YMGA ” tell it to my heart” was originally JinuSean’s song (+music video released)

YMGA, who recently released their title song ‘Tell it to my heart’ off their debut album ‘Made in R.O.K’ on 12th October, revealed that the song was originally a Jinusean song.

The song was first revealed last year during YG ONE concert by Jinusean last year.

Masta Wu and DM, who had spent their teenage years together in American, had came back to Korea 10 years ago for music. However back then, no company wanted them to go on activities together as a performing duo, they had started out on their solo activities.

Even when they are on solo activites, the 2 had hope to promote as a team. And this year, they finally debut as a duo after 10 years under YG Entertainment.

After knowing the news, Jinusean said, “Even though we thought that this is a really good song and like it a lot, we thought that giving it to our 2 dongsaeng would also helped them well. It seems that the song would be sung well by YMGA too.”

YMGA said, “Honestly, we didn’t know that the song was given to us, but when we sing it, it gives us a strong feeling inside. We are thankful to our Jinusean hyung who compromised to give us the song, we will work hard.”

Meanwhile, ‘Tell it to my heart’ MV featuring Um Jung Hwa will be released on 13th October.

Credit: sookyeong.wp

Credit: iknownymous@YT

A cover version from JinuSean. JinuSean performed the song with Ji Eun at last year’s YG Family concert. It was posted on the youtube but now its no longer available. And this song was supposed to be their comeback single. Guess i have to wait for it then



~ by Momo on October 13, 2008.

30 Responses to “YMGA ” tell it to my heart” was originally JinuSean’s song (+music video released)”

  1. i love this song!! i didn’t know it was originally JinuSeans song

  2. yay!!! ❤ the song!!! its sOOO addictiv!!!

  3. Love the mv. I’m still amezed that Uhm Jung Hwa looks stunningly young in this mv or her disco’s. Awesome. Thanks momo!

  4. omg. *amazed

  5. This so is AMAZING!!! the rhythm is SO ADDICTIVE!!!!!!
    And UhmJung Hwa look’s AMAZING!!! SO PREETY!!!!!

    Didn’t know it was Jinusean’s song…I guess you can’t expect less from them!

    P.S: YMGA are preety-good looking!!!!!!

  6. i love this song and mv!!Um Jung Hwa is beautiful

  7. SO AWESOME!!! Uhm Jung Hwa should just become an official member of the YG Family lol. She fits so well ^_^ YMGA just keeps surprising me with how good they are. They should make an mv for “Scandal” next. it would be hotness overload – YMGA + Danny xD

  8. You should mention that the song samples a popular 80s song, Taylor Dane’s “Tell It To My Heart.” You can search YouTube for the old MV. I’m a fan of 80s music and honestly I would be kind of offended if people thought this was original…But I’m not complaining because I do like YMGA’s song.

  9. Wow, Uhm Jung Hwa looks so gorgeous!
    I really like this song, it’s addicting =D

  10. aerolite
    that’s the same thing i said too. i read that headline and was like “this song was not originally theirs.. that was taylor dayne’s song. that song came out in like 1988” like when my mom heard this song (well, she recognized the melody) the other day in the car and she was like “oh that’s taylor dayne’s song!”

    but anyway, the video was nice. very catchy ^^

  11. I LOOVE IT!
    UHM JUNG HWA looook super cute heree<3

  12. Dang. Almost 40 and Uhm Jung Hwa still got it xD

  13. UJH is still one hot mama XD
    i pretty like the song..kinda nice of jinusean to give it to their juniors ~ one of the reasons y i ❤ YG family ^^
    YMGA fighting!!!

  14. Yea it is a sample of Taylor Dayne’s song. When they say ‘originally’ i don’t think they meant it in that but just that JinuSean were gonna release the song maybe? I do like this version a lot! But kinda wonder what it would be like if JinuSean did it….. i did like their version of ‘How deep is you love’

  15. Aww Jinusean are greatt
    it kinda does sound like Taylor Dayne’s song
    but it’s still different
    i like the MV
    Hecks yeah UJH still has it for an 40 year old
    GO YMGA!!!
    i didn’t know Masta Wu and DM was in America for their
    teenagers life part. haha but cool =]

  16. UHJ’s voice is solid! love it!

  17. i loved the MV.. i saw it on popseoul.com it was awesome!!.. andwho.. does anyone have the download to this MV and the Audio and the perf.. if so can you please give it to me my e-mail is pahoua_Chang_123@hotmail.com thanks..

  18. Did you people hear?

    TOP was ranked number five on some list——–being one of the worst rappers————-hehehe.

  19. does anyone knoww where in america they were living?

  20. ah, the mv screams NY! especially with the locker

  21. OMG UM LOOKS SOO GOOD..song is really nice.

  22. lol. no wonder why i felt a jinusean vibe to this song ^_^
    ujh looks good w/o makeup.
    work that unnie.

    masta wu is gangstaaa

  23. It didnt mean to be the original. You can say another cover version from JinuSean.

    JinuSean performed the song with Ji Eun at last year’s YG Family concert. It was posted on the youtube but now its no longer available.

    And this song was supposed to be their comeback single.

    Guess i have to wait for it then

  24. im definately impressed with the YGMA album – my fav song has to be Real Talk and What but this song is #3 – its a great song…i think UJH just needs to sign with YG LOL…she’s practically in the YG family now….now im just waiting for a 1tym comeback!!…come back soonnnnnn…

  25. woww! i love the video ^^ YMGA rockzzz!!!
    i like Uhm Jung Hwa hairstyle better 😀 so beautiful~

  26. Uhm Jung Hwa’s so pretty here, and WHERE did she get those overalls…LOVEs IT!

  27. OMG!!! This is just great,Uhm Jung Hwa is the BEST !!!

  28. love it :]
    is there a dl link
    for it
    i wanna play it on
    my windows media player 24/7 =D

  29. Hey guess what? it not only Jinusean’s song it was alos an American song. well anywayz……. Uhm Jung Hwa looks AWESOME!

  30. love it! where’s the download and the audio rip from this?

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