October Schedule Updated (2)

10/10 Fri: [Perf] Seoul Design Olympic Opening Show, 7pm-8pm

10/11 Sat: [TV] MBC Music Core (Daesung and Seungri), 3.20pm-4.20pm

10/11 Sat: [Event] Ulsan MBC 40th Anniversary Festival, 7pm-8pm, Ulsan Munsu World Cup Stadium

10/12 Sun: [Perf] CATS Musical (Daesung, 2pm-3pm & 7pm-8pm

10/12 Sun: [TV] SBS Good Sunday “Family Left” (Daesung), 5.20pm-6.20pm

10/13 Mon: [TV] SBS Yashimmanman (Daesung), 11.15pm-12.15am

10/15 Wed: [Event] NII Fan Signing

10/18 Sat: [Perf] 2008 Lotte Duty Free Store Family Concert, 7pm-8pm

10/19 Sun: [TV] SBS Good Sunday “Family Left” (Daesung), 5.20pm-6.20pm

10/22 Wed: First Full Japanese Album “Number 1″ album release

10/24 Fri: [TV] MBC Section TV, 6.50pm-7.50pm

10/26 Sun: [TV] SBS Good Sunday “Family Left” (Daesung), 5.20pm-6.20pm

10/28 Tue: Stand Up Tour ‘08 (Osaka), 7pm-8pm, Kousei Nenkin Kaikan

10/29 Wed: Stand Up Tour ‘08 (Nagoya), 7pm-8pm

11/1 Sat: Stand Up Tour ‘08 (Tokyo), 2pm & 7pm-8pm, Mukuhari Messe

Credits: melodygreenleaf and gyang @YGBB

+Legend: Updated schdeule (orange color)


~ by Momo on October 9, 2008.

18 Responses to “October Schedule Updated (2)”

  1. didnt the yashimmanman already air? cuz its on youtube lol

  2. they had one on 6th Oct

  3. For the music core, is big bang gonna preform?

  4. Is Big Bang in Japan??
    I’m in Japan!!
    ): or are they going back and forth??

  5. Dang they have a pretty packed schedule =\. I hope they don’t burn out cuz of it.

  6. I think the boys will be in Japan after the Lotte event

  7. daesung is sure the busiest..

  8. poor dae

  9. off topic, but i think you should make a post about the voting thing mtv.co.kr is doing. get people to vote for big bang! ❤

  10. daesung is so busy
    yay on my b-day they are gonna
    be on tv…yay i guess
    Big Bang FIGHTING!

  11. omg they are very busy in October.
    Poor Dae.
    Big Bang Fighting!

    *does anyone know if its true that big bang will be performing in Rhode Island on Novemeber 6?? I heard they are the opening act for New Kids on the Block. My friends and some people I know from Myspace are telling me they are but i want to make sure its true. Please let me know. Thanks!

  12. aww… i hope they dont overwork….;_;

    but, yes of course, i so envy those who can go to the signing on the 15th, kekeke

  13. oh my,,,,
    jam packed schedule huh..


    *be healthy guys!!!

  14. wait im confused. so their new album is in japanese? not in korean?

  15. First full album is for the Japanese album.

    2nd Full Korean album will come out in November or so

  16. can sombody link me so i can se SBS/Mnet/KBS live..

  17. DaeSung and Seung Ri will be so tired T.T traveling to Korea and Japan @_@

  18. Poor DaeDae baby T.T
    Be strong, BIGBANG!
    Hope they dont overwork specially Daesung…

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