Injured VIPs on set

5 fans injured while filming for Big Bang’s new MV

5 fans were injured during the filming for Big Bang’s new MV, and were sent to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The filming took place at a site in WangSipRi station in Seoul SeongDongGoo on 8th October. Many fans were present for the filming of the MV to see the Big Bang members, 5 were injured when they tried to push their way nearer to the site , including one who injured her ankle – they were sent to the neighbourhood hospital for treatment.

It was said that the venue of the filming was crowded at that time, and only about 20 plus body guards were employed at the site without any other manpower from the police or paramedics employed on site, the accident happened.

It was fortunate the fans did not suffer from any major injuries

Credit: sookyeong.wp



~ by Momo on October 9, 2008.

21 Responses to “Injured VIPs on set”

  1. No surprise there.
    Eager fans + pushing & shoving = injuries.

  2. they crazy abov them so much same me ha ha ha^__^

  3. lmao. crazy fans XD

  4. I heard it’s for the Number 1 MV, but the news said their MV that they film on October 8 (meaning today?), so it’s another new MV already? WOW! I’m amazed! But it’s kinda expected that they fans would go crazy like last time during their Thailand concert…

  5. isit the one when gd’s wearing purple hot hot pants? lol

  6. Fans so crazy…actually I would be the same like them ^^ hehe…

  7. To miss unknown

    This is for the 2nd Korean album. It was announced at the ygbigbnag cafe that they are inviting VIPs to come to the set and be among the 40 people to be in the new MV.

    The registrationwas said to be held from 7th to 8th October..

  8. Let’s hope the recorded a snippet, haha. I’ve been listening to Number 1 for like 400 times.

  9. poor vips. but i bet it would made their day if big bang visit their beds or something…or apologize to them in person.
    and i also believe these vips after recuperating will be back to follow big bang wherever they are. hihi.
    don’t underestimate vips. ^^

  10. awww man poor vip they need to be careful
    i hope all of them are ok

  11. silly fans, -_- lmao .

  12. bigbang is too hot that is y!
    ppl just gotta c em!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope they feel better

  13. omgg! i wonder what the mv is.. kehee

  14. I hope the fans are okay!

  15. Aw, VIPZ–injured in the line of duty! I’m sorry they got hurt! None of them prolly feel the way I do, but(since they weren’t too serious) I’d be proud of my wounds. I’d brag about them– “THESE ARE MY BB BATTLE SCARS, YEAH!” Wishing them a speedy recovery! That MV’s gonna be so much better (if that’s even possible) bc of their sacrifices… VIP4LYF!!

  16. oh wow…

  17. whoa, they were fiming
    well i hope they are okay now!
    aww sad. VIPs FIGHTING! =]

  18. wow…but expected though xD
    VIPz take care of yourself!!

  19. ohhhh it was for the new korean album O.O!

  20. i know such incident will occur someday. those fans can’t blame no one. it’s their fault they should have been more careful! let our boys take a breather, they’re shooting a video, not signing autographs!!! i’ll probably be there to but i’ll be careful! i hope they’ll have fast recovey!!!!!!

  21. Crazy fans…but…Big Bang makes everyone crazy….

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