‘Only Look at me’ Police Version | Big Bang at 2008 Seoul Design Olympic Opening Show

[ENGLISH SUBBED] 09.07.08 MTV Making the Video
Oh My Friend Music Video
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Thanks again for ma gurl Anecia for translating it for me, the hardsubbed version is also up on youtube for those who can’t download.

WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE: Part 1 || Part 2


***EDIT: For those of you who are curious about Baby’s new hairstyle, I added his stalker pics from the recent MV shooting, he look fine~… but then I wouldn’t know too much since he ALWAYS look good to me. And another thing, added Tabi’s Stalker Pic during the latest performance, gotta show Tabi some love too, Bong isn’t the only one get stalked around here.

‘Only Look at me’ Police Version

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A Korean Police troup get together and create this video, I thought it was freaking awsome, they did the choreography and add a little of their own and include all these cool police stuff in there like their living quarters and where they trained. The guy even write his own lyric and sing along to the noraebang version of ‘Only Look at me’

At first I thought the video was hilarious and awsome, but it’s actually really meaningful, they show people about the hardship a person have to through in order to become a police officer and how they even though they miss their love ones but they still doing it to protect the people around them. The phone call the guy had with his girlfriend in the video was about how they’re both really tire of what’s going on and the girl broke up with him. The pictures they show during the ‘dance break’ really touched me, these police literally risk their lives everyday, but barely get any ‘thankyous’ This video realize that, so to any police out there, really, thankyou πŸ˜€

and especially to you these police officers, they’re freaking awsome that’s for sure.

Big Bang at 2008 Seoul Design Olympic Opening Show

They finally performed in PINK!!!!!!!! But so sad this wasn’t broadcast for all to see, I saw these during 5th hour Photography today and I was trying to stop screaming, cuz I was just getting into hardcore fangirl mode.The first thing pop in my eyes was Baby wearing the same thing he did when he perform “WonderBoys” so freaking cute!! wish he didn’t wear the beanie though, I wanna see his new hair, YEP YEP!! BABY GOT A DIFFERENT HAIRSTYLE, he’s just hiding it for now. Then I got a chance to look at all the other members, Bong kekek that’s really pink, I love Tabi’s jumper, that is freaking cute, These boys look so freaking cute in pink…. and you know what they say, ‘It takes a REAL MAN to wear pink’ (and actually WORK IT)

credit: newsis
taken from: λ””μ§€λ±…β˜…λ‹˜.BigRoom@VIPZ


credit: DC TOP – ORANGE | bigbangpop

Baby during CF shooting

Thanks to κ²¨λΈμ§€μš©β™‘λ‹˜

Too see more [A LOT MORE] stalker pics of them during the CF, go here

[ENGLISH SUBBED] 09.07.08 MTV Making the Video


~ by Vicky on October 10, 2008.

137 Responses to “‘Only Look at me’ Police Version | Big Bang at 2008 Seoul Design Olympic Opening Show”

  1. Gd is so hot !!!!!

  2. POWARRRRRRR HOT!!! oooooo i really wnna see seungri’s new hair style!!!

    That vid, is really cool!! Thought it was jst for a laugh until all those pics came up!!

  3. they all r hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. omg..i love the color pink now.. γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹
    baby still looks sick as a dog!! γ… .γ… 

  5. bbftw

    I saw the fancam
    and Baby actually look a bit better
    not all hyper like the normal Baby would be
    but as least not sick sick

  6. vicky

    i guess thats good. i still worry though…
    at least you can strong for the rest of us vicky! hwaiting!

  7. bbftw

    haha strong… yea haha
    don’t count on me for that

    i’m sure i’ll be the first one to faint when soemthing happen to Baby

  8. them in pink ahh soo hot

  9. vicky

    i know right!
    ‘what happened to baby?…..THUD’
    sikee. lol i think all baby fans will be in a coma if baby so much as gets a papercut!!

  10. Pink never looked SO GOOD on someone!
    Big Bang makes everything look great!
    Personaly, I hate pink, but if Big Bang wear it, I’ll agree to make this color my national color!

    Wanna see Baby’s hairstyle! wanna see it SO BAD!!!
    Bong is also hiding his new hairstyle [why does every one are so shy about their hairsytles?] but still, he wear uncle sam! black! SEXY!
    T.O.P’s jucket is so CUTE! It’s so T.O.P! wearing something so special!
    Don’t have to say the Tae Yang look good in every color!!! [GOD DMAN HIS HOTNESS!!!]
    Dae Sung look SO HAPPY! all jumpy!

    Wanna see the “pink” preformance SO MUCH!!!

    Wonder what it looks like. Hmm.

    PWAH, they’re so cute in pink [:

  12. bbftw

    just freaking dead
    we are so protective of him
    cuz he’s the maknae

    gotta protect my man
    i don’t care how old he is

  13. miroo4ka

    Bong have effected Baby with his wearing-stuff-to-cover-up-his-head trend thing T___T
    from all the thing he acn learn from the Kwon Leader he learn this…T____T
    i give up

  14. Tracy

    it look similar to what he had during the “Last Farewell” days
    short and when he gel it up….DAMMNNNN~

  15. vicky

    ill protect just cuz hes so damn cutee..he doesnt have to be the maknae..thats just a bonus..bahahaha

  16. the boys in pink remind me of wonderboys lols

    tae’s song is still popular πŸ˜€

    Choi Hyun Joon from V.O.S aka Tae’s buddy πŸ˜€ did a perf of it recent πŸ˜€

  17. opps i forgot to post the link

  18. Whoa. That’s PINK alright.

    Whew. Thanks for the links for the
    fancam. I have something to watch
    when I get home. ^__^

  19. bbftw

    i’ve noticed… that i always like the maknae of a group haha
    idk why
    i just do

    at first when i first saw SeungRi, i didn’t know he was the maknae AT ALL
    I thought he was the leader or something
    that’s like a year ago when i don’t know much about Big Bang.
    when I found out Baby is only 16 at the time and 2 years older than me
    I was gonna pass out
    he’s just too amazing to be only 16

    I show his picture to my american friend today, and tell her to guess how old he is, and she actually guessed right, it was the pictures he shoot in Hawaii last year, she say 16, when I told her he’s suppose to be a senior in high school right now she was like “NOOOOOOO~”

  20. They all look so hot!

  21. vicky

    hahaha our baby has that magical effect. lol
    i knowww! omg it amazes me that baby is only 17 in america..wow..
    he can be that talented and be that awesome at 17. my brothers 17 and hes an ass..lol
    when i first saw BB, i liked taeyang! then i moved on to TOP, then daedae, and now bong and baby xDDD

  22. awwww… thanks! but is it just me, or you guys haven’t posted anything about their latest UFOTown message?

  23. bbftw

    I will be 1 year younger than him in 26 days
    so glad his birthday is 1 month and 6 days before mine
    because i get to be just 1 year younger than him for 1 month and 6 days. YEA~

    i was bored in class today, so i went and look up his height and covert it to ft.
    5’7….. i’m 5’4
    then I went around and ask ppl
    “do you think a 5’4 girl and a 5’7 guy is compatible”
    i was bored. fortunately…. they all say yes *SQUEAL* hahaha

    for me… it’s always Baby
    never realy change,
    well it may change a bit, since at the beginning, I only know about Baby, and JUST HIM, i can careless about other member [ i go through 1 month without knowing any others’ name hahaha]
    but then i start to get more into Big Bang as a group, and Bong took a toll on me….

    so Babybong lover!! <3333333333333

  24. vicky

    really? 5’7? he looks like 5’9 compared to TOP. kehehe
    im only 5’2.im so short, lol ill look okay with bongg! hes short too >.<

    lets see…babys birthday is dec. 12 right? mines the 6 of march.. isnt that like…idk i dont wanna do the math..im tired..lol!! ill figure it out first thing tomrow morning! XDD

    lol i love all BB. but baby is the one i look for first in every picture or perf. bahahaha

  25. zee

    the latest one about UFO radio?
    i actually have the video and i’ve been trying to upload it on youtube
    but apparently, youtube is under some maintance right now
    and i can’t do anything about it until it’s done
    when it’s back to normal i’ll post it
    Bong was being such a dork, gotta show it.

  26. WOW it’s soo good!
    good job =]
    Aww Big Bang

  27. DAMN!!!
    they look sooooo good in pink!!!!
    I see GD’s still wearing that hat LOL
    TOP’s oufit is sooo cute πŸ˜›
    I really want top see SR’s hair
    I saw it in the pics for the CM but not too clearly
    TY and DS looking hot as always
    damn it I wish I’ve seen this in the morning

  28. Oh Jiyong

  29. awww Seung Ri looks cute in his pink outfit >..<!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Seung Ri trying to copy Ji Yong again? lol
    His spiked do

  31. WHOA BABY!
    haha he looks..okay. lol! he looks so old! like hes 23! makes our age gap seem bigger..
    still love baby no matter how old he gets XDD

  32. Chrissy

    you can say that
    he’s famous for it anyway haha
    but it look similar to his ‘Last Farewell’ days hair

  33. YAY!!!!
    I normally don’t get to see too many pics of my man
    so thanx so much!!!!!

  34. wow i luv Seungri’s new hair cut!
    it goes with him =]
    and its cuteβ™₯
    yeah he does look alittle older
    but hes still…OMG cute lol

  35. Haha. From the CF pictures, it looks like everyone’s doing the same thing with the short and spike/not thing going on. Maybe it’s a team thing. It makes him look more rocker. Haha.

    I loove SR’s hair during the Last Farewell days…

  36. bbftw

    yup he’s 5’7
    he does look like he’s 5’9
    but he’s not too tall
    so yay~

    my bday is november 6.
    he was born exactly 1 year 11 months and 6 days after me hahaha

    youre the same with me
    he’s the first one I look for hahah

  37. thu

    mine is from the LIES days
    with the yellow highlight?
    that’s HOT

  38. vicky

    haha 1 year 11 months and 6 dayss.
    isnt your birthday like 2 days after TOPS then?
    i think my birthday is closest to daedaes xDD

    keke everytime a new pix comes up im like WHERES WALDO (BABY) and when i find him im so happy :]]]

  39. oh oh~~!!
    got to be pink again next time^^

  40. vicky thanks for add this photos.. they are all cool

  41. bbftw

    my birthday is november 6
    2 days after Tabi’s

    when’s ur bday?
    i think i ask u before but i forgot
    i hasve extremely bad memory cells

    keke ‘WALDO’

  42. vi
    ahh~~~ made my day~~
    hahaha… yes, the vid is funny, but then it turn out to be one of meaningful vid. ^^
    all of this police is so cute, they went to make this vid.
    i never tought that police will act cute too. especially when u see them filming.

    aww~~ PINK!! no boys make pink works like thin than our boys!!
    & there Bong with Sam cousin again ~.~
    vi, i think baby darkcircles get worse & i’m egree with u, hope he didn’t wear the beannie.
    i think it’ll be cuter if Bebe wear a pink hat. hahaaha

    i’m so horny now. my man with pink.
    not only jumper, i love all he wears, coz he acctually make it works!
    ahh~~ vi, when we’ll go kidnap them?
    don’t forget to inporm Kenley.

  43. Thanks for the TOP pictures!
    by the way, seungri’s new hair is nice πŸ˜€

  44. TOP IS HOT

  45. btw vi, in the link u give for more stalker cam,
    do u realize? my man have the same expression all the time.

    why do you have to soo frikin hott??
    i love the new hair.. but i was just
    starting to get used to ur old onee..
    ur so cutee


  47. seems like evryone is having new haircuts…i want topppie to change too!!!

  48. hahaha arer you kindding me!!!
    NICE POLICE VERSION ahaha they’re awesome ahaha
    TOP… omgg stop being soo darn HOT..<3

  49. nya

    i almost cry when i saw it last night
    they’re so awsome
    who knows polices can be like this too haha

    that boi… he’s not getting enough sleep…T_T
    heart broken… wah~

    haha i post it up for you gurl
    Tabi got some stalker too
    not just Baby and Bong hahah

    oh my god at first I thought you wrote ‘porn’ haha
    i was like WHAT????
    but it’s raining like crazy in florida right now haha
    so i can’t do that today
    soon my priend…. soon…

  50. nya

    i did notice that
    there’s some shot of him posing too I thik?
    and yet

    still there haha

  51. mahirah

    that remind me back to the ‘WITH U’ days
    the days when he put in those horrible knots in his hair
    if he’s gonna go there again.. i rather he stay with this hairstyle

    is it just me or in those stalker pics, Tabi look a bit like fuller?
    like bigger than normal

  52. seungri got no more sideburns to fix XD

  53. why does the singer in the police video sound like Bi Rain?? well that’s just to my ears only probably. it was nicely done ^^

    whoever took the pics of GD at the CF siting sure was mighty close.. hell, they got a pretty close shot of his tattoo on his arm lol

    i like SR’s new hair cut. makes him look older. not really feeling YB’s hair right now. i like the fauxhawk better. i actually want the braids back T_T

  54. okay so i really love SR’s new hair – its awesome and he was in dire need of some change..love it
    and yes GD isnt the only one being stalked but theres a heck load of Tabi and SR stalker pim – c’mon where are the BeBe and Dae stalker cams!! (esp Dae…i seriously never see any stalker cam’s for the boy!! *sigh*)

  55. sweetsorrow
    i agree lol… and they are my 2 favs. they are seriously being slept on. anyway, how have you been lol??

  56. *screams like tru fangurl*

    oh my gosh, i was looking thru these pics of the Baby’s stalker pics, and i was just… i dont know how to put it….. uh… dead.

    kekeke, luv the new hair. altho i never DIDN’T like anything about Baby… haha

  57. @ sweetsorrow

    i think i have some fans pics

    u can always try ybeffect.com or http://www.youngbae.ba.ro/.

    well dae fan pics are hard to find its like one of the kind i guess u can try his dc which is here


    or u can ask me i have tons of taes pics πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    hi latiana2003 remember me from TYC? πŸ˜€ lol

  58. baby’s new haircut makes him even more cuter
    i love it
    gd looked really hot too

  59. vi
    hahaha.. sorry, my bad.
    i have my cousin here today, while i’m all alone.
    his mom take him here coz she want to go to wedding party
    he’s sooo NAUGHTY!
    u should see me.
    “don’t take this! don’t do that!” shouting at him like this while typing to u. hahaha…
    he’s messing around with my books now >.<

    hahaha… u should know that i’m not a patient person.
    we should do it right away after the rain stop. kakaka…

    hahaha.. i think my man expression didn’t change all the time.
    he only smile like that. but still, HOT as heck!
    eventough he have stalker too, his heart is mine.

  60. lovepieces

    kekeke i noticed that too
    but he say he ‘doesn’t do it as much anymore’
    haha so let try to believe him now kekek

  61. sweetsorrow

    there is a lot of Dae and Bebe stalker cam too
    in Korea, each member have their own special fan clubs for them, VIP is the official fanclub, but there’s TONS of un-official fanclubs.
    the fanclubs that ‘stalk’ Bebe and Dae are strict with their stuff so they never release them outside the website,
    so that’s why, I saw a lot of them too, but I can’t share them because I don’t have the rights to do it.

    those individual fanclubs are quite amazing, me myself is in 2 Bong fanclubs and 2 Baby fanclubs, it’s really hard to sign up for those site, you have to answer all these questions so they can make sure you’re a true fan and not a anti, they do all this really cool things like presents often for the boys, and they even like buy lunch for the boys and also all the staff, like you know how Baby host Music Core everyweek? their lunch are prepared by one of Baby’s fanclub, it’s like a whole bunch of stuff. I was amazed when I saw it, they put a lot of care and love in each of them. Pretty cool.

  62. DoRi

    love blind us all
    he’s always that hot. always

  63. that’s Seung ri’s new hair?

    *cricket chirps*

    yeah…i don’t know what to say, hmm…i don’t know what to make of that. maybe i’ll get used to it, just like GD’s hair.

  64. nya

    oh gurl you trust me
    i have my fair share of babysitting in my life
    i hate it so much

    now, i don’t give a damn how many ppl beg and how much they wanna pay me
    or i don’t care if it’s my first cousin
    i just want my day-off to myself
    I rather watch grass die than take care of those hooligans
    it’s just NO~

    normally we would accuse him of thinking about ice cream and have that expression on haha
    and we’ll have a whole ramage on Tabi and ice cream
    now we can’t no more~…..

    maybe ramage on salads?? hahah

  65. vi
    kakaka… hooligans. i’m okay if the child is not that naugthy.
    he’s HYPER ACTIVE! he always talk & ask anything!
    i mean everything!
    that’s so troublesone!
    he’s messing around in my room. i won’t let him out from my room, thats better then he go to kitchen & make a fuss there.

    we can’t vi. he only think about fruit now. hahaha..
    salad~ aw~ the way he attack it. ah~~~
    i sound so horny today >.<

  66. daisy

    hey girl lol. yeah i remember you. and what happened to TYC?? i miss it >_<

  67. OH MY GOD I LOVE BABY’S HAIR!!!!!! <333

  68. Vi

    unless of course, its one of those times hes so frickin cute that he’s even hotter ^_~ if u know what i mean

  69. the police video is awesome πŸ˜€ korean police ftw! ^^

    thanx 4 the pics…Tabiiii ahhhhh~hot

    and Baby new hairstyle O.o he looks more mature =]

  70. nya

    and yet you’re taking care of a little kid..and ur honry…
    how IRONIC hahaha
    i just hate kids who won’t freaking listen to you no matter how frustrated you are
    i remember when i was a kid if someone older than me tell me to do something i would be scared to death and do it right away [back then of course…now?…yea right haha]

    you can even make salad sound naughty
    i…. hahahha
    you are my sunbae for sure

  71. Mariale

    HE DOES!!
    idk what other ppl think
    but i love it

    i always have a thing for spiked hair

  72. Haha, I usually just read and never really join the discussion with you guys but I just HAVE to this time. BABY is growing up SO HOT. Maybe it’s because I’m a maknae fan but I love his haircut, it does remind me of his Last Farewell days. I love his expressions in these stalker pics. And same like Vicky and bbfw, I ALWAYS look for Seung Ri first in every pictures/performances/ everything. Haha. The only reason why I started to get obsess with Big Bang was because of Seung Ri. When I first heard about them I was attracted to TOP but I didn’t listen to them or find out more about them. I just listen to their songs if only I come across them by accident. Then after I saw Seung Ri on Manwon Happiness I became a certified BABY addict (of course Big Bang, too). But he’s been my fav since the beginning. XDDD

    I do admit that through this puberty stage of his, he looks really sick and bad (especially during the Stand Up Mini-album promotions). I still love him nonetheless. And please don’t kill me for saying he looks bad at times. >.<

    And I notice that Seung Ri looks A LOT A LOT hotter in stalker cam pics than in pics where he poses. He has really weird poses lol! But most of them are cute but some of them are really serious looking it just makes him look weird. Nonetheless he’s still a cutie & growing into a cutie and a hottie. XDD

    I have a friend who I recently converted into a Big Bang fan. She told me before she really knew about them she thought they were just “another gangster looking boyband with just the looks” and when I actually told her what they really do and have her listen to their songs (first one was probably Lies) she was like omggg. XD And she LOVES Lalala. She’s usually a very conservative person when it comes to guys, as in not saying he’s hot or spazzing over any hot guys. But when it comes to Big Bang (especially the Lalala music video) she goes crazy. XDD I just love it when I know that there are tons of people out there in love with Big Bang.

    Another sad thing for me is, this Korean guy that I recently met at driving school HATES Big Bang. He thinks they’re gay but I think he’s so cute and I wanna be his friend but the fact that he doesn’t like Big Bang is a BIG turn off for me. LOL. I mean, it’s not really supposed to be a barrier between us but he’s not that much of a nice guy either so it doesn’t matter. Haha. He moved to… ah, I’m just giving you guys too much information.


    I feel like I’m writing a freaking blog more than commenting.

    Okay, so to end this comment, thank you so much Vicky for posting all these Big Bang news for us. And the police music video is sad but I wish there were subtitles. I’m curious of what they wrote word by word. They’re really “pro” in making the song. The dude singing is pretty good, too. Not great but still good. XD And it made me sad in the middle when they showed all those pictures.

    Okay, I think I’m done rambling.

    MAKNAE β™₯

  73. I wonder if Bebe did anything to his hair… it looks different but it could be just cuz its not gel’d into his normal fohawk hairstyle. either way he’s still awesome lol.

    and boo.. he always wears his hat… but that could be his cute item.

  74. Oh, another thing, if any of you guys figured out how to tie your scarf/muffler like Seung Ri in these pictures, can you guys tell me the steps? I like how he does it in these pics. Another thing that I forgot to mention is, even though Baby copies his hyungs’ style, there is one prominent style that is his own. Those dancing gloves! I notice he wears them a lot (maybe except during the Stand Up promotions but he does wear them once in a while). I think the only other member who wears dancing gloves is Daesung and sometimes Taeyang? TOP wears oven gloves XDD. But that’s just my opinion. I don’t remember clearly to see if the other members wear them a lot or not but I’ve seen Seung Ri wore them since the beginning.

  75. vi
    at least his mom come & take he back.
    i’m in heaven now. hahaha…
    yup, i was like that too when i was a child.
    i live with my grandma when i was a child & she’s very scary.
    if u didn’t do anything she told u to, she’ll hit u or shout at u.
    that’s why i freaking scare if its my grandma. can’t help it.

    but this kid is hyperactive. he can’t sit down still.
    & he never get the change to know my grandma.
    if he does, it’ll like a world war in the house

    kekeke… sunbae.
    i think i could make anything sound so naughty if its related to my man. u know me.

  76. love baby’s hair maknae is HOT

  77. SR looks so cute with his new hair!!!!!
    the CF takes 2 days to film…
    so long..
    wonder how long is the CF gonna be

    and why is GD still wearing Sam or Sam’s cousin?..
    i guess the new hair doesn’t really match the haru haru concept outfits…

  78. Okay. I’m like super jealous of stalker
    person right now. Whoever they were got
    to be so close to the guys. I mean…look
    at some of those shots – all up in the face.
    Plus a lot of shots were artistic, which
    gives me an idea about making something.
    But yes, thanks stalkerazzi for those awesome

    The video with the PoPo’s was amazing to btw.
    Props to them for making it.

  79. Ivy

    lord gurl~
    we probably related
    i’ve never met one who can write so much about Baby as much as me
    and I’m the same with you too
    Baby first attract me when I saw him on his manwon episode.
    he’s just…LOVE

    there’s some ppl who just doesn’t appreciate Big Bang, it’s not even worth trying
    if they have good taste in music, they will like them right away fromt he start, no need to convince them or whatever
    for me that’s wasting breath

  80. Ivy

    I think that’s a jacket?
    I’m not sure
    but it look too big to be a scarf
    it look kinda like a cape haha

    well they just say Baby copy his hyung just for the sake of the entertainment
    but the truth is they really have no control of what they wear [except Bong i think] since their clothes are sponsoed and the stylist already pick everything out for them

  81. nya

    if they drive me too insane
    I will use violence
    not hitting, but more like yelling and threatening hahahaha
    i’m good at that
    threateining ppl..

    HEY~ maybe that can come into use for our ‘plan’ hahaha

  82. ohthethrill

    those stalikerazzi probably literally fight for the life to stand there
    i mean those other girls are rough for sure
    already look scary to me

  83. I have no word to say that They all look so hot!

  84. OMG!!!!
    T.O.P’s eyes are KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He got the most SEXY EYES on EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Baby look SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!
    With that red scarf…GOD!!!!!!
    Sorry Vicky, but I HAVE TO MARRY HIM or T.O.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. in show baby still look sick T_T but they all look awesome in pink too β™₯β™₯ but i wanna see yb and ds…and wanna see gds new hair much so bad…i liked babys new hair ^_^ thnx a lot for sharing β™₯β™₯

  86. I love the pix. Big Bang in pink always look hot. =) of course these guys can pull it off. ^^
    baby’s new hairdo…hmmm.. I wanna see it upfront. hehe. i still think he’s a cutie. =)
    thanks for the subs vicky, i’ve watched it on youtube. ^^
    btw…what is baby’s height again?is he only 5″7? i thought he was 5 “9…their height was in cm so i looked up an online conversion table and converted cm to inches, then divide it by twelve..in my calculations Baebae was 5″8…so i thought they were tall and korean people are really tall normally.
    Well I still love baebae whatever his height is. =)

  87. big bang and the police are totally awesome!

  88. please delete the pictures of Big Bang in their new clothes and sutff
    this was the next album’s concpet but it got out because of the fans and everything..
    so everything is chaotic now…

  89. vi
    hahaha… i’ll like to see u threatening ppl. kakakaka…

    ahh~~~ thans for the subb for Oh My Friend making the vid
    hah~ made my day.

    oh i love that ‘plan’ sound!!
    hahaha… but maybe not.
    i know i can’t use violence against my man. it’s no use.
    i only need fruits. hahaha…
    i’ll buy a whole box of apples & lure him with it.

    u really want to threatening ur hubby?
    r u sure u can??? hahaha…
    if its me, i’ll faint before i could face my man.

  90. ivy
    u’re the same species as Vicky.

  91. Just when I mentioned that Seungri needed a new haircut——I promise you people, I will not misuse my powers!!!

    ——–GD, eat more burgers!!
    ——–DS, cut your hair!!

  92. vi
    there’s not much my man part in the vid.
    but!! at part2 3:50, hahaha… make me all hyper.
    kekeke… i have a big grin in my face now.

    hahaha… so there’s DaeSung gym. really fit Dae.
    there’s so much Bong & baby in the vid.
    bet u’re all happy. hahaha…

  93. omg is that seung ri’s new hairstyle?!
    lolll it looks iight but i kinda liked the old hair better :T
    but no matter what i’ll still love him ^__^

  94. oh and they all look HOTT in the video!!! >.<

    ^^ just wanted to add that :]

  95. Vicky
    true, true.
    i probably would’ve lost an
    eye just standing there let
    alone fight my way to get close
    to BB. haha.

  96. vicky

    my birthdays march 6. in ’94 of course :]
    i wish i was babys age~ it would have been PERFECTT. keke

  97. bong wearing SAM’s relative again? =.=
    sighh i wanna see his hair!!!
    and baby’s hair looks so fine!! haha i love this hairstyle~~

  98. miroo4ka

    kkkekek can’t blame you for being tempted
    Baby is just T____T

  99. Kenley

    i convert it online too
    i took 176 cm to and convert it to ft
    and it says he’s 5’7
    he might be tall in asia
    but over here haha, he really isn’t at all

    when i was talking about the height thing
    my friend, Shane from Photography
    this dude is freaking 6’5… I’M NOT KIDDING
    I look like a little kid standing next to him
    he was laughing at Baby being short the whole time
    i was like “YAH!!! you bettuh shut up before somethin’ happen!”
    no one bash my man.

  100. heartbigbang

    this is a shooitng for their new commercial
    not new album promo

  101. nya

    oh i do it all the time hahaha
    and i’m good with it

    i’ll be strong
    i’ll think about what would happen if i successfully threatening him and he’s just MINE
    you think about that too hahaha
    …. but keep the apples in in case hahaha

  102. nya

    kekek ‘SPECIES’
    Discovery Channel needs to do a ‘special’ on us hahaha

  103. spinx

    hahaha you’re powerful alright

  104. nya

    i dont’ really care if there’s a lot of them or not
    the fact that they’re there is enough
    Bong is so random is his random yelling
    interupting Bebe every sentence haha

    did u see the part where they were shooting their last scene
    and the director was telling them how this scene is special?
    and Tabi make that face and Bebe cracked up?
    that was cute

  105. bbftw

    whoa there…. we’re exactly 1 year and 4 months apart!!
    haahhah he say he like dongseng fans anyway.. so nuna fans can take a hike hahah

  106. oh my goodness,Daedae’s body.
    baby looks like one of the jabbawokeez.

  107. annyeong!! hey guys can i join? hihi.. i think i have 2 join here coz i’m also certified BiGBANGer. nwei, i’m so into seungri & gd! i’m crazy over G-Ri.. but i’m more seungrinsane. though i’m 6yrs older than him (definitely his noona.. lol.) wut’s wit seungri’s hair..? haha.. lurv this boi so much! beyVi seungri is adorably cute.. πŸ™‚

  108. umm. by the way i’m izzen.. seungrinsane!

  109. G-Ri i<3
    bigbang rocksss!

  110. ma boifren wil kill me bcoz of seungri!! haha..

  111. gdness! i lurv seungri’s new hairdo.. he’s… ugh.. cant describe him coz he’s already cute, adorable & hotttt!

  112. vi
    oh yeah, that just too cute.
    i like my man to speak more, but seeing him making a face like that is enough for me. ah~~~ Seung Hyun ah~~

    baby say that he’s sad when there’s no fans following him just crack me up. he’s so cute at that. hahaha…

    doscovery need to make a special scene with us.
    fangurl scene. the topic is what fangurls do all the time.
    we know every inch bout our idol but our idol don’t know bout us.
    if discovery make a scene like this, it’ll help our idol to knkow bout us, their fans.
    hahaha good idea! kakaka…

  113. i love gds new hair xDD
    and seungri cut it short xDD
    go bigbang !!! :]

  114. seungri fancam

  115. ——–Vicky—————I will only use my powers for the greater good—any wishes?

    (Nothing too kinky though ;I)

  116. nya

    i was cracking hard at that too hahaha
    he’s too use to perverted fangirls following him everywhere try to touch his butt
    without them he feel a bit lonely hahah

    but it must be a nice change though
    to be able to go outside in public without having to worry about his securities and stuff cuz no one notice him

    haha ‘a fangirl special’
    that is a good idea
    someone write a freaking letter to Discovery Channel already!!

  117. spinx

    nothing too kinky…
    …..uh……….. haha
    I’ll get back to you on that
    right now…. damn my dirty fangirl mind hahaha

  118. daisy
    thanks for the links hun – lol i have alot of tae pics collected too but i’ll def ask u if im looking for a particular one

    heyy how u been girl?? its been a while lol..miss TYC much? i know i do…!

  119. hi vicky, nov.6 is your bday? same here.. hee! seungri is so GWAPO!!!

  120. izzen

    NUH UH!
    what year?

  121. thank you for the “Oh My friend” making!
    1st part:
    cool there’s a gym call ‘DaeSung’
    Lmao ahaha what seungri did with the
    black guy was cool/funny
    aww that’s sad, i would’ve followed him =]
    damn taeyang, now i wanna skate board too now
    Lmao TOP made a hot cop, once again
    GD hehe i love his psycho play
    2nd part:
    that place did not look like a factory though
    but i did look like an empty building
    “No Brain Hyung…
    i miss you guys”
    awww that’s so cute
    Lols No Brain, Big Bang FIGHTING!
    i love them

  122. boys in pink…i just died XD
    but BaBY with new hair…osmly HOT HOT HOT!!!
    awww, hes growing up nicely into a man…but i dun want him to grow up..yet x_X
    im selfish, i know that

  123. vicky

    are you sure your in art school? sounds liek you should be in math or sumthing girl! xD

    haha thats so cool :] nov. 6 and march 6. kekek it was destined for us to meet cuz of BB :]]

  124. is bebe trying to make fans go for him instead of baby? cuz its not working.

    baby is the ONLY one that could make that vest look hawt.

  125. vi
    hahaha… if he’s too use to have a perverted fangirl try to touch his butt, he have one here, who called Vicky.
    she’ll touch his butt till he’s satisfied.

  126. bbftw

    HAHAH yea righ~
    i use my finger to count that
    i’m not kidding

    we’re too cool
    anybody who’s born on november, the 6th or 1992, to me, is all KEWL PEEPS.

    u know what i love the most about my year?
    i’m graduating high school in 2011
    so in school peperally, we’re the only year that can say “1-1”
    freaking awsome

  127. nya

    hmm.. Vicky.. this girl seem intersting.
    must be one freaking awsome person.

    and i have a feeling that’s VERY TRUE~

  128. vicky

    haha. luckky~
    im 2012. all the dumb freshman are like ‘oh-12!’
    at my peprally,
    it was sexxy seniors, jamming juniors, smokin sophmores and i was a freak freshman :[[
    vicky! youre smokin’ lol

  129. oh, ma bday’s nov.6 1984.. too old for seungri ryt? haha..

  130. vi
    “i hope she’ll touch me”
    i tough u’ll say that. hahahaha…

    yup yup, freaking awsome person..
    not only feeling, coz its true.
    baby will so addicted to u if u two know each other.
    i swear. hahaha…
    baby want to stand out so much & want all the attention to him.
    & you always look at baby no matter what
    perfect combi, don’t forget to invite me to ur wedding. kakaka…

  131. Vicky

    omg…I know caucasian guys are damn freaking tall. damn them.
    converted Baby’s height….176 cm…69 inches…69/12…5 ft. 9 inches..hehehe…see he wasn’t that short (I think). =P I know tabi’s about 5″11, almost a 6-footer.
    I can’t help but do these things when heights in cm are involved…I’m so used to feet and inches. =)
    yeah no body mess with our man. just because they aren’t 6-footers doesn’t mean we love them less.
    Hahaha I was born in november too. ^^ but Baby Ri and I share the same zodiac.

  132. u guys are crazy! haha.. lurv it.. seungriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  133. bbftw

    i’m sorry to say this
    but it does sound stupid haha
    we were laughing at how peperally in our senior will be like
    all the other class would be “one two” “one three” “one four” haha it’s like elementary math keke
    we’re the only cool one with “ONE ONE!!” and whenever they shout their number, we would ruin it by saying “ELEVEN”!!! i did it last year with the other upper class, it was hilarious hhaha

    sophomore be smokin’…. … but not necessarily good thing hahaha
    if you know what i mean t__T

  134. izzen
    exactly 8 years older than me
    now… I know 6 ppl who have the same bday as me, 2 of them in the same year

  135. nya

    i would touch him even if he deny it hahaha
    you can count on that

    GURL~ nao u know you’ll be the maid of honor
    I’ll hook u up with one of his hyung too *wink*wink*

  136. Kenley

    i use one of those cm thing
    and it says 5.7
    but whatever hahah
    he’s asian
    and i’m asian
    i can’t afford to be tall kekeke

    Baby’s a Sagittarius
    I’m a Scorpio
    I like my sign actually
    it’s so awsome T_T haha


    Zomg, i feel so out of it




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