NUMBER 1 Promo Preview | 102208 Family Outing | STAND UP Photos

NUMBER 1 promo preview… this preview is TOO SMALL!! need BIGGER ONE!!! This remind me some of their ‘thuggerish’ days, Tabi look so skinny… what?? those fruit diets must be working goooodd~

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10.12.08 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung on Family Outing
866 MB

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This week’s guest is DBSK’s Junsu and Yunho, Baby must be dead jealous of Dae, who doesn’t know that Baby is a huge Junsu fanboy? Dae I think at the beginning was a bit awkward with them since they’re sunbae to him and they never really have any interactions since DBSK was mostly in Japan ever since Big Bang debut, I feel that, Dae was greeting them at a 90 degree angle haha, but throughout the process of the show, you can see them getting closer, with Dae’s personality, everyone can’t help but just love him, he’s too awsome, Yunho and Junsu was funny when they try to make Dae kiss a fish hahah. FOR VIETNAMESE FANS!!! like me hahaha, Dae was wearing Viet farmer’s classic hat, or also called ‘Non La’ I thought that was cool that he was wearing that, I never thought anyone look good in that hat, now I can say I was wrong, Dae can make anything look sexy. keke.

The game between those two was HILARIOUS!!!! my stomach was literally hurting OH MY GOD. Yunho must doesn’t really this show hahahah, they cheat like CRAZY, doesn’t matter ‘HOW’ you win, as long as you win then it’s good hahaha.

MC Yoo was even willing to give up his DUMB and DUMBER brother to go with Yunho, these two were HILARIOUS as Dae teach Yunho how to pick vegetable the ‘F.O’ way, Dae being in the DUMBER AND DUMBER duo for 8 weeks pay off a little cuz now he get to teach Yunho what he ‘learned’ they were worse than DUMB AND DUMBER since Dae’s the smart one this time haha, they were so excited when they found potatoes… O_O Dae already pick his favorite haha he like Yunho better than Junsu kekekek Dae’s ability to suck up to nunas even amazed Junsu and Yunho, they were just SPEECHLESS…. haha

Here’s a litte Dae trivia, Dae’s IQ is 110 hahaha

YG official release the pictures from their STAND UP album, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before but it’s still also, a bit bigger size. just plain hot, I really like this one bellow, with the words and stuff, Bong look like he’s wearing dark lipstick kekekeke you know what I really wanna see?? their NUMBER 1 promo pictures, cuz I’ve seen some of them, and they look so hot and colorful.

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credit: YG Entertainment | 승리하루하루님.BigRoom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on October 13, 2008.

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  1. ooooooh yeeeesss. yb freakin’ eye candy.

    funniest thing everrr.
    110 and 114! they were so meant to be~ lol
    his imitiation of ceo YG kills me!

    love these picturesss! ㅋㅋㅋ.

  3. Wow, the promo preview is so hot!
    I can already tell GD is gonna look sexyyy.

    I loved this week’s family outing.
    I only saw the cute DBSK parts cause I need subs.
    But omg, Yunho & Daesung were SOOO CUTEEE.
    Seungri must have been hella jealous since he’s such a fanboy of Xiah.

  4. bbftw

    no wonder they were DUMB AND DUMBER
    only difference of 4 points and MC YOO is the smarter one HAHAHAH

    what surprise me more is Junsu got 100 pointz kekekek
    that was one amazingly awsome episode

    Dae and Yunho seem to get along so well
    almost like DUMB AND DUMBER

  5. jess

    he did the thing every fangirl love
    the finger next to the mouth thing… T_____T that kill Bong luvers BIG TIME!!!

    Baby probably had that face “hyung~ why didn’t you tell me?” face when he found out hahaha

  6. aww I wish the number 1 promo pic is bigger! I totally have to download that F.O. I saw part of it and its hilarious.

  7. dumb question but wt is IQ?

    my baby
    you don’t need to diet!!!! >.<

    LOL DS is so cool
    he can make anybody feel comfortable around him
    110….that’s good right?!(god I feel like mine’s must be 2 or something XD)

    the pics are so hot
    even though I’ve seen them before
    they never stop amusing me
    that’s the power those SEXY boys have on me 😛

  9. Vicky can I use the 1st photo(Stand Up album) 4 my Youtube account background???..I think theyre really HOT(well theyre always HOT)..I wanna showcase it!!! can I???or MAY I???thanks

  10. Queenie

    i dont know the whole story behind the IQ thing either
    but I do know that the IQ number suppose to tell you how smart you are

  11. dreamandlove

    well i think that the 100 ~ 110 range is pretty low
    i don’t know a lot about that but I’ve heard it from somewhere before

    keke difference of 4 points… crack me up good
    when they found out they were on the floor laughing

    they take a toll on everybody girl
    not just you

  12. J-G-RILEEN

    sure go ahead
    I don’t see why not
    I want the big version already!!

  13. LOL
    now I feel the sudden urge to take on of those IQ test 😛

    yeah I guess I’m not that special XD

  14. dreamandlove

    i don’t know where i can get it done
    I remember my parents say something about me getting it doen a long time ago but I have no memory of that whatsoever.
    wonder ‘HOW’ too..

  15. Isn’t there websites or something???
    I think they charge you and I don’t know how accurate they really are

  16. Oh man. I watched the ep. of FO last night
    BB is my love, but below them is DBSK. So to
    see Dae with Yunho and Junsu, I was just spazzing.
    I loved how Dae was interacting with Yunho. It
    was too too cute. Can’t wait for the next ep.

    I can’t wait to see the rest [and bigger versions]
    of their promos pictures either. Ahhhh.
    I feel so giddy right now. xD

  17. Hehehe. Daesung and Yunho were excited about the potatoes because they’re going to use it to bribe Hyori and Yejin for higher rankings. XD

    I think it was so cute when Yunho and Daesung went vegetable picking. They became like best friends, LOL. Even came back skipping, hand-in-hand. XD

  18. dreamandlove

    if there is a website
    and anyone stupid enough to do that
    that’s a waste of money
    they can just give us a random number

    i think there’s like an official testing for it or soemthing
    just doesn’t know where

  19. ohthethrill

    i saw the promo for next week’s episode?
    and Dae was performing his ‘cats’ musical thing
    and I think that the members of the family will try to imitate DAE too

    .. that will be ONE interesting show
    eeryone try to imitate a perverted cat hahahah

  20. Sunny

    I thought they were gonna wait until everyone’s asleep and then they’re gonna eat it by themselves
    so that’s what those thing in the tin foil they showed in the promo were
    that will be HILARIOUS!!!
    bribing always work… except for Chun Hee hahaha

    ah!!!!! i can’t wait already
    Yunho and Dae became buddies so fast, it’s so awsome
    they even help each other get up and down the hill
    I cannot stop smiling while watching them

  21. Vicky
    yeah. yeah. i saw that too.
    haha. “perverted cat”. nice one.

    the part with dae and yunho skipping
    and holding hands, i was seriously
    squealing because it was so cute.

  22. oh and Vicky i thought the same
    thing with the potatoes. i thought
    they were going to secretly eat it too. haha.

  23. vi
    u sure Tabi look skinnier?
    well, his guns looks so, but i’m really curius bout his torso now.
    what have he gain inside that shirt… i tought he gain more abs.
    this perview pis is too small… arrgghh…
    btw, they kinda looks like their old gangsta style. what do u think?
    they want to kill us, how could fangurl stand still & calm after they see this pic??? huh??

    hahahaha… Bong wearing dark lipstick.. kekeke..
    good one, since he really look like so.

  24. haha
    i was watching FO yesterday
    it was hallarious
    DS teaching yunho how to pick up veges HAHAHAHA.

  25. SEXY ASS T.O.P!

  26. Dae’s IQ is 110?hmmm…he must have a very high EQ then. hihihi. ^^ that’s why everybody loves daedae. =)
    i just realized, in the stand up pic, Baebae is wearing a John Galliano underwear…oooh, a designer brief for his *eherm*…makes me wanna…hahaha! And his fly is open! wth?! that would attract too many fans! zip it bebe! =)
    Why is the preview pic so small? I can’t wait for the release. Dae’s guns are catching up to Baebae. and Tabi looks like he’s getting skinnier. ^^ Go fruit diet!

  27. Lmao omg i’m soo gonna download it
    i love yunho more the junsu too Lmao
    wells yeah
    i wonder what dae’s IQ is for too.

  28. TODAY I BUY STAND UP MINI ALBUM so happy its has this pic inside too ^^!

  29. So Vicky.You’re Vietnamese fan,aren’t you?.Wow.I don’t know it.haha.
    I’m vietnamese.:)).
    Dae looks good in “nón lá”.Yeah.It’s sexy.OH MY GOD.
    Tae looks so HOT…They’re killing me now.haha

  30. vicky! so you have the Family outing on youtube?
    please and thank you!

  31. dayumm
    dae`s the only dude i see that can pull off that non la
    rofl xD

  32. ohthethrill

    when I first saw them walking to get the vegetables, I was a bit worried since I saw them being a bit awkward, but then….. when Dae saw the way Yunho picked the leaf thing and he make that face, I was like “okay… PROBLEM SOLVED” hahaa

  33. ohthethrill

    yea! i would never thought Yunho would try to cheat hahaha
    I’m excited to see their ranking next week
    with 3 hot guys
    this will interesting.

  34. nya

    he does look a bit skinnier
    like his arm?
    you can totally tell it’s not his normal size… or maybe it’s cuz the pic is too small and I can’t tell
    but by the way he’s been eating fruits for rice, sooner or later he’ll loose weight.

    you pervert haha
    gotta bring it up and make me think about it,
    I don’t know what will happen to me in 25 days when I’m officially 16 T___T

    it look so weird on him keke
    like a old ahjumma hhaha

  35. kmlee

    it scares me now that Dae is the smart one O.O hahaha

  36. Kenley

    where on the planet earth have you live gurl?//
    that’s the first thing I noticed when I saw this pic for the first time about 1 month ago
    and he kinda look like he’s pregrant too kekeke

  37. -BiGBanG-

    I’m planning on buying another one
    I have the first press edition
    wonder if there’s any difference for the second press edition since YG have to make more album due to the album sales

  38. kem1312

    haha i’m surprised wheneer ppl get surprise to know that I’m vietnamese
    I thought I’ve mention it a lot before haha
    but yes I am Vietnamese, but I live in the US though

    Dae work that hat ‘kay
    cuz NO ONE ever did before him

  39. tinaxxe

    I can’t
    Family Outing is from SBS
    and SBS is really strict about their shows being on youtube
    my last account got deleted because I have SBS clips on there

  40. GD`S_WiFEYY

    I KNOW!!
    it’s one in a billion girl that would look good in one
    but guy??

  41. I freaked when I saw Dae wearing “Non La”…lol…I’m like “they have those in Korea???”
    I’d buy him a whole bunch if I ever go to Korea..lollll
    The “instruction” part was HILARIOUS…finally, Dae can be the superior
    Look at Baby being attached to the wall…freaking HOTTTTT
    I’ve been wanting them to kindda go back to their Goodbye Baby days..

  42. visit my site…u’ll find lots of cute stuff

  43. vicky
    oh i see
    *tear tear*
    thanks though!

  44. Vicky
    oh i know. when they were walking and you
    can tell it was awkward, i was like, “oh no.
    oh no. awkward! someone talk please.” good
    thing yunho messed up on picking veggies. haha.

    next ep is definitely going to be interesting.

  45. vi
    yup, it does look smaller, but u could see his torso,
    i’m sure he’s hiding ‘something’ inside that shirt.
    he looks like he gain more abs.
    i’m agree for his arm, it looks smaller.
    fruits, fruits, fruits & fruits, how can he still maintain his weight? normal ppl will lose weight.
    Tabi already look so hot, idk why he want ti lose weight again?
    he look fitter these days & that’s okay.
    remember the ‘la la la’ day? he look so skinny with that uniform. u could see his arm in the MV whe he wake Dae up, so skinny.
    uh~ he looks like no 2 Bong.
    i think Baby & Bong need some weight gain program. hahaha…

    only thin & u say me pervy ~.~”

    looks like old ahjumma. kakaka…
    don’t u think he looks like one sexy vampire? hahaha…

  46. Vicky

    I was too distracted by his face. and by the other boys of course. They all looked so cool in that photoshoot. I just love it. ^^
    Hehehe…he’s gonna have an air baby soon. =p

  47. nya

    Bong as a sexy vampire? hehehe. He has the potential to be vampire, clinging on to the other boys.
    But i must bite Baebae first. hihi. ^^
    I want tabi to develop more muscles. Baebae and Dae should be pushing him to exercise, so that he won’t get too depressed on not eating donuts anymore. =)

  48. Misa

    apparently, a lot of Vietnamese women has been married to Korean men, and they mostly live in the country side, so i’m not really surprised to see that.

  49. tinaxxe

    but you can visit this site

    they upload it online
    just a bit later

  50. ohthethrill

    did you see Dae’ face????
    his face trying to look smart kekekeke
    that was hilarious

    and when they were digging for potatoes
    they were so energetic and dorky keke
    they just dig like there’s no tomorrow hahaha

  51. nya

    being healthy is what matter really
    but since he kinda have a low self esteem, I can understand why he want to not only lose weight but gain muscle
    no matter how many ppl tell him he’s fine and he’s sexy, he won’t believe it himself and just think that we’re being nice or something.
    someone please take some of Bong and Baby’s confidence and give it to Tabi
    Baby and Bong have too much it something make ppl mistunderstood that hey’re arrogrant
    let’s balance it out now~

    he look sexy even if he’s a beggar okay gurl hahaha ha

  52. Kenley

    wonder who’s the Baby’s momma??

    u notice the face?……………..then maybe i’m too perverted for noticing ‘that area’ first… then.. kekekeke

  53. Kenley

    wonder who’s the Baby’s momma??

    u notice the face?……………..then maybe i’m too perverted for noticing ‘that area’ first… then.. kekekeke

  54. Vicky
    yeah. Dae’s face was priceless.
    Yunho must’ve felt a little stupid though,
    but he seemed more than willing to learn
    the correct way to pick veggies.

    and yeah, i was giggling with the potatoes
    because they were acting like they struck
    gold, but i guess it is like gold since
    they’ll be using it to bribe to noonas right?

  55. Vicky

    hehehe…noticing that ‘area’ first… no wonder your the VVC leader. hihihi. Actually most of the time I notice Bong’s undie sticking out from his back. =)
    Well anyone who notices it makes one perverted…like me. =p
    the baby’s momma? I hope *points at self*. hehehe.

  56. ohthethrill

    i’m depressed now..
    just hearing about how the next album will be a mini album not a full one…T___T

    even dorks picking potatoes won’t be make me feel better now :(((

  57. Kenley

    oh now haha
    only my name is on the club
    Nya is the leader keke
    don’t get me wrong
    i’m in NO POSITION to be compare to the oh so great nya

    i notice this boxers too kekek LOVE IT~
    HANG IT LOW~~~~~~

    *cough*… how…can you steal his pureness???

  58. Is any one going to enghlish sub F.O with DBSK? I really want to watch. too bad for me im Vietnamese

  59. Vicky
    aww. i’m sorry.
    it IS sad that it’s not a full album.
    but it’s definitely better than nothing.

  60. vicky

    He offered it. just like that. heheheh.
    Well he did after tying him up and kidnapping him after I saw him with his beautiful neck and profile shot. baebae can’t say no. ^^
    Bong and his boxers…yeah he leaves it hanging to tease vips. bad bong. =)
    nya the great leader…did she noticed it too at first? Or maybe she was too busy with tabi. hehe.

  61. thanx 4 sharing Vicky ^^ i can’t wait to see Number 1 pics <333

  62. kenley
    he’s on his fruits died program now.
    u could see from the pic, his arm look smaller.

    gaining more abs? hehehe… i think he does.
    u could see his photo at the pic, he’s hiding his abs,
    he looks fitter ^^ hahaha…

    Bong is a vampire who’ll bite baby. don’t worry, he won’t bite Bebe. u know how GRi is. kakaka

  63. Kenley + Vi
    OMG this VVC members…
    hahaha… okay, so since there’s no one want this position, i’ll take it. kakaka…

    yup, Tabi make me too busy so i don’t notice that. hahaha…
    Tabi need my full attention gurls, so i won’t lay my hand on other members. hahaha…

  64. vi
    now u mention it, i think u’re right. hahahaa…
    they need to share their confidence to tabi.
    my man just too shy, he need to be more confident.
    he’s good already. eventough he’s not, he must know that it really matter. we love him the way he is.
    he don’t need to change his outside appearance.
    we love his attitude not his looks.
    hah… that remind me of those anti u’ve told me.
    poor Tabi…

    kakaka… if he looks like a beggar, i’ll remake him to looks like a billionare. kakaka…

  65. oi DS doi. nOn’ kia` :X:X yeu thE’ :”>

  66. I already got those pics on my computer, but I still love looking at them and say :”God, they’re SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!” and then I’m dying ><

    Dae IQ is 110?! he’s SO smart!

  67. aawww~ i can’t download it.. i don’t know why?
    just like any other videos..
    um, can’t i watch this somewhere else??
    i really want to see this video~ since junsu is also here..
    omg~ please??

    ~as always!!! they’re all so HOT!!!!
    love it~



  70. nya

    yep he’s getting thinner…yes to fruit diet! hahaha! Well I hope he’s getting abs now, he’s really too shy to show his body, and he shouldn’t be. ^^
    Then again if he gets too hot you gotta stop the fans from chasing him around..hehehe. He has many fans right now and the numbers will raise so high if he gets more toned. =)

    waaaaaaa i wish the preview pic was a lot bigger? you guys have any links for the other previews?

    Yeah, Bong will always bite baby, then again i saw the new banner and i really wonder if Bong ends up biting all of them. He can you know. hehehe

  71. vicky

    hahah i woulda bet on my life that daesungs IQ would be higher than jaesuks. XD
    and chunhees like freakishly smart when everyone says he so stupidd!!

  72. tiffany_x

    I heard that the DBSK fans will be subbing it

  73. Kenley

    OH JEEZ…. you are no better than nya
    i’m the only good in this place
    ask her hahahaha

  74. nya

    everytime i rewatch the ‘making of the GREAT concert: TOP day’
    I can’t help but teared up
    his face while he was reading it is just too painful
    aish.. i gotta stop thinking about it before I go crazy once again
    and he’s not even my hubby
    and yet i’m still mad as hell

  75. miroo4ka

    MC YOO is 114… so kakaka idk

  76. bbftw

    no one saying he’s stupid
    they’re just saying he’s too gullible and easy to boss around hahaha
    so that’s why everyone boss him around

    i would never in a million year though MC YOO’s IQ is higher than Dae, and Junsu’s IQ is the lowest out of the bunch..100… T___T

  77. vicky
    lol your rightt.
    kekee. is 100 a low score for IQ?
    i wouldnt knoww :/

    lol, oh and i figured it outt!
    i am 3 years, 9 months, and 6 days younger than baby ;D

  78. here is the English sub to family outing with DBSK
    but she only sub 2 parts so yeahh
    i jsut have to share with everybody

  79. kekeke, the picture of big bang and the picture of baby are actually stuck in my locker right now 😉 haha

  80. Kenley
    i don’t really agree to the fruits diet. coz.. u know their schedule for now. so busy, yet he change rice to fruits. >.<
    fron where will he get more protein now???
    fruits only have vitamins! really, i’m worry bout his health.

    & if he gain more abs again.. OMG.. i can’t help him.
    nuna & dongseng fans will chase him till the end of earth. they’ll start groping him.. & the number will increase.. urrghhh.. haha… a wife jealousy is like this. scary haha..

    idk, i’ve try to search it yesterday but i don’t find it.

    Bong is unpredicable. the only one i know is he’ll bite Baby for sure, but the other, haha… there’s a possibility.

  81. Kenley
    i don’t really agree to the fruits diet. coz.. u know their schedule for now. so busy, yet he change rice to fruits. >.<
    fron where will he get more protein now???
    fruits only have vitamins! really, i’m worry bout his health.

    & if he gain more abs again.. OMG.. i can’t help him.
    nuna & dongseng fans will chase him till the end of earth. they’ll start groping him.. & the number will increase.. urrghhh.. haha… a wife jealousy is like this. scary haha..

    idk, i’ve try to search it yesterday but i don’t find it.

    Bong is unpredicable. the only one i know is he’ll bite Baby for sure, but the other, haha… there’s a possibility.

  82. vi
    yup, i can’t help but cry too everytime i watch it. >,<
    those anti.. if i meet one, i could kill her for sure.
    this tought ever pop up from my head. no one hurt my man.

    but, after a while i change my man, coz, there’s a good benefit too from anti. my man could show his strengh for her. that could prove that they’re wrong & Tabi will work to prove it.
    that’s how a man should be. he can’t just cry over it.
    he need to change things that they think unsatisfied & let them now that he has the ability to do it.

    that prove u also love them vi, not only Baby & Bong.
    if its Baby/Bong/ even Dae/Bebe. i’ll feel sad too.
    i can’t see them crying. coz i love them all & i know how hard the road they’ve walk to become like today.

  83. bbftw

    that’s what I heard
    I’m not too sure though

    haha you just figured it out? kekek

  84. DoRi

    haha pictures in locker
    maybe it’s because I’m old now haha
    i don’t like doing that
    high school has made me OLD~

  85. nya

    everytime they win an award or something
    the memory of seeing them trying so hard before their debut just keep popping in my head
    then withtout knowing it I just start bawling and crying like crazy
    especially the day of MKMF… that morning, I don’t know how many box of tissue I used up

    those anti fans are actually the one giving the boys the boost to become better and better
    cuz in this world, you can’t satisfy everyone, I have people who hate me and people who love me, and I need to treasure the ones who love me and I can’t be bother with the one who hate me but just try to do my best in life, and that’s what the boys are going for, look how long they’ve come to ever since debut…. so proud of them. each and everyone of them. :DDDDDD

  86. vi
    hahaha… we just can’t help it right??
    “don’t wanna cry… no i can’t, don’t wanna cry.. no i can’t.” haha… i always told myself like this, coz, everytime i cry my eyes will go swollen & looks like a frog’s eyes then ppl will end up asking me what happen to my eyes.
    ah~ MKMF. i hope our boys will give us surprise again like MKMF last year. they in all white..

    yup, i should thank them too, coz that way they’ll become better. but they just use a harsh way to do it. we use soft way to make our boys better. hehee..

    hahaha.. have the feel of celebrity now? kaka…
    VIP always proud of them. ^^v

  87. nya

    i’m worse
    my nose will start to get blocked
    i don’t know how to explain it exactly
    but it’s this condition I had since I was 8
    after everytime I cry I’ll have trouble breathing a little so I have to breath with my mouth.

    wha~ that reminds me
    i really hope they can attend the MKMF this year
    it won’t be THE MKMF without THE BIG BANG.
    they’re the only cool thing happen all 2008.

    I was watching some old clip of them performing, and I noticed, Baby’s voice wasn’t great at all, i know he tried his best but he still come up short
    and look at him now
    his vocal is something you can totally tell that’s been improved.
    I was watchig some La La La performace just now and got all proud and almost cry hahah

    btw. remember a picture of Tabi lifting his shirt up and had this funniest face???
    I found the performance
    what was he thinking??

  88. vi
    hahaha.. i know that feeling!
    when i cry too hard i’ll get that feeling too, hard to bearth & have to use my mouth.

    ahh~~~ they have to attend MKMF this year, if they’re not, i dunno how i’ll get dissapointed. hahaa..

    Baby is great, he’ll improve again. ^^ & he need his fans to improve, that means u should be there all the time for him. hahaha…

    the one that Tabi make ‘i’m so sexy’ face while sticking out his tongue & shaking his butt??!!
    u have that? OMG… where can i d/l it??
    hahaa… he’s thinking of increasing his pervy fans number for sure. he can’t do it like that…
    this future wife position is in danger!!

  89. nya

    it’s a small file too
    so you can download it

    one of the few moment where he show a lil something something

    MKMF will be ruin… or imcomplete if they can’t get Big Bang to perform, all the shows will probably fight to get our boys on their show. I’m sure of that
    this was THEIR year.
    no one else.

  90. vi
    hahaha… downloading now..
    woh~ i could hahaa… i don’t need to tell u. u know what i’m thinking. kaka..

    it’s okay now vi, my old computer have been replaced by a new one.
    tough that leave me broke. haha..

    i want to see him show us something, but when i think that’s increase his pervy fans number, i think he better not. haha..

    big bang is in air right now, so they’ll have our boys for this year MKMF too. if they don’t, fan’s will go crazy.
    fans also have ‘needs’ to satisfy. haha..

  91. nya

    remember the mind reading thing?
    yea haha
    you don’t need to tell me gurl
    i feel u kekekekek

    you know he’s gonna keep doing it…. like right now, he’s doing it WITHOUT even trying
    it just come.. T__T
    that’s even more dangerous
    and you know it

    you mean , YOUR needs????

  92. vi
    hahaha… i’m so relieved with this new computer.
    i also added the memory so there won’t be like last one problem, lack of memeory. haha..
    u know me right gurl.

    i mean everyone needs. hahaha every fangurl needs.
    every fangurl have this needs. the difference is the amount. kekeke..

  93. nya

    and different kind of needs

    and i have a faint idea of what your “needs” are hahahah

    wonder what could it be?
    care to share?

    I have the PSAT tomorrow and it’s past midnight and i’m sitting here talking to you about ur needs hahaha
    yea i’m gonna fail that test kekek

  94. vi
    kakakaa… this ‘needs’ converstation is too amazing keke..
    wanna share? u? really?
    the one who usually act innocent? kaka…

    OMG gurl. kakaka…
    i have to finish my ‘lecturer Bong’ assignment too.
    but i didn’t type anything yet!!
    hahaa… that’ll bad since this lecturer Bong like us to do his assignment quick but completed. kakaa..
    & its for my mid test.. OMG.. we 2 are hopeless.

  95. vi
    the download finish now.
    i find my needs. hahaha..
    really seeing him lifting his shirt…
    ah~~~ those imagination.. i could rape him right away & rip those shirt… anything that cover his boy…

    umm.. i’m too explicitnow, sorry…
    forgot u’re still 15. hahaa…

  96. Vicky

    hehehe, well I’m legal so I think it’s not that wrong to think of those things. having a wild imagination helps too. ^^
    I know you’re really not too innocent yourself, you’re just holding back because you’re illegal like Baby.=)

  97. nya

    come to think of it, they need protein too. Actually for muscles they need a lot of protein, especially tabi. but I guess because he loves sweets so much he prefers to eat fruits?hehe.
    I think they’re taking multivits by now, and hope they’re not gonna repeat what happened last year. huhuhu.
    Tabi with abs…yeah for sure you’ll be insanely jealous by then…that’s how I feel when I saw Baebae without his shirt at his concert…damn flaunting his body…huhuhu. but secretly I enjoy it too. ^^
    Bong is so dangerous as a vampire. He’s really charming and charismatic as a normal person, if he becomes a vampire then the others might just let him bite them, plus a bunch of fans.tsk3. ^^

  98. Kenley
    yup, that’s what i fear the most.
    last year i still know nothing bout our boys, when i know bout it, i really sad & scare.
    so if its repeat again this year, i donnu how i will overcome it.

    Tabi with abs… whoooaaa~~~
    same ‘wild’ imagination… or maybe ‘naughty’ hahaha..
    Bebe without shirt, hahaha.. but if its me, i prefer the one at great concert at ma girl perf. hahaa…
    when he rip his shirt… oh ma god gurl, if u’re Bebe luver.. thats one hella good day..
    he dance while wearing that ripped shirt, u got the feeling that u could peek inside.
    (wtf what i’m saying? u really could peek inside, its widely opened!)

    haha… Bong would end up biting all of his fans. thats scary for Bong & tiring. i think he wouldn’t want to be oner then. hahaha…

  99. nya

    lecturer Bong assignment?
    I rather show him better than I can teach him kekeke

  100. nya

    you are way too explicit
    at least you admit it hahaha
    rape…. you… are….cruel.. T___T

  101. Kenley

    i really am pure
    believe it or not
    I’m like so pure
    amazingly pure..
    trust me keke

  102. Vi

    haha, ur an old old 15 yearold, arent u? ^_^

    haha, first yera of junior high, you gotta have fun, experiment, see what is a waste of time and what is a way to drive you locker partner (yes, we have to SHARE! ;_;) crazy, but still not to get them so bad they rip out the awsum pictures of big bang out. well, everything is left in my locker so i dont need to carry anything around… and theres an advantage when u have full sized lockers ^_^ haha

  103. DoRi

    yea i’m turning 16 next month

    lockers save lives
    trust me
    I KNOW

    i have literally nothing in my packback

  104. vi
    hahaha.. there’s something that u can’t endure. kakaka..
    when u finised watching it, could u really endure it?
    i mean with Baby & Bong lift their shirt??
    at least u’ll go nosebleed i think. hahaa

  105. nya

    Oh yeah, I saw that…he ripped his shirt, and I died going to fangirl heaven. didn’t have enough life to even have a nose bleed. hehehe.
    Now if tabi does that…you know alot of fans are dying to see him at least show his abs…he should stop wearing a shirt underneath you know…can you imagine him ripping his shirt off at a perf? or would you rather do it for him?

  106. vicky

    yes dear you are pure…
    so pure that you would never even imagine what you should do if one day baby comes out of your birthday cake in a bowtie and *eherm* undies. hehehe.

  107. Vi

    *sigh* tell me about it. i feel bad for my friend, she has to carry her stuff around EVERYWHERE, its a sad misfortune.

    sometimes, i actually have no homework, either i finished or literally HAVE no homework, but my dad checks my homework every night, so i always end up sticking some stuff in my bag anyway. kekeke…

  108. Kenley
    i’ll gladly do it for him.
    but i think we’ll need some space. we don’t want others to see. hahaha…
    so, this ‘stuff’ is… haha, no, i can’t say.
    it’ll be me & my hubby dirty little secret. kekeke

  109. nya

    well after a couple of millioin time dying over it
    i don’t think i can die anymore
    ….but can’t help but laugh like a hyena??. .. oh yea~ hahah

  110. Kenley

    OH WOW~
    see it’s comment like that make me not pure and yall be blaming me for being naughty hahahaha
    oh lord~ now that would be one hell of a freaking birthday

  111. DoRi

    i don’t do homework at home
    i do it at school
    during other class
    or copy someone during lunch ahhaha
    it’s a great life.

    never ever in my life have I brough a book home to do homework.

  112. vi
    hahahaha.. that’s the first time i saw that perf.
    really. u should know what i feel when i saw it. hahaha…

    laugh like a hyena? what does it sound? hahaha

  113. nya

    that would be for sure.
    If he does it in front of many people the nuna and dongseng fans would be running to him in an instant.
    hehehe..yeah that would be a dirty little secret all right.
    naughty leader. ^^

  114. vicky

    i think it’s really on your head, you really just don’t want to say it. ^^
    it’s a nice surprise, baby suddenly popping out and greeting you a happy birthday. with less to wear.
    I know your imagination is running wild right now. and that really doesn’t make you pure. ^^

  115. Vi

    most of the time i dont have homework, unless its extra credit or weekkly homework.

    u have such a good fun life. its not even ‘HOMEwork’ to you! ^_^

  116. nya

    okay… ready??
    pronounce this out LOUD


    yea that’s how a hyena sound like… creepy~

  117. Kenley

    oh jeez~
    i do not need to have a image of Baby wearing pink maid outfits in my head right now!!

    help me!!!!!!!

  118. DoRi

    i’m just a carefree person
    i only have 1 life
    why can’t i just enjoy it?
    I’m only gonna be a teenager once
    but it’s not like i don’t get things done
    I do, it just I prefer to do it later on haha

  119. vi
    hahaha.. that sound so weird! hahaa…
    i won’t want to sit beside u when the night comes. hahaa..
    i’ll think that as a ghost voice.

    talk bout this laughting sound, i have a friend who’ll laugh like a doll. more like that chukky doll, the bad doll that’ll go around killing ppl. hahaha…
    that sound weirder than u gurl.

  120. nya

    Chucky….. that dude leave a deadly mark on my childhood
    never wanna think about him

  121. Vi

    u do it later on…. or just do it to get over it.

  122. vi
    yup, & thats so scary..
    i kind of hving trauma after watching that movie.
    everytime i look at doll that resemble chukky, the murder scene will pop up.
    i have a habit sleeping hugging doll, really & all my friends think that i still like a child. haha
    but now, after watching that chukky. huh.. that habit just dissapear. kaka..

  123. wahhh<3
    is that episode subbed yett?
    omg; i wanna watch it soo badly !
    Daedae in familyouting is adorable!!
    they should’ve put Jaejoong there too xPP
    it would’ve been funnier considering how clumsy Joongie is 😛

    wahhh; i wanna see my DaeDae with Yunho & Junsu !!!

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