Um Jung Hwa to be featured in YMGA’s MV, but no appearance on SBS Inkigayo

Singer Um Jung Hwa, who has been going through a hard time accepting the recent news of her good friend Choi Jin Shil’s death, will be featured in hoobae (junior) singers’ MV.

She was present for the filming of the MV for new singers YMGA (Masta Wu and DM) on 8th and 9th October.

YMGA, a newly formed hiphop group, was also featured in the song ‘KISS’ from Um Jung Hwa’s minialbum released in summer.

Um Jung Hwa has decided to be featured in the MV to give support to YMGA just like how Big Bang TOP had gave support to her by promoting the song ‘DISCO’ with her.

There are plans for Um Jung Hwa to go on the first broadcast performance with YMGA, but Um Jung Hwa had turned down the offer as she is still not in the right condition to go on broadcast programmes to performance.

YMGA said, “Even though it is a shame that she cannot join us on the performance due to her current condition, we are very grateful for her wonderful feature in our MV.”

On the other hand, YMGA’s debut album will include title song ‘Tell it to my heart’ and also ‘What’ which is a collaboration from YG Family after 6 years. There will also be ‘Real Talk’ which features Big Bang’s TaeYang in it.

YMGA will have their debut performance on 12th October on SBS Inkigayo

Credit: sookyeong.wp



~ by Momo on October 10, 2008.

15 Responses to “Um Jung Hwa to be featured in YMGA’s MV, but no appearance on SBS Inkigayo”

  1. UJH FIGHTING~~!!!

  2. Can’t wait for the perf!!^_______^

  3. she hot hot hot!!!!

  4. wow
    the picture looks so good
    hope UJH feel better soon…
    she was really really depressed on the funeral day of Choi Jin Shil…
    UJH fighting!

  5. yeah!! she’s so HOT!!

  6. she looks hot in the picture. can’t wait for the mv

  7. Hwaiting UJH!!! She looks mad pretty in the pic. I absolutely adore her. Been loving her since she first came out.

  8. Hope she’ll recover soon..I love her songs!
    She look hot on the picture!!! [long hair suits her so well!!!]
    Can’t wait for the MV to come out!!!

  9. I love YG stuff!!!! Uhm Jung Hwa is awesome too!

  10. YMGA also have a song WHAT ft G-Dragon, Teddy, Kush, Perry, CL

  11. WOW uhm junghwa looks really pretty in that picture!!

  12. Aww yeah she does look pretty
    wells YG Family FIGHTING!

  13. wow. Uhm Jung Hwa is pretty.

  14. i’ll be waiting the performance ^^


  15. is that her in the pic?
    wow shes really pretty :]

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