Special Guest will be appearing @ Stand Up Japanese Tour

Danny (Taebin of 1tym) will be the special guest at BigBang Japanese tour

credit: mon5482@soompi; ygbigbang.jp

Post taken from: sophia@http://ygworld.wordpress.com/


~ by Momo on October 16, 2008.

15 Responses to “Special Guest will be appearing @ Stand Up Japanese Tour”

  1. cool :]

  2. never heard of him o_O but cool ..
    ill check him out.looking at that pic he looks pretty hot.

  3. yay! i don’y know who he is but yay!

  4. OMFG! TAEBIN is the guest star!! <33 HE’S SO FINE!

  5. man. it was already going to be a
    hot show. now it’s going to be
    SUPER HOT with taebin there. gah.
    i wish i lived in japan. >__<

  6. Can’t believe you some of you guys don’t know who he is. He’s the only singer for the group 1TYM & he raps too. I’m waiting for them to comeback. This is old but it’s still good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmzdFNGxtLc

  7. omgoshhh!!! I can’t wait!!1 i’m soo excited now!!
    i really needed him to come around~~~ OOOohh yeaasshhh
    Dannnnyyy~~ we missss youuuu~~ =]!!1

  8. OMG !!!!!!!!!!
    this is so special !
    we can finally see his nice looking face ! *drooling*
    <3333 taebin to death !

  9. Ohhh wow! that’s so cool! Danny on stage with BB! yayy! <333

  10. -FLAILS-
    Why don’t I live in Japan?

  11. MAAAANN!!!!! That makes me feel even worse about not being able to be on the performance!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Auh man that is going to be SOOOO GOOD!!!

  13. will he be in all the 4 tours?
    by the way Jenn, the youtube video that you share there is what draws me to 1tym for the first time!

  14. OMG taebin? ahhh

  15. hi [url=http://msngoogleyahoo1.coml]cool[/url]

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