October Schedule

10/6 Mon: [TV] SBS Yashimmanman, 11.15pm-12.15 am

10/10 Fri: [Perf] Seoul Design Olympic Opening Show, 7pm-8pm

10/11 Sat: [Event] Ulsan MBC 40th Anniversary Festival, 7pm-8pm, Ulsan Munsu World Cup Stadium

10/12 Sun: [TV] SBS Good Sunday “Family Left” (Daesung), 5.20pm-6.20pm

10/18 Sat: [Perf] 2008 Lotte Duty Free Store Family Concert, 7pm-8pm

10/19 Sun: [TV] SBS Good Sunday “Family Left” (Daesung), 5.20pm-6.20pm

10/22 Wed: First Full Japanese Album “Number 1” album release

10/26 Sun: [TV] SBS Good Sunday “Family Left” (Daesung), 5.20pm-6.20pm

10/28 Tue: Stand Up Tour ’08 (Osaka), 7pm-8pm, Kousei Nenkin Kaikan

10/29 Wed: Stand Up Tour ’08 (Nagoya), 7pm-8pm

11/1 Sat: Stand Up Tour ’08 (Tokyo), 7pm-8pm

Credits: melodygreenleaf and gyang @YGBB



~ by Momo on October 6, 2008.

8 Responses to “October Schedule”

  1. they’re soo busy. i wish they would rest before the concerts so when they come out with the full korean album next month,they can be fully energized.

  2. concert after concert T.T

  3. 10/22 they have live at ikebukuro
    11/1 their concert is at noon and evening
    i’ll tell you all some more when i’m back from japan

  4. can’t wait for number1!

  5. aw i didn’t know about yashimmanman…
    and i really wanna watch it
    and i doubt it’s gonna be on youtube b/c of sbs suspension
    so is there a possibility that someone’s going to make the vid available to download, like daesung’s family outing?
    i hope so!
    thanks! 😀

  6. oh nevermind i found one on youtube!
    yay daesung and family outing crew!
    love it 😀

  7. “Family Left” ??
    what’s that?
    i can’t wait for the WHOLE japanese
    album comes out!!

  8. Generally I don’t post about blogs… I would like to express that this post really pressured me to take action!

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