DaeSung, “I hid myself to confirm my existence in Big Bang”

Big Bang DaeSung revealed that he actually hid inside a trunk to confirm (test) his existence in the team.

DaeSung was on for the telerecording for SBS YaShimManMan recently where he revealed about his antics for irrelevant imagination and curiosity.

He said, “I was suddenly curious ‘What will be the response of Big Bang members be when I am suddenly missing?’. So I went to hid in a trunk-like space behind our car seat.”

DaeSung was anticipating for something to happen while hiding then.

But unexpectedly, he said expressing his bewilderment, “After 1 hour, still no one came to look for me.”

Finally, he was found by the other members after 3 hours when they had wanted to drive the car out.

This episode of YSMM will be aired on 13th October at 11.15pm.

Credit: sookyeong.wp


~ by Momo on October 10, 2008.

67 Responses to “DaeSung, “I hid myself to confirm my existence in Big Bang””

  1. omg *_*
    poor Dae..
    I want to hug him T_T
    but I just think they’re so busy that they wouldn’t notice if 3 members would dissapear..

  2. LOL..it took them 3 hrs??
    poor daedae…must be hard cramping yourself like that x_X
    i would definitely notice if u were missing dae, dont u worry ^^

  3. pooor Dae , *hug*
    hope this incident wont change any
    thing about friendship of them.

  4. poor dae..didn’t others notice that he was missing?
    ARGHH i would surely look out for you dae..don’t worry..~
    and rmb that they care for you too ^^

  5. Awww…
    I would notice if Dae-Kitty was missing after 3 mintues! XD
    But omg he really waited for 3 hours??? Poor oppa…

  6. hahaha i hope he doesnt have LOA syndrome!
    but then again he shouldnt be cos he has sooo many fans who will give him all the attention he wants!

  7. this is hilarious, Dae testing his members
    he hid for 3hrs? how could they not have looked for him?
    and he was only found cuz they wanted to use the car
    poor Dae but it is funny though

  8. aww
    poor dae haha

  9. poor baby! lol only dae would do something like that. it’s cuz ur so quiet!
    but it’s okay. WE ALL LOVE YOU HERE!

  10. 3 hrs? poor Dae…no one noticed for 3 hrs…but they still found him!
    Love him SO MUCH!

  11. its so cute that dae would do something like this.
    But y didn’t anyone realize he was missing??

  12. poor daedae!!!! Love him SO MUCH!

  13. haa…. only the unique daesung would do this.. hehehe poor him..

  14. lmao wow daesung… 3 hrs?? i feel bad they didnt look for him sooner. and then they just happened to stumble upon him. poor dae-dae >_<

  15. omo. Sungie oppa had to wait for 3 hours?
    awww.. poor guy.

  16. ooohhh daedae…don’t take it as a bad thing…i guess everyone was too busy that they thought he was busy somewhere else..but I wanna see everyone’s expression when they found daedae in the trunk.
    I wanna hug daedae..he’s my life-size stuffed toy…too adorable to be left in the trunk for 3 hours. hehehe.

  17. aww poor dae! I’m sure all the members were probably busy with their own schedules. If he didn’t existence, big bang wouldn’t be the same.

    I STILL LOVE YOU >_______________>
    :’) X

  19. awww T_T

  20. awwwwww 3hours!!!! hes such a cutie!

    But the boys love him. =)

  22. AWWWW.
    omg if BB didnt include daedae…it wouldnt be the same at all!!
    hes essential!

  23. awww
    poor DS
    those member is just too evil
    came out lookin for him after 3HR!!!
    it ok sweet
    we still remember u even though some ppl (big bang) member 4got u

  24. awww poor guy!!!

  25. awWwWw! daesung!
    your one of my favorite in the group!
    dont worry 3 hours isn’t that long lol jk jk
    luv u DaeSung♥ =]

  26. dae don’t cry i will be there i noe how u feel=(

  27. awww!! poor daesung..
    i feel like crying for him.
    saranghae daedung!
    just know that we all love you no matter what.

  28. aweee.. daedae..
    ur too cutee..
    don’t worry.. if you actually went missing…
    i would look for you 🙂

  29. Uh, when was this? Three hours is a reasonalble amount of time… but it was only cuz they wanted to drive the car out? Did they all just laugh this off or did BB wonder why Dae would be hiding behind a car seat? I WANT THIS RADIO SHOW SUBBED SO BAD.

  30. Um. *reasonable


  31. thats just seriously incredibly sad, i think every member has their own worries and busy schedules but that gives NO Reason to forget about him, big bang can never be BIG BANG without him or in general if one of them is not there :(:( my heart it ACHES TOO.

  32. awww! Daesung-sshi!!!! I would’ve hid with you in that trunk (and that won’t be the only thing i’ll do HEHE)

    3 hrs??? wtf?? no worries. i’m sure they were so engrossed in their work.

  33. awww poor dae sungie :[

  34. HAHAHAH… oh dae.. you silly boy XD

    i would’ve loved to see the expression on the rest of the members when they found him XD

  35. aaw poor daedae. he’s so silly!

  36. he stayed hidden for 3 hours?
    omg. dae? what were you thinking?
    after half an hour or an hour,
    i’d be like “fine. that’s how they
    feel about me? i see how it is.”
    haha. but that’s just me.

    sad how they weren’t really looking
    for him either. they happened to
    “stumble across” him when they wanted
    to move the car.

  37. omg i want to cry. i would have notice probubly the first few minutes he was gone. omg, that’s tarible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love him even more~

  38. they probably forgot until they heard him crying in the back, thinking”am nothing to them”,lol,omg dae is soo cute. i would notice after a second.how can they forget dae?3 hours!i really want to give him a hug and do some other things….back to the subject,they must have been really busy.that better be the reason,or am gonna go to Korea myself to yell at them,lol.

  39. ahh…my poor dae T_T i always notcie when he’s gone…poor dae dae T_T

    that’s so sad!!! AHAHHAHA!

  41. lmao daesung’s so cute! i would’ve never thought of that. haha that cutie pie i wanna pinch his cheeks.

  42. aww poor daesung if he was missing i would
    of went crazy and like search for him

  43. aww poor dae):
    i would call the marines airforce to look for him if he was missing(;

  44. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh T_T
    I love you
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  45. I love you = أحبك

  46. aww..my poor baby DaeDae~
    How can he stand sitting at the trunk of a car for 3 hours?
    Such a cutie pie~*pinch cheeks*
    I’d rather share the trunk with him ^Q^

  47. ahh poor Dae.
    I would notice if he was away from me for one second!.

  48. Awww DaeSung…
    Vips, we care about you =]]

  49. awwwww T^T
    my daesung<3333 :[
    i would like totally flip out
    i’d call like the FBI the army and the SWAT team and all that stuff to look for him.

    hes so cute and dorky~

    seng ri +daesung= my love! :3

  50. oops
    i meant seung ri***
    sorry ^w^”

  51. awww poor daesung
    can’t believe he did that though
    i would of notice

  52. POOR DAE SUNGGG!!!!!!!

  53. usually, i would say that its so sad that everyone left him… but i gotta get out with it.

    *laughs like heck* oh my gosh, they all forgot about him…*stifles laugh* i wonder what he was doing the whole time in the frickin trunk…. *fails miserably at keeping laugh to self*

    its kinda mean, but honestly, i think that its really funny.

  54. awwww..
    its okay dae, you got all the fans :]

    we lovee youu.

  55. awww.. that sucked. if i were dae i’ll get upset and purposely let them feel that i’m hurt lol.

  56. awwwwww i don’t know what to say T^T poor dae ^^;;

  57. awww, i dont blame the rest of them they’re so busy and tired they dont notice these things… its oh k dae dae we lover you 🙂

  58. Aww poor Dae! We love you!

  59. lol
    how cute of him~~~
    i love you DS~~

  60. aww poor daedae
    ill be looking for you in the first 10 minutes ^^

  61. oww xD i did it so much in family too xD but everytime they never looking for me xD cuz they never notice that im not around…and they always find me when they came where i hid or i bored and give up xD and when they find me they always say “You wasnt in toilet? o.O'” and run to toilet xD… poor oppa i cant wait 3 hours i just can did 1 hours x3 but dont be sad i think they were too busy ^_^

  62. awwwww
    poor dae dae!
    this will be reali intersting..

  63. aww..poor dae..that’s a long time to be hiding!! and in a small space!!..his body must have been aching..don’t worry dae..if you went missing..we’ll all find you in less than a minute!!^_^

  64. aawwwww~
    our poor dae!!!
    hiding there for about an hour*
    silly but then you’ll know whether u are missed or not ryt??
    hahaaha,, but still, u don’t have to do such things dae!!
    u’r part of BB,,
    BB would never be the same without you..

  65. Omg!!3 hours?
    i will freak out in thr…
    poor daedae… he should been found within 15min!
    w/o him thr will b no Big Bang! >_<
    No one can change tht DaeSung Hwaiting!

  66. No one Daesung,No one BB…

  67. poor daesung ):
    nvm daesung, i will find you in 10mins! 😀
    big bang loves you!

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