Something New

hi all… it’s definitely been a while. school’s very hectic, but i’ve been coping with the help of our boyz <333

i’m definitely digging YG’s new duo, YMGA. it’s about time we heard some masta wu up in this joint.

1st, thanks to cherry for that awesome gif haru haru-inspired banner, it was definitely bangin’.

i figured we could smile again with a lil gdyb love. can’t go wrong.

i made something for you gdyb lovers:

my desktop has been lonely lately. but now it’s occupied ^_^

no worries, i still haven’t forgotten the other entries. i’m gonna try to change it up every 2 weeks or so. KEEP SENDING IN YOUR ENTRIES HERE!

+ a lot of you are wondering why we post YG artist info up on our fansite.

as momo & i stress, there wouldn’t be BIG BANG without YG. & YG began with hip-hop groups like 1TYM & JINUSEAN, etc. & plus several talented Emcees & of course female talents such as GUMMY & LEXY (formerly of YG), & the newbies CL, PARK BOM, etc. these peeps are the original hip-hop gangstas, & without their hyungs & nunas BIG BANG wouldn’t be what they are right now. it’s true BB is the new face of YG, but always remember where they came from.

momo & i will be starting a segment to introduce you all to YG FAMILY artists as well as other producers who have collab’d with BIG BANG. this way, we can all appreciate the origins of bb music.

+ loonz is on indefinite hiatus due to schoolwork & soul-searching. i wish her all the best. we love you loonzie! don’t ever think we’d be upset at you. please drop a line to let us know how you’re doing! <333

i sure did. i still can’t get over it. & teddy omg. he’s soooo fiiine. cali baby. all the way.


well if you bothered to look, this is random stuff. i’ve been enjoying the perks ucla brings along with it: famous asians.

^ anyone recognize wongfu? they’re such sweethearts. anyone from our fansite check out ISA aka INTERNATIONAL SECRET AGENTS down in san gabriel, ca? yellow fever baby ^_^ i have a crush on wesley x] & phil… & ted. he’s so funny =X

^ FAR*EAST MOVEMENT co-headlined ISA. they put on a tight show. i was able to chat it up w/ them at ucla after their lil talk. great dudes. shout out to my dudes PROH, KEVNISH, & J-SPLIF! (MIA: virman :P)

they even had me up on their site.
haha no joke. kev took the pic with his phone. i was too flustered >.<

TRUE STORY: there was a girl in a BIG BANG SHIRT & PROH (james) points at the shirt & goes: BIG BANG!!!! lol. i couldn’t tell them what i do online all day… xD

i hope everyone’s doing well. i miss you all. ❤ drop a line when u get the chance!

~ by gdluvzmc on October 13, 2008.

38 Responses to “Something New”

  1. ah, you know i love commenting first!

  2. yup. cali all the way.

  3. awww, nice hearing from u again ^^
    and i agree with GD’s line…he is one hella girl’s desire XD
    thanx for sharing ur pics with us ^_^

  4. haha, GD’s line was funny, of course us VIP’s desire you 😛 I was so excited to hear Teddy’s rap though, he’s like my husband xD although I’m waaaay too young for him *chuckles* Come back 1TYM!!

  5. FM!
    oh man.
    I love them!
    I’ve always had a bit of a crush on kev nish. o-_-o

    you’re luuuucky~!

  6. ^ SAME!
    kev caught my eye from the jump. but since i’ve gotten to know all of em… i like em all the same… maybe kev a lil more. but STILL! xD

    james is really nice too. he’s so funny lol.

  7. no offense but as a BB and a YG fan I think this blog should strictly only for BB this is after all a BB blog >.< …but i know u guys want to post other than BB non-related stuff but we already have YG WORLD blog and ALL YG forum for that..just my opinion though =D

  8. i never said i would post everything yg.
    just anything that relates to bb.

    i know about other yg blogs. i work with them as well.
    i don’t intend on changing anything.

  9. i definitely did went nuts when i heard GD’s rap “GIRLS DESIRE” ahahas. he’s sooo right.
    he sure does noe us girls. ahhas.


    yeah.hahaha..yeah i know that. hahaha… 🙂

  11. thanks for sharing the gdyb wallpaper
    i definitley went to GDHeaven at that part lol
    i saw some vids on YT and was wondering, was it u guys who took some cookies when u met them?

  12. thanks for sharing the wallpaper! Great Job!

  13. i LOVE how you guys post stuff related to YG family here….as u say, there wouldn’t be a big bang with the YG family and i love hear what they’re all up to because they influence the boys so much….i think you should keep posting, its great and ofcourse this site will be most dedicated to Big Bang…

    ps. GDYB banner is hecka awesome..and i love the wallpaper!

  14. I think it’s a great idea to post other YG artists.
    Except Big Bang, I have on my copmuter songs of other YG artist: Jinusean, Uhm Jung Hwa, SE7EN, Lexy ,and recently, YMGA.
    To post on artist from YG is great way to know the “roots” of Big Bang and of cours to know the ppl who helped BB ALOT in songs writing and composing.
    Please do post more on YG artist!!!


  15. omg when i heard gd in the song say that i was like O.O XD Now i cant stop listening to that song. his rap just makes me feel all mushy inside lol and i love it ^^

  16. i was a YG fangirl before i was a BB fangirl, so i love to see posts on other YG artists here ^_^ YMGA’s album was HOT! i hope BB does an album like that soon, with more hip-hop than dance…

  17. oww yeah when i hear gds part i was in gdheaven and that was too fine girl ~~ xD and thnx for gdyb pic ^_^ i loved that too much ♥♥♥ and of course i still in gdheaven ♥_♥

  18. LOL! totally GD and YB biased!

  19. lol, i like YMGA’s songs too! gd’s rap in what was just ❤ im okay with YG-related posts. YG <33 me especially loves taebin. d:

  20. ooo I would like to know about YG. Far east movement probably enjoys listening to big bang. ha! I love wong fu videos.

  21. THATS SOOO COOL!!! Girl in the BB t-shirt that is!! I don’t think i could ever wear mine! I wouldn’t wanna get it dirty lol

  22. love the new banner(:

  23. that would be AWESOMEEEE [;

    YES YES! gd is the GIRL DESIRE!

  24. i know wongfu prods!
    they went to my sisters school! UCSD!
    haha, they graduated together.
    Actually its like i sister knows them.(:

  25. OMFG hecks yeah i went to heaven after i heard
    g-dragon say “Girls Desire”
    but that’s soo cool
    Lmao BIG BANG!

  26. i’m so jealous of yhu~!
    you got to meat wongfu and far*east?
    wesley is cute ><
    i loved phil is “nice guy” x33

  27. OMG!!!!
    for a asecond there I felt like I was betraying my man
    those two look sooooo hot in that photoshoot
    too bad I can’t put it because if I do my sister and all the GD luvers will probably jump me XD

  28. OMG!!
    i hadn’t seen your pics…
    god those guys are cute >.<
    (SO JEALOUS!!!)

  29. here is the English sub to family outing with DBSK
    but she only sub 2 parts so yeahh
    i jsut have to share with everybody

  30. Thank-you for sharing the wallpaper! It’s so full of lurrvvv.. ^^

  31. jessica, i give you permission to use it as ur desktop… tell me how it goes! rofl

  32. i think i would like a g-ri better…. and…. maybe some other people… not saying names (VICKY) haha

  33. i love wongfu and BIGBANG ofcourse!!
    wes is so damn cute!!!

  34. wes has a firm handshake, if any of you were wondering.

  35. LMAO!!
    thanx I will then 😛

  36. omg i love it!! thank u so much!!!
    im starting to fall in love all over agian!!!!!

  37. can you give me the link to those pictures of GD AND YB?

  38. lol ^^ i love the new banner GDYB love <333

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