YGBB’s 1000th Day Project


To expand Big Bang’s musical knowledge.
To give them a muse.
To give them a variety of music to jam to.



(for those who aren’t YGBB members)

the original gift idea came from Janie (jnie05) of YGBB & BBFansite. CLICK ON THE LINKS TO CHECK THE PROJECT OUT!



~ by gdluvzmc on October 7, 2008.

16 Responses to “YGBB’s 1000th Day Project”

  1. Give something to charity, Instead of 5 affluent young men.

  2. how thoughtful of you.
    send your opinions to the original threads. thanks.

  3. I didn’t mean it disrespectfully, Just rationally.

  4. rational people should watch what they say ON A BIG BANG FANSITE.
    it’s like you wanna get jumped or something.
    & you’re all for big bang over kpop.
    i see some hypocrisy in that.
    sometimes it’s best to leave the fangirls alone. if they wanna give to BB, let them give to BB.

  5. I don’t want to get jumped, what would imply that?
    I’m speaking perfectly logically, Fan site or Not.
    I believe Big Bang are dominant in the korean industry, my name implies that. Where is the hypocrisy. It doesn’t disregard my views on charity. At times its not best to leave sanity alone.
    Again i don’t the slightest bit of disrespect, i’m just speaking my mind. I hope you appreciate that. I think this Fansite is managed and constructed very well.

  6. kudos to you.

  7. I like turtle ‘_”

  8. Sounds cool.
    I already have a bunch of ideas for CDs I wanna send, LOL.

  9. I do some music mixing, I could mix some beats for dance or mixes for vocals. =]

  10. woo,i doing this^^ .i have so much xD

  11. ahh i’m so excited for this XD
    i’m thinking of like 5 cds i wanna send…

  12. wow, thank you

  13. oh cool..i can send them a lot of cds..^_^

  14. omg!! cool~
    i think this is a great idea for them!!

  15. THAT’S COOL!!
    NICE IDEA^__^

  16. uwa~
    May 12,2009 is Big Bang’s 1000th day anniv..
    so happy it’s my 16th birthday..:)

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