STAND UP Tour Goodies | Big Bang at 2008 Seoul Design Olympic Opening Show

The ‘skateboard’ or ‘bandaid’ looking thing is actually a 3D BRACELET, haha mystery solved.
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wah~ the STAND UP TOUR Goodies previews ARE HERE….. I want the new BANG ring so freaking BADLY!!!! Then there’s also a Big Bang tour hoodie… I need that to live… and the ‘I ❤ BB’ cellphone charm and the new bandana… I already have the other 2, I need this one too!! or else the family won’t be complete, they will also release ‘secret’ photobook from the NUMBER 1 MV and other photoshoot? There’s also something… I’m not sure what it is, it look like a skateboard to me at first but I doubt it, anybody have any idea what it is?? I FOUND OUT WHAT IT IS. IT’S A 3D BRACELET!  I WANT THEM ALL!! HOPEFULLY, there will be some left over so YesAsia will stock on them… I’m worried that hoodie and ring will be sold out first thing.. T___T

Also, remember this performance? I thought they weren’t going to broadcast it, but they did 4 days later. PINK OUTFITS!!

Big Bang at 2008 Seoul Design Olympic Opening Show

thanks to 통키님

Pink outfits!! YES!! why did YB did Baby’s “ah ah ah ah ah~” part in the beginning? sounds a bit awkward, keke… is it just me or Sam’s cousin look less fuzzier?? a LOT less fuzzier haha. aww…. Dae look so tire T____T.. I’m heartbroken.. I can’t even enjoy Baby wearing the cute beanie that much because i’m worried about Dae, it’s good that we get to see the boys perform Haru Haru even though their activities has ended, but I really really want them to get some rest, if history repeat itself….. like last year…. I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me then. T___T

thanks to 통키님

The ‘Lies’ chant that we’re familliar with and haven’t heard for so long, now we get to hear it loud and clear, were you yelling along? cuz I was… AGAIN!! with the stupid camera man, Bong did something worth going ‘AHHHHHHHH~~~”: that’s why the fans there were screaming, and yet we didn’t get to see it because the camera men are just that hateful.

This song is such a classic that they don’t even have to go onstage and sing, the fans will just take over cuz they just know the song too well and instinct just tell you to sing along haha . Don’t lie, doesn’t everytime you hear ‘I’M SO SORRY BUT I LOVE YOU’ your head automacally bob to the right? hahaha


credit: YG Japan
Taken from: 나의별☆GD님.BigRoom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on October 14, 2008.

130 Responses to “STAND UP Tour Goodies | Big Bang at 2008 Seoul Design Olympic Opening Show”

  1. man,,I’m gonna b pOOr sOOner..hehe..I wanna buy them all especially the “BANG” ring?

  2. :O


  3. omg!! i was waiting for new bibgbang goodies and HERE it comes!
    i hope yesasia will stock it soon so that i can buy

  4. NiCe

  5. ivip_me

    me too,
    but sadly this is how it work
    the goodies won’t be up until the tour is over
    and ONLY put up the items that are left overs from the concert
    if the items is sold out at the concert then there is no hope for us whatsoever

  6. omg yesasia better have it on stock i swear i will
    go crazy i am rite now lmao

  7. i have to get those like now!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. OMG i so want the i love BB necklace

  10. Must have that I<3BB necklace.
    I like that ring but I prefer this one:

  11. GOD!!
    I want everything!!!>..<
    including part of TOP’s!!!
    but why didn’t he take his glasses off like he used to ;.; why?!!!!

  12. parts of my comment got cut off >.<

  13. mryrss

    i think it’s a cellphone charm

  14. Maryam

    i thin it’s a cellphone charm
    and i have that BANG ring too
    it’s cool but I can’t wear it often,
    1. it fell off easily
    2. i’m worried that the bateries will go out

    so i pretty much just leave it on my display of honor haha
    with all my other big bang stuff snd once in a while I’ll turn the lights on for fun

    with this one I hope it’ll be more stable so I can actually waer it

  15. Theyy lookk so flippen awesome
    I love the neon colors !!!!!
    I want em soo baddd


  17. dreamandlove

    hmm.. now that you mention it
    He really did
    idk. maybe he was too tire to remember.
    poor Tabi

    wordpress has been doing that to a lot of ppl
    cutting off comments…
    idk why
    it hasn’t happen to me yet

  18. That first thing looks like a bandaid!? lol
    OMG mine mine mine! i want thaat ring + hoodie!

  19. Henry

    well IF THERE’S ANY LEFTOVERS from the cocnert, they will probably put it up once the STAND UP tour in Japan is complete, so…. probably not until the beginning or mid November.

  20. Chrissy

    band aid????
    that kinda make sense… but then don’t hahaha
    who sell band aid as a concert goodie??

    that’s kinda funny if you think about it keke

  21. It looks like a band-aid. XD

  22. Oh, looking at the description, it says SLAP. So now I’m pretty sure it’s one of those slap wristbands?

  23. I really wanted to see him do that

    anyways….it was weird because after posting it
    it seems like it cut off key parts
    afeter reading it looks like I was trying to say that I want parts of TOP or something 😛
    that’s just weird LOL
    though now that I think about it….. XD

  24. okay
    i found out what that thing is haha
    it’s a 3D BRACELET
    … idk what a 3D bracelet is
    but that’s what it says in the description

  25. Are you talking about the first item? I think, if I’m reading the Japanese right, that it’s a bracelet 😀
    (Aaah Big Bang will make me go broke)

  26. dreamandlove

    how old r u?
    i need that for reference
    cuz if ur younger than me then it might a bit creepy kekekekek
    you and nya are on the same level T___T

    haha part of him… what does that mean? kekek

  27. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love the pinky thinggy for the cellphone!!! it’s so cute!!!

  28. i think the skateboard thingii might be a nail file….enlarged? LOL i dont but i really want some of those stuff up there!!! AHHH! aksdhfajsdhflajshf! -___-

  29. vi
    yup, Dae look so tired. but still, he give us his best vocal, give him soem applause.

    is it so? i think San’s cousin looks like usual. the fuzzy creature.. haha…

    i’ll wear pink for today school! really! i want to find a pink jumper too~~ tabi…
    i love that strap so much..

  30. These are cute ! How can you buy something?

  31. Lina

    yea haha
    i just figured that out
    I’m already broke
    idk how i’m gonna be broker…

  32. babiigurl5

    that will be great since i’m obsessed with my nails
    but it’s a bracelet

  33. LOL
    girl I’m 1 year and 12 days older than you LMAO!!!!!

    so…me and nya are in the same level competing for the same man HUH?!!!
    I find that dangerous 😛

    anyways….what do I want…what do I want….what DON’T I want???!!!

  34. nya

    yea~ his vocal was still amazing
    he’s the best and the star of that performance for sure

    really? or maybe I’m just too use to see sam’s lil bro and sam so suddenly get to see Sam’s cousin make him look.. less fuzzy keke

    keke couple clothing.. keke
    how cheesy…yet.. so you. hahah

    I want EVERYTHING~
    and didn’t i told you I’m ALREADY broke by buying the most ridiculous thing like a headphone I’ll only use in my room?
    yes…. but what’s good is. my bday is november 6
    sweet 16 so by then money will come to me hahahah

  35. dreamandlove

    be amazed
    I just did this in my head hahah
    November 16, 1991???

    that’s ur bday???

    yall r both…. ‘ehem’ hhaha
    so poor Tabi won’t have a peaceful day….. or night… T___T

  36. tiffany_x

    normally it will be up on YESASIA or DVDHEAEVN

  37. I totally want the hoodie! I hope it goes on sale somewhere like yesasia:O)

  38. wait what??!!!
    I messed up
    it’s november 18 1992

    I hope she didn’t see that LOL
    I’m starting to believe she’ll send someone to jump me

    as long as I’m alive no there won’t be a second of peace for him not even one LMAO!!!;P

  39. dreamandlove

    my asian brain was working just now
    kekek i got the date you gave me right haha

    keke i don’t believe she’ll send someone… no…
    she’ll do it herself hahaha

  40. somehow I keep on thinking you’re much younger than me LOL
    and my math skills are worst than a 1st grader’s 😛

    I wouldn’t be suprised to find her outside my house one of this days
    though I get the strange feeling she’ll bring company and I don’t mean the friendly kind XD

  41. ahhhh. i really need to get a job soon.
    save up some money and hopefully wait
    out for yesasia to stock up on those
    goodies. they look so good. ^__^

  42. dreamandlove

    ppl always think i’m in my mid 20
    when i tell them i’m only 15 they’ll be like ‘UR LYING!”

    haha idk what she would do
    but yall can fight for Tabi
    I’ll be happy with my 2 husbands. kekkeek

  43. ohthethrill

    all of us fangirl will soon be homeless bum hahaha
    who happen to drag along with them a whole BB collection kekek

  44. LOL
    wait…what grade are you in?
    I used to think that too 😛

    and I’m sure you got no problem with that
    as long as you don’t meet another person trying to steal them from ya
    I definitely wouldn’t want to be that person thought I have to say sometimes I get real close…real real close XD
    same happens with me and my sister I’m always checking out her man:P(Tae Yang)

  45. vi
    hahaha… money will come to u soon gurl. don’t worry u only need to wait. keke…

    u see too much of these sam family.
    i think u should stop see that family for now. u should concentrate on ur Baby.

    keke.. if i could find one.
    the pink jumper, i’ll buy it now if i could find it. i really mean it hahaha…

    everything? that include baby’s *ehemm*
    no, i didn’t mean it, thats up to ur imagination. kakaka…
    i want that strap & TABI! kakaka…
    i don’t need the other. hehehe…

  46. must get hoodie!! -tries to crawl in to screen-


  48. Vicky
    yup. we’re just going to be a gang
    of well decked out bums. keeping warm
    with our BB hoodies and scarves and
    bedazzling ourselves with BB rings,
    bracelets and phone charms. it’ll all
    be worth it though. xD

  49. Omg.. I so so SO want that cell phone charm T_T


  51. its a slap bracelet, the ones where you slap on your wrist and it bends in to fit your wrist

    …& unless im mistaken…i cant believe the white bag/pouch is only $3. 3 american dollars.

  52. ah. and they come in different colors!

  53. such pretty colors!!
    i want them all!!!

  54. WOAAA…i bet those items are hella expensive if convert to RM plus the shipping fees =( …still, i would really want that hoodies..that’s hoodie right? if i go for a cheaper one, i want that hanky!!! i’m a hanky user but i won’t use that hanky..haha..

  55. did seungri lose his voice? he doesnt seem to be singing much

  56. arij, the hoodies are rm171.13….JUST the hoodie =( thats all my duit raya lol

  57. I want the jacket!! And the cellphone charm!!!

    Gahhhh I want everything!!! Lol ^^

  58. roflmao! i thought the 3D bracelet was a nailfile at first! the goodies are love. seriously i NEED that hoodie and the tshirt and the bandana and the ring and the phone strap and the photosets! mygod. ima be broke. o.o but its ayyte! i wouldnt be able to sleep in peace if these things were stocked up at yesasia and i dont get to buy them cos it’ll be out of stock or something. i wasnt able to get the bandana for global warning. am still super bummed. now my collection’s blehh incomplete.
    lol tina sungmin. im probably gonna spend most of my duit raya on these goodies too! LOL!

  59. i wan da hoodies! >_<
    i wan everything ahhahaa

  60. I want those hoodies…they look so cool…waaaa…I so wish it.
    I love goodies! I wanna buy! hahaha.

  61. OHMYG-DRAGON!!!!!!!
    why didn’t they have this at the global warning concert?

  62. ahh i want the BANG ring!! >w< and the i<3BB phone cute=]
    yesasia better have these in stock after the concert’s are over xD
    bigbang’s gonna make me go broke<33

  63. omg i want all of them xDD
    i would get them but i cnt !
    come to australia bigbang !!

  64. huhu..i want the jacket but i don’t know how will i buy it..AND if my mom will approve it..
    wah..and the cellphone chain..tsktsk..i want a blue or black one..

  65. ~cool stuffs!!
    omg,, i want them too~~

  66. dae looked really really tired T___T
    not only him..others are also not really energetic..
    sigh..take care and hang in there..especially dae!
    *hugs and kisses*
    is baby wearing a beanie to cover up his hair?
    i wanna see hair!
    while bong..still sam’s cousin =\
    hahaha my roommate and i was scolding the camera men too while watching it…then i scrolled down and u said ‘cameramen are just that hateful’

  67. aawwwww poor daee T^T even his voice sound soo tired );
    gett some rest BB. i’ll make chicken noodle soup for u !XD

    aww i want the I♥BB necklace=.=

  68. omg i want the I♥BB HANDPHONE CHARM!!
    where can we get it?

  69. omgah omgah omgah *freakout* i so so so want these stuff anyone know if its gonna be at yes asia too!?!?!

  70. awwwww poor dae.
    he just looks so tired… im so sad.
    i reallllly want to see what he did…
    i want everything there!!!!!!!
    hopefully i can get it for my birthday!

  71. gahhhh! i want the hoodie so badly!!!!

  72. omg im so happy that they are having new
    stuff but also so worried and mad that i may
    not be able the get one >___> GAH i really want
    the hoodie,iloveBB,and headscarf!
    im not worried about the headscarf out of stock
    but the other 2 -___- .

  73. ohhhhhh!!!!!!! i want the goodies!!

    haa more like BB!

  74. wt is the 2nd item??
    it look pretty but idk wt it is!!!!!

  75. I NEED ALL OF THOSE!!!!!

    particularly the hoodie *o* haha

  76. AHHH OMFG ima made my sister buy them
    for my b-day
    AHHH SCREAMS* thank you
    must go find them on yesasia now

  77. dreamandlove

    I’m a sophomore in high school
    this is why i’m only close with ppl who aren’t baby and bong luvers kekeke
    this is good for me haha

  78. nya

    you want Tabi wearing ONLY the strap dont’ you??? DON’T YOU?
    admit it!!
    you dirty woman hahahahaha

    ah~ i crack myself up.

    a lot of ppl know who’s Sam is now
    I was laughing my butt off when I saw SooKyeong put (or as Sam as some VIP call it) about the fuzzy creature haha
    oh Sam~
    you and your kinda.

  79. exactly…
    that’s why I keep on thinkin you’re younger than me
    I’m a junior but you’re older than me 😛

    that best for every GD & SR luvers I’m sure XD

  80. ohthethrill

    our b-VIP
    we need to make a sign and logan and everything too haha

  81. dubseeXvip

    no that’s given out as free gift too
    that’s what they gave me last time i bought the concert goodies
    just a bag with big bang logo on it, so you can put your concert stuff in there

  82. Tina SungMin

    it’s getting cold over there so god knows what they caught
    might be all sick

  83. newvip

    he is TOO hateful
    we need to jump them
    or else they will never learn their lesson

  84. HJ

    hopefully it will be onYesAsia after the concert tour is complete

  85. bbftw

    OH MY GOD!
    i was thinking and singing that song too!!!
    “gotta catch the all~ POKEMON!”


  87. vicky

    are you serious?! buahahah!!! omgg
    great minds think alike~
    i soo want those goodies tho! lucky J-VIPS…

    omg omg omg.
    i just HOPE there will be chains left.

  89. is there any links for BB goodies?

  90. AHHH Hecks yeah this song is a classic
    Lmao i love LIES =]
    Everytime i hear the piano playing and that
    tune i fricken scream “Ah it’s LIES. BIG BANG.
    Koh Ji Mah!”
    and yes everytime i hear
    my head automacally does the bob thingy
    aww Seungri is wearing a beanie, cute
    aww they all are tired, they’ve been fricken crazy busy
    idks but i’m starting to get worried too.

  91. i’m soo gonna go BROKE after buying these.
    LOL; thats IF they sell it on yesasia, but i WANT the HODDIE =)


  93. bbftw

    you mean AMAZINGLY AWSOME PEOPLE’S mind think alike
    HUH? HUH?
    am i right or am i right cuz i am so right!!

  94. ninalee

    you mean past concert goodies?

  95. vicky

    we’re so amazingly awesome with our childhood memories emersed with…BIG BANG!

  96. vi
    eh??? u know?? how??
    hahaha… no gurl, i don’t want it. really
    coz if he only wears strap that can’t be published. he sould do that at home when he’s all alone or with me.
    he can’t let his fans see it. even the member is dangerous.
    i mean Bong. he’ll end up groping my man.
    bebe also not innocent anymore. (i wonder if Kenley / Roro who took it? haha) he’s the butt slapping & ear molester now haha

    bong style is contageus. u said it to me yourself.
    u should know & could predict it. hahaha..
    Sam family is everywhere around the world. kakaka..

  97. where can i get these goodies?

    i want the necklace and the shirts SO BADD!

    please tell meee.[:

  98. I just saw the vids…dae looks really tired…poor dae…I think he even coughed after his solo in the Lies bridge…huhu.
    Plus the cameraman is so stupid to not focus on the stage..idk why the audience is screaming with delight, lucky audience.
    If i buy a hoodie can they include baebae too? hehehe. =)

  99. HEY GUYSSS!! OMG I WAAANT THAT I ❤ BB Cellphone Charm!! Where can I get it??

  100. bbftw

    okay i need to know ur real name
    calling u ‘bbftw’ in my head is getting creepy T___T

    we’re such nerds… oh lard..
    think about pokemon T___T

  101. nya

    of course I meant when yall ALONE~

    Bong have the possible chance of one day, he wake up, saw Tabi in the kitchen in his monkey PJ and he’ll feel it…..

    … just thinking about it.. AWW JEEZ.

    such a lil korea trend setter.
    nao the rest of the world T__T
    the fuzziness is taking over the world

  102. CindylovesBigBang

    it’s not available for purchase yet
    the earliest is when the tour is done

  103. Kenley

    it’s not like i don’t enjoy seeing tons of VIP screaming
    but not every freaking frame
    the VIPs appeared in the video more than our boys
    i wanna scream too!!
    wanna know what bong did…
    burn their pants!!!!

    buy one get one free?
    that is one good deal

  104. Vicky

    I bet the fans themselves would hate the cameraman when they see the vid. I really don’t mind seeing them too, and I think they really wouldn’t mind seeing themselves, but then not to capture bong on cam…especially on what he did…tsk3.
    Yeah let’s burn their pants!!! plus their hair too!!! they would be lucky just to be fired because they did a bad job.

    I know…that would be a GREAT deal. but then maybe first come first serve?hehehe.

  105. vi
    i could so imagine Bong attacking Tabi.
    monkey PJ? haha.. he have that?
    i die the first time i saw Tabi with the panda doll.
    he sleep hugging that panda. ahh~~~ what a lucky panda.
    jezz? u don’t have time for that.
    u should drag Bong go. he can’t chaet on baby & go to tabi.

    hahhaa.. we can’t help it. bong & his fuzzy creature just too amazing. when i saw Japanese magazine this month, i was shocked.
    the bunny for gurl style, its fuzzy.
    bunnie with fuzzy style. OMG…

  106. T.T i want all the goodies xD! <333

  107. Kenley

    NO SENSE whatsoever
    getting on ma nerve…
    hhaaha burnt hair will smell bad
    we’re gonna die before we can run away haha
    just their pants will do kekeke
    hope something get cooked in process too T__T…

  108. nya

    you didn’t know?
    did u watch the last episode of the documentary?
    the part where he was sitting on the bed and rapping ‘NO DOUBT~”
    and Bong was like ‘he’s so sexy, wat r u wearing?’
    Bong lift up the cover to find Tabi wearing tight monkey PJ hahah

    that panda has been stolen by Dae
    I saw him sleeping with it too haha
    how dare Dae, steal his hyung’s panda.

    ooh lord~
    even WheeSung is wearing it for his new album t___t
    speech…. less…

  109. I WANT. all those items. So badly. XDD

  110. OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. vi
    no i don’t, coz till today i can’t find the subbed documentary except ep1 & 2.
    hah? my man wear that? ahhh~~~
    he’ll look freaking cute with that.
    i could so understand Bong’s feeling that time. hahaa…
    if its me, i don’t think i’ll just end up lifting the cover. kakaka…

    yup, i see Dae sleep with that panda too.
    such a lucky panda, do they pass the panda all over?
    so all members could sleep hugging it? WHOAAAA
    who want to be that panda? i really want to be one.

  112. A Big Bang performance with pink outfits!!!OMFG!!!!!!
    They SSSOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!
    Lies – The clssic of all times [and my head did turn right when they sang ‘I’M SO SORRY BUT I LOVE YOU’ ><]!!!
    Loved to hear it again!!!

    Wish I could have Big Bang items!!! DAMN MY STUPID COUNTRY!!!!!!

    I wish BB the BEST LUCK EVER on thier tour!!!

  113. vicky

    my real names Jean. but i like Haejin better,sounds more asian..
    im guessing your name is….VICKY! buahahaha

  114. that’s the ring? the thing with two holes?? i honestly thought that was a cupholder

  115. i watch it without sub
    after a while
    i couldn’t care if the video have sub or not
    i just watch it
    waiting for sub is like watching grass die

    there’s also a part where Bong was in his room and he turned on his iPod
    then all of the sudden Tabi pop out from no where and he start rapping and dancing in his PJ
    it was hilarious.

    drooled on….. hugged……
    where can we sign up to be that panda for one day???

  116. Haejin

    ………….. i’ll call you…. jini… from now on..
    is that okay?

    actually Vicky is my english name
    I was born Vi.
    hahah i prefer ppl call me ‘Vicky’ on the internet
    but close friend call me Vi (like nya does)
    so you can call me Vi if you’d like

  117. tinaxxe

    yea, the same kind Bong has been wearing lately

  118. VI

    omg! ‘Jin’ is actually my korean name so alot of my friends call me ‘jinni’ xD
    ive gotten names anywhere from jellybeanjean to hygiene and hayyjean.

    im sure you dont like ‘icky vicky’ righT? lol jkjk

  119. vi
    after u mention it, i go to youtube immidiately to search. hahaha..
    yup, i swa the monkey PJ.
    i’m so glad Bong lift up the cover. hahha.. Tabi sitting there, sexyly haha..
    ah~~ & that monkey, i think i have one bra with that monkey as the design. keke…

    do u ever think that they’re cuter with casual? like what they wear in home, haha…
    i found they’re cuter, more that the photoshot outfit or etc.

  120. Jini

    that’s actually a song
    i love that song hahaa
    icky vicky…. you’re so so icky .haha that’s how the song goes
    it’s for a cartoon

    i haven’t heard ppl call me that and of course i wouldn’t like it if they hate me
    but so far, gladly none haha

  121. nya

    hahah the power of youtube
    it’s damn powerful alright kkekke

    my man know wat u need in ur man gurl keke
    he’s that awsome

    now yall can match hahahaha

    HAVE FUN~ kekek

    i enjoy candid pictures more than photoshoot
    their normal self is x1000000000000 times better

  122. vi
    yup, youtube is like my escapee when i’m bored. keke..
    i don’t know what will i do if there’s no youtube in this world.

    2 thumbs up for Bong. he’s awsome.
    my man need bong to reveal his sexy part & i need Bong to reveal tabi’s sexy part. hahaa…
    so, in conclution, we both need Bong. Bong is a mediator for us. haha..

    match? fufufu…
    i’ll have fun gurl, i will.

    their normal self is just too adorable.
    they don’t need other stuff. they’re way cuter with their own style. now i miss time when they messing around in show.


  124. VI

    yeah i used to lovee fairly oddparents xD

    AHH GO HERE! ive been watching this clip for like an hour straightt. do you see bongs lips!? im dead…

  125. haha, this morning, i made my OWN i ❤ big bang’ cell phone charm…. i didnt want to buy it off the internet ^_^

    its just beads and string tho -_-

  126. NII T-Shirt Anyone ?? ^_^ Visit
    further info email me @

  127. hey don’t blame the cameraman! I’m a camera operator on a live show and it’s not OUR faults, its the production director, so blame HIM! he/she decided which camera to show!

  128. Hey do u know where they sell the Big Bang Rings? that are like diamonds that say Big Bang???

  129. how to purchase the items?

  130. Howdy! I simply wish to give an enormous thumbs up for the good data you might have
    here on this post. I can be coming again to your weblog for extra soon.

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