10.07.08 Korea Singer Association Ceremony

OH WOW~ Bong finally left Sam at home for this ceremony, since it’s so formal I think? and reveal what’s underneath there.

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So it’s either he GEL DOWN his old mohikan, or he got a new hairstyle… hmmm… what do you think?? I think he just look adorable as heck, he look so freaking young, Baby right there can so pass for his hyung. Tabi always look good in suits, and kekek LOL at those red shoes, talk about standing out huh? Baby look sick?? he’s not dressing all formally, just simple beanie and scarf. Bebe with the huge smile on his face that won’t go away. Dae wasn’t here so I’m guessing he’s busy with ‘Cats’ again.. don’t overwork yourself now Dae ah~

More pictures from the ceremony under the cut.


To celebrate the release of ‘NUMBER 1’ MV, I was gonna work on something today and release it for you guys, I’ve been working on it for more than 5 hours but still not done yet, because I have school tomorrow and it’s already 12:30 AM, and I know me, if I don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep, I’ll be cranky and dead the next day, so it’s so sad that I can’t get what I wanted done today [some of you might know what it is] I promise to have it done tomorrow at the latest, cuz I know you guys been waiting for too long. ^^ don’t make a guess, lemme surprise you for once. ;D 

awww.. polite little Bongie.

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~ by Vicky on October 6, 2008.

79 Responses to “10.07.08 Korea Singer Association Ceremony”

  1. ayah! Bong is Sooo Cutte(; hunnybunnybong♥

  2. damn bong new hair cut rocks aww look at bebe

  3. wahh hes so cute ><
    i think he got his hair cut
    but only a bit x]

  4. cute but his haircut reminds me of my bro

  5. AHH!1 BONG IS SOO CUTE@@@@@ DJSAHDASJD!! **dies HAHAH:d addooraable! 😀 LOl i cant wait for your surprise 😉

  6. Looking HOt as always!!
    TOP’s shoes LOL…he just had to wear red didn’t he XD
    TY really knows how to distract me from my homework….yeah I’m supposed to be working on my algebra homework right now… guess that can wait 😛
    his smile is too adorable!!!
    GD LOL I have to say I was secretly hoping he would change his hairstyle and HE DID!!!!(at least I think he did :P)
    and SR realy looks different now
    he’s growing up so fast ;_;
    to bad DS wasn’t there
    hope he gets sime days off later
    LOL XD

  7. formal gd? wow. rare.

  8. vi
    i think Bong just gel down his mohican.
    but still.. hot as heck! he look so young with this style.
    my man want to stand out so much
    & what’s with baby. is he sick or something?

  9. at least he didn’t wear that sam’s cousin
    aw cute Bong!

  10. SR looks so tired and his dark cicles are getting worse!!
    hehehe GD looks so mature with that hair!! heheh TOP looks lost like always!! hehehhe i love him though!!! but i miss DS!!!
    hopefully thier all staying healthy and getting a lot of sleep!!

  11. it doesn’t seem as if gd gel’d his hair, looks more like a haircut to me.
    idk but it looks like if gd grows that hair; it’ll look like that hairstyle he had before.. the one where he’s hugging that hugee white bear. :]

  12. jiyong’s hair is cute. ^^
    i like what they’re wearinggg they look so cute.
    see, top and taeyang should always be like this. sweet and cute and innocent looking. :3

  13. top and seungri look really tired.
    get some rest boys!!

    aww poor daesungg. dont over do it!!

  14. roro
    don’t fool urself. they’re not innocent anymore.
    u had seen what they’ve done in number 1 MV.
    Bebe slap Aimee’s butt..

  15. GD looks so manly…
    but still cute…lol

    looks like seungri’s sick…

  16. awww Bong so cute >.< and poor Baby he looks sick =(

    ohhh i wonder what is the surprise Vicky *o*

  17. so what is this about? the association thing I mean…they look AHHH tooo die for

  18. what is this ceremony about? and theyre somehow repesentating korea, issit? anyway, gd’s hair looks cute!! and i think SR has new haircut! haha maybe…

  19. aww seungri looks out of it. I hope he’s well. I’m thinking this is an association to support the singers like how americans have rotary clubs.

  20. hehe his hair surely does make him look younger… hehe
    so different from the previous one (mohican)…
    TOP with his red shoes and suite!!! amazing~ lol
    Baby looks thinner… his face… T_T…
    hope they are not too tired… work overload T_T…
    but we will be always supporting you!!!!

  21. Bong’s new ‘do…wow ❤ ❤ _<
    i cant wait for ur surprise!!!!

  22. keke Bong look so kwi Yeo =)
    Hehe Bebe smiling and wearing his hat LITERALLY side ways xD
    OOOOO My TOPiee so hot in suits as always xD
    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Seung Ri does look sick =( that was the first thing i noticed in the photo =( Hope you get well!! =(
    and DaeDae not there… =( i hope hes not overworking himself

  23. Jiyong should leave Sam at home ALL the time.
    i really don’t see what he needs to hide.
    he looks super adorable with the slicked
    down hair. ^__^

  24. wow baby looks sick T_T or tired …maybee
    xD no sam 2day o/

    yay!! surprise!! …but u need 2 rest 2 vicky

    thanx 4 all your awesome posts =D

  25. damn bong new hair kiawa

  26. they all look so cutee!! =D u know what? they seem to be wearing their nike airforces alot xD looks so awesome, aw my bongiee’s hair looks cute=] hm, it looks like he just gelled his half-mohawk down, but then again, it looks shorter? hm,,he still looks cute as hell xD

  27. and yeah, baby looks sick T_T he needs to get more rest!! all the boys do, specially daedae ;;

  28. hahahaah! it’s good to be back! they are still HOT as ever.
    Daesung might be very busy! GD look good in these pictures and seungri WOW he is getting fine and dandy evryday and my BOIZ what else can i say they are ……(can’t find the right words to say!)

  29. gd’s new hair xD
    i think he’s planning to grow it
    or he jst put it down jst to change
    style for that day ? i ono
    but cute xDD

  30. bong is freaking adorable with the hairstyle!!
    OH mi gosh he looks even younger than me haha~
    well i think he gel down his hair? i don’t know either
    it’s like a totally different hairstyle from number 1 mv!!

  31. my TOP looks hot!

  32. Bong looks HAWT !
    i think he gel his hair but im not sure

  33. omg! bong looks like kids!~ god,his so cute~

  34. OMO Ji Yong seems to be 5 years younger bec of his hair
    so hot….

  35. Yeah GD looks so much younger in these pics, especially when he smiles like that. Oh the cute GD is back 😀 Seungri looks a bit sick. They always work hard, I really hope that they take time to rest now, a lot of rest so they’ll come back with a big BANG.

  36. phew!~ i was really afraid he would be going for some kinda hard to accept whacky hairstyle. but he went for such a nice neat cut! 😀 he looks super adorable & gentle now, with a hint of naughtiness. xDD looks soooo super young. i love him!!

  37. pls answer me.
    gd u never fail to make me smile.

    aw~ baby looks as if he was so cold.
    i wanna give him a hug to keep him warm.

    tabi and bebe. oh come on. do i have to say how HOT they look?

  38. i think it’s still the same hair..
    just that he didn’t gell it up..
    that’s all..
    looks like the shaved side grew longer much faster now hehe

  39. Phew…….TOP looks good as hell. The others look a bit sick , no?

    Seungri needs longer hair——who´s with me on this one?

  40. haha seems like YB can’t wipe that grin off his face..i wonder what he’s so smily smily about and finally we see GD’s hair…ill be honest, i liked the mohican better..@.@

  41. aww

    GD looks mad skinny

    Ri looks tired T_T

    ds wasnt there no wonder the pics looks so weird

  42. aww thers no bongs mohican can be gelled down liek that >.<
    i like his new hairr! looks so young! aww.
    baby! why does my baby look under the weather?!

  43. GD cut his hair shorter Aww how cuteeeee

  44. Seung Ri looks sickkk and tiredddd
    poor himmmmmmmm!!!

  45. waaah GD looks so super cuuuuuuute

  46. dreamandlove
    i want him to change it so badly at first
    but… now.. kinda don’t wanna
    i always miss his old hair when he change into something new [except the bowlcut]

  47. nya

    i think so too. just GELLED IT DOWN haha
    ur man just now how to make ppl stare at his kicks [lol at his random sneaker part in NUMBER 1 MV]
    it’s starting to get freezing cold in korea now
    so it’s possible

  48. MyAddiction*
    that was one of my fave of him

  49. roro

    u are so lying keke
    u want Bebe to be bad.. admit it

  50. nya

    see we share the same brain

  51. Mariale
    i should be working on it now since i got home from school
    but busy with other stuff
    i really hope i’ll get it done soon T;T

  52. swtz + huongface
    idk really
    singer association?
    not sure

  53. ohthethrill
    we will never get Bong haha

  54. GRi-lovee
    well yea
    they have a infinite love for Nike

  55. amber_shinbi
    more like… 6 hahah

  56. rie
    we don’t know that yet
    maybe this is a ‘one day’ thing

  57. xarmaine
    HAHAH that is the million dollars question

  58. BBFTW.
    that dork doesn’t know how to take care of his health
    right now you can see steam coming out of my ears because i’m just that mad he keep getting himself sick

  59. aww Ji Yongie looks so cute in the pic when he’s shaking that woman’s hand ^_^

  60. Aww Ji YOng looks sooo cute! =]
    Yay congrats big bang!
    where’s daesung?

  61. vicky
    no… youre making me cry…
    hu. hu..hu..
    i hope hes not really sick!

  62. vi
    yeah, the one ‘TOP I’M RAP’
    i notice it right away. hot!
    his brand new sneakers is ‘top i’m rap’ hahaha…
    as long as our boys not sick, i’m glad.

    roro shoul admit it. we know she want Bebe to be bad
    or maybe she want to corrupt him herself. hahaa

  63. ninalee

    he’s probably busy with his musical

  64. BBFTW.

    well that’s our stubborn baby

  65. nya

    he’s so ghetto fabulous

    of course she want him to be bad
    soak him up in whipped cream and chocolate hahaha

  66. vi
    hahaha that’s my man

    “soak him up in whipped cream and chocolate”
    hahaha that sound so roro

  67. nya

    maybe add some strawberry in there

    i can freaking read fangirls’ mind haha

  68. vi
    u really know what ur ability is & know how to use it wisely

    i always laugh at 5 & 6th pics. hahaha
    my man eyes, kekeke

  69. nya

    if only there’s ppl who’s willing to pay for a person with this kind of talent
    then maybe we can like buy the boys or something hahahahaha

    would’t that be amazing??

    OH MY GOD!!!

    wonder what they were serving there…… watermelons?? kekek

  70. vi
    if there is someone who’ll pay
    kakaka… we 2 should apply for thr job
    we’re expert here. kakaka

    u didn’t notice it?
    the first time i saw ur post, i realize it.
    hahaha… his eyes. watermelons kekeke…
    now its all about fruits. now ice cream anymore. kekeke

  71. nya

    i was too busy giggling at bong’s head
    and worry about baby’s health
    so i didn’t ontice ur man… hahaha
    that is just too “PUNNY!!!!!!!”

    because we have discovered Tabi’s secret
    just doesn’t seem right to accuse him of ice cream anymore

  72. vi
    hahaha can’t blame u.
    ur 2 hubby need u. so u can’t pay attantion on the other members.
    we’re such a crazy fangirl.
    we spazz about anything we’ve discovered about out lover. kekeke…
    & strangely this become a really good topic for fangirl to disscuss. kekeke

  73. awww… GD is so cute XD ❤

  74. i am so sorry to trouble you, but can u pls reupload some of the picture, it dosen’t work on my thing…thank you

    GD looks SO HOT&CUTE at the same time!!!!!!
    I think he has a new haircut..hope not!
    I love the mohikan style!!!<<<333
    Baby does look a bit…unwell…..[hope his OK and it’s just our imagination] But still CUTE AS HELL!!!
    T.O.P…GOD…are there any words to describe the hottest man on earth?! All we can do is to watch and die…
    Tae Yang wearing his hat the usual way…and the smile!!
    How can someone have such a heart-melting smile?
    Dae Sung on ‘Cats’? Hope he wont overwork himself…
    We love our boys healthy!

    Can’t wait for the ‘Number 1’ Album to be realeased!!!

  76. nya

    that’s part of why WE ARE AMAZING…
    … how many time have I tell you that???
    love yourself gurl
    say it “I AM AMAZING [Vicky too]”

    and don’t u worry
    I’ll only look at my man
    you can have urs
    fruit man will only be urs.
    I got a hand full of BabyBong.

  77. they r look very handsome man^__^
    i luv GD new hair very much!!!!!!!!!

  78. Oooh! Seungri and GD wearing the same shoes ❤

  79. yayyyy!!! Kwon Ji Yong got new hairstyle!!!! i’m loving it!! he looks freaking fine with this boyish look..hehehe..suits him better..kekeke..OMGeee..i’m getting a bit giddy now..too happy seeing Ji Yong with ‘normal’ hairdo…=D

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