10.04.08 Big Bang on MBC University Song Festival


Now we all know that our drama star Tabi will be in another drama called “IRIS” and I just read an article mention about Son Ye Jin being the lead in the drama, and OF COURSE! We all know DaeSung had make it PRETTY CLEAR that he have a huge crush on her and wanna meet her so so badly. Well then I guess he’ll beg Tabi to fulfill his wish for him hhaha.

The article also mention ‘IRIS’ will start shooting this November, so it’s around the time when Big Bang will make their comeback with 2nd full album and also Tabi’s birthday month, NOVEMBER BABIES ARE AWSOME. He’ll be busy once he get back from Japan then. Also good new, ‘IRIS’ is scheduled to air in the first half of 2009. Now there’s something to look forward for in the new year, seeing our Tabi as a sexy assassinator… OOH~~

10.05.08 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung on Family Outing
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10.04.08 MBC University Song Festival
Big Bang & No Brain Special Stage
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10.04.08 MBC University Song Festival
TOP & HyunJoong Special Stage
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**EDIT: ADDED!!! TOP & HuynJoong Special Stage. Added more pictures from performance and rehearsal.

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Hyung Joong and TOP’s Special Stage!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! We’ve been waiting for this for how long??? IT’S FINALLY HERE!! They perform Seo Taji’s ‘이밤이깊어가지만’ Hyun Joong start out singing and then Tabi came out rapping, kekek look at the fanboy’s face hahah totally uninterested hahahaha. that is too funny, at the end of the song, i laughed at the cool man Tabi crunch down to fix his shoes. 😀

Then they do a interview with Hyori unnie, I just notice something really funny, you know how whenever Tabi stand next to other Big Bang members, he always look so like tall and manly and just really… tall? hahaha here… he look like a little kid, Hyung Joong is taller than him kekeke that’s really funny, and bet you can’t tell but Hyun Joong is actually Tabi’s hyung by 1 year, if you look at them, Tabi look older for sure, but Huyn Joong is actually the old one here.. wow…Hyun Joong even call Tabi ‘TOP gun’ hahaha now that’s something we don’t get to hear often!! .

Then they perform ‘Rise and Fall’ Hyun Joon playing the guitar and singing, Tabi just walking around, keke so cute~ he just start circling Hyun Joong then he start rapping, oh my damn… he’s just the definition of one word ‘COOL’ ….. too cool for you. Hyun Joong went back to sing and Tabi start circling him once again haha. that’s hillarious. Tabi look like a college professor wearing the glass and his hair look like it too kekek… wouldn’t you pay more attention to your college classes and actually attending it if your professor look like this?? I’m sure you would.,

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Once again a collab between Big Bang and No Brain, their stage are always full of energy and excitement, YB’s vocal was amazing, during Dae’s part Baby in the background sing along hahaha, love that dork. After the chorus, the 2 rappers appeared..where?? all the way at the top of course, always manage to add rap to a rock song hahah that’s Big Bang and No Brain for you.

I was laughing so hard at 3:59 kekkeke Baby… and his… acting gangster self….. hahah SUCH A DORK!!! XDDDDD!!

Then, cuz Big Bang’s cool like dat.. haha they get to introduce the MC…. Bong’s english… kekeke.. idk why but his accent here crack me up, and do you notice his pants? that thing that stuck to it, wonder what that is, Tabi introduced Tablo and O Sang Ji but Dae of course get to introduce his dear Family nuna, Lee Hyori.

I should’ve guess they’ll be performing ‘Oh My Friend’ I love it!!! Get to see Baby and Bebe [YB’S NEW NICKNAME] bobbing up and down is priceless of course, GRi by Tabi’s side when he rapped was just ahhh~~~ look at those 2’s expresion haha love it!! Bong … with his red pant and red hat… I have to make him my 2nd husband…. T___T haha yup red pant and red hat can convince me to do that. I know I know, Baby is also wearing Red and Black… but.. he’s already my husband.. hahah 😛

OH MY GAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEGUIN TABI JUST MAKE A COMEBACK!!! The part where after they clap their hand and they start bobbing up and down once again, do you see the Peguin Tabi jumping on the side?? hahahah love it!!!


credit: imbc


~ by Vicky on October 4, 2008.

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  1. hahaha at 6:20 my lil cutey pinguin tabi just make his comeback
    i can’t believe my eyes.. hahaha… an oppa & hyung like that. hehe he’s no other than 3 years old child.
    just by seeing him jumping like that make me want to jump also.

    baby gangsta style just don’t really fit him.
    he’s too cute to be a gangster! haha who’ll get scared?

    vi, u said u have to claim Bong as ur 2nd hubby?
    isn’t bong ur 2nd hubby already? kaka..
    Dae looks so good witht that red scarf…
    btw, why Yb didn’t have any red item on him?
    i love red. this made my day.
    after all that damn school stuff… my eyes could open again.

  2. Is there a download for this video? =o

  3. TOP and Hyun Joong just finished performing!!
    i saw the end of it!!! they sang a rendition of RISE and FALL by Craig David!!

  4. damn it GD wearin another hat!! grr aww dey all loook soo good! im against skinny jeans for guys but big bang its like dey wer born wit it!!! loool aah TOP<3

  5. oh cute….BeBe sounded awesome at the beginning….really his vocals were impressive, being heard over the rock music….all baby looked so cute jumping around =)

  6. i don’t get it.. which channel is it on?

    in this site there is many MBC (like. jinju MBC)
    is there a channel who only is named MBC? :/
    and does anybody have a site there i can see KBS?

    Plz help me.. Tnx<3

  7. OMG
    TOP beat boxing!!!
    I miss him beat boxing for such a long time hehe
    love the rap parts that GD and TOP added to the “To You” song
    sounds so good!
    and GD speaking in English-Korean together lol
    “Ladies and gentlemen…” and then he said something like “2008……something something MC” in Korean lol
    and then TOP added “The original MC” hehe

    oh and i’m gonna miss GD’s mohican hair ALOT…
    so sad..
    oh well
    can’t wait to see the new hair in a month

  8. aww. red babybong is loveee

  9. ehhehhe i’m glad to see bb wearing better clothes >.< their haru haru clothes look so emo

    i think gd borrow clothes from dae and top. the pants and shirt from top and the hat from dae

    awww that jacket tae has reminds me of his solo days T_T
    he look super duper fly FLYYY BOYYYYYYY 😛

    is it me or their mics were going in and out ?.?

  10. nya

    i was hoping the peguin would be back when i first watch it
    but when he did.. i was like jumping and squealing for joy hahaha
    this is what rock do to Tabi

    Baby really DOES NOT fit that image
    if you rewatch WE BELONG TOGETHER.. u’ll just have to crack up at his lame cute self hahaha

    well I kinda leave Bong up in the air
    but now I OFFICIALLY CLAIM HIM kekeke

    Maybe Bebe is too cool for red ikekeke
    since his awsome new nickname for him is Bebe
    he’s just plain TOO COOL~

  11. AminaM

    at least this one isn’t fuzzy
    and it’s just HOT HOT on him

  12. sweetsorrow

    i know!!
    i was like ‘WHOA~”

  13. yamapi

    i use that to watch it this morning and it’s YS MBC

  14. ncly
    kekek i keep cracking up at their english now
    this is what ‘i don’t hungry’ story does to me hahahah

  15. DAYUMMM GD —
    that was love right there — with all the reds & black x]
    & the rap starting at 555 — was awesome!
    & then MY jiyong running across the stage at 646 yelling “ayay~”
    HEHE — they make a great collaboration.

    now i know what you guys mean when you say TOP’S PENGUIN DANCE!!!! AHAHAAHHAHAAHHAH!!!!!!

    ahh you are so brutal to YB, you won’t let the ‘i don’t hungry” go!!! poor YB :[ ahaha

  17. if TOP is my lecturer…..omg…
    how good the class would be..
    how bout yang yang!!! i hope he’s sitting beside me in class..
    well…*stop dreaming*

    haha.. bb really did a good job again!!
    if i was there, i sure will scream for them!!!!!
    it was so coooolllll….

  18. ahahaha, u are the best vicky ^^
    u alaways manage to make my day better~
    im loving the NB-BB collab, so so xciting!!! XD
    i ❤ BaBy’s red n’black shirt and BonG’s pants..HOT HOT HOT!!!

  19. OH MY GOSH! why ois it i always melt when i hear TOPand GD’s BACK-TO-BACK RAPS? its like DOUBLE THE LOVE! seriously, its like, ‘what can i do? INDESCRIBABLE!

    This really was pop-corn for the eyes! it was great to see my sweety do his thing on stage with Hyung Joong. GOLD! his voice is just Gold!

    lmao-omo, jiyong running in the background at 6.44 mins made me smile. wahh talk about ENERGY! -its no wonder they were named BIG BANG! BANGING SHOW EVERYTIME! 🙂

    🙂 ^_^

  21. vicky
    thanks for uploading the top+hyunjoong!i’ve been waiting for it before i’m going to sleep hahaha.couldn’t help but laugh when hyori interview the duo, both look uninterested to response to her, soo awkward hahaha.
    I thought TOP would be playing the piano from the previous news? well maybe some mistakes there, but TOP rapping is HOT, but Hyun Joong here is COOL too!
    Thanks again! good night 😀

  22. oh my gosh thank you! I’ve been waiting for their collaboration:) It is wierd that top is a junior but that’s cute!

  23. tinaxxe
    I gotta juice it as much as I can
    Bebe wouldn’t mind
    he knows i love him hahaha
    and i do it out of love

  24. jany
    i think if TOP does become a professor
    ppl would pay attention alright
    just not what he’s teaching… but other….. hjaha

  25. 7samira7 and Ili
    kekek i’ll need some certificate for that hahahah
    just as proof

  26. Ning
    they probably didn’t do it due to some problem
    idk, i was surprise that Tabi didn’t play the piano too

  27. Whoo, hot pics!

  28. love the energy of their perf w/ no brain, as always. hihi.
    woohoo tabi’s penguin dance! makes me laugh all the time. that is an example of a rapper in a rock song. ^^
    If tabi was my prof i will never be absent in his class and will always find an excuse to talk to him. even if it’s something about his favorite things, like donuts and toys. hehehe.
    Go Baby! do your gangsta thang! hahahaha!
    I can hear baebae say yeah like in a hip hop song on their oh ma friend perf. hehehe. you just can’t help it baebae now can you… ^^

  29. OMG haha taeyang is back with new era hat woot woot
    and omg JIYONG got rid of the fuz ball for now
    aww no piano for top

  30. That other guys style (the one with TOP) and hair is pretty cool—–and so is the neat stage TOP is standing infront of.

    Cool pictures!

    (and…is it just me, or is TOP getting thinner these days?)

  31. OMG!!!
    TOP and Hyung Joong….HOT COMBO!!!!
    my man is looking pretty sexy and sooo cool!!!
    but BB and no brain what can I say
    TOO HOT!!!
    they sound awesome live…..really do!

  32. Though now, after actually listening to the performance, I must say that this guy has no stage presence whatsoever.

    TOP on the other hand RULEZ!!

  33. Daisy
    i totally agree about the clothes.
    i definitely like what they had on.

    Jiyong looked so good too with the
    red outfit. the red hat is so much
    better than sam, sam’s cousin, sam’s
    little brother and sam’s girlfriend. xD

  34. OH MY!! OH MY!! Oh my good lord!
    i died when TOP said, yo how you feelin tonight
    ladies and gentlemen…aahhhh!!!! lolol
    omg..LMAO SeungRi @ 3:59 ..haha really into it
    Performances were AWESOME!!!
    I loved TOP’s special stage & BB and no Brain
    they got me really excited :D:D I love the TOPenguin!!!
    GD & TOP’s raps were seriously hott!! for all performances
    loved it!! lol TOP’s apparel on his special stage looked
    so pro and serious..lol you’re right, like a professor!!haha
    anyway..this was a really huge event..wow..and
    super hot pics!!

  35. I thought Seunghyun was supposed to play the piano… ㅠ ㅠ

  36. http://img377.imageshack.us/img377/8945/n51187135418545777143lx4.jpg

    omg this pic is so HOTTTTTTTT. i want to see the original pics

  37. Kenley

    That’s what I was thinking when I saw him do it for the first time, I was like ‘so… this is what a hardcore rapper do in a rock song’ kekek HILARIOUS.

  38. DeDe

    I KNOW~ I was so relieve to not see Sam
    Sam deserve a rest for god’s sake

  39. spinx
    he is definately loosing weight
    he’s TRYING to loose weight
    Aimee said so too, he is like OBSESSED with his fruits

  40. roranges
    i was laughing my butt off when i heard that
    idk why
    after what Aimee told us about their english… everytime the boys speak in english.. i just can’t help but giggled

  41. Daisy

    that’s from their ‘NUMBER 1’ album preview, the original hasn’t been release yet

  42. Top and Hyun Joong!!!
    Usually in the group Top was the manly n mature looking one~
    and then Hyun Joong was the dorky one
    but here it seem Top was kinda dorky and Hyun Joong was like a hyun~

  43. vi
    hahaha,,, pinguin Tabi..
    if u never see pinguin do in rock song, now u know.
    this is how pinguin rock! haha

    baby is definitely not fit the gangster image.
    he is the cutey one. that Candy outfit fit him too well, baby looks like a sweet cotton candy. i must admit it.

    i’m a bit dissapointed with my man special stage outfit.
    well, i donnu but, i don’t think the turtle neck & coat fit his pants ~.~ i love hia outfit in rehealsal more

    ‘professor style’ hahaa… believe me vi, if my college professor like this! i could become the best student.
    i’ll do everything to talk to him. ask so many qustion, even silly question.
    i’ll do his assignment with all my heart.
    i’ll make him remember my name at the frist time we met. ahh~~~ so many to do. haha…

    btw, where’s the rumoroud piano?

  44. WHO is that?! i can’t tell because he’s all covered up, it seems like GD, that’s not hyun joong is it?
    whoever it is, he’s looking FINE

  45. vi, i just realize, Bong didn’t have that fuzzy creature again on his head. hahaha…
    thanks God, i’m a lil bit of bored looking him wearing that fuzzy family all the time

  46. AMG TOP is LOVee =) LOL he is shorter than hyunJoong O.O
    LMAO DID YOU SEE THE AUDIENCE???? IT WAS MASSIVE!!!!!! I bet its stacked with HEAPS of V.I.P’s and Double S’s!!!!!! xD hahaha and one side had those red stick while the other Side was yellow… O.O i think Yellow’s for Double S’s =) Seung Ri’s sooo cute that dork xD and TOP a dork aswell >.< circling around Hyung Joong that craked me up =)

  47. aaaaaaaaaaah~ Tabi and Joong!!!(lol too lazy to type out Hyun Joong) I love when Joong pulls his hair back like that. Tabi looks so sophisticated next to Joong, who looks more like the bad boy with his leather jacket LOL role reversal? xP man, this dl is taking forever, wanna see the special stage in HQ! thanks Vicky~ ^_^

  48. @ clarice

    thats gd. i no cuz of the beanie. thats his beanie 😛

    and he has the same belt on in video 😀

  49. finally seen it..
    OMG TOP’s rapping on the second song was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ok – i’m done spazzing =D

  50. awww TOP! so cuteee in the interview, but hyori..umm i just dont like her, shes so diff on and off screen so i didnt like that she was chosen to intervieww… :[[[
    the boys did soo goodd at oh my friend. they played it soo fast tho! lol

  51. nya

    Baby would make one hella awsoem teletubbies hahaha

    omg, i feel the same with his outfit
    i was like ‘hm,….. uh~”
    I like the brown jacket he had on for rehearsal too
    it fit the ‘performance’ stage concept a lot more too

    that’s it??? that’s all you’ll do
    i’m disappointed
    I thought our VVC President can come up with something better kekekeke

    idk why he didn’t perform the piano, might be because they have to cut the performance short.

  52. the performance with No Brain was totally awesome and the way GD and TOP made their entrance was totally cool love it…and GD with his bright color pants…gotta love the guy he have a very daring sense of fashion…i can’t really imagine TOP calling Hyun Joong ‘Hyung Joon Hyung’ so weird hahaha….their performance was good too =] crack me up when they perform ‘Raise and Fall’ and TOP would just circle around Hyun Joong just rap his part then circle him again…if TOP ‘was’ a professor at my college i have no problem coming to class everyday and actually paying attention lol…if only

  53. clarice
    that’s GD
    and he is looking FINE~~~

  54. nya

    you just noticed???
    why did u think i jump for joy when I saw red on his head hahaha

  55. kareezsa
    actually those are college students
    the male audience while the 2 guys were perofmring was just hilarious, they were like “heh?”

  56. Vicky
    WOW. holy geez that is walking, talking sex right there.
    (excuse my language =P)
    honestly i love it when GD wears clothes like that instead of his stage clothes..it’s just so much….sexier

  57. vi
    i put too many attantion on my man. i didn’t even realize Bong head. my head is filled with my man piano part, that i forgot that fuzzy family. but still, there’s no piano >,<

    baby is telletubies himself, hehehe…
    i want to see him with a cutie bunny outfit. with a bunny tail & those long ears. hahaha.
    not the one from choco pie game, the one cuter than from choco pie game. (maybe i should send him one)

    i know it! there’s something wrong with that outfit.
    haha our brain is too freaking awsome.
    the first thing i think about is his outfit when he come out.
    i was like ‘what’s that?’ the rehealsal one better.

    my poor man, he look thinner these days.
    his fruits diet… why?!
    his weight already fit him. he looks fine. why diet again?
    with all that busy schedule… i think they should eat more than diet. poor tabi, he feel hungry that he attack apples & salad like there’s no tomorrow for him.

    omg gurl, i was serious, but u remind me of VVC, fufufu…
    how come just that? if i’m in fangirl mode, u know how i’ll be.
    ever see student rape her own professor in a classroom? fufu

  58. clarice

    i absolutely agree
    he’s just x1000000000000000000 sexier in normal clothing [i didn’t know it was possible for him to be any hotter, but appreantly. kwon leadah can do anything]

  59. nya

    the part where he stop all of the sudden and say something in english haha that i can’t hear then he run in the back and say “hold on” I thought a piano’s gonna drop down from somewhere and he’ll start playing haha but no such luck. no piano falling from the sky T___T

    I don’t approve of my man wearing those costume
    it’s hard to get out of….. and i like easy access 😀

    i know right?
    freaking amazing.
    the turtle neck REALLY bothers me
    he really really really llook like a professor though

    Tabi is going crazy at the fruit thing
    soon Korea will run out of fruits and he’ll have to fly to your place to get more hahaha
    then mission ‘rape the professor’ will be in progress hahahaha

    I heard about professor being thrown in jail for sexually assault student
    but the other way around……T___T

  60. vi
    oh yeah, that part, i tough he’ll go to play the piano. but he just run to front again.
    that crack me up so bad. i’m exited in a while for nothing.
    if that piano down from sky, i could jump from my chair.

    hahaha… that ‘easy access’ sound so naugthy. kekeke

    hohoho.. the mission… i love that sound.
    i think my man is cosplaying all this time, police, doctor, pinguin, than professor. what’s next? hahaa i know i’ll love it too.

    kekeke… the other way around is hotter than what u’ve heard.
    fufu… i don’t think that the professor would sue me. haha
    i know he’ll love it.

    i hope he eat more. i’m easy to get worry when it comes to ppl i love. not just fruits, eventough that healthier than meat but,
    seeing him losing weight is like… hah… dunno how to say

  61. hey vicky,did u see the mbc news desk video? bb is so popular.

  62. my baby bebe looks dang fine and hyper as he always was i’m soooooooooo happy to see him jumpin around. looking so energetic with tabi gd maknae and daesung. i luv it when towards the end he claps his hands up in the air with his priceless happy expression. omo. i luv him. to death.

  63. OMG! the penguin comeback xD! ♥

  64. hyung joong and tabi are both so HOT T_____T and i freaking love hyung joong’s hairstyle!! OMG i can’t breathe…
    hahhaa i laughed so hard at my tabi’s penguin jumping..lol..he shall do it more often..thats hilarious xDDD
    all their outfits are just cool like that..especially bong <3333333
    and they’re still hot even its just rehearsal <33333333333333
    my tabi killed me…i love bong’s outfit too..i can’t stand it when he wears beanie <333333333

  65. OMG! 😀
    i freakin loved this performance. XD

    i kept on bobbing my head like a happy kindergarten. X]
    it gave me that kind of feel. :]

    kinda strange right? :]

    the “oh my frend” song sounded super fast, it got me hyped. X]

  66. Hyun Joong always has amazing hair. And professor TOP? I would never miss a day of school.

    I swear, the guys from Paramore have Bong’s pants. xD


  68. 잠깐만?? fuahahahaha 😀 rise and fall was so sexyy i want to molest top.

    i LOVE what they’re all wearing. they look soo good. for the first time in a long time, i have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. good job jiyong!! lol ❤

  69. TOP didn’t play the piano?


    aww that sucks
    oh well

    his rapping skill was MAD sexy and powerful anyways~~
    “power rapper” hehe

  70. omgg god GD
    very hot
    in sunglass

    i dont know
    how much i lovee this shot

    SEXY right?
    yap i think ha ha ha

  71. nya

    OH LORD~~~~
    why so dirty now my dear nya unie
    ooooh god~
    “sure he’ll love it”
    that is just…. :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    may I ask WHAT did he love so much???
    this 15 year old is curious

  72. Maryam
    that boy can have the most ridiculous hair and still look mighty good

  73. roro

    keke how can complain to professor Tabi.

  74. HAHAHAHH i didnt even see top jumping in the back!!! ahahhaha omg i wish they had a close up of that!! ahahahha that was a great performance by the boys and no brain!!! hhaahhhaha I LOVED IT!!!

  75. The song always sound weird whenever NO Brain is collaborating lolz. Just let Big Bang sing the song alone …

  76. Vicky

    this is not helping the addiction!
    oh well…who can resist baby AND youngbae?

  77. vi
    haha, don’t ask things that u’re really clear & expert on. KAKA
    i know he’ll love it since he’s also pervy inside,
    a pervy kids inside. haha…

    if he does’n love it, he won’t pay attantion to gurls anymore.
    all he thinks is work & work

  78. OMG!!!
    2009 I can’t wait

    & yes NOVEMBER BABIES ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “sexy assassinator”
    LOL so true!!! 😛

  79. haha
    that won’t be possible
    no one would be able to sing the chorus except No Brain’s lead singer

  80. lala
    I can resist Bebe
    he’s being loved to much
    but Bong.. yea~ hahah

  81. nya

    the kind of kids that hide in his room and watch … *ehem*
    the kind of things that he and his friend first watch back in 5th grade?? hahahaha

    or his fruits kekeke

  82. dreamandlove
    he bettuh loose some clothing during that drama or else I’M SUEING!!

  83. LMAO!!!
    I hadn’t thought of that
    but now that u mention it…

    we should get together and sue them!!!!

  84. vi
    hahaha.. u know what i mean.
    & clearly, he’s not as innocent as u’re always tough of.
    he’s a man with ‘needs’, i mean NEEDS
    so, fufufu…

    fruits, kaka that’s good one.

    ahh~~~ smexy assassinator~~~ i wanna be his partner haha

    uh~ he shouldn’t diet again.
    that’s what i mean by his busy schedule. i think this end of year i’ll see skinny Tabi >.<
    i hope last year things won’t repeat.

  85. I can totally see dae begging top to meet his favorite girl. That’s TOO cute!

  86. whoo! the pretty boy Hyun Joong && the handsome boy TOP tgt! xDD Jiyong was getting realli high. ahahas. but i have a feeling because of his hat he couldn’t jump too much. xDD

  87. hah i find it ironic how daesung got to work with top’s crush hyori and now Top is gonna work with daesungs’s crush.

  88. oh ma GD in red OH sexy!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Aww, I can totally picture Daesung begging to meet her and everyone teasing him.
    Going off on half a tangent here, I think TOP’s going to be great in IRIS. He’s got this sort of intimidating look that, I think, screams sexy assasin. Dramawiki says they’re shooting in the States. I’m totally hoping to catch a glimpse of him during my Thanksgiving or Winter Break (pleasepleasepleasebeinNewYork).

  90. Im so excited for TOP…his role will definitely turn out
    to be sexy!! can’t wait!

  91. Tabi looks TOOT! 😀

  92. Good God! an assassin?!?!?!? i don’t think i’ll be able to control myself

  93. will ‘iris’ be aired on kbs???????
    oh plis plis tht’s the only korean channel i’m able to wtch

  94. see pic number six.
    it luks kinda funny.
    my yb luks like a giant while gd and ds luk like little elves hihi

  95. omggg! that’s great new about my Tabi <___< !

  96. oh i just realized looks like seung ri’s head got cut off by TOP’s hyper pose maybe its the Tabi Penguin pose lol

  97. como comon TABI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!an assassin!!!!! oh mah gah a perfect role for him with his killer’s eyes. seunghyunah Lee Byung-hun waithing

  98. woah. tabi xure gonna be a huge hit! just wondering. when will they come up with a drama with the whole big bang in it?!

    OH COME ON! they really should!

  99. Omg, waited for so long for this special stage! TOP is really cool! ❤

  100. i cant waiited for the drama!!!

  101. dreamandlove
    I’ll tell my lawyer to tune in and watch the drama and collect the evident hahaha

  102. nya

    yes nya… i am AWARE that he has NEEDS
    NEEDS that you want to FULFILL so badly
    am i right or am i right??
    i am right hahaha

    I’m not christian, but because of these boys I’ve been praying lately
    like everynight I would pray that they will stay healthy and history won’t repeat itself

  103. vannie
    that is RIGHT!!! kekeke

  104. athirah
    I’m not sure which channel is producing this drama
    I’ll look more into it

    but i think it’s KBS
    since KBS’ director is directing the drama

  105. LMAO!!!
    I already contacted mine’s
    I’ll have to get him cable but it’ll be worth it
    let’s wait and watch!!!:P
    let’s push to see if BB can do a guest appearence too XD

  106. thanks for the IRIS update!
    i can’t wait. i’m pretty sure the boys are going to visit him on set. kekkekekekkee.
    can’t wait to see those mnet clips of BIG BANG cause for sure they’ll be following them around. ^^

  107. vi
    hahaha u’re right.
    i want to fulfill his needs so badly hahahaha…

    eh? u’re not christian but u pray everynight for our boys?
    wow~ thats really good.
    i also pray everynight for our boys, since its the only thing i could do for them ^^

  108. nya

    you don’t need to ‘retell’ me gurl hahaha
    i know gurl
    NO ONE knows u better than I do

    i’m buddhist…. i think?
    i’m not even sure hahah
    but yea it’s the only thing we can hang on to and hope that it works.
    for them.

  109. janie

    they will shoot the drama over here in the US too
    so idk…

  110. Hey, i’ve got pics of my new emo haircut
    at http://xrl.us/ouog2

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