Malaysia Meet & Greet

FOR VIPZ IN MALAYSIA: our affiliate: bbmalaysia forum has co-sponsored our project & is hosting one this coming weekend.

for more details, check out BBMALAYSIA & click this link to be directed to the FORUM TOPIC.

QUICK DETAILS (as stated on forum)


– + more

for more questions, i encourage you to check out the topic & send questions toward the mod, MIN there. she’s in charge of the meet. there should be more in the future. so if you can’t make it to this one, there is talks of more.



~ by gdluvzmc on October 14, 2008.

17 Responses to “Malaysia Meet & Greet”

  1. Geez…I wanna go after I saw how fun the other meets were…but my A-Levels exam is on the 20th…I hope u guys who gets to go enjoy yourselves…^^

  2. there will 2 Meet and Greet session. First session is on October 18th. The second session, am not too sure when. But pls go to the forum for more info. Thanks

  3. im coming!~

  4. Hope you all have lots of fun and take lots of pictures!

  5. sigh i don’t think i can make it too T____T
    finals are driving me crazY!
    plus, it’s not convenient for me to go one U T____T
    hope there’s next time..
    i seriously wanna sing their songs with u guys!
    enjoy yourselves! =)

  6. FO SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ i’ve been waiting for this for so long! it’ll be awesome if i could meet you guys whoot!

  7. aww, how i wish i can make it.

  8. aww have fun everyone!!!! i wish we could have one in texas -_-
    take lots of pictures! =D

  9. tiki

    i’d throw one in houston but
    my parents would freak haha.

  10. one utama,at which area?

  11. awwww too bad i don’t live in Malaysia T.T

  12. annBAM: yay another texan ivip!!! i wonder if there are any others out there who’d like to meet up? XD (and yeah my parents would probably freak out, too, if i tried to hold one in dallas -_-)

  13. YEAH~~~~~~
    i will join in^^

  14. i can’t go…very sad right now..

  15. *just had the time to surf & ..*..what?!
    i hope i can make it..

  16. mannn 1U’s too far from my place haha..
    have fun tho ^^

  17. Woot! More Texans. Theres a few VIPs, that I know of, that would attend if there was one near the Austin-ish area 😛

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