“Heaven” – FMV for Pearl

lol. random post.


lol. TEAM SR gather & wish your fellow teammate a HAPPY BIG 1-8!

she has the sweetest friends, they made this for her. haha. yea, their shirts spell out PEARL ❤

P – YB
A – GD
L – SR

they did their best to imitate BB’s Heaven, 1 & only live performance. not so bad. lol you gotta give em props for being almost in sync. xD
L likes to thrust a lot.
A is real hyper.
E, i think makes a funny TOP.  he kinda got carried away sometimes? lol xD he made me laugh the most along with A.
P got lost a few times.
pearl’s one lucky duck to have such cool guy friends doing BB-stuff for her. haha. JEALOUSSSS

nah serious Pearl, tell your boy ‘A’ to holla at me xD or E or whoever else i was laughing about lol



~ by gdluvzmc on October 15, 2008.

25 Responses to ““Heaven” – FMV for Pearl”

  1. aww. such good guy friends.
    happy belated bday, pearl!

  2. LMAO!!!
    these guys are so adorable
    lucky Pearl 😛
    happy belated birthday girl!!!!

    if you get their # be sure to give them mine’s XD

  3. LOL! They’re so funny. XD Pearl’s so lucky girl to have guy friends that does BB things for me. All my guy friends don’t like BB. T_T Happy belated birthday Pearl!

  4. LOL jessica, idk if it’s professional to swap digits x]
    but i can’t force them to hand over numbers, but THIS IS MINE! ***-***-**** xD
    holla at cha balla 😉

  5. ahah this is so cutee…i wish i had guy friend who were into BB to do this to mee..happy birthday pearl! (i hope i spelled it right! ~lol)

  6. Wow..some boyfriends she got there. Very creative and sporty indeed…would love to have em in my list..LOLs

  7. lmao! i couldn’t help dancing along with them crazy fellas. you lucky gal you. my guy friends can’t even listen to BigBang =(

  8. Omg, the video’s very very cool [: happy birthday to Pearl anyway 😀 wish that BigBang can be well known in singapore soon and flood singapore with their merchandises [so that i need not order from overseas]

  9. happy belated birthday girl^__^

  10. happy birthday PEARL!!!


  12. omg!!!
    they’re so sweet!!!

    i have friends like them too~

    btw, Happy birthday pearl..
    wish for ur happiness..

  13. wow!! such great friends!!!!

  14. wow that’s filppen Awesome
    it was sooo cute and halarious at the sam etime =)

  15. wow that’s flippen Awesome
    it was sooo cute and halarious at the same time =)

  16. to pearl!
    i don’t know you but happy birthday!
    you are lucky to have friends like them!
    i envy you!

  17. i hope pearl has a great birthday! =D SEUNGRI FTW!!!!

  18. LOL
    are u sure about that?!!!

    if you can’t force them then….

    then I’ll stalk them instead XD

  19. aww ur friend is soo funny pearl remind me of my friend
    wen it was my b-day HAPPY B-LATE BIRTHDAY

  20. “pearl are real friend”
    that was so cute!!
    gosh im so jealous…my guy friends would never do that for me :[

    haha they were hella funny man xD

  21. ^ *”pearl are real pal”

  22. Lmao ah omg that was funny/good
    ah peral has fricken AWESOME guy friends
    ha i know my guy friends wouldn’t do
    that for me too. but happy birthday =]

  23. awwwwww Pearl you have awesome friends xDD!
    Happy b-day ^^

  24. OMGosh that was so sweet.

  25. That was hilarious!!! I couldn’t stop laughung!!!
    PEARL, You got the best friends ever!!!
    Your SO lucky!!!!
    Happy Bithday!!!!!!!!!

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