No YG Concert “One Concert” 2008

YG Entertainment holds its annual year end concert ‘One Concert’ every year on 31st December and this year there may not be any concert performance since a few YG Family members will be missing for this year’s performance.

YG Ent said on 14th October, “The meaning for ‘One Concert’ is for YG Ent artistes to come together to perform. But with Se7en’s American debut and Big Bang’s Japan concert, it is not easy to get them out from their busy schedule.”

Hence it is said that it will be quite impossible that the concert performance will still go on.

The YG Ent representative said, “Because it is hard to get the YG Family singers together this year, but fans are assured that the YG Family singers will be back to meet fans next year, appearing better than ever.”

‘One Concert’ which sees YG Entertainment singers like Se7en, Big Bang, Gummy, 1Tym, Jinusean etc together at one place is held every year on 31st December, and just last year, the tickets to the concert was sold out in record of 20 minutes, receiving very good responses from fans.

Meanwhile, after ‘Fine Gentleman’ released in 2002, YG Family has just released ‘What’ which is collected in the debut album ‘Made in R.O.K’ of Hip Hop duo YMGA.

Credit: sookyeong.wp


~ by Momo on October 13, 2008.

14 Responses to “No YG Concert “One Concert” 2008”


  2. NOOO T______T
    it would have been so good though!
    guess we’ll have to wait till next year ): ?

  3. ohhhh noooooooo 😦 just now that they are coming back T.T

  4. Aww~I was looking foward for this concert,no doubt it will be a blast..well,hv to wait 4 next year>.<

  5. aaaaawwww~
    that’s so sad to hear..

  6. 😦

    Can we expect a BigBang concert at the end of this year, though?

  7. NOO
    but i was looking for it so much…
    have to wait 2 years for YG concert?….:(
    oh well..
    everybody’s busy…

  8. Aww NOO, man i was happy because YG was gonna have a concert
    but argh sucks how their not!
    but they are busy though, i guess we’ll have to wait
    sniffs i miss YG Family together =]

  9. Darn.. >.<

    And I’m going to Korea to visit relatives as well… Although this is my 4th time in Korea, but I really wanted to go to a concert this time!
    Maybe next year then =/

    I wan’t to see the YG Family singing together SO BAD!!!!!!!!
    WHY MR. YG? WHY??!!!!
    You HAVE to make a YG Family Concert next year!!!!!!!!!!

  11. =(
    I was looking forward to going this year
    Oh well, there’s always next year
    Hopefully there’s one next year
    I miss having YG Family altogether

  12. Ofcourse they can’t have it. You can’t leave out Se7en and our boys while they’re outside Korea!

  13. Auhhh no!! I thought this year’s one would be really good as well!!

  14. awww~~ >..<
    O0o0o0o!!! but maybe we’ll get reall lucky and 1TYM is coming back and they’ll end up doing an awesome concert!! and and they’ll release a new album! and…more of YG family stars will be doing more concertz XD!!
    waaah~ that would be awesomeee!!

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