singing each other’s solos

i have this thing for posting REALLY old videos that probably have already been posted 😦 sorry if it has

everyone lol at seungri  :D:D:D

and i think taeyang did a pretty awesome job 😀


**EDIT: I am aware that this video sometimes decides to be a noob and says its not available… it does that for me too. I think it’s because Youtube’s doing maintenance at the moment. If you click the video and it opens in the Youtube window… that might work. Does that make sense?

~ by 수현 on October 1, 2008.

29 Responses to “singing each other’s solos”

  1. Haha, I saw this before.
    Seungri was so funny.

  2. its ok >..<

  3. ??? i cant post a full comment!! T_T

  4. this was one of the video’s where YB sang a song and i immidiatly loved it.
    this is so old!
    but i love it!!

    TOP can totally sing when he’s not shy.
    i always say throw like SR.

  5. why is it saying this video is no longer available?? i think my computer hates me. because the internet is working just fine. anyway, i remember this video though. SR made me chuckle ^^

  6. There was another one on a radio show where they sung La La La and switched parts. I like that one better with DaeSung dancing with his arms. Seung Ri is adorable and goes all out in rapping in there XD And GD shows off the reality of his awesome vocals when he sing’s Dae’s part.

  7. my yb.
    i nvr get tired of looking at him ;))

  8. I love this video!!!
    especially when TOP tries to sing
    it’s just too cute for words XD
    SR rapping TOP’s part LOL
    TY,DS and GD did a really good job

  9. i love the oldies:)

  10. i love this one(x
    when Dae sung GD’s solo i fell in love<3 <– haha Daesung XDDD
    that was really good!

  11. the vid is no longer available :[

  12. the video didnt work for me

  13. the link is broke i think ^^’

    i was watching old BB videos today 😀

  14. This has been in my youtube favorites for a while. I love TOP in this. xD

  15. bigbang’s new MV 🙂

  16. aww. i have this favorited on my youtube account.
    it’s cool to hear them singing each other’s solos.
    SR’s version of Big Boy was funny. ^__^
    and TOP wanting to keep trying. go TOP.

  17. @ YB’s : thanx ^^
    now i cant wait for the full MV >_<
    i miss those guys…sigh~

  18. YB
    did young bae just smacked Aemee’s bottom in the vid?LOL.
    naughty.i like that.

  19. YBs: thanks! omg thats so hot even though just a half minute teaser. I cant wait for the full version T_T

  20. hahah i love watching this xD

  21. lol this IS old but still lovable

  22. hahaha yeah it’s old but i think top did a good job
    although he couldn’t hit the high notes
    but he definitely can sing. wish he could sing more >’3333
    and yeah YB sang dae’s wootuh bonda right? it was great as well =)

  23. TOP is too cute! he kept stopping and starting over lol

  24. ohhh. i just realized YB posted a link
    for a preview of their new mv. thanks YB.

  25. it says its no longer available, and i cant make it work. is there another link 4 it somewhere?

  26. like Olivia18888 said, it work on the youtube website

  27. TOP is soooo CUTE!!! But he can sing though!!!! Saw a clip of him singing a blackstreet song!

  28. TOP is soo cute

    this layout makes me hard to see

  29. it says the the video is longer available 😦

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