Previous Photoshoots Picture Released | ‘Supermodel Competition’ Performance Rehearsal Stalker Pics

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With the boys stopping their activities… does anyone feel lonely? haha or is it just me? It’s only October 1st…. 1 whole month… 31 days…. 744 hours…. 44640 minutes… 2678400 seconds. They’ll be back then, I’ll wait. In the mean time, thankyou Mnet so freaking much, for releasing these pics for us. These are pictures from previous photoshoot, the ‘For the World’ photoshoot and another random one that we never get to see the whole set. But now we can, again thanks Mnet so much. These pictures are HOOTT~~~ love it!!!!! So colorful.

Guess who this is?? kekekeke~ everyone is wearing beanie and hat probably because it’s cold, but him kekekekeke… this is what you do when you’re hot right???? well Baby you are very hot… and adorable too~ look at you in your little maknae world. I’m missing this dork too much. So much that my currently Wallpaper is him messing around with the drums. And also Bong… idk what he was wearing, he doesn’t wear Sam on the daily basis thank god haha, but he still covering that head up. I’m telling you!!! Whatever under there will surprise us all. Tabi also look so freaking adorable with his beanie and baggy sweat kekek looks kinda funny, but cute. These are the stalker pics during the rehearsal for the ‘Supermodel Competition’ performance.

During ‘Supermodel Competition’ performance Rehearsal.

kkekkee I love this pic. Tabi = ADORABLENESS OVERLOAD.

credit: Mnet | 최희정 | bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on October 1, 2008.

86 Responses to “Previous Photoshoots Picture Released | ‘Supermodel Competition’ Performance Rehearsal Stalker Pics”

  1. OMG! THESE PICTURES ARE SO AHHHH! i cant believe they werent released earlier 😦 but daayy-um. hehe YB YB YB !

  2. omg this is hawt! im on my psp again n i wish i cud get to my pc but im meant to be sleeping 😦 waah tae yang baby XD

  3. Wow… those were… AMAZINGLY WOW!!! Ah! I love them!

  4. ohmigosh FINALLY they release those colorful weird neon colored ones!!! my leader in yelloww!!<3333 lmaoo tabi is so hardcore xP HAHA vicky way to count down (2678400 seconds)!! i just hope they have enough time to rest in between the two countries lol. i don’t want to repeat last year’s happening =.=

  5. AHHA i love how bong’s hat says “rocstar” . ahha love these boys ! (:


  7. I love BigBang

  8. Oh, my Kwon Jiyong looks gorgeous. =)

  9. taeyang makes me wanna jump him.
    gyaahh ; so hott<3

  10. tam

    when i think of it as 2678400 seconds, it make it seem harder
    if something like last year happen
    i will play to korea just to smack them the head for over working themselves then I’ll cried for what i just did hahah

  11. annie

    i had doubt about that too
    i was like ‘they mispelled it??’
    but turns out ‘ROCSTAR’ is a clothing brand T.T

  12. OH SHAT ! 😯

    T4P! LOL

  13. the pics ‘for the world’, idk why but i think they look younger. hahaha.. & wtf is Bong doing down there? laying?

    vi, kekeke.. why u think that Bong’ll wear that ‘fuzzy creature’ in his daily?
    he looks fo freaking skinny at that pic, he should eat more..

    kekeke… my man just too adorable, with that bunny hat on his head.
    ah~~~ he’s like asking for me to molest him.

  14. nya

    what did i say about trying to figure Bong out?
    kkekek it’s a REALLY REALLY hard job
    idk why he was laying there….
    but…. uhm,.. i wanna join!!! ahahhaa

    i really do think that Bong wear them on the daily at first haha
    to offer ‘360 angle protection’ heheh

    i was lauhing so hard at the last pic with his pants just haning LOW

  15. SO HOT!!!
    I didn’t recognize TOP at first
    and GD lookin specially good in this pics
    but what can I say about SR…..he is just sooo dorky 😛
    these boys are too much!!!
    can’t believe they’ll be gone for a whole month 😦
    I for one will be very sad(I just got my computer back and the second day I get it back I find out that BB is finished with their activities in Korea >.< ….that’s just wrong)

  16. vi
    u wanna join? with 4 bodyguard at Bong back? hahaha…
    we’ll never know what’s in that boy head. laying there..
    kakak 360 angle protection! hahaha…
    he’ll give 360 angle protection but still, he can’t be bias.
    if he only use Sam & the family, what’ll be with his other hat?

  17. ahahahah tabi in track pants and a beanie with a pom pom on the top hahahah so cute! : D

  18. actually it wasnt a pom pom but its still so cute ><!

  19. O
    my baby wearing that towel looking like an ajjumah. bahahaha.
    those pics are so hot…nuff said.

  20. Bong lying there makes me think so hard why….
    …then I just gave up and laugh at him! hahaha! can’t help it with his funny expression too. ^^

    Baby and his towel around his head..didn’t you bring your beanie today Baby? awwww….
    I love that teeth cap Ybae is wearing on the rehearsal. I wanna steal it, with him wearing it. bwahahaha.
    Vicky Bong needs to eat, looks like he hasn’t in a while…you’re babying baby too much that you’re forgetting Bong has needs too. ^^

  21. dreamandlove
    aww.. i’m sorry
    you missed out a lot
    i know the feeling
    my computer crashed on me for half a month once
    it was horrible

  22. nya

    i will pry all of them off if it’s the last thing I do

    I’m sure he will go back to those when he’s done hiding his ‘do’
    you know how the Kwon Leadah is with his clothing item
    no way he give any of them up and leave anyone them alone for long.

    I’m still LOL at the 360 angle thing
    it sound like a tampon commercial hahaha

  23. BBFTW.
    or a homeless dude
    i would give my saving account to this homeless boi

  24. vicky
    really? a homeless man? lol he looks like an ajjumah to me hahaa
    doesnt matter. id give him EVERYTHING i own. lol even stuff that doesnt belong to me, id give it to him. lolol

  25. Kenley

    If Baby can’t even figure Bong, where’s the hope for the rest of us?? really? hahah

    YB’s cap just remind me of SUPER MARIO hahah
    idk why. but it just does
    one of my fave caps of his

    … maybe… but that’s not all true
    but it just these days, Baby turn his charm to the max
    I have to protect him more or else nuna fans will glomp him

    NO WAY JOSE!!!

  26. seriously?!!
    it’s the worst feeling
    but did I really miss a lot?! 0_0
    and are they really going to be there for a month?!

  27. BBFTW.

    u know what i’ll do
    I’ll give him EVERYTHING I HAVE
    then I’ll be like ‘since i give u everything, u have to take me as well’
    and i’ll make him take care of me kekekek

  28. dreamandlove

    they’ll be in Japan to tour the country for 3 [now 4] concerts.
    and also their first Japan FULL ALBUM will be release on October 22nd
    but they will be back in November for the release for a FULL 2ND KOREAN ALBUM
    so that’s something worth waiting for

  29. lol vicky you’re SOOO bipolar!! “i’ll smack them.. then i’ll cry” hahahahhaa. i hope vips get a hold of the japan files quick though! the only thing that cassies do really well in is getting QUICK japan files xP

  30. vi
    hahaha.. i hope he’ll go back for his other hat quickly.
    idk what to do with this fuxzy creature again.
    if he keeps wearing that, i think i’ll end up searching for my Sam’s dad again. hahaha…

  31. tam

    if you ‘ll know me more you can see how bipolar I can be
    sometimes I’m so bipolar I scare the crap out of myself and I’ll talking to myself ‘what is wrong with u Vi?’ hahahah

    now.. i just make myself sound like a total creep….T___T

    japan files?
    what’s that??????

    VIPs and Cassies will have a fight this end of the year [not literal ‘fight’ haha but u know what i mean]
    It’ll be interesting
    The only one that’s worthy to be VIPs’ oponent is Cassies.
    cuz we know how powerful they are.
    we ain’t backing down either

  32. nya

    well…. winder is near
    and you know how much he love that thing at the end of last year.. about last year… remember his bowlcut???

    I love Bong earing pimp hats
    but also love if he wear nothing…
    i’m in too deep
    I can’t tell what’s wrong and what’s right. T___t

  33. vi
    i think Bong looks quite funny, mm… cute exactly with that bowl cut. hahaha

    “but also love if he wear nothing…”
    that line… i found some implicite means there. hahahaa

  34. definetly worth waiting for
    I waited a week and now I’ll wait a whole month 😛
    plus they’ll be back in time for my birthday!

  35. Aahhhh, so beautiful~~~

    haha, i knew that one of them would look good in purple, my fave color. and that someone is tabi, luv luv.

  36. nya

    ur dirty mind
    you can think of anything
    i can simply say…


    and you can come up with millions of things.
    don’t lie.

  37. dreamandlove

    MINE TOO!!!
    I was so happy when I found they’ll be back in November
    cuz i’m turning 16 on 11.06
    and they also release their 2nd mini album and had a comeback with last farewell last year in november
    so november is a special month keke
    especially when our Tabi’s bday is 2 days before mine

  38. nya

    I agree with you. hahaha. Vicky saying that..hmmm…
    …tsk3. =)

  39. Vicky

    Hehehe, Baby’s growing up, he will be much more charming after a few more months/years. ^^ That you really can’t stop. He will always turn his charm on to everyone. It’s like a bomb, with no specific target, all nuna and dongseng fans will be affected. woohooo. 😉

    We gotta wait for 31 days? no…huhu..glad they are gonna perform in Lee Mi Ja’s concert with wonder girls. can’t wait for that. =)

  40. really?!
    I didn’t know his birthday was on the 4th
    some kind of fan I am hahahaha

    so then yours is on the 6th?!!!
    I’ll have to remember that 😛

  41. Kenley

    kekeke agree to wat?
    u guys are ganging on me nao??? hahah

  42. Kenley

    Baby really matured over the period of 2 years
    I’m really proud of him
    but not the part where he killed and captured every fangirls possible… T____T

    They’re gonna perform in Lee Mi Ja’s concert
    that’s definately good news
    but we still don’t know if it will be broadcasted for everyone to see

  43. dreamandlove

    oh em gee.
    u didn’t know tabi was born the 4th?
    wat…? hahaha

    hahah 11.6. don’t you forget that hahah
    11 months and 6 days after Baby’s birthdate haha

  44. hahaha
    I just knew it was on november
    and I’m supposed to be the #1 fan LOL
    guess I missed that XD

    I’ll remember november 6
    hope you remember november 18 😛

  45. Ahhh omg hot!
    Lols i remember those pictures =]
    and G-Dragon is soo fricken skinny!
    That boy. but =]

  46. dreamandlove

    hehe me and remember just doesn’t go together haha
    but i’ll try


  47. LOL
    at least you remember your name 😛

    I’m not too good on dates
    but I write everything down 😛


  48. Big Bang hwaiting!!!! >.< ill be missing them so much T_T will Daesung still be doing Family Outing during that month?? T_T 1 month is soo long T_T ill be watching their old videos ^^ Big Bang Fighting!!!

  49. awwwww =( i’m missing the boys so much…that pics bring back good memories T.T

  50. those rehearsal pics just emphasize
    how skinny GD is. sheesh. i just want
    to shove cupcakes down his mouth or
    something, but i know even that wouldn’t
    help. hehe.

    and yes i miss them too. oh so very much.

  51. mister kwon ji yong is mine OMG love his poses…and OMG lols

  52. thanx vicky for sharing ^^
    and i agree, im missing BaBy already 😦
    bong seriously need to fatten up just a lil bit…too much stress and work..sigh~
    but i know they’re doing all these for us ^^

  53. vi
    hohoho… when u said table, u know what i mean?
    the sexy dance of Aimee & YB.
    HOT! hahaha…

  54. Kenley
    hehehe… that’s what i mean.
    every VVC members will end up thinking about ‘something’ that we usually think about.
    HAHAHA… i’m such a pervy
    can’t help it, everytime i look at my hubby just make me horny. fufufu

  55. the cardigan that Ji Yong wears kinda looks a bit girly..haha..and it seems that he is hiding his hair recently…new hairdo? hope his hair grows within a month of break..and yeah, call me silly as i love Ji Yong with the ahjumma hairstyle you Ji Yong!

  56. top indeed looks adorable in the last pic! and Seung Ri, never fails to be not the norm. 😀

  57. OMG i luvv dese pics!!

  58. dreamandlove
    there’s something to be proud about
    haha but i can’t be too proud
    my first and last name put together is 4 letters long… if i forget that
    then…that’s really sad hahah

  59. daesunglove
    there’s hasn’t been any report on him stopping Faimly Outing activities
    so I’m guessing he will be traveling back and forth from Japan and Korea to do the show every 2 weeks
    Dae is the hardest working one lately
    he just look dead tire most of the time
    but still have a smile on his face
    I hope he won’t overworked himself

  60. ohthethrill
    i don’t think one cupcake would help haha
    we need 16 cheeseburgers and we need it NAO!!

  61. nya

    remember what i say about us sharing the same brain?
    holy shit gurl
    that’s what i was thinking when i wrote down table too!!
    crap that’s scary hahaha

  62. nya

    kkkekke damn our hormone haha

  63. arij
    keke haven’t u seen him modeling his nuna’s clothes?
    it’s more extreme than this haha

  64. vi
    idk why, but when i read u ‘table’, i automatically think about YB & Aimee’s dance.
    lord… that’s the sexiest table & chair dance i’ve ever seen.

    when i see others sexy dance, i always tought about how the female dancer looks like bitch. but Aimee not.
    the dance is so natural tough freaking sexy. love it.

  65. vi
    ‘kkkekke damn our hormone haha’
    what do u mean by “our” hahaha..
    does that mean u & i got horny everytime we look at our hubby?
    KAKAKA… we share the same brain, my long lost sister. hahaha

  66. HAHAHA what was baby wearing hahaha!!
    so cute..ohhh u know what..i’m so lonely too
    looking back their pics just makes me miss them more and moreeeee
    and my wallpaper is now my compilation of GRi and bong’s cute pics!! I can really just stare at my desktop for like an hour and stalk the boys haha
    wow..those pics are HOTTTTTT..especially my mannn

  67. OMGG.. so cutee
    i saw some pics of the one in the glass box online..
    but what photoshoot was that from??
    HEHHE seungri you are TOO cutee

    big bang <33

  68. vicky
    then after the cupcakes and cheeseburgers,
    we should take him out to a buffet. xD
    and we repeat this process until he gets
    to a more healthy weight. haha.


  70. nya

    haha and they come up with it while they were in the dining room HAHAHAH
    damn these 2 can make 2 chairs and one table look like soft porn
    THAT is a skill hahahaha

  71. nya

    yes gurl I do mean that
    what???? you think I don’t think of bad stuff???
    YES I DO. kekeke

  72. newvip
    no one will ever know
    Baby and his maknae world….
    that’s why we fall in love with him

  73. 1think1pink1
    it was from the photoshoot for their first Japan mini album ‘FOR THE WORLD’ booklet

  74. ohthethrill
    I’m afraid that I’ll clear out the whole buffet table because he can get anything to eat hahaha
    I love buffets man.
    count me in when that happen
    but….. you’re paying the bill hahahaha

  75. OMFGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The photoshoots are like…FREAKIN’ HOT!!!!
    T.O.P is like…OMG!!!!
    I can’t stop smile!!!!
    They are all look so DAMN HOT!!!
    we should have seen this photo’s before!
    Seeing them now makes me miss that SO MUCH!!!
    I wish this month will past so I can once again see Big Bang!!!

  76. vi
    yes, that somehow looks like ‘that’ kakaka..
    of course thats a skill, if its not, how come the dance turn out like that? kekeke

    haha our hormone make us like this, horny everytime when we look at our hubby. sometime i scare myself.
    “what i’m thinking?!” hahaha
    can’t help it. Tabi is too sexy that make me can’t control myself anymore haha

  77. nya

    and to think ur a kingtergarden teacher….T_t
    OH WEOW GURLS hahhaahhaha

  78. The group picture with GD lying on the ground looks weird. They’re just staring at him o.0
    GD: …
    TOP,SR,YB,DS: oh look. he’s dead…

  79. vi
    occupation is not really realted now with fangirling gurl, haha can u handle it? while it comes to ur baby?

    kintergarden teacher not really act like a teacher.
    i think i babysit them all the time.
    how can i teach them? while they have difficulty in talking? haha

  80. nya

    i remember when i was in kingergarden i already learn a load of crap hahaha
    i remember the first in school
    i cry so freaking hard because everyone look so strange
    then when my great aunt and her daughter, whichi s my aunt [the one that i told u that teach me chinese]
    they went in and check up on me, they saw i was crying so my great aunt make my mom come and check me out of school
    i was too young to attend school but my mom make me go anyway so my great aunt decide to babysit me every day so i don’t have to attend kingergarten so early haha

  81. vi
    hahaha… kids i teach only 4 years old.
    they can talk, but still difficult for ppl to really understand it. & they don’t really remember the alphabet. so..
    i think i only babysit them. hahaha

    how old when u attend school?
    my dad always say not to make me attend school while i was born in end of month but my mom persist on making me go to school.
    so, in all class, i was the youngest from all
    & when i was in elementary, i have difficulty catching up with other kids. hahaha
    my mark is really bad back then.

  82. nya

    i think about 2~3?
    i don’t remember exactly when
    just rememeber i was too young to attend school

    my mom got a huge scolding from my aunt for that
    that’s why i love my great aunt. she’s just awsome, since my grandma was never around when i was little, she’s like my grandma, only wayyyy better
    her daughters are like my 2nd mom too. they’re both married with kids now, my aunt’s second child was born during summer and she name her after me haha i got all proud hahahaha

    i remember i fight a lot back then
    i don’t like it when ppl think they’re better than me and start acting like they own me
    so i just fight… a lot haha
    as i get older the figiting get worse
    i’m such a good student

  83. 2/3? wew, that’s too early.
    ur mom kind of.. haha..
    its great to have a tight relationship with auntie right?
    ny friends is from broken family, so, i know how her feeling is.
    i’m so glad my family is okay. hehee

    name her after u? hahaha… something to brag about to ur family kekeke…

    wew, fighting? u got guts gurl. hahaa
    i lived together with my grandma so… u know how old ppl.
    ‘gurl can’t go out alone! don’t do this! don’t do that!’
    especially i’m her 2nd oldest grandchildren, it become worse. hahaha… she even teach me to cook or do chores.

    but i should thank her for that, at least i won’t find any difficulties if i get married. my friend who i told u that already married, she can’t do chores. even a lil bit.
    so, she with her mother in law realtionship just… hahaha..

  84. HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BB forever!!!

  85. cute SR^_^
    they r soooooo hotttt!!!!!!!!!!

    sarang hae BIG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. omg, seungri doesn’t luk like seungri there.. get it?

    ow gosh 😀

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