Calling for Malaysian VIPs: LOVE for TOP Project

Another project on the way, something nice from BBMalaysia VIP. Our special LOVE for TOP on his birthday.

What’s Love for TOP?

Option 1:
Well, we have discussed amongst friends, members and staff about what to get for the big guy. We decided to design him a custom made shoe. Simply unique which ur unable to get it elsewhere. Yup thats rite, our very own VIP Designs.

Donation is best to bear the cost and materials needed. If you’re interested to join, you may EMAIL Min for more info about the donation. Affordable.

All designs will be done by our very own Merchandise Officers @BBMalaysia

Option 2:
Getting people to send in their wishes by email.

Will print in a nice color papers and various kind of fonts. Then roll it and tie with a ribbon. After that, we will put all of the messages in a nice colored box. Simple as that.

Dateline: October 25th 2008 (Saturday)

For Option 1:

1. Please email Min for more information about the project and donations

2. Email:

For Option 2:

1. Email your messages to:

2. Title the subject as Love for TOP Option 2

Once everything is done and in order, will mail the presents to YG Entertainment.


On behalf of BBMalaysia Forum.



~ by Momo on October 7, 2008.

22 Responses to “Calling for Malaysian VIPs: LOVE for TOP Project”

  1. aw that sounds so sweet!!! =D

  2. issit just for malaysians?

  3. mahirah, if u want, u can email it to me. I know that ur studying in KL rite..

  4. Wee~
    For mi , i’ll cho0se Option 2 ba!
    Will sent the msg so0n. ;D

  5. so we’re goin to send top two presents, rite? the shoe and the message box.
    or only one of the options?

  6. athirah, we are most definitely going to send 2 present to TOP.

  7. great prject~~^_^
    really grateful if i can choose the option 1,think have to rely on other vips~~T.T
    option 2 then,will send the msg asap~~

  8. yesss!!!!!!!!
    i regretted for not submitting the rap rhymes for TOP..and now here is something that i can join..coz i’m a MVIP!!!
    YES i’m so happy!
    I’ll email it asap once i get it done!!
    i love option 1! donation? I’m so broke =.= hopefully it wont cost me much though

  9. i want to join too!!
    i’ll try my best for T.O.P!!!
    me too i also mail it after i finish it

  10. im not a VIP! how to be a VIP?

  11. Top probably has all the shoes nike’s in the world. Which company is making the shoe o.O?

  12. is it only mvips???

  13. b-tizzle&tabi

    u are welcome also to join if u want

    Gabriel Mak

    the shoes is for for wearing purpose. as decoration

  14. ohmaigok.
    i wish i was bigbang right now so i could have awesome fans making stuff for me lyk you guys.

  15. @nadrah:
    lol anyone who likes big bang is VIP

  16. I’m from Turkey and wanna join the project too^^

  17. Momo…. ahahah i wanna join lmao ^^
    MiN said da shoe thing thy all deco it on da gathering days T^T
    Nuu fair tsk tsk tsk

  18. awsome because
    i did the rhymes
    for top thing =D
    & i wanna do this TOO

  19. Sounds great!
    Sry, but I’m first time here,
    Can I join this project?

  20. jungree

    of course u may

  21. what is the dateline for the 2nd option?

  22. option two seems awesome 😀 i wanna join this. can i?

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