Female Big Bang to debut next year February

YG Entertainment is preparing to reveal their new female group next February.

It was announced on 14th October, “After Sweety, YG Ent’s new female group will debut in February next year.”

The group will consist of the company’s Park Bom, CL, Gong Min Ji and Sandra Park. The group was hailed as the ‘female Big Bang’ by fans after news about the group was announced earlier.

Yang Hyun Seok also said, “The final decision is that they will debut next February after sorting out the various preparations for their debut. This new female group will consist of at least 4 member, if not 5, though we have not come to a final decision on that yet. But we are confident that they will be a strong group which will display a different type of charisma for fans.”

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~ by Momo on October 14, 2008.

49 Responses to “Female Big Bang to debut next year February”

  1. OMG! Can’t wait! I want to see a special stage!

  2. ah. so curious! (& who could the 5th member be?)

  3. omg yay finally, news on them! im loving CL so far. i love her rap in what and UJH’S DJ. and she rocked at the yg stage last year. cant wait til they debut!

  4. So Sandara is going to be in it?!?!? Yeah!!! It would be sad to c Park Bom n two girls who r so much younger than her…it would be great to have 5 members…but where does tat pop out frm? I like CL too…her rapping skills r really superb…the only person I haven’t seen perform is Minji. Am really anticipating it…^^ since it’s GD’s prodcution…

  5. yeyeyeye! now this is really something new…february is just around the corner..now that sandara will be in it i am so hopeful that soon big bang will come to the Philippines…yehey!!!!
    i’m crossing my fingers on it.

  6. ooooh. that’s really interesting.
    thanks for sharing the news.

  7. http://cyplaza.cyworld.com/plaza/bbs/bbs_view.asp?BBSCode=41&ItemNum=20081013115019568975

    SEUNGRI AND GD AAHHHHH so cute!!!!!
    GD was like whispering something to seungri and he was covering their faces with the boquet.

  8. haha about time we heard some news from yg about the girl group! i thought they were supposed to debut this month, but oh well. ymga is making me really happy right now ^_^

  9. I can’t wait!

  10. Wah that’s a good news. They’re hot and sexy. I can’t wait to see. It will be a great big bang if one day they have a collaboration with BB. ^_^

    I think I should be the 5th member. Hahahaha….. ^_^’
    Please don’t throw me some eggs!

  11. I thought Sandara wasn’t going to be included in the female big bang group. if she’s there then maybe she can bring big bang here???i hope so! =)

    TOP&YB’s girl – I agree with you. I’m crossing my fingers too. ^^

  12. TOP&YB’s girl

    I saw the link, GRi Moment! hahah! Baby was so cute there…=) looking and suddenly not looking. ^^
    I thought i was in a loop because the pix were repeating as I scroll down.hehehe. =)

  13. hehe
    what is the name of the group called?….

    i don’t get the “After Sweety” phrase one hehe

  14. Sweety or also knowm as Swi.T is a female group consists of Lee Eun Ju, Ahn Nai Young, and Sung Mi Hyun debuted in 2002 but later on the group disbanded upon cancellation of their second album.

  15. ~yay…i’ve been waiting for some more news on them….glad to see he’s not debuting them this year…too many comebacks and too much competition..
    ~and im very happy to see sandra park in there…yay

  16. woah, sandara had done so far since her career here in the philippines. but. if ever big bang gets famous here. ill tend to get all possesive and say that I LOVED THEM WAAAAAY BEFORE YOU DO~!

  17. CAN’T WAIT FOR CL’s debut. she’s just been featured in a few songs but she made me her fan. ❤

    you’re from manila too? :))
    yeah, i hope sandara gets to be in the group. she could be the savior that manila VIPS are waiting for to make bigbang famous here. *prays to GOD*

    we’ll all feel that way “if” ever they get famous here. i just hope they’ll be loved by filipino fans not by their looks alone but with the TALENT they have. ❤

  18. isn’t it suppose to be sandara instead of sandra?…

  19. whoa! tenkz 4 dat info.. i’m also frm d philippines, i’m crossing ma fingers too. omo! i’m pretty xcited! ‘cnt wait for their stage debut perf.. sandy, pls bring our boiz here in manila. haha

  20. i saw sandy (sandara park) in person when she was stiL here in manila. people here used to call her ‘KRUNG KRUNG’ LoL. krung krung means ‘crazy/funny’ etc. i’m not really her fan, but she’s really CUTE and SWEET.. hee!

  21. GD wiL produce their album, am i ryt or am i ryt? hak!! XD

    ilove.seungri & jiyong!! bb fyting!

  22. Wow! I’m really excited! Ah Sandara! And all of them really!

  23. I was really hoping that it would only be a 3 member group. but i hope sandra improve a lot by then.


  25. YAY!! BUT I HAVE A PROBLEM! I’m not liking Sandra Park including in the group….. i dunno it is but i just don’t like her!! I think shes just there to look pretty…. heard some of her singing when she was still in the philippines and i wasn’t excited…. pretty average (a girl that can sing ok).

  26. they were suppposedd to debut in july…
    im not rly anticipating itt.
    there is only one BIG BANG. lol

  27. Sandara Park!! i know she’ll make us proud!

  28. i cant WAIT!!

    and CL is just hotsizzle with her RAPS

  29. I CAN’T wait to they come out because i love park boom and CL

  30. ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG! I havent been this excited since…. idk butdaaaang im hella excited!!! I LOVEL OVE LOVE THOSE GIRLS! OMMG… they are sooo gonna be better than the other girl groups right nooow :3 lol, i can feel it xD these girls have a completely different style 🙂 YAY YAY YAAAAAAAY! parkbom, sandara, minji, cl !!! ❤ weee! lol… who’s the lucky (maybe) fifth member then???

  31. i hope there isn’t a fifth member. i’m not too sure i like Sandara as the fourth member either… she doesn’t seem like she’s too good in singing or dancing =/ i don’t want her to bring the other girls down… grrr i thought they were going to debut this month! >.< still anticipating them!!!

  32. Aww that’s soo long though YG
    but i can’t wait, oh now they annouced 4
    i think there should be 5 cuz you know
    how big bang is 5 and if they are ‘female big bang’
    then there should be 5 too but yay good news =]]
    i thought they were suppose to debut LONGG time ago
    well 3 months ago but yay =]

  33. Omg, I usually hate girl groups, but I’m actually pretty excited for his one!
    Mainly because I like Park Bom since she has a KILLER voice.
    And after hearing CL rap in What, she’s pretty good.
    Don’t know too much about the other two.

  34. CL! omg cant wait
    im already a big fan of her
    and soon maybe for the “female big bang” too
    xD i wonder what their official group name would be
    hmm….well cant WAIT!

  35. I thought Sandara wasn’t trained enough.
    Eh. No offense to the Sandara fans but I don’t really see her in it.
    I heard the group name was “Sista”

  36. OMG SANDARA PARK?!!! NOOOOOOOOOOWAY! LMAO. I can’t wait for CL! I feel the “BIG BANG” in her the most. I also can’t wait for PARK BOM! She needs to be debuted already. Idk about Sandara Park though, not really feeling the “Big Bang” vibe in her. But I’m sure she’ll progress. GO YG!!!!

  37. wOOOOt///what a great news!!! YG sure knows hOw 2 keep it goin’!!!

    I cant wait 4 them especially CL n’ Park Bom tandem, man thats gonna b njqwbefbwlebv!!!

    gO gO gO HWAITING!!!

  38. Last month sandara was here in the philippines for two weeks vacation. that time i was like ” i wana go to studio, oh my gahd she’s back, wer’s top?” haha! *as if* XD
    nweis, Let’s give her a chance to show her talent. actualy she has an album here in phil.when she was here.. she was part of the Talent Seach Star circle Final Four.. she did a Lot of commercials & movies here.. i think with YG,her singing skills wiL improve. ‘juz trust them.. YG fyting!

  39. i’m waiting for this group >.< i hope they will be 5 xD!

  40. i’m a bit skeptical about sandara too. she sang novelty songs here in the philippines so we’re clueless on her “real” skills. but based on the videos i saw, her dancing improved a lot. hope she doesn’t get dropped from the line up. :))

    i think the “female bigbang” should stop. it looks like they’re just copying bigbang’s style or something. lol.

  41. i mean stop from calling them the “female bigbang”..

  42. mrskwonjiyong

    yeah i’m from manila too. ^^ and I’m also a bit skeptical about sandara’s skills…but then I trust YG and i know they can train a talent well…i hope by their debut sandara’s voice and dancing skills have improved a lot! =)

    Waaaa I really wish they bring big bang here..it would so made my day..but you all know the trends here on how asian artists suddenly stop by the phil..they usually star on a drama series that would be a big hit and then it would be so popular that the network would invite the artists to go here. remember f4 and farenheit?
    So the most effective way was for Big Bang to make a drama series that would be a big hit…hehehe. Well even if it wasn’t that of a big hit i would still watch it. ^^

  43. It’s SWI.T, not Sweety.

  44. kenley
    you part of BBPH?! 🙂
    yeah, YG definitely saw something in sandy that’s why he took her as a trainee. i’m praying she’s improved a lot or else.. LOL.
    love her though, i admit on watching a couple of her movies.. HAHAHA yikes! but her charisma is just endearing.. nice girl and she’s real. ❤

    ~~~ i also hate how the country stopped loving asian acts/boybands. arrghh. i was hoping they’ll air ‘i am sam’ so top could get some exposure here. but nah, they didn’t. boo.
    i’m getting my hopes on the korean ‘f4’ version. for sure it’s gonna air here. hyunjoong of SS501 is there, hope he’ll get famous here so the korean fever will get back.
    i’m dying to see BB or SUJU.

  45. CL and Sandra Park together?! should be a hell of a combination!!!
    Wish Them luck!

  46. oh oh CL’s with the group!! yey!! i love her!! and i think Sandara’s in too..i saw a vid of them practicing..they’re actually good..and Sandy improved a lot..and i mean A LOT since i last saw her..wow..^_^ YG is soooo good in training people and bringing out the best of them..BB for example!!^_^

  47. ewww i don’t like the sound of that

  48. im so excitied for ther debut.. im kinda expecting that their style will be hip hoppish (is there a word like that?) and gangsta.. it would be very unique.. just like the old KARA..

  49. Sandara will make them popular outside Korea.

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