Big Bang to release title song ‘Number 1′ online on 9th

Big Bang’s first Japanese album title song ‘Number 1′ is set to be released online on 9th October.

YG Entertainment said, “2 weeks in advance to the release of the album on 22nd, both the title song and the MV will be revealed. The song and MV will be revealed in Korea too seeing the great interests and response that fans have for Big Bang’s album.”

In fact is that on 3rd October, the song ‘Number 1′ was aired on a Japanese radio, the song was recorded and circulated online, causing what was said to be a music leakout.

‘Number 1′ which involved the participation of Sweden producing team ‘SilverRoom’ showcases a different music style of Big Bang and has received much interests from fans especially when it is recorded in English.

Big Bang will have their Japan concert from 28th October to 11th November and in mid-November they will be releasing another new album in Korea.

Credit: sookyeong.wp



~ by Momo on October 7, 2008.

12 Responses to “Big Bang to release title song ‘Number 1′ online on 9th”

  1. i love number 1! ahh i love TOP

  2. awesome!! yeah it was sort of a leakout but it didn’t stop everyone from going crazy on it!

  3. Oh, was what we heard not the actual song and MV?
    Or was it true that it leaked?
    Confusion ><

  4. @Tony:
    Noooooooooo if I knew it was a leak I wouldn’t have listened to it

  5. hUh??..

    cant wait 4 d whole album!!!

    i’m nOt spendin’ much this month again..sO i can buy d album!!!
    btw,is there gonna b order international???

  6. omg is tomorrow :D!!!! yayy! i can’t wait for the legal song xD! lol ^^

  7. hope bb will be famous in sweden!!! lol XD

  8. 0.0
    can’t waiit!!!!

  9. October the 9th!
    then I’ll get to hear the song on the 11th!!!!!!! [I line in Israel..1 days behind…]
    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. omg ima explode!!!!!!!!!!!
    im so happy, io really like the music video as well.

    hi vicky!! long time, no talk~

  11. WAH! korean album next month!!! whoo cannot wait!!

  12. wowww i really can’t wait!! >,<

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