Quickies on Cyworld Chart / BB’s 6th member

Quickies from gypsy_sonata@BBLJ:

1. Big Bang’s song Number 1 went to the top in the Cyworld Chart. In only one day. Basically the afternoon of its release in Korea it rose to the number one spot.

The song is also number one (hehe) on the Melon J-POP chart.

Source: http://news.mk.co.kr/outside/view.php?year=2008&no=620494

2. So who is Big Bang’s sixth member?

Their fans of course. That’s what they said in their UFO town vid (08.10.10)

Source: http://spn.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2008/10/10/2008101000537.html

Credit: gypsy_sonata@BBLJ



~ by Momo on October 10, 2008.

17 Responses to “Quickies on Cyworld Chart / BB’s 6th member”

  1. WoW~In one day?! It’s already a success~^____^ so proud of them^^Aww the loyal VIPs~

  2. Man i saw that too, it was really surprising as I hadn’t read about the song being released on the 9th

  3. ~omo!!!!
    see,, it it’s definitely NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go big bang!!!
    once again^^
    ON TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yey!!!

  4. Number one in Korea AND in Japan?!———-NEAT!!

    They´re begining to radiate that “Beatle-frenzy”.

  5. haha^^
    cheering on them!!!!
    they’re always number 1 yea…
    n im their 6th member?!!
    haha… hope to join them.. *dreaning*

  6. yay thats great!! i want to see them top the oricon charts too!

  7. yeah!
    That’s why its called number 1 😛 haha
    YG baby x]]
    oohh bb’s 6th member? -.-

  8. woot, grats boys!!!
    number 1 all the way, hehe~
    and they sure know how to make a fan proud eh?? 6th member??? DEFINITELY!!!!

  9. I didn’t even expect that Number1 will top any chart 0[]0 Not that i don’t like it, i LOVE it, but that is just TOO FAST OMG and Haru Haru is no.1 on MTV & Channel V Thailand this week!!
    (YB’s songs also high in MTV charts)
    Big Bang is always the BEST indeed!!!XD

  10. OMG!!! I so freaked out when I read the title “6th member”!!!
    I though they were going to add another member!!!
    PLS don’t!!! you’r perfect as you are now!!!
    Was glad to read that it’s the fans…yay…

    “Number 1” #1 [haha] in less than a day?!
    Unbeliveable..no…wait…it’s a song from Big Bang…of course it’s beliveable!


  12. YEAHHH BIG BANG!!!!!
    ahaha i thought you it meant add another member too
    but YEAH VIPs!!!!!!!!
    Damn big bang! CONGRATS
    big bang is AMAZING though =]

  13. phew~~ u scared me Momo lolx
    I was like O.o|| BB 6th member?
    ahahahaha n thn i read carefully n i saw “Their fans of course”

    yay!! hooray 4 us nyehehehe
    Btw~~ Im happy thy r #1!!!
    thy owes are!!!!! yess!

  14. WoOt!! big bang love ^_^ big bang number one ^_^ luv luv luv

    as i am big bang’s ‘sixth member’, i am proud to call myself a part of big bang.
    kekeke, i was reading the title, and then i was like, ‘wtf, who could possibly be added to big bang?!?!?!’ then i read below and i was like, ‘oh…. kekeke ^_^’

  15. awwwwwww

    BB Number 1 ^^(y)

    VIP Number 1 ^^(y) lol~!!!!

  16. ahahah oh the pun XD congrats to them!! yay we are a part of bigbang! i thought that guy was back in the group or something, that confused me! support them forever! ❤

  17. worthy of the title..truly number 1!! woo!! go BB and VIPS!!^_^

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