No Genre Just Music: Silverroom

This will be an ongoing tutorial to help VIPs to get to know all kinds of genre in the music scene. Equipped with passion and knowledge, will try to educate you as much as i can.

Before then, i did some quick coaching with you guys about Daishi Dance and No Brains, previous co-producers/composers for the Stand Up Mini Album. Some may know who they are and some may not. It’s really interesting to get to know the people behind the scene. Hence, the music production team. Especially when it involves International artists or producers.

So for today’s lesson, i took the liberty to educate you guys about SilverRoom, whom have mentioned in the previous article about their participation in Big Bang’s Number 1 from their upcoming self titled album which soon to be release.

SilverRoom: Swedish Production Team

These guys have a genuine talent for dance music. Silverroom consists of the two young and upcoming writer/producers Martin and Jimmy, they have worked with several Swedish and International artists. They focus on pop/dance tracks with a fresh/edgy sound.

No need for me to elaborate more in detail coz you know MUSIC SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.

Check out their work: Myspace

Credits: Bonnie Music Publishing + Official Site

Notes: Swedish VIPs, if i misinterpret or left out any important info about the duo, please let me know. Thanks in advance.



~ by Momo on October 8, 2008.

12 Responses to “No Genre Just Music: Silverroom”

  1. awesome! It always good to know the boys like to work with other groups and enhance their music.

  2. yes is good to know, every kind of music is welcome ^^ i’m gonna check myspace ^^ thanx momo.

  3. If they helped in the Number 1 MV than I have to check some other works of these guys!!!

  4. :D:D AWESOME. go sweden!

  5. THIS SONG IS THE SHIT! this is also produced by silverroom and its super catchy!

  6. yey 🙂

  7. Oh how cool! ^^
    I hope you do more of these!!!

  8. Yes, I do love lots of different types/time periods/genre’s of music. If it sounds good to me then that’s all I need!

  9. woah 😮 I didn’t know swedish people worked on Number 1 😮 :DDDD
    I knew many swedish people work with japanese music but I never thought they’d work with Big Bang 😮 wiiie, I love my country, hahah xDDD

  10. COOL
    wow i didn’t know that either
    i thought it was japanese or something?

  11. Wow, they’re really cool. Thanks!

  12. Sweden=WIN. Now I totally have a reason to love Korean music ;]

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