Big Bang’s HJK Radio Show Logo Song | NII Fansigning: YB Stalker Cam | Dae with Colonize

Download the song and Lyric Translation here

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When Big Bang was guest star on Hong JinKyung’s radio show, they promise to do a logo song for her radio show, and the men of their word did exactly that. This is so 35 seconds of pure addicted beat and cuteness; getting to hear Baby saying ‘nuna~’ over and over again…. I’m in heaven… he is just too freaking cute!!! The lyric is cute too, they follow the “B to the I to the BANG BANG” trend, but instead of ‘BANG BANG’ it’s Baby’s “NUNA~~~~~” which in my opinion is x1000000 times better… did you melt when you heard it?? cuz I’m sure did… into a puddle. And I like Tabi’s rap, compare the radio show to food….. haha only him.. I think he wrote that part. kekeke. And at the end where Ho Jin Kyung unnie say “YOU GOT NUNA’S NUMBER RIGHT?” XD hahah Love it.

Yesterday I posted Bong’s stalker pic during the NII Fan Signing right? Now it’s Bebe turn, I always hear complain about how no one stalks Bebe, haha, you guys are WRONG. NEVER… underestimate the muscle man, ‘kay. Stalk him til the end of the earth, he sit there always with a smile on his face, there’s one of the picture with him laughing at Bong with his heart too hahaha. Always with the hat on the side…… haven’t seen his whole head in a while. do you miss seeing it? keke

Dae also wear Colonize hoodie once again… but no Doraemon.. aww…. instead.. it’s a robot thingy haha. It moves too!! it’s under the cut with the rest of stalking pics of Bebe.






that’s what i’m gonna call these two from now on kekek 😀



FINALLY get to see what Dae was wearing that day, red long… sleve.. shirt.. that is so un-Dae haha but he look a bit tire… awww…


HOpe to see this smile soon… naturally, not by force to make us happy.


Thanks to: colonize | 아꿍이님 | GiMiJuGunKe님


~ by Vicky on October 16, 2008.

74 Responses to “Big Bang’s HJK Radio Show Logo Song | NII Fansigning: YB Stalker Cam | Dae with Colonize”

  1. FIRST 😉

    go yb

  2. They only just stopped performances but I miss them like crazy. haha. Can’t waiit til they perform or do anything. hahaa. xD Poor daee I love him. he’s soo busy.

  3. vi
    hahahha… that candid moment. make this muscles boy looks so cute!
    Bebong? hahaa.. cool one. i’ll call them with this name later. kekee..
    u’re right, Bebe smile everytime. he smile in all of the photo.
    when u said puddle, i immidiately think of bebe puddle eyes ^^
    & that robot thingy is Ultraman. hahaha..
    Dae with ultraman, looks weird now

    their song is so cute. hahaha.. tabi comparing it to kimchi. kekeke

  4. Awh, YB you sweetheart. I’m dying for TYC to get back online.

  5. hahah YB looking hot ~_~
    hmmm bebong sounds really cool and adorable :DD.
    and dae cute as helllll.
    and lmao love the song.i was smiling the whole time
    and whenever maknae said Nuna i would laugh a bit >__<

  6. that song was good.
    dam HJK radio’s show is soo lucky
    BB made a song for thems =]
    OMFG hell yeah i went to heaven when
    i heard “Nuna” geez seungri is such a cutie
    i like the rapping, TaeYang looked soo cute
    in that hat. Thank You stalker fans (:
    keke DaeSung looks cute too!
    i notice that there are 4 different pictures of
    him that is in the GIF.

  7. nya

    i love candid moments!!!!!!!!!
    his eyes is like tightttty~ shut

    I just thought of BeBong today… since I’m too cool to call them GDYB haha
    i feel uncomfortable calling Bong ‘GD’ or ‘GDragon’ I can’t do it.
    either Bong or JiYongie haha

    i know nothing other than Doraemon and Conan haha
    so Ultraman it is keke
    Baby has a white one too
    they both look cute~
    Colonize be rakin’ in dough just because our boys are posing for it.

    haha i was like T______T
    he wrote that didn’t he?
    compare the radio show to hot kimchi.. speechless haha
    only him

  8. kohjidmal

    whenever I heard him say ‘nuna~’
    i can’t help but burst out laughing
    the bus ride home from school today was weird
    i was listening to the song on my iPod
    I kept cracking up randomly, my friend was lke “did u take the wrong medicine?” haha

  9. gd calling nuna is so cute!!!!
    and dae will smile soon

  10. ninalee

    I think it was 3
    haha i just stared at it for about 2 minutes to see if it’s 3 or 4 kekeke
    his smile = PRICELESS

  11. devil

    that’s not Bong
    that’s SeungRi saying “NUNA~”

  12. omg god was that suengri in the back saying stuff? lol sounded like a posessed toy puppy XD

  13. the beat was so strong and i love it
    baby’s NUNA was damn damn cute!!
    hahaha~~~~out of a sudden he said NUNA! lol
    ohh bebe’s stlker’s pics!! the eye smiling was cute as ever ^^
    yeah dae’s outfits were so damn un-dae..and his short got shorter too..and he dyed it black?
    hahaha the colonize picture of dae is so adorable..

  14. aww bebe is adorablee!!!! dae ahhh!!! cutee, thats FLASHHH!!!

  15. vi
    hhahaa.. he’ll probably feel embarsses when he saw the candid moment himself, but, we all his fans.. hah… love it till die
    hehehe BeBong does sound cuter than GDYB. kekeke..

    Baby has Ultraman too? haha, i don’t really like Ultraman, i prefer Doraemon better. i even have full set of Doraemon comic in my house & whenever i go aboard, i’ll go search for Doraemon comic just to completed my collection. haha..

    everything that have our boys will rank. everything. hahaha..
    he maybe too hungry but can’t eat.
    he miss hot kimchi, but he only have fruits now so he give full rein to the song. hehehe

  16. i love dae’s colonize picture!

  17. @ Ethrapt

    HI GIRL 😀 Its me Daisy 😀 I no right. I talked to people to see whats going on i havent got any news of it being up T_T I miss our little spazz about Tae XD

    EHEHHEHEH i saw the YBEFFECT pics and Tae keep closing his eyes when he was shaking hands >.<

    hehehe i love the GDYB pic.

    I saw some Dae pics and he look so young

  18. stalked/candid or not, these boys
    take great pictures. i’m jealous.
    haha. j/k.

    logo song was good too. could’ve sworn
    it could’ve been an intro song for
    another album/mini-album or something.

  19. i love when he presses his lips together<3

  20. ultraman. but i definitely favor the urban doraemon a lot more

  21. the 35 second song was adorable!!! >.<
    did u say my man was comparing things to food?!!!
    LOL cute!!!

    TY kills me
    how is it that he manages to have that killing smile all the time seriously
    I feel my self slipping nowadays SR,TY and GD are looking too tempin…tooo temptin
    I need to take a break from this website and watch TOP videos nonstop
    though I don’t think I will XD
    anyways…I’m startin to worry about DS
    he looks different when he doesn’t smile

  22. Tina SungMin

    yup yup
    that’s our maknae mesmerizing the nuna fans by saying “NUNA~” over and over again…
    he’s in danger haha

  23. newvip

    our Bong compose it
    so of course
    it’s gonna be play every midnight now on HJK’s radio show

  24. nya

    if he can live through Bong saying he farted on national television once
    I think he can live through seeing that pic of his hahah

    oh my god me too!!
    it’s somewhere in the addict at my old house in vietnam
    I’m not sure, man i love that cat
    i actually remember like every story
    if i read the first page just to refresh my memory, I’ll remember the whole thing right away
    die hard dorae fan.

    kimchi is actually really healthy
    just as healthy as food
    it’s nothing but vegetable and seasoning
    kimchi and rice… nothing can be more healthier.

    i think he meant spicy kimchi?
    cuz i know you suppose to each kimch after it’s stored in the fridge haha
    my mom attempt to make some…. ah~ not so good
    whenever i feel a crave for kimchi, I just went to my korean friend’s house and raid her fridge haha

  25. Daisy

    OH EM GEE~
    Everyone got a new haircut that make them x100000000 times younger
    it’s that the new concept now?
    last time it was tough men, now it’s cute men who are asking fangirls to rape them by looking amazingly cute????

  26. ohthethrill

    i got that feel too keke

  27. dubseeXvip

    keke of course
    Doraemon is DAMAN.

  28. dreamandlove

    he compared the radio show to hot kimchi

    Dae look like… whoa~
    so not him when he’s not smiling
    it’s so weird to see him like that
    DAE AH~ get some rest.
    please i’m begging you~

  29. LOL
    his cuteness is just beyond anyhtin I could ever imagine 😛

    yup I seriously hope DS gets to rest soon
    but the thing is that their schedule is set for the next 2 months
    and soon it will be all of them not just DS

  30. eh….

    i liked the song in the beginning… kinda… then it just started to annoy me… -_-

  31. haha, why there is a bodyguard there huh?
    block them in the pic…
    anyways,all of them are cute..
    i just cant stop smiling when look at their pic..
    *they really have the power to bring hapiness to the other*

    so happy be their fans..
    between, hope they do not get themselve too tired..
    have more rest…
    big bang,hwaiting^^

  32. vi
    hahaha… farted. keke.. yup, i forgot bout that.
    this is nothing compared to what Bong said. haha..
    but why he feel embarassed??? i mean , everyone fart. its nothing to embarassed about. haha..

    u too?! haha…
    i still have the doraemon doll that i bought when i was kis on my wardrobe. haha.. i love that cat.
    the only cat that scare with mouse. i remember last time i went to taiwan & bought Dora helmet. hahaha..
    but i don’t dare to use it. it just end up being display in my room. hahaa..

    i think that every kimchi is spicy?
    i’m no good with spicy food. really. but i’ve heard that every korean love kimchi.
    its just the way they are. they love it & always have it stored in the kitchen.

    hahhaa.. u just go & raid her fridge? haha…
    just like the way my friends does. we’re really closed to each other & whenever they go to my house, they know what to do.
    raid my fridge, not only fridge maybe, even my kitchen. haha…
    they just know i love to cook & they make themselves like their home. hahaa.. u just sound like my friends kaka..

  33. vicky

    bong is just talented huh?
    haha did he wrote the lyrics too?
    so he was the one who made baby saying NUNA!, right?
    haha thinking of baby’s NUNA made me burst out laughing..

  34. Seung Ri said “nuna” so fast I had to listen to the song twice to catch it. LOL. HE’S SO ADORABLE! I’m extremely sleepy and tired right now because I didn’t sleep last night and I’m staying up tonight to do homework but hearing his “NUNA” is just worth it. I LOVE the beat of the song, too. Reminds me of the old BB songs. I miss those.
    And Bebe is looking mighty fine. I LOVE it when he smiles and his eyes just grow smaller than they already are. XD I think he has the best genuine smile out of Big Bang. Of course, the other members smiles are not bad but my favorite is from Young Bae. He just looks like a little kid compared to his “muscley” side.
    And I miss Dae! It’s been a while since I’ve seen him… lol or I was too bus paying attention to baby. T_T I hope he’s doing fine, especially with all these promotions going on and his musical.

  35. You know what I notice Vicky? When I was in seventh grade I used the name Vicky as my nickname because other people can’t pronounce my Vietnamese name. Then in eight grade I changed it to Ivy because I like it more (because the Vietnamese name of Vicky from this HKDrama that I saw is pretty). LOL. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is the first two letter of your name makes V.I. = MAKNAE. And the first two letter of my name, reverse is V.I. = MAKNAE. And we’re both maknae lovers. XD

  36. The Vietnamese name of IVY* Typo. Sleepy. T_T

  37. The jingle song is cool! I like GD & TOP’s rap combination as usual, it’s unique! nevermind I can’t understand what they’re saying. They also make jingles for shimshimtapa radio, which is hilarious! try search bigbang & mbc radio at youtube.

  38. thanks for the BeBe stalker pics Vicky! (haha i think it was me who mentioned the lack of stalker pics =P)

    awww he looks so cute shaking everyone’s hand..the candid pic is so funny, im sure he’s like “i no look good” – keke and yea he always has that gorgeous smile on his face

    new term – bebong!?! thats soo cute lol i think GD probably turned around and was like “let me put a heart on my head and scare YB” then he turns around and goes “BOO” and YB’s like “GD stop…people are looking at us” – lmao i like to make stories in my head

  39. Bebongggg! xD! good one Vicky ^^

    i love YB stalker pics xD!

  40. the song’s cool!
    Dae’s really funny on the last pic!!

  41. That candid pic is priceless. And, Baby looks adorable in that last stalker pic xD.
    I’ve just noticed how good Daesung’s hair looks recently. I love it.

  42. what is GD playing with?
    the pink thinging that he was playing with his hand lol
    TY is SO CUTE~~~
    hope he won’t change his hair…
    him and SR are wearing hats again..
    hope TOP and DS won’t start wearing hats…

  43. OHHH!!!!!!!!OUR SEXY TAE YANG!!!!!!!!!!and the picture with the closed eyes..god…SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

    Dae smile makes me happy [as usuall]!!!!!!!!
    First he smiling like he was told to and he changes he’s mind and smile like he always does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Kyaaaaaaa~ that is the cutest logo song of all time. SR’s nuna cracked me up. Every time I hear him say that, he sounds so awkward. I think this was the first time they made a logo song for a radio show. HJK is mad lucky. She’s such a big BB fan, but really who isn’t. LOL @ “Don’t abandon me!”

    In case you guys didn’t know, HJK is the president of her own Kimchi company. Probably why it was mentioned in the logo song. I guess it’s a food company cause they also make mandoo (dumplings), which she sent to BB. They thanked her for the mandoo when they guested on her show. A woman who knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Hehehehe~

  45. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh nuna!
    what i would give to be babys nuna!

  46. ~oh my.. so cute!! love the song!!

    lolz~*noona* SR,, as always.. he’s so adorable!!!

    whoa~ YB is so dang HOT!!!!!
    i really love his *SMILE*
    (makes me melt all the time!!)
    lolz,,, BEBONG momentz!!!!!!! so cute!!

  47. Lol!! Ultraman!!! Dae is such a cutie. 🙂
    I love the Taeyang’s stalker pica. ❤

  48. waahhh taw yangs so cute!! XD he likes ^_^ all the time awww!!! just wanna poke his cheeks heheheh XD Bebong eh?!! ohh i like XD

  49. i meants Tae* >.< couldnt type right cos of the cuteness XDD

  50. @Daisy:

    Geh, I still check to see if it’s online. I NEED TYC. D;

  51. @sweetsorrow

    ROFL that matches the pic XD


    duhhhhhhhhhh BB is alway changing lol

  52. jany
    of course there’s gotta be bodyguard haha
    the boys are in danger when they’re being that cute

  53. nya

    i can understand how he feel
    i mean if Bong say something like that ppl would think
    “this guy proabbly farts in front of others alot that’s why his friend say that”
    and beside, this was on national television haha

    i use to can’t handle spicy food
    but from eating too much at my friend’s house i think i’m getting better at it now
    kimchi isn’t that spicy, it’s more of a salty sour taste, goes great with meat or something… heaven man.

    haha really?
    i love raiding other ppl’s fridge
    cuz mine’s always empty since my friend does the same to mine kekkee

  54. newvip

    he probably did
    and only Baby can make the perfect nuna sound haha

  55. Ivy

    haha that’s kewl
    my real viet name is Vi
    and i still use it as the name my friend call me
    i’m vicky only on the internet haha

  56. Ning

    there’s a link for the translation
    Tabi was comparing the radio show to hot kimchi haha

  57. sweetsorrow

    haha i think it was you
    hope you’re satistfied now

    ‘i no look good’ bad grammar from ‘ i don’t hungry’ boi haha
    that’s expected.

    i just imagine that conversation up.. how awkward.. hahah T_T

  58. ncly

    it was a heart shape piece of paper

  59. circustricks03

    ah~ hahah
    thanks for telling me
    that is cool
    Tabi must be hella happy keke

  60. Jini

    we dongseng are WAYYYYYYYYYYY better

  61. VI

    yes that is true but, you never hear baby saying ‘dongseng’ in the middle of an interview or a song! lol nuna has a better ring to it.. ㅠ.ㅠ
    dam nuna’s…lol

  62. I just checked out the post and omg…Baebae…of course he has stalkers too. I think every member has stalkers..and their pix are so for all of us! =) i love his candid pic…awwww….baebae…It really melts me when i see him smile..and laugh..hihihi. ^^
    baby: “NUNA!” hahahaha!!! so cute. I love the radio logo! I love the beat and rap…hehehe.
    baebae keeps on biting his lip…hmmmm…^^

  63. ‘bebong’?

    what about ‘g-be’? haha, that would sound pretty cool too….

  64. vi
    hahaha… poor bebe, but there’s still so much ppl love him eventough he farts a lot.
    & i don’t think the pervy fangirls (refers to roro & kenley) mind about the fart thing. haha

    i must try that. hope there’ll be a korean food restaurant here. >,<

    i remember the first time they raid my fridge.
    they came when i wasn’t at home, so my mom just told them to wait at my room.
    then when i got home, my mom told me thet my friends caomeover, so i just got to my room & say “hey, i just make orange pudding, go take it at my fridge”
    then they say, “we know, we already ate it. it only have a half left now.”
    & when i check, it is true. hahaha… i was like.. ‘huh? u 3 just raid my fridge? even when i’m not home?’

  65. NII T-Shirt Anyone ?? ^_^ Visit
    further info email me @

  66. Jini

    because his true love is the dongseng
    he gotta give the nuna something to hold on to haha
    so i’m totally fine with that

    his nuna kills me anyway

  67. Kenley

    yup every member have stalkers
    the good kind of stalker with a digital automaclly focused camera… remind me I need to trick my dad to get one of those and use the ‘i’m taking photography major class’ reason haha, those things are hella expensive, no less than 1000 USD XP

    where am I?
    oh yea… stalkers

    he killed all dongsengs with his ‘nuna~’
    and lure more nuna to touch his butt

  68. Dori

    nah i already make up my mind
    can’t change it now
    my brain work really weird
    i’m not normal

  69. nya

    jesus chris.
    why do i feel so uncomfortable to have a fart conversation for about 2 days now?
    fangirling makes us do the WEIRDEST THING.

    at least hey leave half for you
    my monster of a friend just eat up everything
    one time i was making this special coffee icee, and i put it in the fridge for it to set, and when I cam back out i saw my friend eating it like there’s no tomorrow,
    we wind up, with me chasing her around the neighborhood for a good hour
    it was T___T

  70. Vi

    yeah, but it sounds like my favorite, (and urs too, i can just tell) G-Ri, my luv.

    hahaha… but anything ‘Ri’ its pretty much luv, lol

  71. doriluvsbigbang

    ‘Ri’ just add a ring to everything haha

  72. Vi

    yes, one of the reasons i luv my nickyname ^_^

  73. Vi

    okay, it may look like im a zillion different people, but most times, im either ‘Dori’ or doriluvsbigbang… and i dont know why the pictures are different, and they are on the same account…but whatever, all u know is that i am ur seungriloving-bigbangobsessed-fanaticlike-freak. haha

  74. can anyone tell me where i can get colonize stuff on the internet? since i live in the states and colonize is a korean brand..? pleaseeeee.

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