Appearance in ‘News Desk’ on 4th, ‘Clarify Popular Factors of Idols’


Big Bang will be appearing in news program as a representative of idol group.

Big Bang will appear in MBC ‘News Desk’ on October 4th and talk about process and background that help them grow as the best idol group, and their individual thoughts about latest popular factors of idols.

To do this, ‘News Desk’ had an interview with Big Bang on September 25th. Big Bang, a popular group not only within teens but different age groups as well, represented as idol group and participated in an interview.

‘News Desk’ is planning to focus on idol group’s popularity that hit the music industry and social phenomena related to it.

On the other side, Big Bang plans to have ‘Stand Up Tour’ concert at Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo between October 28th to November 1st; they will meet with domestic fans with new album in November.

MBC News Desk is one of the main news that starts at 9pm in Korean time. I am not sure what time Big Bang will be on but if you want to watch the news, it will be on October 4th, 9pm.

Credits to: Edaily
Original Article: Click Here
Translation Credit: Jeska


~ by jeska on October 1, 2008.

15 Responses to “Appearance in ‘News Desk’ on 4th, ‘Clarify Popular Factors of Idols’”

  1. oh cool

  2. does anyone know where to find that picture in a larger, wallpaper size?

  3. thanks for the translation jeska! this seems so in depth and exclusive xP yg said bb was very excited to attend it ^^

  4. YAY. lol…

  5. *gasp* i saw someone in my school wearing the exact same skeleton sweatshirt~~ so lucky!

  6. ohh I can see YB biceps =]

  7. YAY!
    Ahaha oh my gosh, those skeleton sweatshirt
    has gone popular, but i usually see korean ppls
    wear it first….Ooh
    Thank You for the translate =]
    Big Bang is back, well er still kinda in korea
    my birthdays on the 24th =]
    i wanna go to one of the concerts, that would be so
    AWESOME or to have the CD!! YEAH =]
    well Big Bang FIGHTING!

  8. oohhh that’s a HOT picture >.< lolz…

  9. lol the pic is hot *.*

    i’ll be waiting to see the news >.<

  10. Thanks for translating. I really can’t wait to see it. I’m curious how about the boys’ views on the whole idol thing.

  11. wow tht picture is so hawtt
    if only its bigger in size

  12. sweet

  13. *sighs joyfully* 🙂

    ‘News Desk’ is planning to focus on idol group’s popularity that hit the music industry and social phenomena related to it.’

    …felt awesome to read that!

    As i’ve said numerous times before-1 STEP CLOSER TO WORLD DOMINATION! 🙂

    >>>BIG BANG for The World
    >>>The World for BIG BANG

  14. %$#@#&(*!!!!!
    We don’t have a korean channel in Israel [stupid country!!!] so I can’t watch it live but as soon as it will be online [HQ, LQ, with subs, with no subs…I DON”T CARE!!!] I’ll watch it!!!!

  15. wait i have cablevision…
    what channel?
    i get korean stuff on it

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