Shooting new MV Stalker Cam | GD with Hong Ji Kyung

**EDIT: It’s been confirm that this is shooting of their new MV, not CF.

**RANDOM SPAZZ: Any fans of MBC’s show “We Got Married” here? Have you watch the latest episode? the part where Alex called ShinAe after the concert, when ShinAe’s phone rings, I swear to God it was ‘Haru Haru’ ringtone wasn’t it? My ear did not deceive me, I can hear Dae’s part clearly, anybody notice that?? or am I ageing early at the age of 15?

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The boys are shooting a new CF, I love their CFs so YAY~ not sure what it’s about though, make a guess, what’s related to “Let’s go WEST!” hahaha This is a Bong stalker cam, so only Bong is “colored” haha, and he be looking MIGHTY FINE in my favorite color, purple, I love his freaking pants!!! I want it… now I wanna creep into their house just to steal his pants… haha I am so messed up. Bong… I think he cut his hair short now, so that’s why it look like this, it’s not as long as before when his mohikan was really tall.

Got a glimpse of Bebe too, his hair isn’t so “mohawk like” anymore, Dae’s guns DEFINATELY got bigger from what I see. I think Tabi’s the one in the white hoodie?? not too sure?? and I think i spot Baby too… not too sure though, and his hair look different too.. hm… I wanna see the CF already!!

Bong was working with KBS Radio DJ Hong Jin Kyung in YG’s recording studio, wonder what they were doing, Bong was looking like such a dork in his 2 sizes too small beanie, so freaking adorable!!!!

thanks to GD&H님

To view more pics in original size, go here

With Hong Ji Kyung unnie

credit: KBS

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~ by Vicky on October 8, 2008.

125 Responses to “Shooting new MV Stalker Cam | GD with Hong Ji Kyung”

  1. if u really think about it…. there not that many GUYS that wear PURPLE!!!! (think about it)
    but i se big bang wear purple ALL THE TIME
    n they look mighty FINE in it!!!
    n AHHH my baby look sooo cute in that BUNCH of ppl
    i cn just spot him RITE THERE

  2. haha, hes such a cute dork ^_^

  3. AWW i love how they highlighted bong, he looks so charismaticc


  5. lol,why is it that only GD finds the camera.he always looks straight at it,its like he’s saying”wait,let me get a good shoot” matter where it is,he knows where to look.

  6. Bebe hair looks really differnet for some reason, is it just cos he didnt gel it? Hmmm i wonder whos stronger dae or tae

  7. man GDs hair grow so fast. It used to be completely shaved on one side when he had the half moon mohawk. now its completely grown back

  8. GD’s pants are awesome!!!
    love the color!
    wish my man was shown more clearly in the pics but I get they were supposed to be GD’s pics 😛
    like TY’s hair
    DS’s arms are BIG now
    lookin damn fine!!!
    but wait….whre’s SR?

  9. Queenie

    haha cuz not everybody can pull off purple
    I just love purple
    i’m obsessed with it actually
    it’s such an awsome color.

  10. BBFTW.

    keke though i really hope they colored other member too
    not just Bong
    other members’ clothes are probably colorful too

  11. nimco

    HJAHAHAH niceee…
    Bong is photogetic
    the camera loves him and he love it more hahah
    so he always manage to pull off a good pose or expresion even though he didn’t know it’s there

  12. hoichu

    yea.. his mohawk doesn’t look ‘mohawk-like’ anymore
    probably Dae, since Bebe weight the least in Big Bang
    only 56 kg

  13. hoichu

    or maybe he wear Sam for too long we didn’t notice it growing slowly hahah

  14. vicky
    yeah i wish they had too. i wonder what the cf is for.. hopefully something to excite fangirls everywhere.. XD

  15. Stalker cam indeed.
    But God bless those stalkers.
    If it weren’t for them, we
    wouldn’t get sneak peeks of
    our boys like this.

    Ah Vicky. I’ll go with you
    to steal those pants. They
    are way too cute. ^__^

    I should go and get a jean like that :]
    I GOT ONE TOOO! But its black :[
    Its not colorful like his..:P

  17. BBFTW.

    “Let’s go WEST!”
    haha… not sure what that is
    but they look so freaking goood~

    even if it’s a CF for brocoli i’ll be gladly to try to eat brocoli for the first time in my life

    these boys can sell ANYTHING

  18. ohthethrill

    those freaking purple pants
    i want them so freaking bad

    and yes. stalkers are LOVE`

  19. annaxyooj

    everything he do and has have to be different from everyone else’s

  20. OH god! everytime he does his ‘blowfish’ face..i seriously am in love.
    and his outfit! the purple pants and suspenders..totally lovin’ it!! (something i would wear). stylish, sexy, talented, cute…what more can you ask for?

  21. vicky
    they did advertise brocoli before!!
    on babys manwon happiness! haha he bought it for his dark circles.
    you ready to try it noww? 😛

  22. yah lets go west haha west coast lmao haha

  23. oh yeah. BBFTW is right. they did advertise brocolli.
    haha. so vicky, how about brocolli? xD

  24. omg where’d BeBe’s fohawk go!?! ah its like disappearing and in comes a full set of hair – i guess he wanted a change, he has had the fohawk for lke 6 months now…ahah GD with the purple pants..seriously the only man who could probably pull it off without lookin weird @.@ – ps. i liked the first GDYB pic ~tee hee i feel like a GDYB spazz moment

  25. @sweetsorrow

    sup girl? i miss u T_T tyc has to be online i miss our spazz about taebabes lols 😀

    his fohawk went nowhere lols.

    remember the jimmy neutron theory lols

    his fohawk is just flat. if u look at the the great concert or when they were in japan in januray his hair is like that. even that is a while back T_T


    Make Love Ringtone

    Lyrics here


    why couldnt they let tae have that song to himself T_T

    i guess thats why “A Fool’s Only Tear’s” ‘s rap is in it

    but i want to see how they going to do Kush’s rap

  26. hey i know this is probably a really stupid question… but what’s a CF?

  27. biglovebang

    its abreviation for commercial xD

  28. yong’s hair! haa.. cute! XD back to his 1st debut hair. (:

  29. BBFTW.

    the best CF OF ALL TIME!!

    and… hm… hhaha
    if they start stripping while eating brocoli.. then we’ll talk hahaha
    if they can that will be amazing
    my parents have been trying for almost 16 years
    and it still doesn’t work on me
    me and vegatable are like.. I HATE YOU “YOU HATE ME TOO”

  30. ohthethrill

    u guys trying to presure me eh? hahaha

  31. sweetsorrow

    he had it LONG ago
    ever since beginning of this year
    so maybe it’s time

    the only person who never get a significant change in hairstyle is Dae…
    he need to do soemthing soon

  32. biglovebang

    it’s a korean term for commercials

  33. vicky

    omg you too?!? haha i dont eat my vegetables either…they are my sworn enemies.. i dont eat fruits either. lol
    im doing fine..ill live off of BB. its all good XDD

    wow..if they start stripping…my innonce will be all gone by the end of that night.. kehehe

  34. BBFTW.

    it’s not like i’m hard headed and don’t wanna eat it
    but it just feel stuck in the back of my throat and i can’t swallow it
    i mean salads.. yeah those i can tolerate, I ate them once in a while
    but eh~ other stuff… no~

    I love fruits though
    anything really except really sour fruits
    i don’t like eating them, I like to ‘juiced’ them kekeke
    if you know what i mean

    if they really do… i don’t think ANY OF US will get a goodnight sleep

  35. vicky

    i throw up whenever i try to eat watermelon or celery..gross..

    wow can you imagine the boys doing that?
    i can imagine bong and his lips and his hips..ooh. HA!

  36. BBFTW.

    see i love eating watermelon
    but i never touch it
    i hate the smell of it
    they always leave this weird smell on my hands and won’t go away for hours
    so i always have my dad cut it in pieces for me and i’ll use a fork to eat it
    sometimes i eat watermelon and rice alone haha
    i can live off that

    with celery, i can eat it only when i’m eating chicken wings, when you’re eatinc chicken wings, u just HAVE to have celelry
    it’s not right without it

    …. uh…… hahah
    if i admit then i’ll be perverted x1000000000000
    but i can’t lie.. so of course kekekek

  37. vicky

    no one can resist bongs charms!
    i dont care who reads it~~ ill be perverted for kwon leaduhh!

  38. damn them! they get to wear witner clothes already,
    and im dying in the heat of california. gahhhh, i hate my llifeeeaaaa

  39. love love love these pictures! I love wgm, I totally think its haru haru too!

  40. OMG!!!
    You’re talking about the part where she’s in the entrance of the concert hall and her phone rings right? lol I thought I was the only one who noticed. Your ears are not decieving you, NO ONE CAN RESIST BIG BANG!!!

  41. vi
    Bong definitely is a star, he looks so photogenic in all of this stalker can. hahaha
    those colorful purple, now make me want to find some purple clocth & wear it too.
    big bang could make anything work.

    if u want to creep into their house just to steal the pants,
    i think i prefer to creep into their house to steal THEM, not their pants. hahahaa….

    wonder what kind of CF is that?
    ‘let’s go west’

  42. hmm… who is the guy in the white? it’s not TOP, because i see him wearing his infamous gloves.

  43. OMG!!
    so it wasn’t just me
    I’m sure it was haru haru 😛

  44. zerohundred
    that’s Seung Ri
    TOP is tthe one with the white hoodie

  45. oh, i think you’re right. like the dork i am, i was studying the pictures more after i said that, and i saw the gloved person in the last pic, and it’s def. SR. thanks XD

    but seriously he looks hot. it is taeyang riight?

    and gdragon has the best fashion, purple pants on him is like leaf and trees together (: LOL~

  47. his pants O_O i want it! haha
    the pic of the naked lady still there??

  48. ri is just getting out of the bus

    he looks like he has his fringe bangs back

    and those who are wondering if that person with a cap and hoodie on its top

    Dae is here

  49. Bonggg ahhhh~ he looks good in purple ^____~


  51. Bebe looks like he kinda gotten younger with his new hair lol. Maybe its just me, but he looks like 2 years younger now… still cute though.

  52. T.O.P luver
    hahaha let’s hope so!!!! buuutttt technically NYC is on the ‘east’…’west’ is here. in vancouver, bc, canada! which means my house!!! lol
    hahah i’m just joking around. if they came to anywhere in north america i’d be happy. i hope they go to the korean music festival again next year!

  53. my jiyongiee in PURPLE IS JUST HOT!
    everytime he wears like PURPLE!!!!!!HE LOOK HELLA MIGHTY FINE!!<3

  54. this looks like they’re getting their hip-hop image back! hope to god that they will!

  55. Daisy
    thanks for those pictures.
    i knew it was TOP all along.

    you’re missing out. broccoli
    is good. haha.

  56. @ Daisy
    hey!! *waves* aha i know i keep checking everyday to see if TYC is back up…gosh i miss that place and u too! ~random BeBe (& boys) moments need a comeback soon!!
    ~ahh *nods* so it’s still there..mayb not as defined…but i just saw another pic and it looks better now, makes him look younger and like a little kid (we all missed those days lol)…ah we’ve missed so many spazz moments
    ~any news on the reopening of TYC?

    @ Vicky
    yes dae needs something new, i agree…its been the same for a very long time

  57. BBFTW.

    his extremely skinny legs make us fangirls wanna do BADDD~ things to him…
    literlly… BAD~ hehahaha

  58. tinaxxe
    i live in freaking florida
    x100000 hotter

    I want it to be cold already
    I love the cold weather

  59. huongface
    i know I didn’t go insnae

  60. zoie
    the part where he call her in and sing to her?
    her phone ring and when i heard it I was like WHOA NOW~

    AnSol couple is a huge Big Bang fan too
    if you notice on the episode where Andy met Solbi’s family and her unnie, behind SolBi and Andy, on the cabinet, there a stack of all Big Bang’s album, all their singles and stuff, I thought that was really cool

    man i cry so much on that episode.. no more…AnSol couple

  61. nya

    he probably have the abliity to spot a camera anywhere anytime
    so he was probably gettin’ ready or something haha

    i developed a love for purple for a while now
    and I’ve been stocking up on my purprle clothes in my wardrobe
    I only have purple short though, not skinny jeans, the ones i’ve found are always too big to be call ‘skinny jeans’ on me haha
    so still searching
    I found it on Bong’s leg… I WANT IT!!
    I love the design on the back pocket

    ….hhmm.. when I’m in the house, when I grabbed the patns;.. might as well grab Bong and Baby, haha they can’t be weight that much anyway haha

    “let’s go west”
    we’ll see in the future

  62. dreamandlove

    you too?
    thankyou ears!! you didn’t deceive me

  63. zerohundred

    the one with his head stick out a bit in the last pic
    that’s Baby

  64. umm…

    keke ur talking about Janet Jackson’s Rolling Stone cover?
    it’s been there since forever
    so I dont’ think it’s going anywhere soon

  65. ohthethrill

    no it’s not
    it’s poison in mini tree-like form
    covered in green paint
    that’s how it appeared to me

  66. sweetsorrow

    the most he did was highlight it and dye it back to brown

  67. @sweetsorrow

    hahhaha bebe looks younger now just like the other members XD

    idk whats still going on with TYC. i’m think i’m going to PM keepthekeps! again soon to see whats going on.

  68. Vicky
    since you put it that way, i’ll drop
    the whole broccoli deal. xD

    let’s just stick to how hot those
    purple pants are. weeeeee….

  69. I totally love what they’re wearing!
    Im loving YB & SR hair! …GD’s also!!
    Mann, they all look seriously fine..
    they got hotter 😀
    I just LOVE what TOP’s wearing! Gah!!

  70. vi
    “the abliity to spot a camera anywhere anytime”
    maybe ~.~ hahaha…

    i don’t really love purple,
    u know, here, purple is like the color of old virgin lady (?)
    dunno what’s the right term. hahaha…
    so i have no purple clocth.
    all is blue & pink. hahaha.. that’s me.
    but now… i want it. kekeke
    big bang make anything works!

    yup, they not weight that much anyway. hahaha…
    i’ll grab my tabi & we’ll have a party afterwards.

  71. ohthethrill

    keke now you know
    brocoli can never freaking win over these pants
    cuz they SA-WEET!!!

  72. nya

    ‘old virgin lady’
    HAHAHA that is great
    why would a old lady still a virgin?
    nao that’s just sad.. hahahah

    i have lots of different color in my wardrobe
    i like to change it up sometimes
    but mostly i have black and white stuff
    it’s a classic color

    keke a hostage party hahaha

  73. i feel that this is a CF for “WHAT WILL BE GD’S NEXT HAIRSTYLE??”

    def digging it more than his recent hairdos 😛 kekekek i wonder how his new hair will show up as :]

    AND YES!! We Got married, shinae’s ringtone was haruharu(: hahahah the MC’s of the show made fun of her. they were like “shouldn’t your ringtone be one of your husband’s songs?” puhehehehe shinae is a bb fan :}

  75. vi
    hahaha… thats why i put (?) there,
    i dunno how to say it, but that means a old virgin? hahaha…
    hah~ what i’m typing now? kakaka..

    u have black & white? wow~
    i mostly have pink & blue, but i also love to wear white too.
    but i don’t have white as much as blue & pink.
    i don’t have a white skin color so that just make me hard to find color that fit me.

    hehehe.. hostage party~ sounds good to me.
    any VVC members want to join?

  76. Bong in a purple pants…that’s so Bong. hehe. he can pull off whatever he wear =) I just wished the other members were colored too, or at least they got be in color in one pic *Dae’s face was even blurred in one pic! waaaaaaaaa!*. Baebae’s hair is getting longer, he’s kinda growing it all now on the top of his head, he just shaves his sides now…still sexy to me. =)

    I wonder who’s gonna win now in arm wrestling, Dae or BaeBae? Dae’s guns has gotten bigger…woooahhh…

    I wish there was a clear pic of Tabi and Baby!!! esp Baby!!! owell, this is GD stalker cam. we can’t blame the stalker. hehehe.

  77. nya

    a hostage party??? count me in! don’t care if Baebae has strong muscles, I’m gonna do everything just to tie him up. *is tying them up included in it? it sounds so….naughty…hahaha. *

  78. vi

    the one with the gloves is Baby…the last pic showed that it was him all along..I thought it was tabi..but then tabi was the guy in the white hoodie…I can spot his eye brows anywhere, anytime. hihihi. =)

  79. never thought purple is really that hot!! i heard it!!! big bang ringtone in shin ae’s hp!! wow, proof that theyre really popular! hahaha

  80. nya

    i have tanned skin also
    i hate ppl with like pale white skin
    i dont get why ppl like that
    i tan like every freaking week
    just sitting outside in the sun for fun hahaha
    i like my skin tanned

    VVC members are welcome..except baby luvers haha
    call me selfish but i want Baby to stay pure until….:D

  81. Kenley

    that is the question we all wanted to know
    since they both doesn’t lose to each other in any physic ways

  82. Kenley

    yup yup
    i can spot my husband anywhere wihtout knowing for sure
    i am goooooooooooooodddd

  83. OMG
    HIS HAIR!!
    i love it!!
    GD’s hair looks effin hot hehe
    all of his hair styles all look so good on him..seriously
    i’m dazzled….:)
    and his clothes in the CF…wah..i wanna have that lol

  84. GD is so hott! so hot so hot! 🙂
    i wonder what the CF is about now ^_^

    ohh and yeah ShinAe ring tone is haru haru. i was watching it and heard big bang on there too!! make me like ShinAe even more. she is a big bang fan, how COOL!! 🙂

  85. lol their poster in the back is awesome ahaha!
    and bong just look so beautiful in his purple pants.. why so hot bongie why?

  86. oh ma GD so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i luv his hair so cute cute ^__^

  87. yeah i think he cut his hair
    so adorable ahh!!
    bong ahhh i want you!!!!

  88. Did Dae Sung cut his hair?

  89. it was definitely Haru Haru ringtone. LOL
    looooved it xD

  90. bong + purple = my fangirl death

    gd’s new hair is so cute xDD
    omg why are you so fcking cute T_T :L

  92. Vicky

    your baby lost his purity the day they shot the number 1 mv..really going inside a club…tsk3… it’s also his intention from the start to attract 10 generations, so you can’t blame the nuna fans going at him hehehe.
    hostage party! =)

  93. all of their hairstyles look different hehe

    SR kinda cut his hair shorter..and added some gel
    GD’s hair definitely got longer on the shaved side, and shorter on the long hair side.
    TY’s mohawk this time is not gel up hehe~~
    and DS’s hair kinda look shorter too..
    and TOP’s hair i guess stays the same.

  94. gdloverrrrrr

    his goal in life is to kill us all

  95. Kenley

    haha… no gurl
    he hasn’t yet
    that was just an MV..
    the day he lost his purity…T____T
    that can be a dark or bright day…depend on ‘WHO’

    the nunas aren’t enough
    he want the whole 10 generations..
    moms… grandma… great grandma… boi.. u’re seriously asking for it..

  96. ncly

    change of hairstyle is always good

  97. Vicky

    you know Baby…he feels he can give love to everyone, even the babies born at this moment *i bet they’re part of his target too* hehe.
    Haven’t you thought of him losing his purity with his first love?maybe something did happen?or did not happen?hihihi. =)

  98. OMG I love those stalker photos. GD is definitely photogenic. He looks smokin’ in any shot; be it studio or candid. He is rockin’ them purple pants with the suspenders. GD the fashionisto knows purple is the hot color of the season. Aigoo Bong ah… YB does look mad young with the new do. I miss his fohawk though.

    I think GD is in the studio with Hong Jin Kyung because during their radio appearance, he promised to make a logo song for her. A man who keeps his words…priceless. Makes me love him even more…if that’s even possible. 🙂

  99. Kenley

    actually that though haven’t cross my mind
    but… i believe… and i like to lie to myself and say the most they did was kiss haha
    which is fine. haha
    gotta have fun before marry me right?
    i know i did hahaha

  100. vi
    i don’t tanned my skin intentionally
    it just coz the sun here is too… how do i say it?
    i live in a island that crossed by equator, so there’s less ppl here who have white color skin.
    acctually i love white color skin.
    like korean ppl skin. i think its so beauty. hahaha…
    eventough how hard i try, i just can’t have white skin.
    this is what they called by ‘fate’ hahaha…
    but maybe i’ll have white skin if i marry Tabi.
    i’ll move to korea & goodbye with equator. kakaka…

    i know gurl, i know, i won’t want any Tabi luver too.
    i also know that u want baby to stay pure till the day u corrupt him come. kakaka…

  101. kenley
    u’re welcome gurl, sine u love Bebe & not Tabi.
    vi will also welcome u too, since u’re not Baby luver.

  102. nya

    cuz i live over here
    their culture thing get a toll on me
    i hate it when my skin is like a bit white
    i just have to go and tanned it
    add some color to life haha
    white is so boring for me

    when i go over to my country, i see ppl like cover up every freaking part of their body when they’re outisde, and it’s like 90 degrees outside
    i hate that

    i wanna live in korea or anyplace up north really
    since i love the cold weather.
    and snow. god i love snow.

    yup yup yup
    you know me gurl
    he have to wait until that day

  103. nya

    yup yup yup
    you read my mind

    Kenley you are MORE than welcome keke

  104. vi
    kakaka… omg gurl.. u don’t go to school?
    its morning there right?

    i just come back from school & all tired~~ hah~~
    i need BB to recharge my battery. hahaha…

    90 degree? fahreinheit?
    we use celcius here. the hottest is 34 degree i think.
    u could say all ppl here except Chinese dencent is BLACK
    i’m glad that i’m chinese decent. at least i’m not that black

    i love white since i can wear any clocth with so many color
    i hate my lil black skin when i wear orange.
    it make me go urghh…

    i know u more than u know. kakaka…
    i could read ur mind hahaha…

  105. nya

    it’s JEWISH holidy haha
    so no school for me
    but there’s school tomorrow…which is friday.. i think it’s stupid
    so i might not go to school tomorrow too

    i think fahreinheit
    idk.. i’mnot good wiht all those science talk haha…. proof. i failed my last biology test BADLY haha

    that does make ppl’s skin look darker haha
    how weird are these color talk?

  106. ahhh omg g-dragon
    purple is my new color too =]
    he’s soo cute!
    awww he’s wearing suspenders!
    ahh i was thinking about buying
    some yesterday too!

  107. vi
    omg~ hahaha.. don’t become a bad gurl.
    eventough i really don’t want to go to school, i still go.
    i don’t want my parents to be dissapointed with me.
    tough maybe they’ve dissapointed with me already. hahahaa

    hahaha… i’m also bad at biology, science, physic, grammar. kakaka…
    sometimes i think i made a good choice enter business school, since theres no science & its friends there. but i must meet with accounting, taxation, budgeting, marketing. hahaha…
    which one better? i dunno either. kakaka…

    not weird, since this color talk coz of BB.
    orange. hahaha, my enemy. i can’t use orange the rest of my life if i still live in equator.
    so i prefer light color. like blue, pink, white, etc. hahaha

  108. nya

    funny i see this coment right at this minute
    i’m like super pissed at them right now
    stupid ass… URGH!!! I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m pretty much useless
    i realy don’t care about school at all
    idk why i even have to show up
    right now art is like the only thing that I like
    and i’m starting to hate photography…so i can say my life pretty much suck… so much.

    color realy depends on the situation and shade they’re in
    you can’t really say what color look good or not all the time
    i spent a freaking semester in ‘COLOR THEORY’ in 7th grade
    i learn a lot from there haha not for art, but for my wardrobe kekekek

  109. those are the most frickin cool pants ever. PURPLEEEEE!!! my favorite color ^_^
    i saw a girl who wore those pants to school one time… but i forgot to ask her where she got them before she moved 8 states away… ^_^’

  110. vi
    huh? hahaha… what do u mean by u hate it?
    color? i don’t get it. ~.~

    i’d like to ask, who love school stuff?
    u study photography too? wow, that’s pretty much interesting than my class.
    just to let u know. my assignment is mostly about marketing or anything that should be analyzed.
    like.. “analyzed chinese paper company condition in indonesia or backwards, analyzed indonesia company condition in china market.” stuff like that.
    so i need to write like 50 more pages of A4 paper in a week then collect it. it just sucks!

    haha, color theory, sound interesting to me.
    keke, for ur wardrobe. haha..
    that’s good, u got a benefit too from that color theory class right? ^^v

  111. kwon ji yong in my fave color PURPLEEE…! x]<#3

  112. nya, vicky

    thanks for welcoming me. hehehe. I know baby has a thing for his first love (don’t we all do?=p) and maybe he’s really inlove then..hehe…but it’s still up to you vicky to corrupt Baby. hehe
    Baebae was corrupted accidentally (his first kiss was in his mv! wth?hehehe) but i still think he’s pure, though not innocent. =P
    color theories. hmmm. do u think bong did something like that too? hehehe. I prefer white skin too. easier to match colors with. huhu.

  113. i opened this post over and over again to stalk my cute bong!!
    nay~he’s just so adorable…BONG AH~~~~!!!!!!
    and seriously, if i were to go out with him..ppl would say that he is my younger brother xD He looks so young can!
    he also looks good in purple,purple is actually a weird colour as not many can wear it NICELY.
    Bebe mohawk is not mohawk-like anymore…but still very HOT
    though he has been keeping this hairstyle for quite a long time
    i think mohawk is his best hairstyle ever, so freaking HOT~
    Baby’s hair looks nice too! i think i repeated it for so many time, i like it when he doesn’t have fringe in front! Wakakaaa

  114. Kenley
    hehehe… that’s how to keep relationship between fangirls
    don’t ever talk to your own man luver.
    since u’ll get jealous hahaha…

  115. Purple makes GD to look SO HOT!!!MORE THAN HE ALREADY IS!!!
    Is it just me or does Tae yang looks MORE manly? I think he worked out…or maybe it’s just the jucket…
    haha…you can see the back of T.O.P…such a sexy back…

    Can’t wait to see the commorcial!!!HATE waiting!!!

  116. nya

    urgh i was mad at my parents
    but it’s WHATEVER now

    conclusion to everything
    whoever invent school should get SHOT.
    from the head down
    cuz this is just TORTURE!!

    but gladly, it’s friday
    but so sad…. no music core tonight
    how the heck am i gonna go on without seeing my baby tonight???


  117. Kenley

    my first love hurt me in so many way
    mostly physically hahahahah
    so screw that first love
    i’ll just care about my husband from now on and just ‘have fun along the way’

    i never really care about how color reflect my skin haha
    first i buy something if it’s cute
    then i’ll try to wear it later
    and if i don’t like it
    i just leave it in my closet and never touch it again hahaha

  118. newvip

    yea~ BABY GOT A NEW HAIRCUT!!!!!
    well not that much different but a wife can tell when her husband have even a tiny bit of change
    he cut his hair a bit shorter and gel it up now, it’s kinda like his ‘Last Farewell’ days hair now


  119. miroo4ka
    we fangirls are just too impatient

  120. vi
    we’ll see them again next month. hohoho…

    school, sucks!! i hate it so much, plus, next week i’ll have a mid test & that just make it worse urghhh~~
    i’m agree the shooting thing. hahaha..

    mad at parents is a ususal thing. i’m first really mad at my mom when she first made me enter business school.
    but nwo, i know i can’t win over her, so… just let it be

  121. awwww!! GD looks so cute holdin the sign and pouting like that XD tae yang looks even better with that hair do acutally o.O XDDD hehe that puffy jacket makes his legs look short XD oh well still smexy as hellll loveloveloveee ❤

  122. vicky

    yeah and i freaking LOVE his new hairstyle hot~

  123. awwwwww
    his new hair is soooooooo awesome!
    hahahaha love it!

    JiYongie is sooo cute! [he’s to die for! ;]

  124. is it just me or…did g-dragon;s hair grow back O_o

  125. 激安ラッシュガード

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