08.10.12 SBS Inkigayo: YMGA “tell it to my heart”

Note: Uhm Jung Hwa wasnt there to perform with the boys.

credit: modfactory@yt

HQ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY093iSuc6k&fmt=18

Masta Wu and DM are most definitely 2 Fine YGentlemen



~ by Momo on October 12, 2008.

21 Responses to “08.10.12 SBS Inkigayo: YMGA “tell it to my heart””

  1. they are saying the same word “like this like that” on BigBang Shake it ahaa

  2. FINE GENTLEMEN indeed! love this perf! ^_^

  3. Great video!

  4. i looooooove the Whole CD.
    but this is one of my favorites.
    It’s SO awesome.

  5. omgah the perf is finally out dang i have been waiting for it so sad thought the audience seem so dead poor m-wu and dm gosh if i was there i would of have been all over the damn place screaming my butt off for them lol but im really loviong the song alot and UJH sounds really great in this too love it!! cant wait for my copy to come in the mail for me!!!

  6. aww..LOVE IT!!! it got stuck in my head d 1st tym i hear it!!!..YMGA HWAITING!!!..

  7. ah i wanna watch this..damn after few days of hiatus i am here again..hehehehe! i heard the song “What featuring G-dragon and kush ….is much better. but i have to see it to judge it…
    thanks for the link momo!!!!

  8. My favorites (besides this song) would have to be “What” & “Let it Play”

  9. whoaaa~ niceee, i want this song now…where can i get it??
    omgosh, i regret not getting it the first time ={ >.<

  10. momovip, sorry for getting off the topic of this article. Got a question for you with regards to TOP. There is a blog on Seoulbeats.com about the Top 5 Worst Idol Rapper. Some how T.O.P was on the list as the 5th worst. Here is their reasoning…

    “He’s young, he’s hot, and he’s one of the best rappers in the music biz. He has great flow, and his voice is the ideal combination of deep and scratchy. He’s the closest thing in idol-land to a real rapper, so why is he on the list? This strawberry mini-muffin can’t freestyle to save his life! He can’t rap in English either, but that setback doesn’t seem to stop him from continuing to do so.”

    Do you or any of Big Bang VIPs know if TOP really can’t free style? I find it hard to believe if he got award or used to perform at underground clubs before.

    GD was actually ranked #1 worst idol rapper. I really thought that there are many other idol rappers that are worthy of being on the list more than TOP and GD…

    This is not to spark a firestorm at their site for their article. I wanted to ask you because you are so resourceful and knows so much about BB. I know who I like (Big Band, especially TOP) and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just wanted to prove them wrong, that’s all.

    Please share some clips if you have any on TOP freestyling. Thanks!

  11. CKT never mind seoulbeats i too read that one but i never opened the article because i know that when it comes to bb they talk trash. we all know for a fact that he can rap. he may not be the best but he can and he is not the worst either. Just don’t mind them okay? we don’t need to prove them wrong…
    JUST believe on our BB okay? they have come this far already and it’s because of their uniqueness and talent..


  12. and momo the chorus sounds very familiar have you heard the song tell it to my heart also by Kelly Llorenna or taylor daynes?
    i heard that song when i was young i think…
    anyway do you hvae the one with GD’s performance?


  14. my thots are simple. So long u know who is TOP and what he can do from your personal point of view, thats more that enough.

    TOP&YB’sGiRL // yup i know. and heard of the other cover version of the song.

  15. momovip & TOP&YB’sGirl, thanks!! I should know better to not let them articles like that get me worked up. ^^

  16. CKT good girl!!! heeheheh~
    momo ah that’s why it really sounds familiar.

  17. i like this song >.< YMGA ftw!!!

  18. Ahh that sucks that UJH wasn’t there
    but that was a finee performence =]

  19. this song is hotnesss
    & that would be awesome if UJH is IN ITT !!

  20. i really like this… is it me or Masta Wu lyk a really good dancer? u can jus tel from his lil movements lol

    YG Hwaiting!

  21. Love this song!! Great performance too. ^^

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