Korea Festival 2008 in Singapore

To Asian Fans,

There will Korea Festival 2008 which will be held from November till March next year. The inaugural Korea Festival 2008 encompasses a variety of traditional and contemporary events, from fine arts to popular culture and mainstream music. This series of events aims to promote the Korean culture (food, music, dance, sports, arts, film), entertain and engage a wide range of audiences residing in Singapore.

The related Festival events are listed as follows:
1. Korean Flavour Fiesta: 1 – 2 Nov, 2008; VivoCity Amphitheatre (L3)
2. K-Pop Concert: 4 Nov, 2008; Singapore Indoor Stadium
3. Korean Traditional Dance Performance: 5 Nov, 2008; University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore (NUS)
4. Taekwondo Performance: 9 Nov, 2008; Toa Payoh Sports Hall
5. Korea Film Festival: 1 – 9 Nov, 2008; Isetan Lido Cineplex (TBD)*
6. Charity Golf Event and Fund-Raising Dinner: 18 Nov, 2008; Singapore Island Country Club
7. Haan Trio Classical Music Recital: 29 Oct, 2008; The Esplanade
8. Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition: 7 Nov, 2008 – Mar, 2009; Singapore Art Museum .

Tickets for events like K-Pop Concert, Korean Traditional Dance Performance, Taekwondo Performance, Korea Film Festival, Charity Golf Event and Fund-Raising Dinner and Haan Trio Classical Music Recital, will be distributed through the Korean Embassy.

Website: Korea Festival 2008

Shared by: bluecookies88 (reader/sg vip)

List of the performing artistes: WonderGirls, Andy and JunJin, Jewelry, VOS, Kim Jong Wook, U-Kiss, 2PM and Peter.

Credit: sookyeong.wp


~ by Momo on October 12, 2008.

15 Responses to “Korea Festival 2008 in Singapore”

  1. WHoo!FIRST!
    My friend said that the tickets will not be sold.
    She says that if the person wanna go fr the concert,they have to win it through some contest.

  2. OOOOOO, I want those tickets!!!

    Can anyone tell me how i can obtain them? Through any contest or watever events that they will give out those tickets?

    I’ll seriously die for a chance to go to the concert

    If anyone does know, please send an email to me at icycoldblizz@hotmail.com. THANKS!! =D

  3. NO FAIR!!!!!!!!! why couldnt it be in malaysia whyyyyy!!!!!!

  4. wow O.O

  5. ~aawww cool~
    wish i can go there!!

  6. Why are’nt they ever thinking about coming to Israel?
    I also wan’t to see them!!!

  7. WHAT?! Are they really coming? I wanna go! Wondering if they’re going to sell those tickets…

  8. how to get the tickets..???
    i wanna know..
    where cn i find out?

  9. My friend got hers.
    We have to mail like the sponsers and the korean embassy and stuff

  10. I really want 2 go there!
    How to get the tickets?!

  11. How do I get the tickets? I want to go there… Help me please..

  12. I heard from my friend that you have to purchase something($60) in Square 2 at novena.

  13. why no SM artise ????

  14. Are you mad about all things Koream?!!
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  15. That was a big mistake. You’ll have a stadium full of fans who couldn’t go with their friends. That’s half the point of going to concerts in the first place! They should’ve made half of the tickets available for sale and give away the other half. Big mistake.

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