With Love from Sean

Sean’s love letter wife Jung Hye Young got fan envious

Sean recently wrote a letter to his wife of 4 years, Jung HyeYoung, on his minihompy. The letter has got many fans feeling envious.

The contents to the letter:

To my beloved wife Hye Young,

Today is the 2844th day since we first met and the 1461st day that we’ve been married – our 4th wedding anniversary.

Hye Young, by the way, do you know?

Much time have passed, and seeing you today, my heart races like how I first met you.

Makes me loves you more knowing that.

As my good wife who always gives me such moments..

As our children’s mother, who gave birth to and raise both our Haim and HaRang..

Also as a wonderful actress acting in ‘East of Eden’ who shows the best of herself, it gives us more reasons to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

This is one of the days which makes me feel like we’ve married well (I made a good choice to marry you) when you put our children as the top priority, forgoing other good things to come home early for us..

And thank you for your compassion to give me 100 more children in the future, which gives me the feeling of responsibility of a father. ^^

Do you know that our marriage makes 1 year 366 days?

God gave us 1 more day as a present because we have loved each other well these 3 years together.

Therefore, this makes it that we have more loving moments in 1 year. And today makes it the 366th time as the day where ‘I love you more today’ in 1 year.

Loving each other in 365 days of 1 year is just too short a time…

I also want to thank you for giving me 24 hours of time to love you.

Let’s us live towards our 5th wedding anniversary for God, for this smile, for each other and for our children.

From your husband Sean, who makes his 366th ‘I love you more today’ confession for this past 1 year

Note from sookyeong: some expressions may not be the most accurate ones but I bet you can feel the love anyway.

Credit: sean’s cyworld

Post taken from: sookyeong.wordpress

*Altho some may have questions about my editorial skill posting non-related BB stuff here. I posted things which i see fits here. BBfansite not only cover stories about BIG BANG, but other YG FAMILY too. Without YG, there will be no BB. Always keep that in mind. Thanks


~ by Momo on October 9, 2008.

44 Responses to “With Love from Sean”

  1. that is so cute!!!!!!
    i wish i had a boyfriend to write something like that
    to me!!!!
    or maybe have top or gd write to me like that=)

  2. aw!
    she is in east of eden?
    COOL! who does she play??

  3. Awwwwwww…… That is the sweetest. Ever.

    I wish. I wish, I had a “Sean” in my life.

    More years to this couple. 🙂

  4. aaawwwww. that family is honestly perfect.
    best of luck to them

  5. such a loving family! their kids are super cute.



  7. awwwww thats so sweet!!!!

  8. OMG That is so sweet!!! I was tearing up reading this ;_;
    They are so loving awwwwww

  9. OMG–that’s SO freakin adorable! Go Sean! I love this dude even more for havin that sort of H.E.A.R.T. along with all that gansta-ness! haha @ gdluvzmc. Lmao-staking your claim!! That is so completely right! It’s why so many chicks wanna piece bc there’s not near enough to go around!

  10. just reading that makes me wanna cry!!! he is such a sweet man!!
    i so wish to find a man like that but at the same time feel that it is so rare to find some one like that man she is a lucky lady to have a man like that and he is so lucky to have a wife like that too they are just a perfect match and they are so lucky to have each other!!! hope them well and the best!!!

  11. such a sweetheart!!!

  12. oh mah god this is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!! T_T
    wanna marry someone like sean…
    he´s such a god husband and father

    wish them the best luck! they definitely deserve it


    I’d be lucky to marry such a good guy.

    wait, are there two seans?!?

  14. aw how sweet ^^
    he’s such a sweet husband :]
    this letter makes me want to cry TT_TT

  15. aww this is so sweet, i’d love to find a guy like him….they’re both so lucky to have each other.she sounds like a beautiful person and he’s the perfect gentlemen and they have the most adorable kids…really a picture perfect celeb family – i hope they have a blessed future with this children and always remain happy….

  16. wow!
    she’s so beautiful! in “east of eden” her name is janice/jan hee.

  17. aww
    that`s so sweet<3

  18. awwww how cuteeeee!!!! =D

  19. Ahhhh sean
    that was soo omg cute/
    awww soo sweet =]

  20. omg this is hella adorable he’s so sweett


  22. AWWWWW~ that was the most sweetest letter ever!!
    Sean is so sweet and I love their children!! XD hehe.

  23. aww, that was the sweetest letter i ever read. shoo, i wish there were more mans like sean out there. gosh, even my dump boyfriend can not write me a love letter. T_T 😦

  24. awwwwwwwwwwww omggg thats so sweet:)
    shes so luckyy; i hope i can find a hubby like that!!

  25. awww. so sweet ><
    kinda off nonrelated to big bang , but its so touchingg.. ^^

  26. Aww, omggg.
    That’s so sweet.
    YG men FTW.

  27. this is lovelyy~
    so touching!

  28. @jess
    Your right YG men FTW! Gosh I hope that they have many more years together. It’s so romantic to see and hear sean saying these things and they are both such wonderful and loving people. I wish them luck and happiness for many more years to come

  29. so cute… Sean is such a good husband
    i wish i’ll found myself someone as good as Sean.
    just by reading it, not until the letter finish, i could feel his love for Jung Hye Young.
    she also make a right choice to marry Sean

  30. awww that is way too sweet!<3

  31. ohmygod
    i just read that in the middle of psychology class
    gosh, sean is like THE perfect man T____T
    their family is so lucky

  32. aww he is such a sweet and honest guy!!! who can say no to him!! LOL what a couple!! such love! true love!

  33. lol. don’t be sad momo, when i saw this, i was a lil teary eyed. we need more men like that in the world, & definitely, there ain’t no big bang without YG. so as they say, it’s all in the family!

  34. OMG
    this is the sweetest letter from a husband to wife that i’ve read in my life
    Sean is too sweet~~
    i hope this faamily will stay happy forever~~

  35. i love sean and hyeyoung. they truly are like… the couple to look up to.
    they’re so in love, even after 4 years of marriage; i think its a testament to ‘true love’.
    what a sweet guy.

  36. Very sweeeeet!

  37. haha
    sean looks hott….

  38. such a sweet letter T.T

    i wish them the best ^^

    YG Gentlemens FTW! xDDD! LOL

  39. OH MAH GAH That is so sweet!!! i wish them the best

  40. that’s not cute at all…that beautiful…she must be really proud to have sean as a husband…gd

  41. SO ROMANTIC!!!!OMG!!!
    His wife is SO LUCKY to have Sean as her husband!!!
    The letter is so beutiful!!!I’m also envy!!!
    They sure deserve another day of love!!!

  42. 1 out 20 men hv that kind of attitude.
    she’s so damn lucky.

  43. Thats so cute !!
    Wish both of you happiness for rest of the LIFE ^^

  44. aaawwwwwww!!!!
    so SWEET!!!!!!!!!

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