[ENGLISH SUBBED] Come to Play: Big Bang Special | Preview NII Shoot

09.22.08 MBC Come to Play
Big Bang Special
634 MB

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Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4|| Part 5|| Part 6|| Part 7

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I will only release soft sub for this file. Those of you who download this video from me, the timing matched so it’s easier for you to use soft sub, just download it and watch away.

So~ finally, after 2 weeks of subbing this show, I finally got it done, special thanks to iyasu and anecia these gals are AMAZING, without these two helping me with the translation, we will never get to know how juicy this episode of ‘Come to Play’ is.

I’ve been watching this over and over again for proofreading, and I still LOL at some of the things on there, now you can finally understand why everyone react the way they do to things, especially Bong, SHAME ON YOU BONG!! hahaha how can you do that to Bebe???? After watching this, I love Baby more and more…. though I didn’t think it was possible, but I did. a lot more.

So I’ll stop talking now and let y’all go and enjoy the show. 😀


And to make this post a little bit news updated hahaha. The boys did another NII Photoshoot… a little preview!!!!! SO FREAKING AWSOME!!! I hope they have like a lifetime contract with NII or something, cuz everytime there’s a new collection coming out… just LORD~ This time it’s winter clothing… these boys are on just HOT~

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and a new message to fans about NUMBER 1. Look at our dorky Tabi, being dorky without doing much haha. it’s skillz


~ by Vicky on October 7, 2008.

114 Responses to “[ENGLISH SUBBED] Come to Play: Big Bang Special | Preview NII Shoot”

  1. haha, seung ri in that cute sweater vest ^_^
    so cute, so cute.

  2. iyasu, anecia, and YOU.. ROCK MY SOCKS! thanks guys!!!<3

  3. thank you guys SO much! ❤

  4. omg thanks sooo much! xD

  5. OMG!!
    I hope they better have a lifelong contract
    I mean imagine the attention they get everytime new pics come out
    I’m pretty sure sales are super high
    they need the boys and we need those pics

    I’m dying….just in those 25 seconds he managed to be sooo dorky XD


  7. hey vicky, whats the diff between hardsubs and softsubs?

  8. YelloPhase

    soft sub is when you just download the sub i timed and play it together with the video you already have

    hardsubbed is the version where I encode the sub onto the video and encode it into a video file

  9. dreamandlove

    he always surrpise us with a new NII shoot
    so we’ll see!!

  10. you’re right
    let’s wait and see
    though part of me insists that his mohican looked good
    I don’t think he should change it so fast…..

  11. vicky, i can’t dl part6. pleeease reupload! tysm ❤

  12. vi
    hahaha… what he’s doing there? messing aroung like that
    my man… dork

    & Bong, hahaha, why in my eyes he looks so intimate with my man?

    Vi~~~ thanks for the subbed version ^^v
    now i’ll know what they’re talking ’bout

  13. dreamandlove

    well this is Bong
    we never know
    if he waant to switch hairstyle
    no forces on earth can stop him


  14. elaisvip

    it works fine for me
    you should try again later
    MF does that a lot

    and just so you know
    if you already have the video
    you can just download the softsub to play it

  15. nya

    what u mean?
    like…. intimate…. haha

  16. oh and btw gurl
    I’m currently uploading it on youutbe
    it will be up in a bit
    since the file is kinda huge

  17. LOL
    “no forces on earth”
    yeah you’re right
    guess we should worry about the others….
    maybe TOP will finally please his fans XD

  18. dreamandlove

    by doing what?
    i’m curious haha
    what do TOP teamers want the most for him to do? [EXCEPT TAKING OFF HIS CLOTHES, I ALREADY KNOW THAT ONE THANKS TO NYA]

  19. Yay. English subs!
    Thanks so much, Vicky.

  20. LMAO!!!
    nya might have talked to you about my secret wishes then…..XD
    THAT’S OUR MAIN GOAL!!!!!!!!!
    it’s either that or I’ll have to talk to my lawyer about this too 😛

  21. dreamandlove

    oh gurl trust me….
    nya tell me LOTS OF THINGS…
    illegal things she shouldn’t be telling me….

    …. hhahaha

    so that’s all yall think about huh??
    wanna … ‘take a peak’??? kekek

  22. yeah part 6 doesn’t work for me neither

  23. LOL
    I don’t see anythin illegal about this except bb being so damn sexy 😛

    girl is there anything else worth thinkin about???!!!…..XD

  24. awwww tabi.

  25. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! your awesome for doing this and thanks to everyone else for working on the subs for this….u guys rock my socks and float my boat!

  26. vi
    that’s what i feel when i watch the vid.
    weird. ir maybe somethings wrong with my head now ~.~

    u upload it on youtube? whoaa~~~
    good news, since my connection now really slow.
    wanna d/l but that takes a lot of time >,<

  27. dreamandlove
    hahaha… we TOP teamers really want him to please us
    i agree, that really is our main goal. hahaha

  28. ShadyK
    try again later
    if it still doesn’t work then I’ll upload it on USAUpload later

  29. dreamandlove
    you are so right i can’t find words to protest hahaha
    there really isn’t…
    it’s the same for us Baby luvers… wait hold up…
    i only know about me
    i don’t really about other Baby luvers
    it’s funny
    i hang with mostly other members’ lover instead of Baby luvers kekek i’m such a jealous fangirl hahaha

    one day…. when Tabi lift up that shirt
    blood will start flowing
    fangirls will start fainting and … attacking

  30. nya

    like what do you mean
    i’m like dead right now haha
    i can’t remember what ‘intimate’ mean… or at least in ur context hahaha

    yup part 1 2 3 is up now
    the others are still uploading

  31. well I don’t talk to any TOP lovers
    so I get you on that
    but I’m more than sure that there’s Baby luvers who die everythime something new is posted they are just too shy to spazz with you LOL or maybe they are just too scared to share XD

    you got that right!!!

    what blood type are you?!!!!!
    I need to know before that happens 😛

  32. nya
    I’m sure at least you and I do….
    vicky seems to know about this more than me but I can imagine XD

  33. vi
    hahahah… dead.
    intimate, ehh~~~ really don’t know how to explain.
    i just got that feeling.
    maybe i need some ‘Tabi brainwash’ to make clear.

    thanks gurl ^^v i’ll go watch it now.

  34. dreamandlove
    vicky know about it more than us.
    i remember when she say it. hahaha
    she’s right about this
    well, to maintain friendship, go talk to other member lover.
    coz we’re aesy to get jealous

    at least that’s what she means. haha…

  35. nya
    LOL yeah I’m sure that’s the reason
    though I’m not sure if I should try talk to others
    if they’re crazier than me I might get jumped by one of them 😛

  36. aww vicky.
    was this the “surprise”?
    you so good to us!

  37. dreamandlove

    nah…. i’m pretty sure it’s my jealous side keeping me from them hahaha
    cuz i saw TONS of baby luvers start appearing day by day
    like when i first started posting things on this site,
    i don’t exactly ‘spazz’ as much
    there’s like tons of Bong, Tabi, YB and Dae luvers
    but not a lot of Baby

    but ever since I declare my love for him and keep on talking about him
    he gain tons of fangirls…
    this is not good for me is it? hahahah

    I have the best blood type haha
    most healthy and also the same as Dae
    O type babay haha

  38. nya

    “TOP hung ah~ you look so cute in that hoodie.. can you share it with you?”
    that kind of thoughts?? hahahahaha

    cuz that would be… somewhat right.. haha
    i bet something really funny happened right before the video
    they were cracking up as soon as the video started.

  39. nya

    i DID say that actually
    it’s the best way to keep peace between fangirls
    really the only way fangirls can be friends hahaha


    YOU AND ME. hahahah

  40. dreamandlove
    hahaha crazier than u,
    that’ll be me. since i always surprised vicky everytime i typed my comment. hahaha….

  41. vi
    “TOP hung ah~ you look so cute in that hoodie.. can you share it with you?”
    maybe that really happen.
    u could look at their face there. dorky

    that’s the best way. i trust u gurl.
    since we hang out just fine coz we love different members. kakaka…

    i’ve seen the part 1 on youtube.
    kakaka… HILARIOUS!
    i can’t stop laughing. u should see me now.
    i’m like crazy. kakaka

  42. keeping you from them?…LOL
    yeah I have to say when you started postin all those things even I fell for him XD
    but I’m back to my man

    I don’t know mine’s but if I ever need type O I know who to call….DS is type o???!!! didn’t know XP

  43. nya


  44. nya

    OOH~ i just thought of something
    maybe Bong wanna do u a favor hahaha
    “hyung… take it off”
    that can happen.

    u should see me when i was subbing it
    i cannot stop giggling and keep typing in the wrong time hahaha
    at the end… i kept on tearing up at Baby talking…
    so sad.
    Baby ah~ we love you so much you have NO IDEA.

  45. nya
    LOL really?!
    then I why you two have so much in common
    are you sure you two aren’t sisters?

    you don’t live in LA do you???!!

    my life depends on your answer XD

  46. dreamandlove

    Tabi is type B
    the stubborn but sexy kind hahaha

    read about it all here


  47. dreamandlove

    oh my god hahaha
    funny you bring that up

    we were seriously planning on getting our DNA checked
    cuz seriously
    we’re like… so similar
    we even think about the same thing at the same time
    like the same thoughts just pop up
    scares us hahahaha

  48. vi
    hahaha… that possible too. kakaka…
    “hyung… take it off” ahh!!!
    i want to change it into “oppa, take it off” hahahah

    aww.. my stupid internet connection.
    its still loading for part 2. gahh~~~
    i wanna see & spazz it with u. hahaa
    u type wrong? kekeke… can’t blame u.
    they’re such dork when they gather together.

  49. LOL
    thanx for the info

    and yes I’m beginning to suspect
    you should realy get that test done
    I have the same kinda thing with my friend
    so yeah I know how freaky it can be 😛

  50. dreamandlove
    hahaha. i don’t live in LA
    & we’re not sisters.
    that’s really scary & we conclude that we share the same brain.
    coz there’s no answer for that. kekeke

  51. nya

    kekke… T_____T again with ur dirty thoughts hahaha

    you be surprise when you watch the part with YB talking about Bong..

    can’t believe Bong did that….
    how could he do that to Bebe??
    so sad.. T___T

  52. LOL
    there’s no risk for me then!!!

    and LOL
    I’m starting to believe you guys do
    since vcky just told me that too 😛

  53. vi
    hahaha… now watching part 2. kekeke
    hilarious. gyu~~~ hahaha
    baby is doing great.
    they should invite baby to variety show more often ^^



  55. nya

    we might be long long lost cousins though hahahaha
    since we have both have some chinese in us hahah

  56. dreamandlove

    we need to get a freaking test soon hahaha
    right nya?
    family it important

  57. nya

    I KNOW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Baby and Bebe did the least variety show out of BIg BANG MEMBERS
    but they were really really good there

    i hope if Baby have time, he will be on varity show more often
    cuz varity show takes lot of time, at least 8 hour sof recording for a 1 hour show
    so it’s exhausting.

    “HA GYU~”
    can he be anymore adorable???

    he’s not afraid of ppl calling him ‘conceited’ cuz he’s only messing around
    keep making the ppl around him speechless
    LOVE IT!

  58. LOL
    yup it’s gettin scarier by the comment
    I say you do it ASAP XD

  59. vi
    oh my god!!! my man, when he imitate Dae’s smile!
    hahahaha!!! hilarious!

  60. dreamandlove

    in that case
    i need nya to send me her spit
    and i’m being serious

  61. nya

    OH MY GOD I KNOW!!!!
    what more scary is… look JUST LIKE DAE!!

    “do you wanna eat jajjangmyun?” … *SMILE*

  62. vi
    hahaha… i think i need to save some money to go to ur place. then get outr DNA tested. hahaha…

    ‘ha gyu~’ so cute~~~
    i love them in variety show.
    that make us know more about them. hahaha…

    Bong is a lil harsh on Dae’s part. hahaha…
    my man also. hehehe
    but still, i can’t take off my eyes from tabi.
    his shirt button… ahh~~~ i want to peak what’s inside. fufufu

  63. LOL
    well if it’ll get ya closer your family why not XD

  64. nya
    I just saw that too
    I couldn’t believe it either
    looked just like DS 😛

  65. OMG OMG OMG!
    Thank you so so so much!
    I’ve been waiting for a subbed video for the longest time! xDDD

    Thank you!!!

  66. nya

    or you can ship ur spit over here
    it works too

    i think Bong didn’t mean anything bad
    he just say it like that to make the show more intesting

    when i read that part where Tbai say “i can’t figure him out”
    i was already laughing my butt off hahaha

    i just hear some good news
    u know how we were worrying about the boys having a concert at the end of the yaer and exhaust themselves?
    I just know that they pushed the concert back to January of next year instead the end of this year
    so our boys will have more time to prepare and not overworked themselves!!

    I’M SO HAPPY!!!

  67. dreamandlove

    I can careless about family hahaha
    i only care so much since we’re fellow fangirls kekek

    Tabi was being a bit too quiet on that show
    the dorky Tabi we know would pull a ‘Tom Cruise’ and start jumping on couches or something haha

  68. haha — what are they all laughing at?
    ohh well — thay look cute, all of them x]

    yeah — i wish they did have a lifetime contract with NII — they look so dayuuuum good x]

  69. vi
    yay!! their concert this end of year is my biggest worries!
    i really mean it! I’M SO HAPPY!!!!
    now they could get soem time to rest instead of pushing themselves… ah~~~
    no school stuff worry me the most compared to this one.
    hah… thanks God…

    i laugh like crazy! really.
    every words they’ve said. too funny.

    yeah, i know they don’t mean that but just hahaha…
    Dae’s face & Bong’s face at Bebe part. kakaka…
    that angry symbol.. kaka…
    baby said that he’s glad he’s not number 1. kakaka…
    that just crak Bong up hahaha

  70. LOL
    true I’d be the same 😛

    Tom Cruise
    hell no!!!
    prefer him being quiet than makin a fool of himself like that
    my baby’s too cool for that 😛
    plus it was time for TY to show all his charisma so it was okay

  71. now i have doubt for GD’s personality,if he’s… He’s bit… I dunno,but still love him…
    I’m melting for Dae,he’s amazing person.

  72. vi
    yup, the ending part feel so sad,
    eventough that’s the letter they sent to themselves.

    but, ur hubby.
    “Seung Ri ah~ i like u so much”
    hahahaha… that really crack everyone up. hahaha…

  73. OMG finally subbed THANKS SO MUCH Vicky!!! 😀

    new NII Photoshoot >.< i can’t wait

    lol at Tabi being dorky 😛 he’s so cute <<<33

    i thought i have to download the whole show again
    thank U for the softsubs >_<!!!!

  75. aww,top so cute!

  76. thanks you so much!!!
    i was laughing so much everytime seungri and taeyang speaks.

  77. vicky~ thanks for subbing this!!!
    i really appreciate it,, so much,,

    i so love BB!!
    ~SEUNGRI BABY was so cute, so hyper, so honest, and so adorable here!!! OMG!!!(i can’t get enough of him)

    i can’t stop laughing after watching this,,
    everyone’s unique,, but these differences made them solid as ONE!!!

    ~yeah!! BB for life!!!!

  78. hey Vicky!
    i have a problem with this file,
    i downloaded it, but there wasn`t any eng subs.there was just the video…
    do u know how can i solve this problem? i really wanted to see it with subs =/
    thanks ^^

  79. nya

    seriously, literally nothing can stress us out more than this

    the part where Baby say “i’m really happy i’m not #1”
    Bong’s little scoff hahaha
    he was just speechless
    I think he was really really really surprise that he ranked 1st kekeke.
    poor little Bong.

    shouldn’t have accuse Bebe of farting 8 years ago hahaha

  80. dreamandlove

    haha i was just expect him to do that
    but Tabi doesn’t do that anymore on variety show lately
    like sure he’s still a dork when he’s like with the members and stuff
    but not really on variety shows
    he want to keep his ‘cool’ image hahaha

  81. nya

    what did i say about Baby being the most amazing person ever??
    he know it too so he just have to say he like himself 3 times kekeke

  82. meriezu
    can’t agree more
    that is RIGHT

  83. ;bea/
    did you download the soft sub??
    you suppose to download the soft sub and name the file the same [remember to store them in the same folder too]
    then when you click the video, the sub will automacally play along

  84. if the soft sub is the link that you post i downloaded it, but its a avi file. so where can i find the soft sub file?
    im quite lost =p sorry

  85. ;bea/

    on the pagev on HQBB
    there’s the link that says


    you click on that and download
    it’s a .srt file

  86. AHH!!!!!!!!
    this totally made my week!!
    love subss. thanks vickyy!

  87. oh thanks! ^^
    its a shame i cant watch it now T_T so many hw and course work to do T_T
    hahaha! i saw it without subs and seemed really nice!
    i can’t wait to watch!!
    thanks for the great job vicky!!

  88. Awwww thanks for subbing it :]
    I MISS THEM!! They brighten my day uppp :]
    Awwww themm. Seung Ri is soooo CUTEEE!
    Thats the only reason why Big Bang is popular
    cause of himm :] hehe hes funnyyy.
    TOPPPP he is adorableee!
    Hahah Tae Yang and Dae Sungs eyes :]
    Puppies 😛

  89. ♥BIG BANG Always&FOREVER

  90. annaxyooj

    it’s not that i don’t wanna do it often
    but it’s just the lack of translator and time
    but from now on i’ll try hard

    seem like no one barely even sub big bang videos anymore T_T
    it’s sad

  91. vi
    hahaha… bong really surprised that he’s first!
    he went speechless all the time. hahaha…

    Baby is Gwangju pride & his excuse as he’s in the peak of youth. hahaha… now i understand why they photoshop it. kakaka

    he really crack everyone up ewith that.
    & i just notice bong with his lil bunny doll at the end.
    that buny so cute~ i think it’s looks exactly like baby.
    ah~ if its knot only doll, but baby himself…
    GRi moment

  92. was the come to play thing cut?
    cuz i only got to the part where they were talking about like in terms of bb, something something i am the best…

  93. i really laughed when baby said “am i too humble” then bong really cracked when he said that. LOL

  94. nya

    peak of youth… aka PUBERTY
    hehe the period when young high school boys are curious with sex and changes in their mind HAHAHA
    am i right or what???????

    the part where Bong say “his strength”
    then Baby automacally become all humble and say “Thankyou” in a polite way right away
    make Bong speechless haha

    and Dae sitting on the other side “YOU SHOULDN’T BE LIKE THIS” hahah
    “how can you talk about yourself like that?”
    “your packaging skills is better than the store near my school”
    kekekekek Dae and his dorky self.. his face was just T___T

  95. ktin7
    his face then everyone’s reaction T_________T hahah

  96. vi
    yup. hahaha…
    that’s too hilarious!
    omg… now i know that Dae like to mumble. kakaka…

    just that Tabi rarely talks.
    that’s it. tough i want to know him more.
    he just sit there attacking the fruits. hahaha

  97. LOL
    yeah it would have been funny but you know MY MAN
    anyways I think SR took the spotlight in that show LOL
    just praising himself and then the list of reasons why he should be part of big bang were hilarious XD

  98. dreamandlove

    i have no idea how many time ‘seungri’ was mentioned in that show haha
    like seriously
    they would talk about something and ask seungri right away haha

    a new variety star is born

  99. I know that part was funny too
    but my favorite part was when he was all happy about not being the member that can’t keep secrets
    and GD was just turning his head XD

  100. dreamandlove

    Bong was just plain SPEECHLESS
    Baby just make it worse haha
    these 2 still going at it even though they sit across from each other

  101. thank you so much guys !

    i just fell in love them lately and crazy searching files of them.


    i know i will enjoy watching all oppas !!

  102. thank you so much guys !

  103. thank you so much guys but i can’t download the softsub can you reupload it pleasee
    thank you

  104. thanx ^^

  105. i try to download the sub file but i seems that i didn’t have permission..it says “You don’t have permission to access /hq_bigbang/79240.html on this server.”how should i do it?really want to watch this episode..T.T

  106. Can you reupload softsubs?Please.I really wanna wach this show.Thanks. 🙂

  107. how do we download the subtitle? I can’t download it. Please help 😦

  108. yeah, me too. i cant seem to download the softsubs. please reup it! thanks 🙂

  109. yayyyyyyy thank you so much for the subs!

  110. I can’t download soft sub.
    please upload it in mediafire or megaupload.

  111. thank you so much for the soft subs ! 😀 but i have a problem when i open the link for the subs it says that *i dont have the right to view it * and it says access denied ,so what should i do ? please help me >< !

  112. ^^ me too …

    it says ‘access denied’ ???

    help me ?!

  113. please reupload yor subtitle…

  114. i would be really thankful if you reupload the softsubs again..PLEASE!!~ I really need that subs because i have already downloaded the whole video…

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