. kekeke…
    so for this Sam famili history, i think i need u to clear it for me

  119. nya

    if you watch YG Family’s special stage last year for the SBS Award show

    to refresh memory
    this one

    and Teddy was wearing the highlight Sam one

  120. yeah, That’s definitely Sam’s lil bro.
    is it teddy’s or Bong’s?
    u sure Bong borrow it? not Teddy who borrow that from Bong?
    coz, Bong is like collecting it & established it to a ‘family’

  121. OMGeeeeee!!!!! Ji Yong pics are super freaking hot!!!! i didn’t surf for a week and i’m sooo happy that i surf today…only looking at Ji Yong’s pics, makes me fly skyhigh!! woot woot..

  122. nya

    i’m sure it’s Teddy
    since he got spot wearing Sam long before Bong did

    Teddy’s Sam is way too big
    i dont like it that much

  123. vi
    kakaka.. way too big, well, looks like that when Bong use it.
    i don’t like it too
    i think Sam’s cousin look the best from all.

    hey, since when this ‘fuzzy creature’ topic become so interesting for us to discuss about? HAHAHA

  124. btw vi, do u know what’s that thing my man hold at the YG’s family special perf?
    that’s looks like clocth..

  125. hahaah anything they touch and breath on is interesting to us hahaha
    what Tabi was holding is YG Family’s official logo towel
    gotta REPRESETN!

  126. ah! i’ve think that’s as towel but i really sure
    since… why they use towel?
    i dont understand Korean ~.~ hah…
    gotta learn about them more, to make me feel closer to my hubby. haha

  127. nya

    rather than a korean thing
    it’s a rapper thing
    cuz rappers always sweat on stage so they make sure they have a towel nearby or in their hand when they’re performing
    so since YG is consist mainly of hip hop, a YG towel seem reasonable

  128. hahah it feels weird when u look at it as rapper thing
    when Dae holding it. hahaa

  129. nya

    Tabi looks fine holding it
    but.. Dae.. just look awkward somehow hahahah

  130. isn’t it right?
    Dae holding it, don’t really look like Dae.
    i mean, Dae is vocalist & rarely rap, but hahaha
    maybe we could say it as a newly born Dae? kakaka…

  131. it’s not just him holding it
    it’s the way he hold it
    he was bobbing up and down
    which just look so awkward hahaha

  132. its kinda look funny than weird now.

  133. Tabi look just fine but Dae hahaha
    Bong was looking fine as hell when he hold it up at the end too

  134. oh ma GD so cute ^__^

    luv their smile SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. big bang haindsome boys

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