Big Bang to comeback in November with remake song

Big Bang will be coming back to the Kpop scene with a remake song in Autumn.

Big Bang is set to release their minialbum in beginning of November. The title song to the minialbum will be a remake to Lee Moon Sae’s ‘붉은 노을 (Red Sunset)’.

A YG Entertainment representative said, “It is planned that Big Bang will comeback with a brand new image.”

Big Bang did the recording and the filming of the new MV this month in secrecy. They will be finishing their Japan concert performance and album promotion by 28th October.

‘붉은 노을’ is said to be a song that will present at different side of Big Bang’s music.

Credit: sookyeong.wp


~ by Momo on October 13, 2008.

43 Responses to “Big Bang to comeback in November with remake song”

  1. why does I just get this feeling when the sky is falling down?
    another mini album??? T____T
    i can’t sleep now.

  2. okay i think i’m fine now.. i think

    why so sudden now?
    since just a matter of week ago they were still talking about the full album
    oh well, guess ‘Until Whenever’ won’t be on this one either?
    i haven’t listen to that song at all and was exicted to finally get to hear it, but I guess I have to wait longer.

    they’re so busy that even the traditional YG concert is canceled, so I guess not releasing a full album is understandable.

    looking forward to is as always.

  3. hey kid

    i was thinking the same too..rushing..rushing..but yeah so long are the boys keep making more good music, am fine as it is.

    Altho, for the Fan song, Until Whenever, well let me just ask around if its going to be inserted in that new mini album or the next full album which i will be waiting with much anticipation..

  4. omg,am soo sad.i was waiting for a full album.*trying to stay calm*

  5. ok wow, they are never going to stop are they. mini in august, full in october, and another mini in november? Hey im not complaining lol I just hope we dont have a repeat of last year when they all either collapsed from exhaustion or were hurt. Keep going guys but please be careful and take care.

  6. wait i don’t understand. in november, is there going to be a full korean album AND a mini-album? or ist just the minialbum D:

  7. are you serious? wow. Big Bang have been
    very busy bees. another mini-album? to be
    released after a full album? whew…

  8. i dooon’t understand everyone’s been told that it’s a full album .__________.!

  9. Tony:

    I understand your predicament. i was told the same thing. But im not sure what had just happened..but pls calm down, let me check with others about the 2nd Korean Full Album.

  10. wow thats fast…already another mini- album?
    with another full one? :O thats a lot

  11. I wish they release a full album..but then if I were given a choice of a mini album with all of them in good health or a full album with some, if not all, of them in the hospital then a minialbum sounds good. They have been working nonstop.
    I still can’t wait for it!

  12. the full one is the japanese one that is being released on the 22nd. im sorry if i confused people with what i said.

  13. mini again….i was so waiting to buy the korean full album
    i hope that this is not true….i want a FULL KOREAN album instead of mini mini mini everytime…..='(

  14. i Don’t care if they get a new album or not.

    I wish they’d take a break. They look so exhausted.

    My poor YB..-sighs- I hope they get some rest.

  15. i agree with the comments here thus far….im disappointed that its not a full album and instead we have another mini-album….personally i would like BB to take some time off, maybe go on a vacation where they can work on their creative juices and then come back with a fresh image and some fresh music – im afraid of the burn and crash syndrome…they need to take things a bit slow now..they’re famous and we know they’re awesome musicians..they need to build up the anticipation of a new album for their fans rather than doing remakes and minialbums…just my thoughts..ofcourse i love big bang and will support them in any of their projects…

  16. So another “MINI” album….
    And ANOTHER new image? How many ‘new images’ can they take on. they gonna be opera singers now? I like them how they are…And Im gonna love ’em with every image ^_^

  17. love themm!<3

  18. sweetsorrow
    i totally agree with you.
    i’d rather have them take some time to relax
    than to keep popping out with stuff.

  19. woot..haters definitely gonna LOVE this(theres sOmethin’ 2 bitch about,,haha)!!! bUt 4 me, doesn’t care much, though i admit im a bit sad cuz I’ve been really anticipatin’ theyre NEW full comeback n’ then crushed again,,OH weLL, I can understand it cuz the boys has been doin’ solo activities, makin’ their music, new activities, n’ nOt 2 mention pressure from people cuz U know as they get well-known, people expected MORE from them, n’ that takes sOOO much Energy already,,d bOys really NEED some rest!!!..anywayz I’ll b waiting,,”new image”..yay..^_^!!! bsides nO matter what happens I’ll end Up LOVIN’ them MORE 4 shoe!!!..<3<3<3 BB HWAITING!!!

  20. waaah! im surprised at the many updates. thaks momo and vicky. ^_^
    >Now spazzing time. *muhahaha* lmao. okii, settle down Sam. settle down. *breathes in and out*

    >>’Big Bang is set to release their minialbum’–wait a minute, i thought that they were already releasing that full-lenght japanese album in october. so does that mean that the mini-album is another album which they will release after that one. wooow. they sure are out to satisfy their fans. i fear i may fail my first year of uni if they continue on this path. ^_^ lmao. (i mean the concert is coming up to in january as aimee mentioned.) wow. arent we just the luckiest fans. *sighs happily*

    >>>Dae dae’s iq is 110-hey from what i know thats really good. most people fall into the 100-130 category-with geniuses falling above that. so u go dae hon.

    >>>>Now is it just me or is ‘Tell it to my heart’ catchy as hell. awesome song.

    >>>>>>omo, sorry for the long comment, lmao, comments are suppose to be short-yah, but as usual, i never stick to rules. hihi.

    >>>>>>Aigoo vicky, i feeel so sad after having read the ‘MTV Countdown ‘2000’s Super Idol’ post. yeah, im glad that our babies have been entered in the first place, but wahhhhh :
    ‘Who will be able to taste sweet victory? That is left up to the hands of the netizens.’—–are u kiddn. after it was announced that dbsk has the largest online fanbase-reaching over 800.000 or something. so not fair. BUT U KNOW WHAT-VIPS CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING ONCE THEY’VE SET THEIR MINDS TO IT-SO YEAH-FORGET MY WORRY. (lol, i was just sad-probably coz i just found out my blood TYPE. result = O. & i was sooo hoping for a B so that my sweety and i would be compatible. but oh well, as xiah junsu noted, we ought not believe that a person blood type determines who they are. hihi.


  21. ohhh T^T i was waiting for the new Full Album….guess i’m gonna wait more for Until Whenever =( i hope they include this song in the mini U.U….but really i prefer BB get some rest O.O i’m worried about them U.U

  22. omgah i love the new banner!!!! ~lol sorry i didnt know where else i could post….GDYB FOREVER ❤

  23. hmm do you think they’ll release a mini album for each member before they release a full album? like the always had a TOP doll, Hot Issue had a GD doll, etc… ??? XD

    ah welll… i’m still excited.

    sweetsorrow- totally agree w/ you didi. they need to RELAX. btw, where’s my PM yaar? XD

  24. – found a fancam of BB shooting for their new mv (some still think it can be a cf- who knows)

    all the boys are running around pulling people toward their bus.

  25. you can hear the song in the background…

  26. yep ,im kinda lil disapointed with Mini Album ~ though i luv Big Bang’s outfit here ~ da old Big Bang comes back with colourful n bang us ~
    so just wish they health to bang us again

  27. I just hope that this new image will be better than the last one……

  28. since they say brand new image, i’ll pray in silent that Ji Yong won’t get a hideous hairdo anymore..he is such a good-looking guy, and a very short hairdo like the one he has now suits him more..makes him looking fresher and enrgetic..sigh..being young is wonderful..hehe.

  29. WAT??
    MINI album?…..
    did i read something wrong…
    or is it my eye?..
    i was hoping SO MUCH for a full album..
    but oh well
    at least another album is coming out

  30. well i do expect them to have 5 minialbums in total in the future…
    since each album always have a 3D doll of one member in it..
    always has TOP doll
    hot issue has GD doll
    and stand up has TY doll..
    so i bet this minialbum would have DS doll.
    but still..
    i’m upset…oh well..

  31. Another mini-labum? GOD, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wan’t to see their new comeback image SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!
    First a full japanese album and then a mini korean album?
    They’re like, SO busy![hope not TOO busy].

    AHHHH, HATE WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. ~omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    really??? yey!!!!!

    can’t wait for this!!!
    i missed them already~

    i want to see them na..

  33. If you guys are wondering, Red Sunset is a hella happy song.

    It didn’t make me happy, where’s the feel I miss from Lies.

  34. Brand new image!?! I can’t wait but I hope its not too different. I love the way they dress now.

  35. i still don’t know how i feel about this…
    i’ll always be a BB supporter! ^_^ but i’m a little disappointed. i’ve been waiting for a full-length album for a long time – especially since their first album was kind of a fraud since only half was new stuff =/ also, i’ve been hoping that BB would return to their hip-hop image they had when they debuted back in the VIP/La-La-La/Goodbye Baby days… but that doesn’t seem likely after hearing “Red Sunset” (sounds very bubblegum and kind of trot)
    anyway – BB hwaiting!!!! and please, get some rest!

  36. I was hoping for a full-length album to be honest! But the boys have been doing so much lately! They’re not gonna get a rest!!! >___< On a note i do LOVE the song they’re going to be remaking!! Its a really happy song and i know they’ll add their twist to it!

  37. a new image???
    what’s that going to mean??
    i agree with all you guys, i was DEVASTATED when they announced another mini-album….
    but hopefully the next full album will be AMAZING

    cry cry!!
    another mini? :[[[[
    new image?? what can that possibly mean?!!?
    what other images are lefT? lol
    mmm scared of the possibilites..

  39. another new image?!
    i was fine with their “emo” look -_-
    we love yhu enough already! don’t change TT-TT

  40. “New image”..?
    Hrmm i wonder what that what look like
    YAY i can’t wait big bang!
    seriously i can’t
    damn big bang telling us then making us wait
    like that but
    i can’t wait for new image and new song!! =]
    i wonder if it’s an good image…nvms YES
    but what though..

  41. here is the English sub to family outing with DBSK
    but she only sub 2 parts so yeahh
    i jsut have to share with everybody

  42. i thought it was a full album? its a mini album now? 😦

  43. Does the music in that fancam (w/ GD & his purple pants) sound like “Red Sunset” to anyone else?

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