Stand Up Tour ‘08 Concert Info


10/28 (Tuesday) Osaka Kousei Nenkin Kaikan – 7PM
10/29 (Wednesday) Chukyo Daigaku Bunka Shimin Kaikan [Formerly: Nagoya Shimin Hall] – 7PM
11/01 (Saturday) Makuhari Messe – 2PM
11/01 (Saturday)Makuhari Messe– 7PM


Ticket Price – ¥8500 (Plus additional charges depending on where you buy your ticket.)

Where to buy tickets:

CREDITS: mycatok@LJ

And one more thing, also from mycatok, 

  • ringtones for “Number 1″ and “Make Love songs from their first Japan album, will be available for download tomorrow. 

Post Taken from: Chau@ygworld.wp



~ by Momo on October 7, 2008.

10 Responses to “Stand Up Tour ‘08 Concert Info”

  1. isn’t it tiring for them to have 2 concerts at the same day though?
    oh well~~
    GOOD LUCK to big bang hehe~~
    can’t wait to see the fancams lol

  2. omg tomorrow *-*

    ill have number one on my cellphone yay!!

    thanx 4 the news =D

  3. i wish i could see them..^^
    but wow..poor’s good to have concerts but that’s totally tiring..they have 2 on they have rehearsals for that..i hope they dont get sick or anything..^_^
    big bang fighting!!^_^

  4. Good luck 2 U my boys.Hope you can be strong.
    But you’ll be tire.That’s for sure.Don’t work too hard.
    I wish that I can go there and listen to them.But I can’t.So I just can say good luck to them.
    Fighting BIGBANG!!!!!
    Love U so much.♥♥♥

  5. dang that’s almost $100 US for ticket but for them its worth it:)

  6. haha my friend said that the concert tix for osaka have already been sold out…and that was 1 or 2 weeks ago

  7. awww too bad i can’t go to the concert ='( but i know they will do great ^^ so good luck to them ♥

  8. I wish them luck and right now i hate myself SO MUCH about me not living in Japan!!!!

  9. I found the ringtones for Number 1, where is it for Make Love? =o

  10. OMG! if i had the money for the plane tickets i’d so go!
    their concert tix are only $85.50 + other fees. that’s cheap. well, compared to the other concerts i’ve been to.

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