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There goes Bong’s special shade, then there’s Aimee, she told us about her little cameo apperance on the MV, but this ain’t no little, she’s the lead female, looking hot as always gurl~ OOHHHHHH~~~ YB DID IT!!! YUP THE INNOCENT ‘I don’t hungry’ boi did it.. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT RIGHT???

I’m sorry, YB can be burning hot here, but I can’t take my eyes off of my Baby… he’s just LORD~~~~

after rewatching it for 10 times, I can finally take me eyes off of Baby and notice that Bong is STILL wearing Sam’s cousin. aish~


Big Bang on 2008 Kia Experience Preview

Thanks to 바밤바동동님
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I’m not sure what 2008 Kia Experience is about, but it look like a charity event to help kids in Africa. I like the beginnig where YB, Bong and Tabi ‘paint’ the words.. kekek Tabi sticking his butt out hahaha. And it also show a clip of Big Bang on ‘New Desk’ hmm… wonder what this preview is. Then they show all of them weairng the Tshirts, Tabi is TOO COOL to wear a shirt haha he just hold it up haha. Then Dae talking on the phone, I’m pretty sure that’s not his phone haha, since the charm is pink and Doraemon is NO WHERE to be found hahaha.

The boys must be lovin’ the Colonize clothes, Baby and Bong once again pose in Colonize hoodie, they really have the power to make you wanna go out and buy it… talk about good marketing. Baby look so mature, he almost scare me when I first saw this, even grew a mustache… and his classic pose haha.. so cute. Then there’s Bong….. being his … Bongself, he seem to enjoy lying on the floor and let other people take picture of him from above kekek such a dork.

Oh~ and another cool thing, a new community dedicated to Big Bang’s Japan activities just got created by mycatok on LiveJournal, called BIGBANG_WORLD it’s pretty cool, you should totally join it. I did, will be checking it often for the boys 😀

UNDER HERE: Big Bang’s Translated 10 Q&A and BabyBong’s Colonize Pictures

Baby and Bong’s Colonize Pictures



Bong’s Q&A

1. Which artist do you respect the most or had the greatest influence in you?
Seo Taiji

2. What do you usually do during your days off?
Watch movies, idly pass time at home, go out with friends

3. Favourite spot (place that you’re comfy or gives you relief)?

4. What’s your nickname among the members?
Kwon Ji X

5. Do you have your own stress relieving ritual/method?
Eating delicious foods or sleeping, and shopping!!

6. Could you tell us your plans/objectives for this year?
Cross over the limit. Exceed the old me! (*GD’s basically saying that he wants to be better and keep on improving.)

7. What’s the biggest failure/regret you have since starting?
Nothing in particular

8. When do you feel the happiest?

9. What’s the Japanese cooking/food that you like?
Curry, Ramen, Crab dish, meat (*for BBQ), etc.

10. Is there a particular habit/fixation that you just can’t get rid of?
More than a fixation, I have the habit of biting my nails ;;;

**Hmm… I knew it! He bite his nails, but lately his nails been looking really good, so maybe he stop doing it already. and LOL at ‘Kwon Ji X’ the members actually call him that? hahaha

Baby’s Q&A

1. Which artist do you respect the most or had the greatest influence in you?

2. What do you usually do during your days off?
Watch movies and performances

3. Favourite spot (place that you’re comfy or gives you relief)?

4. What’s your nickname among the members?

5. Do you have your own stress relieving ritual/method?
Listening to music a great deal

6. Could you tell us your plans/objectives for this year?
New hit from BIGBANG (*I think Baby wants BB to once again take the KMusic scene by storm, which they already are doing btw.)

7. What’s the biggest failure/regret you have since starting?
My ankle injury from last year

8. When do you feel the happiest?
During concerts

9. What’s the Japanese cooking/food that you like?
Crab dish

10. Is there a particular habit/fixation that you just can’t get rid of?
Nothing in particular

**This makes me so mad when I first saw it, are you serious Baby??? That ankle incident.. you’re still blaming youself for it?? you’re unbelievable….

YB’s Q&A

1. Which artist do you respect the most or had the greatest influence in you?
There’s so many, I can’t choose

2. What do you usually do during your days off?
Stay up late and go watch movies until bedtime

3. Favourite spot (place that you’re comfy or gives you relief)?
HOME, Church

4. What’s your nickname among the members?

5. Do you have your own stress relieving ritual/method?
Strolling/Going for a walk while listening to music, and sleeping in general

6. Could you tell us your plans/objectives for this year?
Study/Learn English, make it big in Japan!!

7. What’s the biggest failure/regret you have since starting?
I don’t get it T_T

8. When do you feel the happiest?
When I listen to good songs

9. What’s the Japanese cooking/food that you like?
I like all Japanese dishes!!

10. Is there a particular habit/fixation that you just can’t get rid of?
I don’t have any habit in particular

** kekek his answer for #7 ‘I don’t get it T_T” hahaha and look, perfecting his English is his goal for the new year, hahaha he wanna get rid of ‘I don’t hungry’ kekeke any iVIPs interested in tutoring?? hahaha and since the guys call him ‘BeBe’… I think I should start calling him that… 😀

Tabi’s Q&A

1. Which artist do you respect the most or had the greatest influence in you?
Method Man, Kanye West

2. What do you usually do during your days off?
Write in journal/diary, listen to music

3. Favourite spot (place that you’re comfy or gives you relief)?
My room (Probably a place that doesn’t have too many people)

4. What’s your nickname among the members?

5. Do you have your own stress relieving ritual/method?
Writing lyrics or listening to music

6. Could you tell us your plans/objectives for this year?
I want growth for myself, and to stop spending time uselessly like before. (*Mature TOP?)

7. What’s the biggest failure/regret you have since starting?
Nothing in particular. (Looking back, there are no regrets from my actions)

8. When do you feel the happiest?
Shopping (When I get the item that I want)

9. What’s the Japanese cooking/food that you like?
Sushi, Merokama, Teppanyaki

10. Is there a particular habit/fixation that you just can’t get rid of?
I’m stubborn, once I’ve put my mind into it I’ll absolutely do it ^^; (*Impulsive TOP? I really had a hard time translating this one DX)

**Stubborn… that’s not a bad habit. that’s HOT~ can i get a ‘YES YES”?? hahahha

Dae’s Q&A

1. Which artist do you respect the most or had the greatest influence in you?
Brian McNight [sic], Maxwell

2. What do you usually do during your days off?
Movie marathon

3. Favourite spot (place that you’re comfy or gives you relief)?
Strolling to the park near the house

4. What’s your nickname among the members?
Kang Dae Bak?? (since after the GREAT Concert)

5. Do you have your own stress relieving ritual/method?
Playing, going out by myself

6. Could you tell us your plans/objectives for this year?
Study/Learn English

7. What’s the biggest failure/regret you have since starting?
Misunderstanding with the school and was absent for it’s foundation anniversary

8. When do you feel the happiest?
On stage, when I meet eyes with the fans!!

9. What’s the Japanese cooking/food that you like?

10. Is there a particular habit/fixation that you just can’t get rid of?
Cracking my finger joints noisily! Pokipoki (*onomatopoeia of cracking fingers?)

**OMG. me and Dae have the same habit that we wanna get rid of, I always crack my fingers, and I know it’s not good because then my knuckles would become huge [it’s already is] but I can’t help it. aish. I hate this habit of mine.

credit: colonize | 뛰어와죵님 | mycatok@bigbang_world


~ by Vicky on October 2, 2008.

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  1. awwwww..i love how DS said he’s happiest when he meets eyes with the fans..i freaken adorable!! hehehe his picture was sooo cute!! i couldnt help but smile when i saw it!! heheheh

  2. hahaha Dae “PokiPoki”

  3. i can realate to top so much!!!!!!!

  4. aww dae, haha taeyang “i don’t get it” cute!!

  5. awww they all like to watch movies :p

    tae is too cute. church :p after the whole slap aimee’s butt in the teaser ppl are dont believe u 😛


    GD and Shaun have the same hoodie 😀

    i bet shaun was like thats a cool hoodie dude let me borrow it 😛

  6. oh ny gee. they look so hot in the pix.. their answer are so amazing.. especially the food.. the actually like sushi.. but dang their too hot to talk to them..(whenever)..

  7. omfg haha that was cute thank u

  8. haha did you c TOP doing the slides on the right haha. OMGGGG
    so cute!!!!

  9. I could not believe my eyes when I saw what YB did to Aimee! o.o

    My eyes are still in shock!

  10. LOL. i like how you call YB the ‘i don’t hungry’ boy xDD
    and yessssssss i saw it tooooo. i wonder if was really shy slapping her butt XD

  11. xvxyniexvx

    I choked on my coffee…
    almost didn’t make it
    OH LORD~~~

  12. i was waiting for you to post this already!! hahaha. how funny was it when yb slapped aimee’s ass xPPP

    5. Do you have your own stress relieving ritual/method?
    Eating delicious foods or sleeping, and shopping!!

    GD is SUCH a girll!!!! we could be bffaeaeaeae~~ hahaha.

  13. topheru

    OH MY GOD!
    i can totally him being like ‘uh.. where should I hit it?’
    which side?

  14. tam

    i almost die because i was choking on my freaking coffee hahaha

    that is just totally expected from Bong kekeke

  15. aww YB is so sweet. i already call him Bebe ^_^
    Kwon Ji X?? Kang Dae Bak? those nicknames need some explaing ?_? lol

  16. Daisy

    maybe he did the same like back when he shoot “ma girl” mv
    he’ll probably run to church and was like ‘sorry god, forgive me i slapped it”

  17. medirin

    Kwon Ji X… i’m sure Bong make that up hahaha
    Kang Dae Bak.. DO needs some explaining
    I’m gonna start calling YB ‘Bebe’ now hahaha

  18. ohhhhhhh you know what that whole yb slapping her butt makes me want her job even more LOLOL


  20. lmao

    tae is suppose to be the “pure” one but i guess he is not anymore hhehehe dont worry i like that tae 😛

  21. Daisy

    i’m sure he’s till pure ont he inside
    and i BET … you LOOVVVVVVEE it hahahah

  22. Wow, the MV is so hot!
    Can’t wait for the whole thing.
    OMG, me & GD & DS all have the same bad habit.
    I bite my nails & crack my knuckles. =/

  23. OMFG!!!
    GD bites his nails…I feel closer to him already 😛

    TY I’m willing to sacrifice going to school to tutor you LOL

    mature TOP???!!….speechless
    but impulsive TOP……SO HOT!!!0.0(no need to change that)

    DS feels happy when looking into the eyes of the fans….I wonder….

    SR… I can imagine him all hyper responding to the question XD

  24. can i eat u my oppas. you are soooo sweeett. i want see while u eat sushi dae oppa… and im like u my dong yb. i listen to music while walk. hey you know? my name is eng mean : *young.. like yours name @’_’@ i love u soo much my honey my king hehehhe i pilfer my gd oppa hehehe

    oppalarıım sizi yiyebilir miyimm?? çok şekersiniz yaa…hehhe dae oppa seni sushi yerken görmek isterdim ve benim dong yb m senin gibi ben de yürürken müzik dinlemeyi seviyorum. heyy biliyor musun? benim adımın ingilizce anlamı *young… aynı senin adın gibi. seni çok seviyorum tatlım benim kralımm.. hehhehe gd oppamdan aşırdıımm….

  25. OMG I didn’t read your caption when i was watching the preview of the mv, and I guess I also missed the part about Aimee saying she was part of it. So I almost had a heart attack when I realized “.. do NOT tell me that is Aimee.. ” HAHA She was beautifulllll in it :]. Haha even Youngbae can’t resist. Good dance moves btw, they anchored it well.
    And what does Daesung mean about his university thing? What happened?

  26. vicky loll i understand where you’re coming from.. but it’s HILARIOUS! THAT CHURCH BOY! he even said his fave place is church! puahahaha. ybb<3333 oh another hilarious moment.. gd wearing sam =.= LMAO i would expect him to wear it to couple of perfs and stuff but not on an mv!! but this explains everything, he was starting to promote his number 1 style at the end of haru haru loll

  27. I loved the preview of the video
    can’t wait to watch the rest

    and I forgot to mention SR’s mustache makes him look sooo cute 😛

  28. im sorry vicky. i forgot thank u…. thnak u sooo muchh i love u sososo muchh ♥♥

  29. yaaa bebemm ama yazık aşkıma yapma bunu niye çalıyon hırgız xD pisluhh senüü 😀 yaa çok şekerler yaa ^.^

    owww you all too cute ♥♥♥ i wanna hug you all *hugss* i cant wait for number 1 T.T thnx for sharing my cute lil sis ^.^ and i dont forgive u c-young xD

  30. GD and TOP like to shop.
    aww i can imagine.. bebe. 🙂
    seung ri- maknae and top- top-hyung..

  31. I can’t believe TY just did that…

  32. tae and aimee

    hehe i wonder if there is a thing going on i wont mind :p

  33. AWWWAH!!!
    awww. they wana learn english!? imma good translator!! ;DD

  34. whyy?? g- quuen why u dont forgive me?? what did i ?? i wanna cryy.. plss tell me gq

  35. daisy!! aimee is taken!!!

  36. dreamandlove
    he have a mental of a 5 year old haha
    mature… kekekek

  37. Karen
    Aimee mentioned about a ‘small cameo’ appearnce in Big Bang’s ‘NUMBER 1’ MV on her myspace profile
    but this is anything but small cameo ‘kay haha

  38. tam

    this boy… I have to give up haha
    no one can predict him
    he probably wiill jump out with a new hairstyle during the Japan Concert just like earlier this year
    we’ll wait.

  39. dreamandlove
    unshaved Baby…
    …. where is my innocent little maknae?

  40. xkayteh
    that’s the first thing pop into my head
    but instead it was more like ‘holy shit!! OH NO HE DIDN’T~” hahah

  41. Daisy
    i don’t think so haha
    if you didn’t know yet, Aimee and Shaun are in a relationship haha
    so u YB luvers don’t have to feel threaten keke
    Aimee already got her man.

  42. lmao i no i’m just like drama :p

    idm if tae has a girl. who wont mind that fine man 😛

  43. Daisy

    i’m sure THAT girl won’t mind hahaha
    but the other thousands would cry their eyes out
    that’s a FACT

  44. hahah yeah who is he kiddin…LOL

    and unshaved SR….embrace it LOL
    you better pack your bags and go help him shave 😛

  45. dreamandlove

    he’s a grown man
    if he doesn’t choose to shave
    what can i do right? hahha
    let him be hahah

  46. nooo i cant believe i slept waiting 2 watch it x_x
    im such a bad fan T_T…..
    omg i couldnt take my eyes of baby 2 xD
    i wanna see the hole mv *-*
    thanx =]

  47. What do you mean any iVIP interested in tutoring Taeyang!? I’m MORE than interested. Free of charge, I’ll even buy my own plane ticket to go over there!

  48. are you though????… 😛

    believe me if I was in that position I would go even f he didn’t need help shaving….

  49. @tvxqbblove:

    i’m interested :p

    lmao tae trying to learn english from a little girl thats not a good idea XD


    haha of course i know that
    just wondering how u guys would react kekek

  51. dreamandlove

    i would pack my bags and come any day
    shittt… you can trust me on that hahaha

  52. Daisy

    kekek well at least little girls doesn’t say ‘i don’t hungry’ hahah

  53. hahahah
    I sure do!!!

    just looking for oportunities LOL
    I’m looking for my chance to go help TOP with something
    maybe to scrub his back XD

    can’t wait to see it!!!!!!!!!
    hehe i got bored and wrote down the lyrics for Number 1
    don’t know if it’s correct though
    ah man gotta finish HW
    argh be back

  55. ~I LOVE THE Q&A’s 😀 i can sorta relate to some of them ^_^ at lesat we now know that there’s a park nearby their house, hehe.

    -“Kwon Ji X” lolz

    &DOES BABY HAVE A MOUSTACHE IN THAT PIC?? o.o looks like it. wOwz.

    NUMBER 1: is that a new song on the japan album or something because i’ve never heard of it O_O i’m reeeaal excited for it though! XDDD

  56. vi
    OMG gurl1 thank for posting it.
    i’m in BBheaven now.

    i put too many attantion on my man coz at the first time i don’t realize what YB do after i read ur post. hahaha…
    that boy not so innocent anymore. kakaka…
    i almost get chocked with my tomato juice when i rewatch it
    but i wonder if he feel a little hesitate when he do it? haha

    ahh~~ mature Tabi.. could u really make it? haha
    but i think u’ve growth a lot sine the first time,
    i can see his dancing is a lot better than ‘with u’
    oppa fighting!

    hahaha Bong still wearing that Sam’s cousin.
    looks like Sam cousin already stuck on his head that he even use it in a MV! haha

    aw~ YB want to learn english more. fighting!
    don’t go ‘i don’t hungry again’. do it with a BANG!

  57. GD hiding his head again. I can’t wait to see what’s new underneath. He can totally do anything. Love the questions and answers. I wouldn’t mind teaching the boys english especially my dae:D I can’t wait till the cd comes out!

  58. number 1 preview,all i can say is WOW.
    slight pelvic thrust by our boys right there.haha.
    YB,that booty slapper.LOL.
    i can remember him smacked some booty during crazy dog era.
    Bebe,please don’t make it a habit.

  59. youngbae’s so cute<3 love him

  60. sreaming… oh em gee!!! i can’t breath!!! ok ok! that was sooo hott!!!

  61. dreamandlove
    jeez gurl~~~
    scrub his back T__T

  62. BBBklyn
    i’m thinking about calling YB ‘Bebe’ from now on haha
    but idk if i should since it’s a name of a clothing brand i hate

    yes it is a mustache
    someone decide not to shave haha

    NUMBER 1 will be in their 1st FULL Japan Album
    which will be release on October 22nd

  63. nya

    how can you notice gurl?
    I actually choked on my coffee when I saw that part
    it’s just.. whoa~ *rubbed my eyes 4 times*
    WHOA?? YB?? WHAT??

    it probably took him like 1 hour before he can gather his guts to hit it hahahaha
    they just cut out the 59 minutes and leave that 3 seconds on hahaha

  64. sexYBeast
    it has becoming a regular thing actually…jeez hahaha

  65. LOL
    sorry seems like I’m getting carried away now 😛
    my imagination has gone too far XD

  66. Ahhhh Nooooooooo! Tae Yang’s INNOCENCE is gone! He’s supposed to be the SHY and PURE one….
    It was sooo not Funny when i first saw it!
    I wonder if he really did slap her but or it was the camera’s angle!
    BUT I STILL LOVE BEBE THOUGH!!!(just don’t do it again xD)

    ALL of their answers are cute! Dae Dae and me are similar,i ALWAYS crack my finger joints!

  67. “it probably took him like 1 hour before he can gather his guts to hit it”

    LOL! That sounds so like Tae Yang!

  68. vi
    kakaka… cut the 59 minutes
    no i don’t really realized it the first time.
    i realize it after i read ur post & the second time i watched it
    its like “what?! YB? how come?! the image is totally diofferent!”
    u chocked onur coffee??? hahaha while i chocked on my tomato juice? haha.. i think we somehow weirdly related.

    haha do u notice Sam’s cousin?
    Bong can’t take it out again i think. haha..
    why i think the 2 seunghyuns use the same pants?
    it somehow looks alike & the color.. same?
    uh… youtube quality is like… hah..

  69. Heheh Kwon Ji X LMAO Finally we get to see your hair LMAO it looks exactly like the hair you had in the ‘With U’ MV O.O
    Awwwwww Baby’s ankle… =( you look so much older now =)
    xD hahaha ‘Bebe’ LMAO Sooo CUTEE =3 ‘I dont get it T_T’ *GASP* the thing you did in the MV LOL =( xD wow Aimee looks pretty lol i thought she said little cameo but she the main in the MV xD
    TOP Hyung!!~ LOL YOU HAVE A DIARY?? LOL =) OMG I CANT BELIEVE YOU LIKE KANYE WEST AND METHOOD MAN >.< I BOTH LOVE THEM LOL if you like methood man does tht mean you like Wu-Tang Clan? LMAO Cool =) but personally my fav is Lupe Fiasco. hahaha stuborn, man gotta love you =D
    DaeSung!! i would actually call you DaeDae LMAO

  70. Why are the Jap MVs always involving girls shaking booty >< ?

  71. the MV preview is freakin hot!!
    GD with that furry hat again lol
    GD’s always happy~~ yay!!
    it’s sad thinking about Seung Ri’s ankle injury 😦

  72. dreamandlove
    hahah don’t worry
    i’m too use to it already
    [i blame nya. T_T]
    haha totaly normal for a fangirl

  73. ~SuN-sHiNe~
    hahaha INORITE!!!
    i’m so right i scared me sometimes hahaha

  74. nya

    i’m telling u
    we need to freaking get our DNA checked out or something haha
    cuz i’m suspecting something haha

    i can’t see crap through that video
    even the original video quality is T_T

  75. hhahaha
    seems like I’m finally becoming a true fangirl!!!
    I’ll mark this day in the calendar 😛

  76. vi
    the quality just too low.
    but still, we really happy when we found that. hahaha
    better than not right?

    i suspect my man & ur man use the same pants, the color looks the same, also Bong & Dae, but only YB is the different one.
    hahaha… it’ll be really great if we have our DNA checked & found out that we somehow related.
    kakaka… that’ll be one freaking day.

    original vidio quality?


    I was just on YT and I found a…new? Big Bang song.


    Is it new? If it is…WHY HASN’T IT BEEN ANNOUNCED lol

  78. I love Daesung’s and Top’s music tastes. I love method man and Kanye, When I was younger I always bumped Maxwell and Brian MCKnight. Soooo COOOOL!!!!
    OMG SR looks so cute and mature w/ a moustache.
    I can’t belive YB hit her butt, man I wish i was Aimee.

  79. dreamandlove
    hhaha don’t worry
    we will help you haha
    bring out the true fangirl in you

  80. nya

    haha pants with the same color is common
    but i’m not surprise if they’re wearing the same one anyway haha

    if something like that happen
    we should freaking write a book about it hahaha
    how awsome would that be?

  81. sophia
    that’s been updated already
    it’s a new song from their full 1st japan album that will be be release on the october 22nd
    that’s the same song that you hear on the MV preview above

  82. vi
    after i rewatched it, no, Bong & Dae don’t use the same pants.
    yeah, maybe…

  83. vi
    i won’t really surprised when it comes to another member
    but if it the 2 seunghyuns, idk why i just can’t control myself
    since i they have a awkward relationship, hahaha

  84. I’m flattered
    being guided by the pros 😛

  85. For me, I loved watching Dae in the clip and his answers were cute. ^_^

  86. nya

    these 2 seunghyuns
    they love each other so much but they don’t know how to express it haha
    poor them
    must be really uncomfortable
    i get extremely uncomfortable just watching them being uncomfortable hahahah

  87. dreamandlove

    kekeke YUP YUP
    BEST in this.. uhm… AREA

  88. LMAO!!!!

    yup I figure if you can get your own club you must be the best one XD

  89. Awesome preview!!!!
    The dance towards the end is too cute lol
    I smell another hit!!

  90. the preview was AWESOME!! [u go Aimee!]
    seriously cant wait for the rest!
    I LOVE all of their answers!!
    NSYNC for SeungRi? lol thats kinda cute!
    I love how he loves a wide range of songs.. esp English ones ^_^
    Im glad Tae Yang and Dae Sung want to master English
    but this was earlier this year, right? I guess they made
    much progress XD
    SeungRi & GD lookin awesome!!
    YAH! BB’s in Japan!

  91. i love how GD finds comfort on the
    floor because i do too. ^__^

    these little mv previews are helping
    me a lot because i’m really getting
    used to their new song now.


  93. the music video looks so hotttt and aimee looks beautiful. cann’t believe he just smacked her though. =_=
    how old is that interview? top’s long hair looks lovely. 🙂 i miss it a lot.

  94. vi
    hahaha our hubby just can’t help it.
    i love it when idol world episode, the choco pie battle. hahaha
    ‘i’m sorry maknae, hyung just love choco pie so much’
    ‘that’s the first time i hug TOP hyung. our relationship is work relationship’ hahaha

    they should try to fix it by now, since their wife have such a close relationship that lead to scary. sharing the same brain.

  95. roro
    gurl! have u look at that?
    he slap aimee butt. hahaha
    he’s not innocent anymore. kakaka

  96. meet eyes with the fans..haha i can feel that xD
    dae is always smiling happily while performing..
    AHHHH, i wanna meet my eyes with his too
    and i like it when YB and dae said their objective this year is to learn english…GO GO GO my boys!! you can do it!!

    and the mv..i watched it last night!! Ohhh Aimee is freaking HOT..and YB makes a perfect match with Aimee!! hoping for the full and HQ version soon!! this vid is too blurrrrr. yeah why sam’s cousin again? i wanna see the hair!

  97. when i saw what tae did to aimee..
    i had to rewatch it to makes sure i what saw was true..
    wow taeyang…O_O

  98. My first reactions to the preview. “Oh, Big Bang looks so hot. OH, AIMEE LOOKS SO HOT.” She’s very distracting. In a good way.
    And, now that’s you’ve mentioned Sam’s cousin, I have to go back and look for it. xD

    this boy is not innocent anymore xDDDD

  100. Whoa, creepy how my answers are so much like TOP’s. We are so meant to be. xD
    My mom told me that if you could crack all 10 of your fingers, it meant you were smart. Hard to break the habit. Dae is not alone.
    Ramen = BEST. FOOD. EVAR. Good choice, GD, good choice.

  101. LMAOO1!! “I don’t get it” ahaha omg i couldnt stop laughing..that’s so BeBe (i’m getting used to this new nickname, although if i had my way i’d call him ‘SEXSHI BEAST’) – and church!? ahaha he’s so funny…on the one hand he tries to maintain this pure, innocent image and then he goes wild in MV’s and concerts….lol

  102. ahh bebe bebe my darling gimme a call and i’ll tutor u for all my life.

  103. I can’t wait for the mv!!! omg! I love the preview! Looks like aimee wasn’t only doin’ a lil’ cameo…hehehe…she’s so humble…and she got slapped! wooohooo! I wanna get slapped by Ybae too. hihi.
    YB will always be my baebae to me. hihi.
    i love the Q&As!!!
    Bong – hehehe, he’s such a fashonista, shopping relaxes him. I wanna go out and shop with him too. and such a happy guy too. “Always”. =)
    Baby Ri- i love all jap dishes too! and it’s not his failure/regret that he got an ankle injury…i feel for you vicky…it was never his fault…so adorable. 🙂
    Tabi – he loves to shop too! it’s his joy! haha! and all 4 said they love to watch movies, but he prefers to write in his journal…awww…i can relate to him with that, finding a private space in a house full of crazy people. ^^
    Dae – lol! can’t believe that was his regret since they debuted. and he has the most touching answer when he’s asked about being the happiest…sweet dae.
    BaeBae – hehehe, i offered before, and it still stands. I really don’t mind teaching you english, in fact it will be my happiest moment since I’ve known Big Bang. =) He’s too perfect, sexy and religious…can’t help but love him more. hihi.

    thanks vicky dear! ^^

  104. >w< aiiii! Bebe, he’s really cute!!

  105. kenley

    yea dae is really sweet huh? i can see his happy face whenever he is performing, he even threw flying kisses to fans..i guess he really loves us!! I LOVE YOU TOO DAE!!!!
    and tabi prefers to write journal,writing lyrics and be in his room, that’s really lonesome…but good..i love my man >’3
    and BEBE is a sweet guy too, he seems really determined in learning English. I offer myself to tutor him too! xD yup I wanna call him BEBE from now on haha~
    i have a did baby injure his ankle actually?

  106. newvip

    last year during the golden disk rehearsal December he twisted(I think?) his ankle during their practice. It got worse after a few days and the doctors say he needs to rest his feet. then a few weeks later at the GREAT concert Baby dodged a stage firework effect and he twisted his bad ankle again… he kept on going but then backstage the pain was so bad he fainted…and crying…they have to rush him to the hospital…
    …now how can he see it as a failure?Even with a bad ankle he gave it his all. If the doctor didn’t order him to rest his feet he won’t do it…
    Baby really wants to give it all to his fans. =)

  107. OMG Top has a journal/diary. I wonder if he’ll ever publish it one day. aww so cute that Daesung is the only one with a regret. I love all their answers.
    the preview was HOTNESS, omg aimee is like the main female lol that certainly aint no cameo. and YB…speechless. I can’t believe that Bong really wore hie hat, can’t wait to see the surprise underneath it!

  108. omg the Number 1 mv HOTTT!!! i spot Aimee 😀 and YB 😛 lool~

    Tabi we have many things in common U///U ❤

  109. kenley

    sigh i’m so sad when u said that he cried..i could imagine how painful he was..yet he had to keep going..omg baby ah~~~that’s not failure ok! you didn’t want all this to happen T.T
    then the GREAT concert just went on without baby?

  110. ahhhhhhh that song is so catchy!!! i ant stop listening to it

  111. newvip

    I think he finished his parts in the concert…I know he went back to finish the concert. But I guess the audience noticed his absence for a while…
    I haven’t seen the whole concert, but I saw a vid on behind the scenes of the GREAT concert…I was crying when I saw Baby crying in pain…and knocked out with it.
    Yeah Baby it’s not a failure, we love you and you gotta rest for your health too.

  112. LOL @ bebe’s #7…that answer is just too cute ^^
    and poor BaBy…awww, that ankle injury wasnt ut fault 😦
    i ❤ ❤ ❤ the new MV preview..YB’s definitely HOt HOT HOt!!
    and the lead female dancer…GORGEOUS aimee ^^
    BaBy and Bong in hoodies? pure bliss~

  113. ~omg!!!!!!! i can’t wait for the full MV!!
    dang,, amiee is so HOT!! i love her!!!
    and so as the boys!!! all of them~

    ~cool,,i think all of them are really trying so hard to learn english!! nice!!

  114. Weeeell……..after listening to the song some more…..I must admit, it doesn´t sound quite as bad anymore.

    Still— they shouldn´t change styles so damn often.

    And I really wish they would stop those GAY dancemoves….specially TOP, it doesn´t look good on him.

  115. The MV preview is AMAZING!!!
    Big Bang look OS MATURE [Espaecialy baby]!!!
    Aimee sure does look hot!
    GOD, I wanna see the MV SO MUCH!!!
    CAN’T WAIT!!!

    Bog lying on the floor…HOT HOT HOT!!!
    Baby mustache photo…SO SEXY!!!

    I love the people who gave BB to do the Q&A!!!
    The info about Big Bang made me so happy that I got to know MORE about them!!!
    Hope this month will end quickly and tha…BIG BANG BACK IN KOREA!!!!


  116. vicky

    did you see bong getting kissed in the preview vid?hehehe. just noticed it after watching the preview for the nth time. 😛

  117. same too
    i’ve been watched ten times
    its so jerk…
    but bong still hot…

  118. OMG is it me or is a girl kissing Kwon JY on his cheek (at 2 sec.) OMGEE I’m sooo JAlous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The pics. Are amazing!!!!!BTW

  119. Awww, I’m just like Dae Sunggieee :]
    I crack my fingers toooo…Which is bad.

  120. Hahahah i dont beleive YB actuli did it. tutut naughty boy xD hahaha. Get in there YB!!

  121. waah!! i love the preview!! i’ve been wanting to see it!! YB!!..omg..was that you? dang boY!! bebe is such a cute nickname..^_^

    maknae is a grown man!!..but he’s still our baby..and GD!! lets just go shopping together!! i love you for being so vain!!..haha ^^

  122. The video… wow! TY is lookin wicked!!! Ah! Aimee too!!! I kept seeing DS and SR to be honest, but I’m glad about that! WAAAH!

  123. omg!!!!i die when i saw the preview..MY HON YB TAPPED AMIEE’S BOOTY!!!!!! i know its not really but W0W…you know that say..the innocent one is always the freakiest!!!!!! lol..thanks yah!!! yah made my day..i have a midterm in about 3 hrs…

  124. im telling you..being INNOCENT is the way to one of them word..but yeah..girls like when a man is, i can think of so many ways just to …yeah, YB is h0t..boi, i’ll make YB go to heaven!!! yah know what i mean…lol

  125. They’re too cute~Kyaaa~Esp ‘Bebe'(LoL)& Dae,HAHA..both of their smiles melt me~I always fall for guys who has these small tiny cute eyes when they smile & laugh,so cute!!~

  126. OMG Hot music video. Hot guys and a hot girl. keke. YB’s revealing his ‘lil freaky side ladies. lol. Would love to have Aimee’s job anyday!

  127. I think that was the camera’s angle, YB smacking Aimee’s booty that is. BUT LMAO I was like, yeah you better be going to church after this. *jealousss* >_>

  128. Is “the spank” not just an illusion??
    Lol just making sure

  129. did Yb really smacked aimee’s booty? >.<

  130. i kew GD bite his nails! but don’t worry GD, i used to bite my nails. but i totally quit for years now!. and friends envy my nails. SO YOU CAN STOP THE HABBIT!

  131. omgg they all look so hott *___*
    im just like totally shocked right now,YB just slapped aimee’s booty! (reminds me of the song low by flo rida loll “she turned around and gave that big booty a slap, hey~ next thing you know, shawty got low low low low low low low low”)

    am i the only one that wishes that colonize clothes were selling in america?! loll (all thanks to gdragon and seung ri! 😀 )

    for the Q&A, omg, Gdragon and Seungri are just like me! 😀

    i really wanna try to learn the dance to number 1! :O

  132. haha this is cute.
    btw it’s Brian McKnight (you were missing a K) 🙂

  133. Maynnn I absoluteely loove YB’s parttt. Andd yesss Baby looks mighty fiine.

  134. Can I switch place with Aimee next time she’s in korea?!?! =] so Bebe can slap my booty too!

  135. amiiieee *___*
    a small part? yeah right xD
    she looks so gorgeous *-*

  136. roro

    ur hubby did it gurl~

    and probably beginning of this year when they were still in japan promoting ‘For the World’

  137. nya

    OH MY GOD!!
    That’s the exact scene that’s i was thinking about when we were talking about the 2 seunghyuns hahahahaha
    i’m telling u gurl
    this mind thing is creepy

    that was so cute when Baby hang onto him
    his face while he hug Baby was just PRICELESS

  138. newvip
    my friend actually get a chance to meet eye to eye with Dae
    she was the girl Dae drag on stage during the Thailand concert and he sing to her
    it was awsome

  139. Maryam
    I KNOW!!
    Doesn’t matter where you are
    if you have ramen, u will always survive hahaha

  140. Kenley

    I’m really sensitive when it come to the ankle subject
    I just get mad if he even say sorry for it
    Baby needs to learn to stop doing that

  141. goldenGAZE
    he probably use it for his lyric inspiration
    his composing and writing skills has improved a lot
    so maybe that’s why

  142. Kenley
    UHH… WHAT????
    hold up nao

    ***went and rewatch it**

    no gurl
    she just put her face in front of his face
    no lip contact whatsoever *whew*

    u scare me for a minute there

  143. Ethrapt
    confess to God

  144. dang this was a long time ago!!! * i can tell bc of TOP’s hair. i liked answers from… TOP! happies when i gets the items that he wants!

  145. vi
    huh? u think about that too???
    i love that scene so much! Baby hanging onto Tabi.
    hahaha… their face is priceless!
    Baby face just ‘hyung!!’
    my man face is ‘sorry maknae’

    our hubby have such a ewkward relationship, hahaha, tough they love each other so much.

    i remember the scene at Baby manwon. when he give Tabi his 1000 won happines? hahaha
    when they left the 2 alone & the situation is…
    kekeke, even Baby who always hyper can’t handle it.
    my man won’t eat him, why Baby looks kinda scare when he’s with my man? hahhaa

  146. i have the same fixation as dae!
    is it true our knuckles will get bigger if we do that??
    my knuckles look the same to

  147. hahas, yea, Taeyang did do it, first time i saw it, i was like, wow! he is not the shy one anymore. he also did that at their GREAT concert for “She cant get enough” i think. lols. i love all their answers! we’ll keep making eye contact with Daesung! like Seung ri, i have a bad habit of craking my knuckles to! lols. they’re so hot! i want a hoodie like theirs now.

  148. omg! i would totally love to go shopping with TOP and Jiyong! lols.

  149. i meant like daesung, i also crack my knuckes. =P omg, Seung Ri spraining his ankle, it wasnt his fault, like what everyone said, he shouldn’t be saying that that was a failure. fighting Seung Ri!

  150. nya
    my sweet innocent taeyang. D: now i can’t corrupt him alkdjkfjdkjsadf

  151. vicky
    i thought so. darn. for a brief moment i thought top grew out his hair really fast and i was confused. and then i figured this was an old interview and then i was disappointed. T^T

  152. nya

    especially when they were wearing those costumes and bottom part was just hangin’ to LOW~ hahha
    that was so freaking cute.

    I don’t think he’s scare of Tabi
    it’s just … awkward….
    like I have ppl who I’m like that with too
    like we’re cool with each other and everything, but when there isn’t a 3rd person near us… it just get so freaking awkward I wish I can crawl in a hole hahaha

  153. mars
    haha it does
    you don’t notice because u see ur knuckles all the time
    but it really does gets bigger

  154. roro

    aww haha
    Tabi look sexy in his short hair too
    i’m more of a loving-guys-with-short-hair girl
    so i like this Tabi better haha

  155. roro
    u could corrupt him anytime u want to. hahaha i believe in u ability. kakaka
    u think Tabi grow hair that quick? haha… i love man with long hair, but i love his hair for now too.
    he just too sexy in any way

  156. vi
    hahaha everyone have that kind of person.
    but the way Baby look at tabi kust like a rabbit met a godzilla. hahaha…
    talking about the outfits, i love Jikachu!
    hahaha… he said that he even don’t know what his outfit is.
    & the way Bong put that choco pie inside his outfit just.. kakaka…

  157. lmao. *i don’t get it T_T* xDD
    daesung’s poki poki heyy isn’t that a game at roiworld? XD

  158. damn ‘Bebe’ is just so hott ;_;

  159. T_T SR doesn’t have the same background as the others

  160. Vicky

    i thought she did. guess the panel was too small and all…well we’ll see it better when the vid comes out. =)

    I really can’t wait…baebae is so sexy…damn him…when he has to let out his naughty side he does it really well.

    I can still tutor him…private lessons…no charge. =)

  161. vicky
    really??? i love the hair he had for haru haru, but his long hair in hello is my absolute favorite. 🙂 i’m kind of picky when it comes to hair. i like both long and short, but it’s more important to match the face.

  162. nya
    lol. i know boys’ hair grows fast, but that’s just impossible. that’s why i was so confused! :]
    top is lucky to look sexy no matter what he does. all the other members’ different hairstyles offended me at some point or another, but the only style i didn’t like on top was the little knobby one from with you. that was pretty yucky. hahaha

  163. omgosh. TOP keeps a journal/diary?!
    Kill me now, will ya? *_*

  164. roro
    thats right gurl, hahaha…
    i love his hair in any style, but the one from with u just don’t match him. really. i hate man with that style also afro can’t do too.
    hahaha.. then how with YB’s hairstyle? u go picky too?

  165. nya

    try so hard to close the gap but it just doesn’t work
    and we hang like everyday
    i feel the 2 seunghyuns’ pain

    kkekeke you should’ve seen me when i first saw that part with Bong
    I was trying to hard to stop laughing so I can actually breath
    cuz i was literally on the floor laughing my butt off until my face turn red
    he and putting choco pie that way…. T_____T

  166. Miss St3ph0u

    because at the time, SeungRi was busy with his musical ‘Sonagi’ so he wasn’t able to attend the press conference like the others so he have to answer the questions while he doing their Japan Concert.

  167. Kenley
    if i’m tutoring him… i will charge
    … just not money …. hahaha

  168. roro

    i just doesn’t like long hair on guys
    Tabi was the only one I can like haha
    i didn’t even like it that much when Baby have his long hair

  169. vi
    thats why i say they should fix their relation somehow.
    since their wife is hanging out okay & have a really creepy relationship (sharing same brain) hahaha…
    they should get used to it.

    Jikachu just too cute!
    i love it when he say hew feel sorry for the audience. hahaha

    hahaha… the most hilarious part is when they cut the shirt part.
    OMG… i hope that my man lose… but he just don’t
    i know ur feeling when Bong cut baby’s shirt. i laught so hard that i can’t breath! hahaha
    and the U, V, & W neck part. kakaka…
    just by remembering it make me giggle like idiot.

  170. omg the mv xDD
    GD xDD

  171. GO N’SYNC! lol baby has taste. and was sam’s cousin stuck onto bong’s head by surgery or something? it doesnt look like it’s coming off lol

  172. YB IS HOT!!!

  173. nya

    he even wear freaking shirt on the inside
    Dae’s desperate face was just … sad hahah
    so pitiful hahaha

    Baby should just let Bong cut it all…..

  174. vi
    yup! thats so unfair! he said that he’s hairy inside,
    huh! he just messing around so he don’t let us see.

    Dae desperate face, hahaha… he said to baby to accept it.
    & baby, hahaha, he’s so cute,
    he even asked the PD to help him from Bong.
    vi, u see it too right? at the end… hahaha…

  175. he’s not hairy in the chest area
    just the happy trail kekek
    liar.. T___T

    Dae was just ‘what did i do to deserve this??” hahah

  176. and of course i saw baby crying out for help haha
    i was surprise he didn’t call his umma hahah

  177. vi
    well, we can’t say it like that. since we never look at him half naked.
    but if my man is hairy or anything i’ll gladly accept it. hahaha
    idc what it is, as long as its tabi. i’ll accept it.

    kekeke… that’s Dae part that i love the most.
    Dae is definitely a man. i love Dae when he laugh, he just let it out loud.
    not like my man who usually cover his mouth.
    he could just let it out. be more confident.

    ahaha.. calling his umma.
    i love that part. while Bong keep insisting.
    hohoho… Bong’s idea is a hella good idea.
    he know how to make fangirl happy

  178. Vicky,
    i saw them in that game show where they cut his colar off and there was no sign of even a happy trail lol srsly i swear i think i saw his legs and they were smoother than mine! sooo not a hairy fella lol

  179. nya

    actually, I HAVE PROOF

    yea gurl~
    happy trail hair!!!

    he proud of his smile
    and the line he call his eyes hahaha


  180. vi
    u know what have u done?
    girl who already busy with her school stuff & deadly tired of it, become horny in an instant. hahaha
    thats from la la la mv right?
    i glad thats such a HQ so i could see the ‘ehem’ brand. hahahaa
    Kalvin Clein fufufu…

    Dae’s smile is the most precious smile from BB.
    when u see he smiling, it make u want to smile too, feel happy, & full of energy all of sudden.
    that’s Dae mysterious ability. haha

    Bong always know how to make fangurl happy.
    i’m glad he’s choosen as the leader.

  181. nya
    oh yeahh i forgot about the afro. that was just… no. never again. hahahah
    i didn’t like the cornrows at all. 😦 the other haircuts were alright. i liked it when it was short but tied up halfway, like a girl’s. ^^ it was kind of cute heheh.
    i like his pointy hair right now the best. it fits his face so well and he looks SOO HOT. <3333

  182. vicky
    really?? i guess that just shows how smexy top is if even you liked it. :]
    i can’t believe you guys are talking about his happy trail! you perverted weirdos…. ^^ although i noticed it too the first time i watched lalala. hahahha

  183. roro
    afro just sucks. i hate man with afro.
    i think i like cornrows better than afro.
    my favourite one is his long hair. love it.
    the pony tail is kinda cute too. Tabi can make everything works on him
    remember that trash bag coat? hahaha.. he even look so damn smexy with that.
    ps: don’t say we’re perverted weirdos when u’re the same anyway. hahaha…

  184. vicky

    ohh really?!!!!
    omg..i would have gone crazy if i meet eye to eye with dae!
    omg omg! how lucky is your friend!

  185. omgosh !
    i love number one (:
    taeyang looks at aimee every few seconds in that MV.
    i can`t believe it was bebe who did that…
    & not bong.

  186. nya


    Dae is such a freaking dork it’s just amazing
    wonder what he think when he read the ending of Doraemon, because it’s just sad as hell
    I cried like an idiot

    “Forever the Leader”

  187. roro

    uh…… who’s the pervert here?
    I have to watch it for about 30 times before I notice about Tabi’s .. ehem..
    but u notice it right away
    oh yea~ me and nya are BADDDDDD~

  188. newvip

    i actually get to know her after the concert
    she’s half viet so we’re tight like dat hahah
    she still have the rose and necklace he gave to her
    but the flowers are dried now because she moved from vietnam to australia, so she have to find a way to bring the flowers and the only way is to dry them

  189. mrs. dong

    if Bong did that.. I think I’ll cry for 3 weeks

  190. Kwon Ji X
    Lmao serious?
    Ooh bebe TaeYang. Ooh
    I don’t get it T_T
    YB is funny
    WHOAA TOP writes? Ooh
    Shopping (When I get the item that I want)
    ahaha top
    Kang Dae Bak okay…
    Awwwwww DaeSung & Seungri with regrets..but it’s not their faults
    Ahah i agree with DaeDae
    Big Bang FIGHTING!

  191. arrr i cant wait for the WHOLE music vid! <3..haha Kwon Ji X..? kawaii 😀 they have some same habits as i do..listen to music and go for walks(suprise,like no other here does it xD )

  192. eh,im quite new at this..whos sam’s cousin? xD NOO

  193. I ♥ their NEW SONGGG like OMGGG

  194. Vicky

    yeah, I wouldn’t charge for money…something he can do easily…like…per wrong grammar/pronunciation, he should strip one clothing or accessory.
    Now I really wanna hear him say “No i don’t hungry” every time. ^^

  195. I saw the lalala vid too. I know he’s not that hairy, but I didn’t know he has some happy trails.
    Tabi is just shy that way…hehehe. maybe a lucky girl will get to trace his happy trail?

  196. vi
    hahaha… i dunno u REALLY do that for living.
    kaka, but still, the feeling better than stuck in my school assignment stuff

    haha… idt that Dae cry when he read the end of Dora
    weird if he really cry.

    hohoho… if Bong is not hte leader, idk who’ll be.
    since he’s perfect to become leader & he know what leader ‘should’ do to make his fans happy keke

  197. kenley
    hahaha if u say that lucky gurls, that refers to me.
    aka his wifey. hehe…

  198. thazx so much vicky 4 let’s me no ^__^
    they r so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    luv them so much!!!!!!!!!!

  199. Kenley
    ever consider teaching your future career??
    cuz i’m sure those kids would listen to you hahaha

  200. nya

    I’m PRETTY SURE he cried
    that ending was just depressing
    i mean… wtf.. out of all the possible ending, Doraemon died??? or… malfunction as they put it
    that is just WTF.
    I know that little robot cat ever since I barely know how to read
    they can’t just end it like that
    I cried like an idiot when I read the ending
    just screwed up

  201. nya

    u be tracing that trail like there’s no tomorrow T____T

  202. BIG BANG :D<3
    i like g dragon and top
    but TOP better<3
    TOP SOO SEXYYY !<33333

  203. BIG BANG :D<3
    i like g dragon and top
    but TOP better<3
    TOP is SOO SEXYYY !<33333

  204. dae sung so cuteee xDD
    Well, everyone so adorable =DDD

  205. is TOP the only one who didnt mention movies?!
    LOL unique.
    i love themmmm.

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