GD’s NUMERO Photoshoot | NII Fansigning: GD Stalker Pics

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Remeber the NUMERO photoshoot? The one that scare most of us…. well there’s more… and idk what… like I say before, maybe it’s because I don’t get high fashion, the little blood dripplets kinda freak me out a little bit, and the whole emo thing, but it’s Bong, so what can you do but love him? The only pic I like from the last scan was the one with him and star on his face and the one with him wearing the shirt that show off his sides, and in these pictures, the one with him with the star, his eyes were INTENSE……whoa there. Tell me what you think.

The NII Fansigning, thanks to GD&H님, our beloved Bong stalker, let us see how Bong can work a turtle neck…. maybe the only person on earth who can make a turtle neck look this adorable. The way he have fun with a piece of paper heart is just… AH~ and what is he hiding behind his glasses? I’m curious, those are huge. His hair is so short now, he look so freaking cute!!!! I love the one with him fixing his hair to the side, he look like a little kid with his lips sticking out like that. AHH!! BONG AH~


Thanks to BBFLOW

NII Fansigning

Thanks to GD&H님



~ by Vicky on October 15, 2008.

122 Responses to “GD’s NUMERO Photoshoot | NII Fansigning: GD Stalker Pics”

  1. ahh. so scaryyy~ bong still looks sexy. he’s definitly the only one that can pull this off.

  2. hahaha, luv the heart~

    oh my gosh, is that BLOOD?!

  3. I FOR SURE LOVE the ones where he shows his muscles and the star on his eye one too! I think the star one’s my favorite! Does it remind anyone else of david bowie?

  4. that photoshoot was truly unique
    only GD can pull off those kinds of pics 😛

    the stalker pics had me screamin like a fangirl
    his new haircut is soooooooooo adorable
    seriously I come real close to falling for him everyday
    gosh the pic where his fixin his hair to the side….GD luvers please don’t kill me XD

  5. Dori

    fake blood I’m sure haha
    not real

  6. dreamandlove

    NO NO..
    you stay with Tabi
    think about his sexy hair

    Bong is mine!!

    I might have to kill you nao hahahaha
    i love his freaking self!!!!!
    so cute!!

  7. don’t worry, Vicky.
    you’re not the only one that doesn’t
    really get “high fashion.” we all know
    that that photo shoot with GD is different
    so to say. hehe. i actually like the one
    of him with the blood. it would’ve looked
    better without the blood, but i guess.

    and thanks again to our stalker friend
    for those oh-so-lovely pics of GD.
    he DOES look like a kid. love the hair
    and love that shot of him talking with
    the turtle neck pulled over his mouth. xD

  8. Only Bong really can pull these things off. Shows that he really loves fashion. hehehe. =) And he has the face to get everything together too.
    I love the stalker pix! Bong looks so adorable!!! waaaaaaa…hiding his mouth with his turtle neck…hehehe, sometimes I do that too, unconsciously.^^
    weee thanks vicky. =)

  9. aww! i love his heart!! soo cutee.
    but those high fashion stuff, ill never understand. lol
    gotta love bonngie

  10. LOL
    and I was startin to belive u were too lost with SR that you wouldn’t mind sharing XD
    guess I was wrong

    anyways…that new haircut reminds me to the bowlcut days

  11. cute and yet scary

  12. AHHHh OMFG aww he has a heart on his forhead
    that is so cute =]
    whoa those pictures especially the one with blood
    on forhead looks scary but i still love him =]

  13. LOVE love love the numero shoot! I can totally see Balenciaga in there. the blood driplets totally remind me of John Galiiano for Dior, and we know how much GD loves John Galliano (cough the “i love sex” leopard shirt) haha

  14. Ew, the blood on his forehead pic creeps me out.
    LOl, omg…love the pics of him with the hearts.
    He’s so adorable.

  15. the first one looks like a unibrow ,but the
    rest of the pics are sexy~~~~~ ,
    adorable stalker cam pics!

  16. Vi

    u remember me. u know who i am. who am i? ^_^

    *sigh* i know its fake…. but its scary looking. i cant picture any situation in which that being real AND on bong. -_-

  17. Gosh, he’s so adorable in the stalker pics! I mean, the heart and the hair and the turtleneck. He looks like a little kid. xD

  18. ohthethrill

    they totally scare the crap out of me when i first saw it
    so different yet so Bong.

    my bongie
    only he can talk on the mic with his turtle neck pull over his mouth.

    he really know how to entertain fangirls with his mouth haha

  19. Kenley

    if it were someone else I’m sure i would go “ew”
    i’m not kidding
    but since it’s Bong
    love blinds me haha

  20. Oh, the very first picture above the cut…it just doesn’t look like GD at all.

  21. dreamandlove

    nope nope nope
    i’m stubborn as heck
    i will never let go of either haha

    the bowlcut days were just depressing
    this is nothing like that

  22. ninalee

    he can entertained himself with the most random thing ever

  23. Dori

    haa idk
    I’ll take a guess.. DoRi?

  24. okay then I’ll stick to my man now 😛

    what do you mean depressing?!
    and you’re right this one is wayyyy batter

  25. Vi

    indeedo. (haha, quote from my friend vicky…. erm… Vickers haha)

    yes, im back… i do that when im too lazy to sign into wordpress.. lmao ^_^

  26. LOVE. IT. the photoshoot is fucking hot! yeah. i’m not too sure about the blood either but, whatever gd, yo girls desire.

  27. i dont like the photoshooot
    i usually love all those weird things he does but the photoshoot is toooo gurlllllyyyyyyy
    in one of them he is LITERALLLLLYYY doing a tyra banks pose

  28. wait, what? i still can’t believe this.
    the blood thing really does freak me out o_o.

    LOL, he did his eyebrows,
    NOOO! i liked how he was natural 😦

  29. the blood thing is pretty scary; but he can pull it off…right? just in time for HALLOWEEN =)
    his hair now looks GREAT! & the heart just makes him look more adorable.
    ** BTW; the new banner thing looks AWESOME!

  30. I was going through many emotions seeing all this. First it was fear, confusion, OMGDness at the Numero Uno shots and then it was joy, happiness and OMGDness as I got to the fan pics… Wow, GD is full of wonders…

  31. scary pictures…not quite my cup of tea and i swear he looks like a girl in 2 of those pics (dont bash me, but u know its true)…high fashion is great and everything but its pictures like these that make me miss their “gangster” days…actually its GD’s “gangster days” i miss the most….the rest havent gotten this wild…YET lol…..YB, you better not do a NUMERO photoshoot or else im going to CRY….

  32. the blood dripping is definitely scary and the one with the flowers, what is up with that shirt!?!? that picture is such a turn off! love the fan signing pictures though:O)

  33. geez, those numero pictures are so CREEPY!
    but somehow i love them because it’s bongie. [:
    the one with the blood is so beautifully morbid. hah, okay i’m creeping myself out now. haha.
    they’re weird, but, they are very artistic.
    oooo, i want to paint him in a dark background.
    ohhhmg, inspiration!
    after my painting of top was a success, i’m ready for more!
    and those fansigning pictures are freakin adorable! ahhh, he’s so cute!!!

  34. i love gd to death, but some of the stuff he wears just looks silly…

  35. ~i think numero always does odd, strange photoshoots. xD
    and many people have~
    GD just playing a role~ kekeke.

  36. dreamandlove

    you didn’t notice?
    cuz when he had the bowlcut
    his ‘PMSing’ days haha are more than usual
    after he got another hair cut
    we get to see his smile again

  37. DoRi

    see I AM AMAZING hahaha
    another Vicky huh?
    but i’m cooler though and you know it
    cuz my real name is Vi hahah

  38. elaisvip

    i just finishsed listening to that song
    Girlz Desired BABY!!

  39. Lynn

    I KNOW
    i was like ‘oh dang’

  40. Suzie

    haha someone need to dress like that for halloween
    i wonder if they celebrate halloween in korea

  41. vip5


    Bong make fangirls bipolar.

  42. sweetsorrow

    i totally agree
    but i did met people who enjoyed this since they’re really interested in high fashion
    but it’s just not my thing

    I think it’s not that Bong want to go crazy and wild
    but he just wanna be a bit different, show a unique side
    he’s one of those people that hate to be the same as everybody

  43. the pics are very…unique as you can say lol

    aww bongie with the turtle neck is soo cute!
    gosh i just want to pitch his cute little cheeks ^^

  44. ajlak_awaii

    a painter
    I gave up on my painting long ago
    I’m more into charcoal and oil pastels haha

    but i have no confidence in human portraits
    I’ll just stick to my interior space and architecture haha
    be sure to share with me your finished piece!! 🙂

  45. Reina

    yea.. pretty much all Bong did was accept to do the photoshop
    and the rest is up to NUMERO’s decision

  46. oh
    I guess I didn’t know much about that back then
    I became a full time VIP just this summer

  47. ahhh so hot.

  48. wow the blood stiches are a little >.<

    and one picture makes him look anorexic 😦

  49. vi
    i don’t understant that Numero photoshot.
    not at all.
    high ppl fashion..
    btw, does Bong even understand that photoshot???
    i everytime i look at it, i don’t know what is that.

    Bong, he could make the turtle neck work.
    i love the stalker cam first pic. hahaha.. Bong look so cute..
    i want to pinch his cheek!!
    & what is he playing with? the one that look like paper.

  50. vicky

    Yeah, Bong and his fashion. Halloween’s getting near and I won’t be surprised if some vips dress up like that.
    And he’s the only one who really can do it…if baby does it, he might be too freaked out in front of the cam, he might be running if he sees himself in the mirror. hehehe. But i know you’ll still love it.^^

  51. nya

    I love the stalker pix too..Bong is so damn adorable with his turtle neck. ^^ and sticking his forehead with a paper heart. It looks like a target for vips. =)
    bong i guess in the photoshoot wants to push his limits…he has this androgynous face that he looks good as a guy and a girl…and maybe as a scary being? hehe.

  52. Vi

    suuuuuuuure you are~

    haha, just kidding. u know i luv u, and vickers too (her real name is victoria… just like, a zillion nicknames for her)

    its not really that hard to find out who i really am, considering that i’m the only one here who actually goes by ‘dori’ kekeke…

  53. the first ones look very professional like a model and he looks very serious about it, but i like the second ones

  54. i like all of the pics except the “bloody” one – makes me cringe >.< how can Ji Yongie look so scary then look so adorable in the NII signing pics…?? O_o LOL

  55. Kenley
    hahaha.. Bong could work everything.
    everything. even the wierdest thing like Sam & its family. hahaha.. i can’t imagine if its my man who wear it.
    it’ll really weird i think. keke..

    he know how to get fans attantion gurl, with that heart shaped paper, all fangurls will only look at him & his cuteness.
    well, can’t blame him. he just too adorable.
    & its better Bong than Tabi.
    it’ll make me heartbroken if he does that.
    the crazy fangurl who go after him… hahaha
    i must protect my man, right?

  56. dreamandlove

    ah~ that’s why
    the bowlcut period was the end of last year… and oh it was just horrible
    he got it cut the day before the GREAT concert
    and from there on, the series of emo Bong was continuing until like march..
    … it was so depressing to see him like that
    so glad it’s over now

  57. nya

    haha I’ll go on a limb and say he did… but uhm…. you’ll neer know
    maybe he’s learning?

    he is just entertaining himself with a heart shaped piece of paper… haha look like stick-it note keke
    in the world of Bong, population: 1

  58. Kenley

    I can’t imagine any other human being doing it except him… T__T

    this halloween me and my friends gonna stay inside and scare off neighborhood kids
    maybe I should tell one of my friends to dress up like Bong
    they’ll get scared out of their mind

  59. DoRi

    I gave you that name
    so i win in life kekkeke

  60. nya

    If tabi does it…ammm…it would be too weird. hehe.
    I try to imagine bebe doing all that…and it felt too weird too..he’s too masculine to do the photoshoot..or wear sam or one of his relatives…but then he just has to smile to melt the fangirl’s heart.
    yeah bong loves to catch people’s attention…and he can get away with it too. it’s good so that the people won’t pay attention to my hubby too. hihi. =)

  61. vi
    not the heart shaped paper.
    i mean the one he’s holding, it the stalker cam 2nd pic.
    what is that?

  62. Kenley
    give me five gurl.
    hehehe… we better let Bong draw all of the attention than keep our hubby safe for ourselves. hahaha..
    Bong so could work everything.

  63. scary much? i mean the withthe blood 😡

    his little playing around finger moment :d

  64. Vi

    good point. but that was out of laziness too, u were too lazy to put ‘DoT Ri!’ haha

    i luv all my friends as much as they luv me. ^_^

  65. nya

    look like something a fan folded and gave to him as a gift
    aww that’s pretty
    I saw this picture of Tabi sitting next to Bong too
    he was wearing pink glasses T___T hahaha

  66. DoRi

    not everything bad coming out from being lazy see?
    i proved a point here hahaha

  67. Vicky

    that would scare the kids away for sure.
    If we can’t understand the photoshoot they might be even too frightened to look at it.
    why don’t you dress up like that? the scariest one would be the first pic…or the one with the blood. =)

  68. nya

    let’s cheer for bong and his dress ups.
    he can be adorable, he can be scary, he can be cool and he can be hot. ^^
    makes it a lot easier for the others not to pay attentions to our hubbies. ^^

  69. Kenley

    and that’s a PROMISE
    never ever ever!!

    you hear me?

    we’re gonna messed up those kids good this year
    if it’s a elementary school kid
    we’ll simply give them a lil scare then give them candy

    if it’s older kids… SPINKLER TIMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    soaking WET haha

  70. vi
    eh??? Tabi’s pic??
    ahh… i wanna see.
    pink glasses?? haha.. why they suddenly turn to pink?
    hahaa… after purple that Bong started, now pink? haha
    he’ll look very cute.

    that looks like a paper bird when i first saw it. so cute.

  71. Kenley
    hahaha.. so actually we should thank Bong.
    if he isn’t there, we dont know who’ll draw the fans attention.
    & its bad if the one who draw their attention is our hubby. hahaa..

  72. vicky

    not even when bong himself dresses you up like that?
    he would be the one doing your hair and make up and will be the one putting the clothes on you…
    …now you wouldn’t wear it? hehehehe. =)

    Here we’re planning to scare the lil kids to death. Actually that’s what my brother wants, scare them til they cry…bad brother.
    sprinkle them? that would be cool. ^^ they wouldn’t dare go to your place after. hehehe.

  73. nya

    if tabi or bebe would do that, oh no..that would be too hard on us.
    can you imagine what would the fans do if they do something cute/funny/hot?
    Bong can handle all of those fans, and he loves it. thanks bong ^^.

  74. Kenley
    bong is forever leader for sure.
    i don’t think Tabi r bebe could handle it. they’re not used to this kind of stuff. the only one who could handle all the fans is Bong.
    & we’ll end up dyign somewhere. haha..

  75. btw Kenley
    why we make Bong sound like 3 in one instant coffee?
    cute, funny, hot, all in one.

  76. wow vicky
    i actually didn’t find this as creepy as the first set
    they were pretty cool, especially the one where GD was bare-armed =]

  77. well is fashion ^^; i think is cool something different ^^
    awwwww the heart paper <33 loool~

  78. Vi

    haha, i never sed laziness is bad though…

  79. he makes me loveeeeee lovee him more!!~

  80. You can take GD,you can touch GD’s hands,hug GD,kiss GD or whatever… But leave me his heart,please…

  81. nya

    it’s this one

    I think Bong and Tabi are wearing the same shade
    just different color
    first time seeing him wear pink shade

  82. Kenley

    uh… not even him okay
    I’m really stubborn when it comes to what i want to wear and what i don’t
    even when my mom threaten me to wear something i wouldn’t haha
    so really no one can ever make me wear something i don’t want to
    i’m really stubborn at that
    which i think is a good thing but ppl keep telling me it’s annoying
    i’m protective of my clothes and what i wear.
    jeez is that so wrong?
    borrow my clothes and die. period hahahaha

  83. DoRi

    laziness is AMAZING ~

  84. I’m sorry. I’m back to look at these amazing photos again. I’m gonna go buy that Numero magazine in Korea town tomorrow. That fashion shoot is genius. GENIUS!!
    I’m not saying this b/c i’m biased. But I’ve studied models, and photoshoots. And Jiyong has a good model stare. It may look easy (looking angry at the camera) but it’s actually really hard, but our Jiyong is a natural!!

    haha ok. i’ll shut up now

  85. =O Wow.. I’d really love to get my hands on that copy of Numero. T.T

  86. woah. another round of GD sexy stare galore.
    i love the one with the star so bad. and the one w/ blood is just right for the upcoming halloween! lol.
    (i don’t like him w/ the flower. it’s scary those shoulders.. he seriously looks like a girl.)

    and OMG. heart + huge glasses = amazingly adorkable jiyong!

    plus the hair.. elementary kiddo? loves it!

    those pics are so damn emo
    they freaked me out *screams!!
    but bong looked really hot..omg
    so i must say that i love these pics at the same time hating them? =.=
    but i like the emo suits my taste haha~
    AWHHH all the stalker pics….I LOVE THIS BOY~~

  88. He’s homosexual…. I knew it from the start!

  89. ARGH!!!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahahahah its scary

    bit TOO creative…><

  90. mrskwonjiyong

    yea haha
    the shoulder kinda scare me a bit
    not that he look like a girl to me cuz he don’t
    but it look like it can pop out right there
    it’s kinda scary like that

  91. wow jiyong is weird as hell.


  93. ummmmm ok yeah gd is all fashion foward buttttt…..those pics kinda scare…i do like the turtle neck and the heart :)

  94. nya

    hehe…well that’s bong ^^. He’s really a dependable leader. He protects the other members from the stampeding fans by drawing everyone to himself. He’s there instantly when they need help.
    Hahaha it looks like we’re really advertising bong here.
    yeah, the better for us. ^^ our hubbies are too innocent for too much attention…we can give enough for them. =)
    for sure they’ll be satisfied..and more…hehehe.

  95. Vi

    Oooh…I see where you’re coming from.
    Hehehe…no one should force anyone what to do. ^^
    I guess you’ll be satisfied with him in front of you even if he looks like that?
    Bong really looks so androgynous…he’s so pretty as a girl and so handsome and charming as a guy. =)
    I wanna see him dress up as a girl again! jiyong’s nuna.hehe.

  96. ~oh my
    he’s HOT!!!!
    but i don’t like the one with blood in it, or whatsoever..
    it’s kinda creepy~ hahahaha lolz!!

    i love his shots from the fan signing though!!
    he’s so CUTE!! so adorable~
    and the HEART on his forehead.. hahha!! lovely GD!!
    yeah, his hair is much shorter now.. loved it!!

  97. i agree, i love jiyong and all, but i think that he’s got enough personal style to make his own fashion empire! can you imagine that, girls? jiyong’s own fashion empire. wow. that would be awesome.

  98. i mean, why do a numero uno photoshoot, when hes got charisma and funk enough to dress himself and do the weird poses and just look absolutely positively fabulous…he may look girly at times but jiyong is definitely a man, hoo! and what a man…

  99. vi
    hahaha, know what i’m thinking when i first saw the pic?
    tabi so look like donald duck haha…

    omg, why they look like a weirdos there?
    Tabi face just look too weird & bong lifting up his turtle neck plus the heart shaped paper in his forehead. haha…
    if i don’t know about them i’ll really think they as a weirdos

    the pink glasses looks too cute for this power rapper.
    i’m more curious about his outfit now. hehehe…

  100. kenley
    i better promoting Bong here, than promoting tabi
    sorry vi, ur 2nd hubby just way too amazing. haha
    & he do his task as the leader really good.
    draw all the attention on him hahaha..

    ur hubby is too shy for that & my hubby is like a 5 years old child.
    i can’t let him being corrupted by all the fans. hahhaa
    its our task to protect our hubby ^^

  101. AHH those pictures are so adorable!

  102. what the hell GD o_O
    blood on the forehead??? I LUV IT!!! im weird.. i love guys that look evil… even though im a Christian lol
    i think my fav is the one with him holding the flowers though. its a really nice composition

  103. OMG!!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!
    I can’t stop saying that! ONLY GD can make emo style to look SO DAMN HOT &SEXY!!!!!!
    The picture with the shirt the show off his sides and the flower, KILLED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. i love it
    gd rocks my world

  105. Kenley

    I’m never good with emo stuff like that
    haha so even if it’s Bong
    idk…… haha
    but i know as soon as he smile that amazing smile of his I’ll be dead for sure haha

  106. nya

    Donald Duck
    I think i mentioned before that Tabi resemble Donald Duck before
    now you think so too

    they were probably getting bored and just trying to entertain themselves keke
    too cute.

    bunch of weirdos sitting there signing autographs

  107. Vi

    How do you live without it? hahaha


    T.T marry me please!~

  109. vi
    yup, but i think this one more resemble donald duck haha..
    our hubby, when they’re bored, hahaa…
    i think they should film a documentary when they’re bored, coz it’ll be soo funny.
    we can’t predict what’ll they do! hahaha..

    hahaa.. buch of weirdos, keke..
    btw, i just realize they don’t have the same glasses, u could see Bong’s glasses in the 2nd pic.
    the more i look at Bong turtle neck, the nore i think no one could even work turtle neck like that.

  110. nya

    that will be one hella of a show

    you mean they have the same glasses?
    yea i notice that too when i first saw it
    I was wondering if other member was wearing the same thing but idfferent color
    but turn out only those.. special two hahaha

    no one.
    no on on earth
    in this universe. have that ability

  111. Dori

    i can’t… i’ll die haha

  112. vi
    special 2?? u mean GTo back again???
    (weird calling them GTo, have idea of other cuter name?)

    aw, baby will go & copy Bong again hahaha… the turtle neck.
    or maybe he’ll go & take it from Bong wardrobe. haha

    ah!! discovery!! i sometimes get bored watching discovery, but,
    if they have BB dorky special. hahhaa..
    i’ll be the first one who sit in front of the TV waiting it air hahaha..

  113. NII T-Shirt Anyone ?? ^_^ Visit

  114. omg..the blood thing freaked me out!!! GD!! you’re a fashion GOD!!

    you’re like the only one who can make than look good!!!

  115. omg!! with_bong i love the shirts!! do you ship them???^^

  116. Numero: I find a strange appeal in these photos o_o I think in a way…it’s pretty sexy. 😛 Agree he’s the only one that could make a look look so good XD

    The other pics are very cute ^^

  117. nya

    keke I can’t call them GTo
    cuz ‘To’ in my vietnamese means ‘BOWL’
    hahaha and I can’t say ‘G-BOWL’ hahaha
    idk what i should call these two
    the barely have any couple actions so that’s why the topic of naming them never come… HM….

    I FOUND IT!!

    he already copied Bong’s cover up skill
    so i won’t be surprise.

  118. Vi

    yeah, i wonder how we would live without laziness…. we would be doing everything aqt the right time… -_-

  119. Yeah, keke.
    even though I find this shoot a bit weird & creepy
    heck YES I would do it If I were given the opportunity!

  120. for NII Shirt ^_^ yes i can ship international, details email me

  121. awwww* with the heart..! =) he’s such a cutie..! ^^ this makes me love him more and more!

  122. I like the NII signing ji yong a bit more
    I wish he was my boyfriend…and I am typing this out at work T_T
    I know actually everyone wants him as their bf lol
    but at least the most of you are younger than him
    I am the same age T_T

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