No Genre Just Music: H-Eugene featuring Danny 1TYM (audio)

You have to listen to this collabo.

YMGA Mini Album will be releasing today. So am just on the YG Family mode now. Pardon me.

To Melly, this is for you and to all 1TYMER VIPs.

Credit: jaeurazn1live@yt

Baby Don’t Cry Cry,

so girl all we gotta do is make it through some how some way we will,

so baby don’t cry cry



~ by Momo on October 9, 2008.

23 Responses to “No Genre Just Music: H-Eugene featuring Danny 1TYM (audio)”

  1. OMG I LOVE IT~~
    so excited xDDD

  2. man I LOVE IT!!!..Danny’s voice is heaven!!!^_^

    Im not only a 1tymer’s VIP but also YG VIP!!!^_^

    I cant wait to c their new album!!!

  3. I love this song~
    Love Danny’s voice! hahaha! actually, hahaha~ i was squealing like some kind of japanese school girl. And then, all i kept doing was replaying the song and imagine-ing i was at a Danny/Taebin Concert where he sang to me…. lol~~ XD sorry guyz..u weren’t in my fantasy…but i’ll day dream of all of you with me next time for sure. *starts dreaming* XD!!

  4. heyy
    i lik the song
    it’s good


    i have been replaying this over and over this whole day since this morning that i got it

    and makes me miss 1tym so much more!!!

  6. I CANT BELIEVE DANNYBIN HAS A SONG (whether be feature/etc)
    this is epik!

  7. yes, yes, and more yes.

    yah, 1TYM needs to get back in the game already.
    I miss them….

    H-eugene’s new mini album sounds great too.
    I’ll prolly cop that. haha

  8. HAHA MOMO! <333
    my DANNY OPPA!!! <333333333333333
    danny is SEX. TEDDY OPPA IS SEX.
    they’re the original YG GANGSTAS.

    *squeals* c’mon ladies, where do you think jiyong learns it from? XD

    danny & teddy’s got the LA SWAGGER. that’s where the sexiness comes from.


  9. danny’s voice is so soft ! he’s love !

  10. DUUUUUDDE. I was sqealing this morning cause of this song!
    DANNY FTFW! (guess what the second f is) I was in pure heaven.
    Seriously, its been too long. Hearing Danny sing was the highligh
    of my week.

    “All we gotta do is make it through, somehow someway we will, baby don’t cry cry”

  11. Oh man. This is such a good song.
    I’ll be here listening to it
    over and over. Haha.

  12. 1tym all the way baby…gosh do i love Danny’s voice!! ~ this is an awesome song (i have to admit Eugene sounds like GD at some places) – ahh 1TYM needs to make a comeback!! (so does JinuSean!) loll

  13. Wowwww! Danny’s voice is LOVE♥!!! i love the collabo. ^^
    i wish 1TYM do a comeback U.U

  14. YAH I LOVE IT!!!..Danny’s voice is LOVE

  15. Danny cause of this makes mw wanna cry cry cry…miss 1tym

  16. I’ve been listening to this track since yesterday. OMG it’s such a good song. Kyaaaaaaa~

  17. I really didn’t like H-Eugene when he first came out…. but having Danny featured on this song makes it GREAT!!! 1TYM really need to come back!!! I’m also a YGVIP not just BB…. love all YG artists!

  18. Yay Danny! I really hope 1TYM makes a comeback ><

  19. AHHH OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  20. Listening to this makes me miss 1TYM so much~!!!!
    They really do need to make a comeback, and soon. I’m dying.
    I’ve been waiting for it, when will it come T_T
    This song is great though. Love it.

  21. FINNNALLLLY, 1TYM neeeds to come back.
    freakin taebin, oh so HOT.

  22. OMG!! love dis song!!! posting download link?

  23. what’s the name of this song in english?

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