101108 Big Bang: Haru Haru & Lies on KB B-Boy World Master

***EDIT: Read this about our boys and BE PROUD.

Big Bang hailed as ‘Korea’s EXILE’ by Japanese press

from SooKyeong’s minihompy

Just to let you know: Remember those pictures with Bong and the purple pants and Baby with new hair? turn out, it wasn’t for a CF, it was for their new Music Video.…. O___O they shooting a new one already… when will November come??

Thanks to 통키님

10.11.08 KB B-Boy World Master
Haru Haru and Lies Performance
220 MB

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Thanks to 통키님
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This was recorded long ago,back…. when they did ‘KJE Chocolate’ so Bong didnt’ start wearing Sam yet, his mohikan is still there. The part where Tabi did the normal jumping thing crack me up, they show us the camera angle from the back and look at Bong, kekek that dork, jumping out of joy

How long as it been since we saw Lies live? maybe this is just me, but I don’t really get the ‘Lies’ feel, if Bong doesn’t have a bun, Tabi doesn’t wear his infamous LV glasses, Dae doesn’t wear a super tight shirt, YB isn’t wearing a hat that can literraly poke your eyes out and Baby doesn’t wear a sleveless shirt and a highlight patch in his hair…. I mean they’re still performing it… but the real ‘Lies’ feel isn’t there… those were the days…

I found this picture from the performance and I was cracking up so hard I have to share it with you guys.

What is our Bebe doing???

I think this calls for a “CAPTION THAT” game once again.

And for the sake of insanely sexiness, add some stalker pics of Bebe… his side profile is TO DIE FOR. And a candid picture of Tabi… hehehe T___T

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His side profile… DANNNNNGGGGG~

kekekek LOL at Tabi in the back… that is one candid moment.

Look at the way his body move…

Thanks to JollyGirl


~ by Vicky on October 11, 2008.

165 Responses to “101108 Big Bang: Haru Haru & Lies on KB B-Boy World Master”

  1. youngbae: “dang, my cuticles are disgusting.”
    haha its okay youngbae(: i love you no matter what your cuticles look like.

  2. “I think I broke a nail.” Young Bae being hella hot. xD

  3. youngbae, your side profile .. daayuuum =w=

  4. “this doesn’t look like a clear coat!!!!!”

  5. YB’s side profile looks soooo HOT

  6. ‘ew, theres dirt under my nails. ick.’ kekeke, bebe.

  7. OMFG!!!! Bebe got such A HOT&SEXY SIDE PROFILE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ethrapt

    I hate when that happen
    in fact i broke one of my nail last week
    painful… i cried

    it hurts emotionally and physically

  9. Hotlizardfox

    opps… clear coat is always a MUST!!!

  10. DoRi

    at first I thought you wrote ‘lick’
    i was like… okay~
    but then i look at it againa nd it says “ick”
    wow…… i’m not exactly 20/20 as you can tell

  11. an MV???1can’t wait to watch it!!!

    we finally get to see them perform lies
    I’m so in love with that song!!!!
    true classic >.<

    TOP’s face in that pic……I’m speechless
    looks like an angel 😛

    TY:gotta put another coating of nail polish…

  12. OMG!!
    I just thought of another one

    TY:I wonder if I went too far when I asked if I could get pink flowers in my nails 😛

  13. “eww booger” lol XD okay thats disgusting but whatever XDDD argh that jawlineee yummmmm XDD

  14. Vi

    kekeke, ‘ew, i got dirt under my nails, lick.’ that doesnt sound so right…

    haha, i got another one.

    ‘why does my hand say, i love you taeyang, call me! its on the card.’

    or this one!

    ‘did that girl just rip off my nail?’

  15. Jeez that boy really has a nice jawline..

  16. They will make it in Japan———-France is next!!!

  17. dreamandlove

    it is a classic
    whenever you hear ‘I’M SO SORRY BUT I LOVE YOU’
    ur head just automaclly bob to the right
    you can’t help it
    u doesn’t even realize you’re doing it kekek

    why settle for flowers when you can get crystals?? keke

  18. jennych1000

    picking his nose onstage…. CLASSY… haha

  19. DoRi

    lick… it can happen hahah

    ooh~ that is possible too
    the ladies can’t get enough of Bebe
    but OH NO SHE DIDN’T~
    don’t touch a man’s nail
    that is WRONG

  20. LOL
    it happened to me and believe me
    it pretty embarrasing! XD

    why didn’t i think of that XD

  21. ” I got chuuuu~~~~~ under my NAIL”………..hahahaha…
    DBSK’s Mirotic if anyone’s wonder. Not liking the song, just that one sentence…HAHAHAHAHA

  22. Vi

    kekeke… how about this one:

    “i like this mirror coat… wait a sec— WHY DO I HAVE SUCH A BIG NOSE?!’

  23. oh!! thats some candid shit.hahah

  24. what does exile mean?
    isnt that a bad thing? ㅠ.ㅠ

    ahh i have this ep. of chocolate on dvd! TOPs random hopping around makes me giggle ㅋㅋㅋ.

  25. OMG-if the pics were for their new mv then my dreams came true.cause now their back to their hip-hop image!am soo happy,i fell in love with that image when i first saw them.

  26. caption:

    gross! Where did that come from-?!

    LOL. oh, look at baby. just there, in the picture…being, well…SeungRi.

  27. dreamandlove

    haha forreal?
    i do it SO MANY time
    especially during math class
    I’ll be randomly bobbing my head around without noticiing and my teacher would interupt me and like
    ‘wow~ i didn’t know ur this excited about test? maybe i should give you 2 every week from now on”

    idk if he was being serious or not, i just laugh it off T___T

  28. Misa

    i heard it.. once?
    so i don’t remember the lyric
    i don’t like the song at all so..

  29. DoRi

    big nose
    i hate it when i see my reflect in something round
    i always look like a big nose freak

  30. bbftw

    EXIL is a successful Japan band

    “EXILE is a highly popular 7-member groups which does dance and vocal, and they have released 2 consecutive million-seller albums in Japan. And recently, they have also been featured as character models in a animation production.”

    that… pretty sick
    so Big Bang to be called “Korean EXILE”
    that’s something huge

    Japan is the 2nd biggest market right now, just right behind the US
    so if they can be successful over there, our YG Family will be fed daily… hahahah

  31. nimco

    i saw the fancam
    and they were standing on this yellow school bus and also the pink convertable they use in the Baskin Robbin CF
    and there’s like tons of fangirls around them screaming and yelling
    so i’m guessing the next song will be hyped, not sort-depressing like the Haru Haru MV.

  32. spinx

    are you using your magical powers again?

  33. lala

    the PASSIONATE SeungRi

  34. Vi

    lol… yeah. one of my friends has a mirror in her locker, but its one of the crappy ones u can get in dollar stores… so the mirror part jiggles around, and makes ur head look egg shaped… kekeke…

    im still trying to come up with more random captions… u got any?

  35. hehehhheheh in haru haru someone mention Rumtum♥ and Dae smiled after that 😀

    Tae: hmmm how long do i have to wait till the star?



    TAE: Psh this is boring.

  36. hes definitely worried about his nails lmao. that cutiee ❤ AHH ! my baby’s soo cute . i love you youngbae!

  37. LOL
    though mine experience was more embarrasing …
    this random girl was singing in the bus and I just started moving my head form side to side and didn’t noticed I was singing along with her
    everybody in the bus started laughin while the girl was lookin at me like WTF

    the same classroom experienced happened the day after the song number 1 came out
    my math teacher was behind me and I was all into the song
    when she came from behind and started yelling at me 😛

  38. vi
    i don’t get the lies feeling either.
    my man need LV glasses to bring out that feel.
    why i think their performance is not that energic like they used to?

    Bebe side profile… HOT!
    i can’t comment more, he’s not my man. hahaha

    hahhaa… my Tabi, he looks like thinking bout apples
    “apple oh apple, come down from the sky..”

  39. DoRi

    like those photobooth thing on a MAC?
    those are hilarious
    me and my friends always mess around with those when we’re in Photography class

    well all the ones i can think of is already mentioned so

  40. Daisy
    i don’t get the first one “wait til the star”??

  41. dreamandlove

    haha one time i was too hyper… TOO TOO HYPER.. haha
    during 4th hour, the teacher wasn’t there, she was late or something, [later we found out she fell down the stairs..T_T and broke her leg]
    I just turned on ‘Lies’ and me and my non-asian-what-so-ever friend who happen to love Lies too much
    we were just going crazy in front of the whole class
    it was awsome
    the others didn’t know anything but they dance along too
    they love the “MOAR MOAR” move haha

  42. nya

    and the awsome stare
    cuz back then he use to have like a cut in between his eyebrows
    those eyes were just furious
    and the TOP-signature-hand-movement that spread all over Korea

    hahaha i know right????
    all we can say is “dannngg~”
    i can’t say more
    might get murdered.

    HAHAHAHAHA.. close his eyes and hope some apples fall down from the sky hahaha

  43. LOL she broke her leg?!!
    another thing that proves how awesome big bang is
    you got many non asians lovin the song
    including me XD

  44. and we all go crazy in public XD

  45. WOAH!! that is AWESOME!
    exile must be pretty good! BB can be even betta~~
    thats soo cool

  46. “BOOGER?”

  47. dreamandlove

    yea… she fell down the stairs TWICE last year
    it was freaking awsome
    we have subs for like.. 2 months hahaha
    cuz our class is on the 4th flour and she have fear of the elevator, she always worried she’ll get stuck haha

    Big Bang is amazing.
    nobody can deny that
    except one of my korean friend, she was adopted by american parents, and she have the guts to tell me “Big Bang sucks”
    I was gonna drown her in our school’s fountain

  48. bbftw

    we KNOW so huh?
    but i just hope they won’t follow DBSK or CJSH’s footstep
    stay over in Japan for over 2 years and more and just focus on the market over there
    i want them to be in Korea too.

    marketing might be important … okay a lot important.. but the fans are too.
    I know YG aren’t like Lee So Man from SM, so hopefully the boys won’t ‘imgigrate’ to Japan.

  49. LOL
    fourth floor?!

    big bang IS the best!!!
    are you serious?!!!!
    I would’ve done if I was you 😛

  50. vicky

    did you see dbsks comeback? they had shirts open and…it was ew.. i didnt care for it. BB ALL THE WAYY
    i dont want big bang to come to america tho..itll ruin themm..
    they can promote in japan and korea :]]]

  51. EXILE?? i don’t know anythin bout exile but i’m proud of the boys! i really hope they would make it big in Japan!!
    ohh my tabi candid pic seemed like he was a music constructor xD
    bebe’s side profile killed me..i love all his pics with side profile!!

  52. “Let me just look at my nails for a few seconds so I don’t have to deal with all the screaming nunas lazer beaming their eyes at me.”


    “I’m just gonna look at my nails so obsessive fangirls can take stalker pics of me and then post it up, and ask to create a caption for the picture.”

    HAHAH big bang ❤

  53. ^haha Karen

    can i say sexy? lol what a beautiful jawline – sigh..ahah the caption pic is soo cute…

    haha so this monologue follows the order of the BeBe pics posted –

    *BeBe looking at his nails*
    BeBe : “dammit, i knew I shouldn’t have skipped my weekly manicure!”

    haha sucks i know, all i could come up with at the moment

  54. BeBe is so sexy. thanks vicky for posting some fancams of him ^^

    has anyone else notice that YB has those little imperfection marks on his ears?? like it sorta looks like he got a cut on the edge. i think that’s so lovely on him ^^ makes him perfect lol

  55. its not the same .
    Lies is not the same :O

    this shows how much they grew up ^^

    Bebe : “donut bits.. Tabi is gonna kill me” XDDDD

  56. So proud of the boys. I’m happy that they are well received in Japan. ^^
    OMg. bebe…my baebae..so hot…..dfszdfasdsfdsj…that’s all I can type at the moment. =p

    Baebae “OMG my crush is looking at me…must not get distracted…must look cool…is she still looking?Oh no…must look cool…” and he ends up focusing on his nails. nyahahaha.

    We all know Baebae’s a shy guy, and never experienced true love before, or any kind of romantic love for that matter…nevertheless he never fails to exude sexiness…like that profile shot….

    I wanna bite him like a vampire.

    waaaaaaah vicky you made my day! thanks…=)

  57. yes! gd’s wearing that hot purple pants! hahaha

  58. YB: “I knew i should’ve let Sarah give me a good manicure” !! keke

  59. vi
    OH!! that cutted eyebrow from ‘I am Sam’ time?
    WHOAHH~ I’M SO ADDICTED to his eyebrow that time,
    i can’t take off my eyes from his dimple & eyebrow also his cheek.
    he looks so chubby there.
    that hand movement, that hand… ah~~
    the hand that make me become like this. i really love that hand movement vi,
    also seeing all the members following him to do the dance every Lies perf. AH!!

    right vi, we should close our mouth, if we not,
    we might get murdered ny Roro & Kenley.
    don’t mess up with another man beside yours. hahaha…

    hahaha… apple won’t fall from the sky oppa, u better hope i fall from the sky just for u. i’m better than apple ^^v

  60. YB ” omg. i broke a nail! ” xDD

  61. Kenley
    OMG gurl… vampire style??? hahaaha…
    never though of that..

    hey, i just notice u like to put my name in ur comment.
    ‘NYA’hahahaha… kekeke…

  62. dreamandlove

    i would done it if there wasn’t 4 people there holding me back
    I was dragging her head into the water but ppl keep pulling me away
    i was going insane.

    and i’m not kidding.

  63. bbftw

    yea… that’s… i don’t see why you gotta show skin like that
    that’s really not attractive at all
    SM is seriously pissing off the DongBang’s fans,
    they’re boycotting SM right now
    it’s crazy.

    great artist need a great management company too
    and our boys GOT IT DOWN.
    YG is the man.

    oh my god. me too
    never in a millioin years do i want Big Bang to come over here
    i don’t see why asian artist wanna be here so badly
    it will ruin them.. badly

  64. I wanna caption tabi too!
    Tabi: Do you smell what the TOP is cooking?
    he really looked like he’s smelling something…must be donuts…=)
    Oooh…it’s a new mv…maybe that’s the mv where 5 vips were injured?there were so many girls in the pix..and looking very happy. =)

  65. Karen

    hahaha i like ur second one
    wonder which fangirl would do that?

  66. sweetsorrow

    haha whoa now~
    even me.. who is OBSESSED with my nails only do it once every 2 weeks hahah

  67. daerin

    haha donut bits keke
    Tabi is been proved that he stayed away from junk food and only eat fruits now

  68. nya

    I noticed it too. NYAhahaha. =) can’t help it i guess.^^
    yeah, i was reading the twilight saga for the past weeks and I can’t get the hot vampires out of my head.
    Bebe in that profile shot so invites a vampire to bite him don’t you think?

  69. Kenley

    it’s that sex appeal
    but yet still so caring and innocent inside that make him so cute
    even rapper boys always look tough and playa and stuff
    but really, when it come to relationship and the people they love, they are more than cheesy,
    exhibit a. our Sean~ he is just amazing. make all of us want our own ‘Sean’

  70. Sarah K.

    hopefully… only a manicute…. hahah don’t do nothing to our innocent Bebe now

  71. nya

    when i fist saw him in ‘I am Sam’
    that was the first time I felt that he’s attractive haha
    cuz from before he’s always look like a big brother to me
    never really any attraction, but when he was in that school uniform and grabbed the girls’ neck…. DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNN~

    he look so sexi on that motorcycle… T___T
    but then the last episode… him… as a girl… oh hell…. hahahaha
    just be glad he was born a dude.

    I know even a scarier one…. she almost fried me because i say YB was overrated hahaha
    i thought i never see the light again hahaha

  72. omg.. my yang yang^^
    i can be killed by his sight…
    argh!!!!! i really hope big bang will come to malaysia…
    hope they can have their concert here, i really do..
    then i can scream ” big bang oppas, sarang heyo.. big bang hwaiting!!!”
    i wanna go their concert whatever performance show….

  73. when does big bang stop debuting in Japan?
    because im going to Japan in spring vacation 🙂
    & i want to go to one of there concerts

    YB: “Dammit, Sarah wrecked my nails…i need my refund!”

  74. Vicky

    I read his letter here…that is so sweet.
    that’s why the “bad boy/playa” image is so hot to many girls. because they know when they fall in love they get cheesier and attached than the average boys.
    They’ll do unexpected things to the girl they love. awwwww. =)
    I want a ‘Sean’ too.
    I think Bebe is like that when he falls in love.

  75. Kenley
    hahaha… hot vampires
    i think the vampire who’ll bite Bebe is u. kekeke..
    he just like “come & bite me now. do as u please.”

  76. when something like that happended to me I only threw
    my milk in her face
    but you OMG!!!!
    you are my idol!!!!

  77. nya

    that would even make a vampire die and go straight to fangirl heaven. especially me.
    he was inviting any one to bite him. tsk3. too dangerous. must protect him. ^^

  78. vi
    i know u’ll feel attracted to my man.
    i know that day will come.
    i’m glad Tabi didn’t keep that eyebrow style again, coz when he do that more gurl will be his fans.
    u know hao a wife feel when she have to share her man. NO WAY GURL! hahaha…
    but i’m glad u’re loyal to ur hubby. kekeke..

    i prefer the one at Redroc MV.
    when he step on that car & hit it with a bat & when he shave his hair. SO DAMN SMEXY!!
    OHHH~~~~ the frist time i see it…
    u should see how i react… don’t have a word to describe.

    eventough he’s born as a gurl, i think i’ll go lesbi. really
    but Lord is great, he make him as a man. kekeke…
    (i hope he’s for me)

    huh? Fry u?? how come? what u’ve done?
    u better carefull with ur mouth gurl…

  79. Kenley.
    u must bite him first. as quick as u could.
    don’t let ur man being drawn by another gurl.
    take this as a VVC president advice. kakaka….

  80. DROOL!!!! Im now one million time more in love with taeyang. he so SEXYYYYYYYY! he’s freakin HAWT & Irresistible!!

  81. nya

    that would involve tying him up and kidnapping him.
    must not do it in public, coz he might get chased by fangirls
    roro will kill me.
    But I must be first!

  82. kenley
    hahaha… yup, roro will kill u.
    do it secretly, quiet & quick.
    i don’t want to be chase by roro too if its about my man.
    go gurl!

  83. Ahhh omfg
    i CANNOT Wait for the NEWW MV
    dammit, 3 more weeks
    3 more weeks
    GD looked hot in purple =]
    I’m EVEN MORE proud of them i mean
    i just keep getting prouder prouder of
    these boys! i love them

  84. Chris
    they will have a concert on 28th and 29th of October
    and 2 concerts on November 1st
    but sadly, the tickets are SOLD OUT.
    at least that’s what I heard

    they will be back in Korea in November for their 2nd korean album

  85. Kenley

    I hate guys who think they’re too cool to say cheesy stuff
    I like cheesy stuff.
    guys who are all smooth and cool with me… nah~ never
    i like the buttery and sticky hahaha

  86. dreamandlove

    if i throw any milk
    that milk has PROBABLY gone bad
    THEN i’ll throw it haha

  87. nya

    oh yea~ that Hello MV
    make MANY MANY MANY girls fell in love with him haha
    your problem start from there

    we were talking about how her husband is always so innocent yet always tease us, then I call him -overrated- and she….. scares me a bit haha
    but we’re just messing around keek

    I later on make a ‘YB SPAZZ’ post for her hahaha
    to prove my point that YB is OVERRATED kekek

  88. OH KAY!!!! QUICK SPAZZ!!!
    Look up at Daisy’s icon picture
    you see Bong kissing YB????
    the headphone Bong’s wearing??
    I am currenlty wearing it and listening to Haru Haru
    I saw him with those star headphones and I went and order the exact one on YesAsia.. $50 + shipping…..

    his ‘MAKE LOVE NOT WAR’ bracelet cost me my new year’s money.
    now this…. I need to get a job
    am I glad I have 8 uncles and 4 aunts or what~
    money every visit YEA!!!

  89. LOL
    I couldn’t fight her because she’s 2 years younger than me
    she was saying that the jonas brothers were better than my stupid chinise boyband so I had to do something 😛

    but OMG!!!!!!
    you really spend A LOT of money!!!
    I wish I could spend that kind of money on big bang stuff
    but sadly I’m broke 😦

  90. LOOOL! Tabi’s candid moment xDD!

    the lies feeling is missing T.T those were days….<3

  91. omg there’s some left over donut stuck in my nails….i better huury and lick it before TOP sees it and licks it first!!! mmmmmm…yummmmmmm!!!

  92. OMG!!!GO BIG BANG!!! I’m so proud they’re getting famous in japan!I also love EXILE!!!WOW….big bang is going to make it BIG!!!

  93. caption: “DANG. Was THIS in my HAT!!” LMAO jkzzz love ya bebe hehee
    awwwww Seung Ri was freakin adorable dancing to ‘Lies’ xD hahah

  94. oh
    so not for the CF..
    but a new MV….
    is the new MV for korean album??

  95. vi
    no, my problem not start from there,
    my problem begin from MKMF, u know that hand pointing thing.
    then after i saw that Hello MV, make me crazier that i was.
    u sure u don’t get teased by my man at that MV?
    hah~ i’m glad. kakaaka…

    don’t mess around with ur friend man. hahaha..
    that’s what u got, since wife always protect her hubby.
    so i can’t really talk about other ppl hubby too.
    i’m happy & satisfied with mine. kekeke…
    kekeke.. prove..
    when u post that, i believe Kenley & Roro will be the one who pleased too. not only ur friend. hahahaa…

    Bong make u poor? hahaha…
    that’s what fangurls do. it’s okay, its NATURAL. hahaha…

  96. “ah, i broke my nail…”
    and im so excited that the boys are already filming a new mv!!!(overwork much? x_X)
    hurry and come back boys!!!

  97. “wooo~ what did i do to deserve such pretty nails?” hahhahaha
    and i am so proud of them for being featured so esteemed on the japanese press 😀

  98. vicky

    i love yg for not bringing bb over here…hes a relly good ceo lol
    i dont get why JYP wants WG iver gere so bad.

  99. Lol, Vicky. I tend to ramble on and on if I start talking about Baby. Sorry for that long comment. So anyway, caption for Taeyang!

    “Aw man, I think Seung Ri painted this one hot pink instead of cherry blossom pink, like the rest of my nails.”

    XD And I loveeee his side profile. He.Is.So.HOT.

    I’m not a Japanese music person so I don’t know who Exile is but being compared to them and if they’re so popular is like O_O I’m so proud of them!

  100. “Man, I wish Daesung hadn’t used up the last of my nail polish remover. Blue is SO not my color.” xD

  101. ‘my hands are sooo pretty.’

  102. I am such a proud VIP right now, i can’t beleive they’ve been called ‘Korea’s Exile’
    And a new MV, i so cannot wait

  103. dreamandlove

    are you forreal?
    now that’s just a freaking huge insult
    don’t let me know where she live or else BADD things wil happen to her

    I saw this video of them on TV
    burning up or something,
    and that singer dude was wearing the same shirt YB wore in a photoshoot serveral months before and Dae also wore it while he was hosting Music Core too

    I saw it and I was like. “eh~ YB and Dae look WAY~ better”

  104. ncly

    yea it’s for their 2nd full korean album

  105. nya

    haha the licking thing
    I was watching it live that morning and I still remember my expression.
    i heard the members talk about it later on
    and they were like ‘if he already does this now, what will he do in the future? we’re scared’ hahahah
    he just randomly come up with it the second he jump on that stage kekke.
    add a lil twist to his classic dance.

    I love him the Hello MV
    ahhhhhhh~ when he took that baseball bat and swing it everywhere
    including the car’s windshield
    though that lady’s a bitch though
    she cheat on him and yet have the guts to slap him

    I spent countless money on my Big Bang collection
    if this continue I may have to live on the street T__T

  106. bbftw

    well JYP knows what he’s doing
    WG is already gaining some popularity with certain people
    and JYP is also in touch with lil jon and hollywood and stuff
    WG will debut over here as actress, not singers
    so we’ll see
    I’m a WG fan too, not crazy enough to be called a ‘Wonderful’ cuz I’m staying true to be a ‘VIP’ but just a fan, I think it’s easier to become their friend because the whole WonderBang scene is too much to handle when i’m not their fan. this is eaiser for me

  107. Ivy

    HAHAHAHAH “cherry blosom pink” ahahhaahah
    oh my god that is GREAT~
    I cracked up for sure

    Baby ah~ you need to learn the differenece, it is VERY IMPORTANT!

  108. Bebe: 364 noonas staring at me, 365 noonas staring at me, three hundred and uhh…..crap i lost count.

  109. oh and Top looked like TaeYand took a fart in his direction unfortunately

  110. vi
    “i heard the members talk about it later on”
    i don’t know bout it, tell me more detail ^^ hehehe…
    i wanna know enything bout my man.

    AH!! i love that scene too!
    that gurl sure is a bitch. and she dare to slap my man!
    hahaha… wtf i’m talking?
    it’s only a MV. kakakaka…
    but i’m glad, coz that make sure Tabi leave that bitch, & late he’ll come to me.
    if he isn’t, i’ll pull him. kekeke.. this is what fangurl do, isn’t it?

    hahaha… u won’t live in a street, u’ll live together with baby & Bong. i’ll pray for u ^^v

  111. vi
    oh yeah, always forgot to type this ‘EXILE’
    they’re a jpnese pop band that start their debut in about 2001 i think, so they’re really popular in Jpn. so, if our boys been said as a Korean EXILE, then they really mean it.
    BB is famous in Jpn too. ^^v
    a really good news

  112. hmmm
    then i guess
    one of the song
    will have something to do with
    “let’s go west” hehe…
    exciting to hear it…
    can’t wait until the end of november.

    btw can anybody go into soompi?….
    i can’t seem to access it for the whole afternoon and night…
    or is it only me?..:(

  113. OH MY GOD!! THEY’RE ALREADY BEING COMPARED TO EXILE BY THE JAPANESE MEDIA?! I’mm sooooo excitedddd and prrrrouuuuuuuuddddd..

    They have minimal promotion in Japan, and they don’t even SPEAK japanese ffs. But they’re already so popular, shows how much talent they’ve got.

    I find it interesting how they do not try to penetrate japanese industry by changing their sound to a more familiar japanese beat (like most korean singers do, ie. dbsk and even se7en!) and just stay gangstah and hip-hopish as they are now. I think hiphop is more widely accepted in Japan than in Korea, and the hiphop scene/industry in Japan is bigger too. Like teriyaki boyz, zeebra, AI, Funky Monkey, namie amuro, etc. I wish them good luckkk!!!

  114. p/s. i don’t know if any of you know Namie Amuro. But it would be freaking cool and awesome if they are to collaborate with her. Maybe even top the duet between dbsk and Koda Kumi. Just my 2 cents.

  115. Tina SungMin

    hahaha that is great
    i like that

  116. nya

    it was during an interview and they ask him about it
    why did he do it and stuff
    and he say he just thought of it the last minute and decide to do it
    and the members was like…. “it’s kinda embarassing, he does that now, what will he come up with in the future?” hahaha
    and Tabi was like, “the dongseng keep say, ‘Hyung~ you can’t be like this'” hahaha

    she throw something at him too
    what is it?
    his face was just freaking pissed when those guys he bumped into try to start crap, that’s my fave scene from the MV

    if i can do that
    I won’t have to wait until i’m broke
    I’ll move right away.

  117. nya

    it’s been a while since Korea have a popular group that ACTUALLY have talent
    compose their own music, be able to sing/rap/dance they do it all.
    so of course they’ll be successful in Japan
    just hope they won’t stay there for too long

  118. ncly

    I just try to go on soompi
    and it’s working fine for me

  119. zee

    one thing to love more about our boys, they stay true to themselves and doesn’t try to change anything.

  120. ZEE
    speak the truth sistah

  121. vi
    the members is right! oppa, u can’t be like that, what’ll u do then in the futute?
    u want a nuna fans to rape u??? coz that’s freaking sexy moment, when u lick & point ur hand like that.
    hubby, i don’t think i could protect u if u do something like this. >,<

    he looks so MAN there right?
    u won’t believe that he’s a man who lovesweets, fruits, apple, ice cream, cute stuff, etc. hahaha…
    i love every freaking part of Hello MV. hohoho…

    kekeke… i hope u can move there now.

    they’ll be success in Jpn, i believe in them.
    big bang is not only a name. they’ll do it with big ‘BANG’ kekeke… that’s why we all love them, right? *wink*
    u shoudl believe this, thwy compare our boys with a 8years appearance sunbae, that prove how our boys will success in Jpn.

  122. oh yeah, i think she throw him their photos.
    from the old time,
    u could see tabi hugging the gurl from back.
    dammit! i want to be hugged like that too~~~

  123. _————-Vicky—————I am seriously scaring myself right now!!

    (Seung-Ri´s got his hair cut, DS too, GD is getting more meat on him and they are getting big in Japan……….I wouldn´t be surprised if they get a song out in the US by next year)

  124. I know
    she was lucky my friend stopped me and I only threw my milk first because she said they where chinese,second because she called them boyband and third because she dared to compare them with those rat-faced idiots.
    she didn’t even know me so I was like WTF

  125. Vicky

    LOL. Yes…the VERY passionate SeungRi. Just into it…

  126. haha i love being a VIP i wouldnt give that up for the world either.
    is it allowed for people to be like a VIP and a wonderful or suju fan? lol

  127. Vi

    haha yeah. i see you always do that ‘caption this’ thing a lot, but ive never seen u come up with one yourself… haha

    how about this one:

    ‘when did i get this ring? and why does my hand say, ‘marry me!’?’

    i cant think of any good ones right now… -_-‘

  128. AHHAAH!
    vicky that is too cute!
    that you and your friends danced to Lies in class! ahahaha
    girl, what did you watch it on, since you’re supposed to be in school!aahaha

  129. nya

    haha not only nuna fans that’s for sure
    he’s a kid in a sexy man’s body keke

    i know they will be succesful
    just hope that they won’t stay there for like a year T____T
    I will be heartbroken

  130. nya

    ah~ that’s right
    i just rewatch it after a long time
    it was pictures
    him and long hair look so different

  131. spinx

    can you make ‘Baby want Vicky so bad’ happen??? hahah
    that’s not kinky at all… kekeke

  132. dreamandlove

    chinese boyband can be understandable since we can’t really blame her for that
    but…. compare them to thoe kids are an INSULT

  133. bbftw

    well i guess you can
    but to be in someone’s fanclub and a true fan you’re suppose to have all hearts for it

  134. DoRi

    cuz I think of any good ones that’s why i ask ppl to do it haha so i can laugh more keke

  135. tinaxxe

    we don’t need to watch nothing
    all i need is iPod and speaker

  136. LOL oh
    vicky you DL into your ipod. isee isee :]

  137. tinaxxe

    of course haha
    i have every Big Bang songs on my iPod, official and non-official
    they’re my boys

  138. vi
    since there’s a rumour that he love nuna, so i think the most dangerous one is nuna fans.
    dongseng is more… hahaha… tough he never claim it.
    he only said he love his mum. hah~ oppa, when will i know ur answer???

    me too >,< they can’t stay there for a year, there’s a lot of impatient fans.
    i’ve started to miss them, when will Nov come??

    hehehe.. he with his long hair. i love it the most.
    tough i know he with short hair alos great.
    arrghhh~~ he’s great in any way!
    i don’t care with his looks, as long as he doesn’t looks like a beggar. hahaha…

  139. nya

    uh….. if you think that’s gonna stop dongseng fans?
    think again
    I just met a whole bunch of korean freshmans when I went to my friend’s BBQ party today, and we were talking then Big Bang song came on hahaha, we start talking about them and I found out that our of those like. 16 freshmans, like… 11 of them is in love with Tabi
    no one is in love with Dae though; he’s just too adorable overall
    kekeke 3 of them likes YB and Bong and Baby each got 1 hahahah

    look like a beggar haha
    if there’s one that look like that
    you probably will give him everything *coughprobablyincludingyourvirginitykekekekkohnodidn’tjustsaythat!!****

  140. I know it’s not that bad
    but I HATE IT!!!
    even though I’m not asian it really pisses me off
    and even more if she’s never heard of them but then again what can I say….

  141. vi
    ma man is in dangerous stage now. terribly dangerous.
    & i’m in a more dangeroust stage than him.
    11 of 16?! OMG…. i can’t blame him for being so attractive but… 11… haha.. 11.. haha.. *shock*
    isn’t it Bong who got the most popularity????
    “being good looking is a sin” now i know what its means.
    i don’t want nuna fans to tech him any ‘bad’ stuff to this 5 years old boy >,<
    but looks like dongseng fans win in amount, either one is dangerous. they’ll go & grope Tabi, i can’t protect him if he deosn’t make clear his statement.
    he really needs to clear which one, dongseng or nuna.

    vi, i’ll only give it to my hubby aka Tabi.

  142. “Mmm, girl be trippin if she think I stole her man.”

  143. ^That’s how I would caption it. LOOL.

    Don’t know if it would make sense, but it makes complete sense to me. x:

  144. You know, add a head roll.

  145. vicky

    I hate guys too who thinks being cheesy isn’t their style
    If you really fall for a girl you would do absolutely anything just to wooo her.
    Even do cheesy stuff and say things with cherry on top. hahaha.
    I think Baebae and Baby are like that.
    Wonder how baby was like to his first love….^^

  146. OMG…this performance was like playing in chinatown in australia
    i was with my parents and some other relatives
    and i saw the performance playing in a chinese shop and i ran over and screamed laik AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! and i was watching mesmerized and dancing along…and everywun started staring at me and going wtheck is that girl doing but i cudnt help it
    big bang were pulling me in “==
    anyways my family started to walk away and only wen the performance finished…did i realise how embarassing that was ><“”
    anyway that was quite a spam…hahaha i LOVE big bang <33 my youngbae oppa <33 hahaha

  147. dreamandlove

    this is what I think whenever something like that happen
    it’s their loss, I mean, they’re the one missing out on the great music and amazingly talented people, so why am I the one groping for them? So not my proble,
    then after I think that, I continuye to live a happy life 😀

  148. nya

    apparently, kids these days like to go for the older men hahah
    being good looking is a sin
    have you seen the movie ‘BEAUTIFUL’? it’s a korean movie, starring Chun Hee [the one in Family Outing with DaeSung]
    and the lead female, when I first saw the movie I was like, why does she look so familliar? and aftera a while, I recognize her, she’s the lead female in the ‘Lies’ Music Video
    that movie is the DEFINATION of that phrase “being good looking is a sin”
    it’s kinda a creepy movie about a woman who is so beautiful, ppl keep bothering her, and this stalker of hers, he got into her house and raped her, it was a horrible and disturbing movie.

    hahah that’s CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE!!!
    5 years old boy… T_____T

  149. Kenley

    EXACTLY!! I wanna date you, not your freaking coolness
    so drop it
    like guys who always act cool in front of me, I’ll be like ‘whatever’ and after a while, that ‘coolness’ just go away for some reason and they turn into the dorkiest of them all, I like that in my guy friends haha.
    me and my guy friends once even have a conversation about bras, and today, we even talked about my cup size hahahahaha, it was hilarious, yet so comfortable haha.

    Baby dated her for 3 years and even when he debut he still continue dating her but sadly it didn’t work out.
    he must’ve really love her if he stay with her that long,
    3 years for a first love is a LOONNG time
    mine last 2 months… that was sad hahaha.

  150. yup
    they don’t know what they’re missing but thankfully we do 😀

  151. vicky

    lol :] GUESS WHO I PICK?!

    oh! and you know what i just noticed!? i have a mole exactly where bong has one. on his right cheek (face i mean) lol

  152. bbftw

    ….hm… i wonder haha

    wow… i’m dazed
    you ‘just’ noticed?
    how many time did you look in the mirror all your life? kekekek

  153. vicky

    haha! lol i just never put two and two together…im slow like thatt.
    ahh! its like it was meant to be~ i thought it was sooo cutee.
    i love his mole XDD

  154. bbftw

    keke then i must congratulate you for finding out hahaa
    better late than never

    i have the weirdest mole on my body hahah
    i have one right in the bridge between my two eyebrows, but it’s slightly to the left, then straight down from that mole, on my neck, there’s another mole
    and on each side of my shoulder there’s a mole right accross from each other
    and it forms a cross hahahaha
    it’s creepy

  155. vi
    fangurl can’t be stopped. i know their feeling, coz i’m one of them too. i think i could end up sue my man if he doesn’t make clear his statement.
    he doesn’t know how this statement means so much for a fangurl.

    no, i haven’t watch that movie, but when i started to feel ‘wnt’ to watch it, reading the preview from u, i think i better not. hahaha…
    i can’t stand creepy movie, even the slightest.
    i’m chicken, really, coz after i watched it, the scene will be record on my mind & i can’t get it out.
    i’ll keep remember bout the scene & scare myself. hahaha

    right? that 5 years old boy… i can’t let anyone have him & teach him bad stuff. hahaha…

  156. Kenley

    My longest relationship was about 2 years, hehe. but then the one with the most impact was my shortest, 6 months. I think that was my first love.
    I never dated a guy who can’t get sweet and cheesy, it’s a big turn-off! Being too cool means you’re just into the more physical intimacy than the other factors.
    Bra cups? hahaha! my guy friends also talks about things like that, and more. We just laugh about it afterwards. I also ask them about some guy stuff, sometimes whether they prefer boxers or briefs, to the more kinky stuff. hehe.
    Baby dated that girl for 3 years?Wow. He really must have loved her. Whenever anyone asks him about his first love he usually flusters…maybe he still has feelings for her? That’s one of the things an artist has to sacrifice, especially the music artists…they’re too busy to have close personal relationships.

  157. nya

    he did say he didn’t care about age
    he like all the same haha.. ALL~

    it’s not ‘scary’ just disturbing the thoughts of it
    the guy just raped her and then he turn himself in and say that ‘it’s because you’re too beautiful’
    and then she turned into this total nutcase
    she want to fatten herself, then she went anorexic, then she try to hurt every guy she sees, at the end she told the police who’s in love with [play by chun hee] that she need to kill the guy who rape her, so since the guy is sentenced to jail for 5 years, Chunhee had sex with her so she can kill him,
    the guy that would do anything for his love
    that was depressing.
    I wish I didn’t saw the movie now though ahaha
    so don’t kekeke

    doesn’t matter if that 5 year old enjoy it or not kekeke
    you still will get arrested
    rememeber that hahahah

  158. Kenley

    kekek i was LOL at ur comment
    you write ‘ Kenley ‘ at the beginning to yourself hahahaha
    i almost didn’t read it since it wasnt’ for me but then I saw it was you who wrote it keke

    my longest for 5 months
    I’m a teenager, I can’t stay for long haha, and it’s not ‘love love’ anyway
    my first love was in 5 grade kekeke, he sit next to me and he send me a note ‘I love you’ and i was like… whoa~ kekeke but i think he’s cute for writing something like that and slowly liking him, I didn’t really see him as a person to like at first but because he did that, that makes me like him, we broke up because I have to move in march 2003 to the US that’s why

    haha we also talk about penises…. kkekekkeekek
    that was one interesting conversation that continue for a good 3 hours
    i remember we were on a bus to orlando that day, hahaha it was hilarious.

    I feel so sad for him
    seriously, if he can and if he want to, I want him to get back with her, if she was with him for 3 years, she must have a huge impact on his life, and if he was depressed when they broke up, he must’ve got hurt badly,you can’t forget your first love no matter what. I think artist, especially singers or song writer, they need to have these relationship, doesn’t matter if it leave them heart broken, experienment is what make a person a great lyricist, they put a lot of emotion into their lyrics, exhibit A. BONG.
    he must’ve had more than 20 girlfriends…. his first girlfriend was in elementary school with a nuna of 1 year.. T__________T

  159. http://withshop.multiply.com/ visit my site…u’ll find lots of cute stuff

  160. Vi

    haha, and u always choose the strangest pictures…. ^_^’

    that picture of bong hugging tabi that one day like, two months ago was pretty….. weird…. kekeke

  161. DoRi

    we get to see them being cool for too long now haha
    it’s fun to see them being dorks soemtime

  162. Vi

    whaddya mean, ‘sometime’? haha…
    theyre always dorks… but theyre OUR dorks. ^_^ they just dont show it when theyre trying too hard to be cool kakaka

  163. DoRi

    well we know they do
    but we dont’ get to see it often haha
    cuz they’re the ‘cool’ big bang

  164. Vi

    its just those godo times where we see that they are the real big bang, the awsum big bang, the nerdy-yet-cool-yet-dorky big bang. i luv that. and everytime (or at least it seems like it) we happen to get just a little glimpse of it on camera ^_^

  165. YONG BAE SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!

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