WonderBang Round 4? 5? | Number 1 Preview

//EDIT. Our boys are going to be fawesome in Japan! They added ANOTHER concert for jvips! Look under the cut~


Credit: YBGY @ youtube

Ahhh!! Dae goes “I will give you moarr, I’m your number one” gahh that’s gold. The part where GDYB do the “you know why” is my FAVEEE. Awwww GD goes “I’m a hardworking man and I work for my fans” xPPPPPP And then top in his husky voice says “you can keep me company” xD They’re asking for it!! Ohohoh, in the beginning tabi goes “shaow” tehehe how cutee. Gahh, there are too many things to point out! Just listen~ This seems really repetitive though, ahh I’m going to sit tight and wait for the album~~

lol I lost count of WonderBang epic moments >.< Wonderbang fans out there, get readyy! Not only a special stage, but wonderbang will be on a news interview together! lol Big Bang’s manager must be jumping with joy.. that sunmi stalker!! xPPPP Can you guys imagine what a stage it would be?! Haru Haru and Nobody! Ahh I want to see bb do the moves!! GD will DEF do something cute while doing the pointing move.. I request either winking or tongue action! xD

Big Bang and WonderGirls for joint stage with senior singer Lee Mi Ja

Popular idol groups Big Bang and Wondergirls will be performing on the same stage with a great senior singer Lee Mi Ja for ‘Love Performance’.

With a music career of 50 years, Lee Mi Ja will be holding a concert ‘Lee Mi Ja’s Hope Concert’ on 17th October in Seoul SeJong Culture Centre main hall. The proceeds to the concert will all be given to help the less fortunate children in the society. This is in line with MBC’s ‘2008 New Hope for Children’ campaign.

Lee Mi Ja will perform many of her famous hit songs during the 2 hours concert performance. There will also be a joint stage with the idol groups who have been popular these days – WonderGirls and Big Bang. Much interests to how their joint stage will turn out.

WonderBang strikes again on ‘News Desk’

Big Bang and WonderGirls will come together for MBC ‘News Desk’. They had appeared for the filming for ‘News Desk’ respectively on the 25th and 27th.

‘News Desk’ is a program where different cultural issues are discussed and on this particular episode, Big Bang and WonderGirls will be introduced. The program will go in depth with the issue of idolism and famous stars of the former age group.

It is very exclusive for Big Bang and WonderGirls to be featured on the program, as it is hard for even the most popular and influential singers to be featured on the 9 o’clock news.

YG Entertainment expressed, “It is great honour that they are featured, and the boys are very glad to participate in the filming of the program.” And JYP Entertainment also said, “The WonderGirls members are very excited to be featured on news program that deals about current issues.”

On the other hand, the episode that features Big Bang and WonderGirls will be aired on 4th October.

lol no matter how many times I see this pic, it makes me chuckle away xD Dae is such an artsyfartsy ladyy >.<

Big Bang Japan concert sold-out, 1 more concert performance to be added to the schedule

Big Bang, who has ended their Korea promotional activities, has decided to add another concert performance as their Japan concert tickets are in sold-out condition.

Big Bang has planned to have a 3-city ‘STAND UP Concert Tour 2008′ in Japan starting 28th October. But recently, with the tickets to the concert performance are sold-out very fast and YG Entertainment has decided to add another concert performance to the concert tour.

YG Entertainment said on 1st October, “The Osaka and Nagoya concert performances on 28th and 29th October are already sold-out. As for the 1st November Tokyo concert performance, looking at the fact that we are still about 1 month away from the concert performance, it will most probably be sold-out soon. Hence we have added one more concert performance. Big Bang will be having an additional concert performance at 2pm at the same venue on 1st November. “

Big Bang will also be releasing their 1st official Japanese album ‘Number 1′ on 22nd October ahead of their concert performances.

Credit: Sookyeong’s WordPress

Number 1 Lyrics

credit: iMonTOP@YGBB.net /mon5482@soompi.com

color coded: || GD || TOP || YB || DS|| SR ||

Let me introduce myself!
Are you ready for the show~!!!

I’ll be ready in an hour, jump in the shower
Crisp and clean now I got the power
Blasting music from my speakers
T-shirts fresh, brand new sneakers

Ready to flow, ready to go,
Ready for the spot light, ready for the show
Let me tell you something that you already know
I’m a hardworking man and I work for my fans.

Girl, I love your style, love your smile
Wish that you could be
Only mine, be only mine (fa’sho)
I can’t let it go, I don’t know
What you’re doin’ to me (yeah)
You’re so fine (yeah uh huh) , oh you’re so fine (let’s go)

Gettin’ hot in the club, I can see they want some more
(I will give you more; I’m your number one)
Once I get up I will rock, never stop, you can be sure
(Yeah you can be sure; I’m your number one)

I, (uh) you know I (yes) you know I (yo)
I’m your number one. (I’m your number one)

Crazy hot, mad party
Shorty drop it low for me
You can keep me company
You look sweet smell like honey

I need a girl who is in it for me.
Not for the money, not for the fame,
Not for the glory, not for the name.
It ain’t easy as long as you’re sayin’ this…

“Boy I love your style, I love your smile
Wish that you could be
Only mine be only mine (fa’sho)
I can’t let it go, I don’t know
What you’re doin’ to me
You’re so fine, ooh you’re so fine”

Gettin’ hot in the club, I can see they want some more~
(I will give you more; I’m your number one)
Once I get up I will rock, never stop, you can be sure~
(Yeah you can be sure; I’m your number one)

I, (you know I) you know I, (yeah you know I) you know I
I’m you’re number one

We jump, jump, jump to the ceiling (everybody in the place c’mon now)
We jump, jump, jump what a feeling, feeling~
We jump, jump, jump to the ceiling, ceiling (once again BIGBANG c’mon)
We jump, jump, jump, what a feeling, feeling~
(naaaaa meeeeannnn!?!)

Gettin’ hot in the club [yeah], I can see they want some more~ [you want some more]
(I will give you more [I give you more]; I’m your number one)
Once I get up I will rock [rock rock rock] , never stop, you can be sure~ [you can be sure]
(Yeah you can be sure; I’m your number one)

Gettin’ hot in the club, I can see they want some more~ (oh its getting hot in here~)
(I will give you more; I’m your number one)
Once I get up I will rock, never stop, you can be sure~
(Yeah you can be sure; I’m your number one)

I, (you know I) you know I, (yeah you know I) you know I
I’m you’re number one (I’m.your.number.one)PLEASE DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE!
credit: iMonTOP@YGBB.net /mon5482@soompi.com


~ by tam on October 1, 2008.

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  2. eh not to big of a fan of wonderbang!…..
    but woot get to see more of big bang now that is wat im looking forward too!!! cant wait to see the boys…:)


    not only will be able to see yet another big bang & wonder girls collab, but the hype and stir of their collab will further boost our boys stardom. Hence…..dadadadum…..the probability of them sweeeping many of the awards at this years mkmf awards is high.

    i truly believe this is the year for VIPs. BIG BANG’S YEAR! (funny how its the same year that the Testing for ‘The Big Bang Theory’ commenced) ^_^


  4. im a lil jelous but picturing our boys doing that pointing finger move that wondergirls do got me OVER excited!!!!!
    n AHH oct 4 (my birthday)
    o n btw my Tvant doesnt work anymore.. i download it twic.. but it only work the first time wen it finish installing
    anyone know why???

  5. are we sure that wonderbang will collab tho?
    maybe its another one of those completely misleading articles to create hype.
    it could be separate stages entirely..
    like wg + lee mi ja, then bb + lee mi ja

    hope im wrong tho.. cos wonderbang is pretty cool =)
    and its almost 20071005 – the day wonderbang was born lol

  6. 7samira7, mkmf is 11/15, bb will be attending but i’m actually so scared for them!! there’s so much competition and by the time they return from japan, IF they release their korean album right away there’s still only about 2 weeks of promotion -0- ahhh we’ll seeeee. bbfighting! hehe year 2007 was GOLD too^^

    queenie, what a big treat you get on oct 4 huh?? xPPP yeapp the finger move! lmao i can imagine maknae overdoing it like crazyy xPP

    naturalhonee, oh nooo T0T what if it is that! but star trot battle, they were both on it but there wasn’t any wonderbang moment or news about potential wonderbang. *crosses fingers*

  7. I’m so excited! WONDERBANG is ultimate!!!


  9. >>>> tam

    i know what u mean. trust me, i was super frightened too. mainly due to dbsk’s comeback (i mean 1.7 years) & the hype that would bring about, BUT, thankfully YG were really clever i suppose, coz already, haru haru has proven its worth. heaven is not too far behind, and stand up the intro is also acknowledged for its tremendous-ness (if thats even a word) Lol, all in all, their album has proven to be a huge success.

    E.L.FS are all predicting big bang will conquere the award show this year. & what after todays post on big bang BAGGING cyworlds ‘song of the month’ award—i’m every inch confident.

    i love dbsk and many of the artists who are all making comeback thi syear like younha, epik high etc…but if we look at this stragetically, YG did a flipping fantastic job. & if YG also go ahead with releasing ‘SISTA’ (female big bang) in october, surely big bang will help with promoting them, meaning-more recognition. & to add to everything so far, as wee all know, bb’s japanese album is also coming out-IN GOOD TIME! Leaving them with 21 days to re-activate their promotional activities for haru haru.


    But i understand ur fear. this years award show will be one rollercoaster. fans are predicting that it will be a battle between wonder girls and our boys. hmmmm, i guess we’ll just have to wait and see. *Prays dearly that our boys BANG out all other competitors*

    *winks* ^_^

  10. p.s i was was watching this recent interview with dbsk, and man i was soo STOKED when Xiah junsu stated that big bang are great. lol, but then he went to say that they themselves were unique…but still…see ACKNOWLEDGEMENT!

    *toot toot*

    ^_^ 🙂

  11. love wonderbang<33
    but dont want them to get to close! xD

  12. i dont like wonerbang. i lovee bigbang!!!!!!!
    tut, i dont know y i hate wondergirls so much T____T
    bigbang!!!!!!!!! hwaiting ❤

    i wish every happiness in the world for them.

  13. Can’t wait to see the performance! should be AWESOME!!! [I’ts Big
    Bang, of course it’ll be AWESOME!!!]

    Big Bang on the news? WOW!!!
    MUST SEE IT!!!!

  14. P.S: Lucky japanses vip’s!!!
    *ENVY FEELINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  15. all this sounds awesome!

  16. WAHHH!!

  17. I’m not rly a WonderBang fan but this’ll be cute to watch, I know that. I have a random question…. does anyone know why TYC is offline?

  18. >…< i cant wait

  19. yayyy WonderBang… can’t w8!
    & Number 1 is awesome luv luv it! Wonder how d other songs sound like! Thanx 4 sharing! =>


  21. uhh… u mean, ‘awesome’ not ‘fawesome’ right?

  22. OMG did TOP just say you smell like pudding?? I could swear that is what he is sayin LOLOLOL either way this song is hella peng~

  23. @ Ethrapt

    hey its me daisy. keepthekeys talked to the7real and she said they are working on TYC. i need its T_T

    Number One

    the song is alrite. tae’s voice is soooooooooooooo O_O.
    ri isnt in the song at all almost T_T

    the beat is pretty good.

  24. @ iluvdemmusic

    i’m sure he says smell like honey

  25. 7samira7 yeahh yg did plan everything pretty nicely. i have a feeling he sent them off to japan during dbsk’s comeback so just incase haruharu started losing its no.1 spots on charts, it would be because they’re not promoting.. not because of anything else. lol am i making sense? i guess all we can do is wait! our boys are no.1 no matter what!

    dori, hehe sorry for my slang. did you see mean girls? when she wrote fugly? lmao. i add an f to everything now.. meaning it’s f*ckin` awesome >.<

    iluvdemmusic LOL WHAT?! WHEN?!

    DAISY. truetrue, i didn’t even hear maknae the first time around =.= i gta listen to better quality firstt

  26. AHHH OMG
    yes! your my NUMBER 1 Big Bang
    i can’t wait =]
    i love it!
    Their English is getting better and better
    i can’t wait! =]

  27. Dang this new song is awesome.

    And wow, concert tickets already sold out. I hope the addition of the fourth concert doesn’t burn them out too bad =\. 4 concerts and then an album release…

  28. ooft. i’m already loving it.

  29. omg !! I love this new song!!!!!! AMAZING!! GD <3333333 waaah theri english is so good!!


  31. i’m SO looking forward to their new albumssss 😀
    and isn’t october 4th also the day that top will be playing piano? alkdjfdklsakdjf i’m so excited. 😀 😀 😀

  32. OMG!!!!! LOVE IT! NUMBER 1!!! xD
    “I’m a hardworking man and I work for my fans” – awesome!

  33. OMG!!!!
    the song is awesome!!!
    their english keep on getting better and better! >.<

    and I can’t wait to see wonderbang perform again!!!

  34. this song is so FREAKIN awesome. i listened to like 15 times now,its so addicting. Cant wait for the MV!

  35. aaaah… youtube tells me the vid isn’t available anymore? someone help!! i want to bask in bb’s amazingness, too! T_T

  36. At first the song is kind… but after a few listens it really grows on you! I’m addicted already and there English is so fantastic! I am definitely putting it on my ipod and blasting it when I drive. ^^

  37. >>>7samira7

    Am not korean but i really like big bang i just want to know where you watch the interview where DBSK talk about BIG BANG.

  38. sounds great!!! big bang ftw =] TOP i’ll keep you company!!! muahahah

  39. oh my god. i love the song. esp top’s part.
    goshhhhhh big bang = love <333


  41. tiki, it’s playing for me.. try it again? youtube is going to do maintenance soon so maybe that’s why it’s acting up >.<

    LOL everyone’s HYPED! i find it so weird though that yb is singing a girl’s part (lyrics wise) xP

  42. Omg, that’s their new Japanese single?

  43. “I will give you more, I’m your number one”
    Ofcourse U r #1

  44. jess it’s from their new album~~ it was on a japan radio show^^ eek i’m excited!!

  45. yes!!!! waiting for major wonderbang-ness….ahhh awesome!!!!

  46. sweetsorrow i KNEW you would love this xPPP

  47. WonderBANGGGG! I love it when they’re together! They bond with each other very well and they’re two of the most popular groups! I can’t wait!
    GD is killing me slowly, I just want to, ahhhh, I can’t say. ❤
    I’m so into ‘Number 1’ right now! GD’s English is amazing. I love the beat, something I can definitely dance to. I love all their parts, but Taeyang’s voice is so darn mesmerizing.
    They did it once again, now I really can’t wait till they perform this.

  48. I LOVE IT ITS AMAZING~~ another hit for sure ❤

  49. OMG number 1, cant wait till the album is out. sooo looking forward to it. Orhhhh i wish they held a concert in HK or something.

  50. Wow their new song is awesome
    I can’t wait till their new album
    Their english is getting better
    Once again they are proving why they’re #1
    But I barely hear any seungri 😦

    man YG needs to release this in america…they’re english is almost impeccable in this one (tons of improvement from With U)…the beat is LIVEEE and i cannot wait to see the music video for this….awesomeee im so hyped…definately going to be worth the wait!

  52. OMG!! DAE sounds amazingly sexyy!!!!!

  53. Yes you are my number 1 big bang
    Yeah, give me more!!
    Damns G-Dragon i’ll be there for you
    not for the money, not for the fame,
    not for the glory, not for the vain..?
    fo`sho, i’ll be your girl. =]
    AHHHHHHHhhh Scream*
    OMG I CANNOT WAIT! i love this already

  54. @ninalee,he said “not for the name”.lol-i would have him even if he was a poor,unknown person.

  55. lol ninalee that was SO CUTE “vain” xDDDD

    Hotlizardfox, maknae’s in there^^ he sings with dae back and forth but dae’s voice is EXTREMELY powerful compared

  56. LOVE IT.

  57. i love number 1 so freaken much.
    i’ve been playing the song a 100x already and still couldn’t get enough.somebody stop me!arrgh.
    young bae<3

  58. hiphop&pop mix feel will be good for their japan activities

    love it so much.

    need audio rip. not want. NEED NEED NEED

  59. tam- yay it works!!! realized that my browser was being stupid >.< go firefox!

    omg… LOOOVE IT!!! and seriously.. their english has improved SO SO SO much!!! can’t wait to listen to the whole album!!!! ❤

  60. Daesung’s parts are so great I could listen to the first verse he sings over and over again. TOP’s first verse makes me giggle. The lyrics are cute. xD

  61. I love the song already!!! can’t wait for it! It sounds so sexy…trust the boys to always ooze with sexiness in their songs. ^^

    I’m excited for the wonderbang collab. ^^ But I doubt it if their gonna do a special stage like last year, where they combined Lies and Tell Me…from what i saw in another source they’re gonna do a trot song for Lee Mi Ja…nevertheless I’m still excited to see them work together again. ^^

    Big Bang! Number 1….^^

  62. Kenley, ohh really?? Where did you get that news bit from? Aww I was hoping for a nobody&haruharu collab!!


  64. Tam
    I saw it in seoulbeats earlier. But then when I looked again at the article it didn’t say that they won’t do a collab…but it is implied that they might do a trot song for Lee Mi Ja (‘coz Lee Mi Ja is a trot singer?).
    But we can hope too you know. I wanna see them do Nobody and Haru Haru together..I can imagine the boys doing the hand moves in Nobody…wooohooo. ^^

  65. BB’s song is the kind of song most americans would listen. i could imagine this song being requested on the radio 24/7. If they put up more effort in practicing their english i think they would probally succeed in america, and dont get me wrong i like the song my self :).

    Good luck to them in japan ^^


  67. “Boy I love your style, I love your smile
    Wish that you could be
    Only mine be only mine (fa’sho)
    I can’t let it go, I don’t know
    What you’re doin’ to me
    You’re so fine, ooh you’re so fine”
    i love this part =] yb !!

  68. I wanna see Ye-Eun&Jiyong together 😀

  69. Hey just wondering..

    umm does anybody know when until whenever is going to be officially released??

  70. holy crap
    the song sound good
    i lik the lyric
    specially GD part hihihih
    “I need a girl who is in it for me.
    Not for the money, not for the fame,
    Not for the glory, not for the name”
    baby i dont want ur money or ur fame
    i just want U!!!!
    just give me 1 day.. or just one hour… i would be sooo happy

  71. “shorty drop it low” for me kinda bugs me. :[
    other than that. this song sounds hawttt! electronnnaaaaa

  72. OMG! the song is wow
    i love deas part!<3
    “I will give you more; I’m your number one”
    my gawd…that is LOVE

  73. that was awsome

  74. — Kenly, ahh yeah seoulbeats sounds like they’re going to do an all together trot perf. Well I wouldn’t mind that either xPP Leemijae looks like one of those adorable grandmothers xD

    — meL, i wish i kneww!!! i hope it’s going to be in their korean album by the end of this year~~~

    — queenie, YEAH that’s another GOLD part. lol. doesn’t that remind you of pdiddy’s i need a girl?? xP

  75. aaiii, cant wait, really like, so happyy:):))
    go big bang:):)

  76. WHOA~ this is MAD HOT man!
    i love love love it. i SWEAR its gonna be a hit. topping that #1 charts…no lie! thanks for the song =)

  77. OMGAWH! i think im in love with their song x]

    KWONJIYONG — I love your style, I love your smile
    Wish that you could be
    Only mine be only mine
    I can’t let it go, I don’t know
    What you’re doin’ to me
    You’re so fine, ooh you’re so fine” ~~~

    yes — yes you all are x]

  78. yeay wonderbang is back!!

    LOVE IT~!

    youtube’s blocked at school, i have to wait 6 hours to hear this

  81. OMGOMGOMG!!!

    L.O.V.E. IT!
    OMG I love…EVERYONE’s parts in ‘Number 1’!
    SO Excited, great now how am I suppose to sleep.

  82. OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. does anyone have the mp3 I can download?

  84. their english has definitely has improved. I like it a lot!


    At first, I can’t hear SR’s part AT ALL, but then I decided to turned up the sound, then I could hear him! I gotta say that he soundss sooooo DIFFERENT! Baby is getting more mature! I kept getting DS + SR’s voice mixxed up for some reason…


  87. yeah me tooo I want to download the song!!!! It’s so freaking good!!! I can’t wait for the new album!!! =]

  88. oooo lyrics~~ their English songs just keep getting better. just compare the singles: How Gee, With U, Number 1. each is better than the previous one. *w00t!* ^_^

  89. Hm, not a big fan of Wonderbang. I like Toobin though, just because TOP and Yoobin are mighty hot. But I don’t really like G-ye. Not a big fan of Sunye that’s why. But DaeEun and MiRi are cute 😀 And the song’s dope!

  90. I love this song!

  91. @tam – howd u know? lol i guess i am quite predictable =P

  92. for some reason within the first second of the song i was like “is that britney spears ‘piece of me??” thank god i was wrong lol.
    their english has gotten much better. im not too crazy about this song yet, but it’s nice. sounds like something i would exercise to or listen to while i study. i guess it’s just “chill” ^^ i like that though

  93. i loved the song!!

    and yes panda you r my number one xDD

    cant wait 4 the album (^.^)v

  94. awwww yessss BB is my number 1!!! ♥

    Gdragon xDD! LMAO! he works for the fansss xDDD!

    i’m lovin’ the song >_< esp. TOP’s part ♥♥♥

  95. their english has gotten so much better 🙂

    does anyone now when the album is gunan come out?

  96. i gonna come out October 22 i think..

    i upload the preview ^^ if u want download here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/iw3csp

  97. wow.I love the song as soon as I heard it!I mean the choros is catchy and not to mension GD’s rap..,,It was toooooo HOT!!!Love the way he stop at the end of every sentence.That little pause makes his sound even sexier!!!!Can’t wait for their official debut in JP!Yah!

  98. OMG HOT SONG XDD i want xDD

  99. yay wonderbang 😀
    there so cute when there together (:
    and the song is awesome !
    the part where top says ‘Crisp and clean now I got the power’
    when i first heard it i thought he said
    ‘Krispy Kremes now i go the power” [krispy kremes = those doughnuts]

  100. I wonder why Allkpop hates BigBang so much..
    It really irritates me..Every time they r writibg bad stuff about BB and comparing them with DBSK..

  101. oh mah gah this song is so FREAKIN awesome. YEAH YEAH YEAH BIG BANG
    your are my number one

  102. OMG. they’re back with A BANG!
    i love this song.
    need i say more that the boys are the best. and the english is HAWT.
    boys, you surely are my NUMBER 1.

    i thought it was krispy kremes too! hahaha TOP and his love for donuts! lol.

  103. OMG OMG OMG *dies*
    thank u!!!!
    i ❤ ❤ _<
    gratz 2 the boys for the tics sold out, woot~

  104. @ivip_me
    haha STUFF ALLKPOP. i hate them too.
    allkpop obviously LOOOOVES DBSK.
    and yeah. it also pisses me off when they compare the two; dbsk & BIG BANG.
    and them saying big bang is going to japan ‘coz their running away from dbsk? ergh. whatever!
    anyways this is where you should check for REALLL updates of big bang.
    watch them own everyone. *peow peow! 😀

  105. oh… very good OMG HOT SONG !!!!!!!!!! T.Tzz!

  106. OMG its so addictive!! i keep singing it out loud every 5 seconds xD
    bigbang is soo gonna make a big hit in japan <33 can’t wait till they come back =]

  107. OMG
    the song is just AWESOME!!
    it’s weird how the songs sound so hip hop when they are for Japanese..
    while the song is less hip hop when the songs are for Korea lol

  108. OMG

  109. OMGGGGG
    This song is INTOXICATING and i’m loving ittt.>
    AHHHH can’t wait for the MV, Aimee will be in it too right? >w<~~

  110. 40 second preview of number 1 MV up on youtubeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    just thought i let everyone know 🙂 if u didnt already know


  112. there the 40 min preview!! omo that’s so hot to the max!

  113. number 1 is awesome <3333! however, at first i thought seungri has got no parts at all, which made me mad. then i saw your lyrics, but then to me, seungri are always given the least parts or unnoticable ones. =( hope that’ll change. Maknae hwaiting!

    I’ve got a question about mkmf this year. Will their “Last farewell” song also included in the competition? I mean, that song was released this year. If it is, then I’d feel more confident.

  114. this song is awesome!!
    at 1st i listened i was like With U is better..haha…then after that YB’s part comes in..and i’m totally dead..the chorus is so catchy!! but why is dae and baby only sang a little..i’m not satisfied! but this song is great~
    my man’s ‘you can keep me company’..he’s hinting me..haha!! xD
    i’m getting high alone here again haha

  115. @ newvip: i know..i want BaBy and daedae to have moar parts to sing 😦 but…
    i cant stop listening to new song, weeee~
    BB, u guys are definitely me number 1!!!!
    GDYB chorus rox!!

  116. oh my gosh..i totally love their new song! its easy to listen,so catchy and very BIGBANG..anyways i hope they can make a huge sucess in Japan with their new album..so VIPs around the globe,please support Bigbang and lets pray for their best..


  118. gah why does youngbae sound like that? =( !! its the stupid synthesizer thing. he sounds really girlly. =X lol.

  119. i think yb’s part is hot, it has that cool vibe to it, naameannss ahaha.

  120. OMG!!!THIS SO IS AMAZING!!!!!
    I’m so jealous at the japanese ppl right now!!!
    They get to hear it first on live performance!!!
    I loved T.O.P’s and GD’s rap parts! SO COOL!!!
    Tae Yang, Dae Sung and Seung Ri also did an AWESOME job on their parts!!!
    The lyrics are like…WOW!!!
    bet GD wrote them! he got so much talent!


  121. OMG OMG OMG!
    Ahhhhhhh! i just love the song! I was feeling so down and then i listened to this song…it made my mood.
    The lyrics are soooo good! I love Tae Yang and Dae Sung’s part sooo much!
    These guys are just SOOOO AWESOME and HOT! XP
    Miss them sooo much and i just LOOOOOVE them so much!

  122. I LOVE Number 1!!! Can’t stop listening to it!!!

  123. Oh just to add i LOVEEEE Tae Yang voice damnnnnnn SEXY

  124. omg im so addicted to taeyangs part

  125. You can find the mp3 here, its not very clear though.. its kinda like the video quality above, but hey. better then nothing ^_^


  126. LMAO im addicted to yb’s part too ahaha 😛

  127. Number 1 sounds really good! Can’t wait for em to take us by storm again!

  128. aaww!!! WONDERBANG again,,
    can’t wait for this..
    yeah..i want to see them dance ‘NOBODY’

    me too.. i love the song!!!
    definitely NUMBER 1!!!!

  129. Doesn´t sound very good to me. More like a mix of some of their older songs.

    Not to mention the lyrics—–just bad. I won´t say no more.

    Just this last thing—-I really wish they wold go back to their cool hip-hop style.

  130. im in love with NUMBER 1!

  131. HAHA! I THOUGHT T.O.P said You look sweet smell like pudding not honey!

  132. i do miss their hip hop 2 but i luv em anyway i can get em!


  134. I’m so addicted to this song. I like Dae Sung’s part well I like all the parts in the song. For some reason, Tae Yang’s part reminded me of Justin Timberlake…

  135. omg that song is so freaking catchy i love it im so exciteddd

  136. LOVE their new song!! whenz it coming out or is it already out?? omgosh…i don’t come to this site for like 3 dayz and BAM! i missed soo much~
    danng, i really hate school >.<
    =P lol~~ someone fill me inn!! =]


  138. i luv it^__^

  139. this song is soo catchy!! i downloaded the mv for my ipod, and i watch it everyday in class xD YB is the man~

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